A Trust Broken 2/?

by:Madam Shinigami


Earlier That Day

"I don't know if I can go through with this."

"You have no choice, they will let him die if we don't."

"But they wouldn't just let him die it would throw off the whole team."

"They think that he has already corrupted us as it is."

"Don't they realize that he is the only reason that we are all still sane."

"Yes, I know that but they disagree, they think that he is too emotional and that he has affected all of our performances in battle."

"That he has made us all weak."

"But that isn't it at all, he is the one that has kept us going when we have wanted to give up, he saved our lives and I don't mean only in battle."

"Why do they refuse to understand that, why can't they see the truth."

"I don't think that I can do this, to have him hate me when we are only trying to protect him."

"If they weren't holding his life in their hands I would blow them all away."

"We can't , they will let him die if they even think that we are thinking about moving against them."

"But to make us go that far, we don't know what the consequences of this will be."

"Do they really think that by giving us this do or die ultimatum that they can just get away with this."

"Of course they do, why else would even do it."

"Unless this is just another one of their sick twisted tests."

"But why?"

"They are testing our loyalty."

"They want to know ultimately who we will follow in the end."

"They want to know if their "creations" have developed minds of their own ."

"But ultimately it our loyalty to each other that they are testing, they want to know how far we will go to protect each other."

"But we are more than just their "creations" we are human being and we feel we hurt and we bleed, why can't they understand that."

"Maybe because they are less than human themselves."

"They don't have any feeling for anything their life is their experiments.'

"And their experiments are us."

"So you are saying that we have no choice but to go through with this plan."

"God I hope we don't do irreparable damage."

"I just hope that one day he will be able to forgive us for this."

"I hope to god that we are doing the right thing."

"We have to tell ourselves that we are or we won't be able to go through with this farce and just pray to god that we can live with ourselves afterward."

Later That Night at Quatre's Place

"I'm bored you guys lets go out and do something" Duo whined.

"Well why don't you go and find something to do" Wufei said.

"I don't think that would be such a good idea", Quatre said in an aside to Trowa. Remembering that last time that Duo had gotten bored, it had taken a week to clean up the mess.

"I know let's go to the Pleasure Palace" Duo said.

"Uh Duo, not everyone else enjoys that place as much as you do" Quatre said casting alook at Wufei.

"Ah, just because that one guy, okay two guys hit on you, you refuse to go back there, heah take it like it was, they found you attractive it was a complement" Duo said.

"Duo we just got back from a very difficult mission and we would like to get a little R&R before the next one ok, and your idea of fun is exhausting" Heero said.

"Fine then I'll go by myself," Duo said before stalking out in a huff.

The other pilots shared a look and then got up to prepared for their toughest mission to date.