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* Denotes inner dialogue



Heero quietly let himself into the dark apartment, hoping against all hope that Duo would be asleep and that he wouldn't have to face him tonight.


A light flared to life in the previously dark room to illuminate Duo, sitting in a chair that had been turned to face the door.

"Why did you even bother to come home!"

Heero turned around guiltily at the sound of Duo's voice.

*Oh God he looks so hurt, I never meant for any of this to happen.

"I can't believe that you of all people would have thought that I wouldn't notice that you had left and with who!"

"I thought that you both were my friends, hell we are... were more than friends."

"Or at least that was what I thought, silly me huh."

"I can't decide which I feel more right now.

"Anger that you thought that you could conduct an affair right under my nose or betrayal that you would do it with someone that I considered a friend."

Heero just stood there, his clothes looking rumpled as if they had been hastily thrown on.

"It wasn't like that Duo, you have to believe me it was an accident!"

"Yeah like I will ever believe anything that you tell me again."

Duo blinked furiously, fighting to keep the tears that were threatening from falling.

"How could you, I loved you, I gave you everything that was me. Everything that I was, everything that I am and you repay me how. By throwing all that back in my face like it means nothing to you."

"Why damn you, why!"

Through all of this Heero had just stood there with a guilty look on his face and listened to his lovers pain.

*God how did it come to this, it was never supposed to happen like this.

Now it was his turn to speak, to try to explain how everything had gone so horribly wrong in just a matter of hours.

"Duo I don't know, I mean I can't explain how it happened, it just did."

*How can I even think to explain this to him and I can't even explain it to myself

*Don't hate me for this, please.

"You know what Heero, I don't want to hear anything that you have to say because there is no way that you can explain away what you have done."

"Just leave okay, I can't stomach the sight of you right now."

And at that moment the tears the he had been fighting back spilled over.

Heero upon see this looked away

*I can't bear this, God I wish that I could explain this to him but I can't.

"I love you, no matter what I do in this life you have got to believe that fact Duo.

"It would almost work if I really thought that you meant it, but how am I supposed to trust anything you say after what you've done."

"Am I just supposed to pretend that tonight never happened, is everything just going to be business as usual."


"Don't call me that, you don't have that right anymore."

"Never again because I won't forget what you've done and I won't forgive you for breaking my heart and shattering my dreams."

Heero looked stricken

"No don't say that, you don't mean it let's talk about this."

"There is nothing to talk about, I'm leaving."

At this statement Heero finally say the duffel bag that had been lying next to the chair.

His prussian blue eyes widened and a look of panic entered them.

*You promised, you promised that you would never leave me that night not so long ago. You promised that we would always be together no matter what, that you would love me forever. That not even death would separate us.

"You can't, you prom...

"I can and I will.'

And with that Duo picked up his bag and walked up to stand in front of Heero, after looking in the eye he turned and walked out the door.

But before he was completely out the door he heard Heero whisper, "I'm sorry, maybe some day you will be able to forgive me."

He flinched as those softly spoken words were an arrow piercing his heart.

"Maybe someday, but not now."

Then there was a click as the door closed behind Duo.

*Oh God what have I done