Title: Too Much Chocolate 3/?
Author: MadamShinigami
Category: Fusion, AU, OOC,
Pairings: 1x2/CxC, 4x3/TxM, 5xS/ BMxG
Disclaimers: Neither Gundam Wing nor Sorcerer Hunters: Spell Wars belong to me and I am not making any money from this story it is for entertainment purposes only.
Rating: NC-17
Warning: Yaoi, Angst, Lemon
Spoilers: For the Sorcerer Hunters: The Spell Wars
Notes: I am going to try to get you up to speed on the Spell Wars or at least tapes three and four which is what I am taking the story from.
This is a battle between good, being Big Mama and the Sorcerer Hunters and evil, being Zaha Torte. Zaha is searching for the Destruction God which he believes has been reincarnated in one of the SH, while searching he finds that the four Pier Gods have been reincarnated in Chocolate, Tira, Gatau, and Marron and that the Destruction God was inside of Carrot. Big Mama can't allow Zaha to have the DG so she try's to kill Carrot but is stopped by the other SH's , they decide that they will fight this seemingly hopeless battle and try to stop the end of their world as they know it.
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I remember, I remember everything now.

Everything about that last battle with those pathetic, so called Sorcerer Hunters, I destroyed them all and their worthless god.

They couldn't save themselves, I won and Big Mama failed with her talk of saving the world from evil.

Finally, after years of plotting and searching the Destruction God would be mine, it was finally within my grasp.

At last, I would defeat Big Mama and her cronies, with all their talk of goodness and righteousness, they were no better than I was.

However, in the end they would loose and by their own hand.

Big Mama's biggest mistake to date was in keeping their pasts from them, keeping me from them, because her mistake put them into my hands the very thing that would lead to their destruction.

Power, the power to decide who lived and died .

The power to decide which worlds would survive and which would not. The power over life and death itself.

And the one thing that Carrot could not withstand.

I should thank her for that, for giving me the one thing that would give me power over them.


By shadowing their past memories of me she left them open to me in a way that even she couldn't have imagined at the time.

For now I could go after them in a way that she would least expect .

I would go after them in their dreams.

I would make them relive that day over and over again in that world between waking and sleep.

I led them and they followed.

She tried to stop it too late, for the final battle had begun and on my terms.


I will never forget the look on their faces when I removed the veil from their minds that she had put in place.

And they finally recovered their childhood memories of me.

The astonishment and look of betrayal on their faces will always be etched in my mind, along with the fear.

The one emotion that would free the Destruction God for me, the one emotion the Carrot could never withstand.

The fear was overwhelming him, the Destruction God was awakening and he would be mine.

Then that fool Marron, his brother, sacrificed himself to stop its waking.

Then one by one they all sacrificed themselves to save him.

And one by one, they failed.

Gatae, Tira, Chocolate.

They became pillars by which to measure Big Mama's failure.

And a reminder to Carrot that he was alone, that the people who were supposed to love him had failed him.

That they weren't there to protect him anymore.

That but for him they would still be alive.

Then that idiot, that fool thought that I would let him kill himself.

That I would let all my hard work go to waste.

Then the unthinkable happened.

Somehow, they came back for him.

They all came back.

And I knew at that moment that my chance at getting the Destruction God was past.

But them knew that there are other worlds and that their would be other chances for me to claim him.

So that was the end that wasn't an end. (1)




(1) If you have ever seen the SH: Spell Wars you will get the reference.
i.e. The worlds a layered on top of each other like an onion, you peel back a layer and another appears.
Or, something like that.