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Notes: Fusion with Bakuretsu(Sorcerer) Hunters and takes place after the Spell Wars and after Endless Waltz. But in my universe the Gundams weren't destroyed. SO HA ^_^

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Too Much Chocolate
by: Madam Shinigami

Chapter 2a


"It's not true, it's not," Duo repeated over and over to himself while sifting through the wreak the was the Wing Zero. "He can't be dead he promised, he promised me that he wouldn't...," Duo's voice trails off as realization hits him, when he finally realize something that the other pilots had figured out only moments after Wing denoted.

"He did it for us didn't he, he was trying to protect me, us because he knew that there was a chance that this would be the battle that we wouldn't walk away from, that this time we wouldn't win in the end."

He turned stricken eyes to the other pilots begging them with his eyes to deny what he had just realized for himself to be the truth in his heart, and when they were unable to crumpling in on himself in tears of grief.

"Why did he have to die," Duo sobbed looking Quatre in the eye as if expecting an answer.

"Because I loved you, because I hate you, because I'm going to kill you ."

Heero appeared behind the other pilots cover in blood and bleeding from dozens of places on him body.

And as the pilots watched in stunned silence his wounds began to heal until there wasn't a scratch on him and he looked like himself. That is except for the blue glow surrounding him and the dead soulless look in his cobalt blue eyes.

"Because I'm going to kill you all."


Quatre was awakened from the dream and found himself looking into the worried green eyes of his lover.

"You're crying," Trowa said quietly.

Only then did Quatre feel the tears on his cheeks and the ones that had in turn wet his pillow.

"It was horrible Trowa, he was, then he," Quatre stumbled.

"Little one calm down," Trowa said soothingly, "now slowly tell me about what has you tossing and moaning in your sleep besides me that is," Trowa joked to help calm him.

"He wasn't, isn't dead," Quatre tried again.


"Heero, but it wasn't the Heero that we know, it was someone, something else but it looked like Heero."

"But it couldn't be him because he would never hurt us especially not Duo we are the only family that he has."

"But he felt to evil that's how I know it can't be Heero."

"Quatre look at me, Heero is dead, no don't agrue with me he's dead and he isn't coming back"

" But we never found his body."

"Quatre for all we know OZ could have taken his body if there was anything left of it after the explosion."

"I know but it was so real Trowa, and I have never had a dream like this before, something is coming, something bad and things will never be the same again."

"Hush my little angel, just close your eyes and try to sleep," Trowa said while caressing his face, "Sleep my sweet, sleep."

But there would be no sleep for Trowa that night as he pondered Quatre's words.

Where his space heart was concerned Quatre was almost always right and that is what worried him.


Chapter 2b

Duo sat alone on the park bench thinking about his life and all the things that he had left unsaid to the people that he had loved, and lost.

His parents, who gave him life and whom he barely remembered.

Solo, his protector then his teacher and finally his "brother".

Father Maxwell and Sister Helen who taught him, a worthless street rat that he did have value and a right to be loved and to in turn love in return just like everyone else. And who also because of him died for what they believed in.

And finally Heero, the perfect soldier who it turned out wasn't so perfect after all. Because he risked his life to save ours even though it went against everything that he had been taught, he found the courage to love me.


Why does everyone that I love die?

Why am I not allowed to be happy?

What is it about me that invited tragedy and heartache?

God, why can't you just for once let things go my way?

Maybe it is true, maybe I am Shinigami?

The God of Death, such and apt title for one such as myself.

Death and Destruction follow me wherever I go.

It touches everyone that I love.

Maybe it would be easier if I just didn't care anymore.

Maybe it wouldn't hurt so much when they went away/

And they will go away eventually, they all do.

Either they die on you or they move on away from you and you just end up a chapter in someone's life story, soon to be forgotten and only pulled out in fond remembrance of a time long past.

Always on the outside looking in at the happy people.

And knowing that you will never be one of them at least not for long andway is fate has anything to say about it.


"Together in life for but a brief moment until Death parted us, but together in Death for always" (1)

God I can't remember where I heard that but it seems to be so very true for mt life, something that I have struggled so hard against but never won a battle with.


And in turn to protect myself from that insidious monster of time I took up the mask of the jester.

Always laughing always joking never serious about anything.

All to protect myself from the one thing that you can't fight.


You find it where you can and you hold on to it for all it's worth because it can be gone in a flash.

That's what Wufei told me, to stop fighting my feeling for Heero and just give in. (2)

To let myself be free to feel because you never know what will happen on the morrow.

It was always in the backs of our minds that we wouldn't survive the war at least not all of us.

I always hoped that if one of us died it would be me.

I could go knowing that for once it would be me that made that ultimate gesture.

That I could go with an open heart and finally be at peace and knowing that Heero would be taken care of.

Because I know that before me for him there was no one.

No one who cared enough to tell a lonely boy that it was okay to feel.

That it was okay to act on your emotions.

But I guess I have to live with the fact that I killed Heero.

That's right I killed the perfect soldier.

For it was I who taught him to act on the things that he was feeling.

It was I who strove to always get a response from him.

And I finally did and look what happens.

That stupid baka goes and dies for me.

I never wanted that.

I never wanted him to die I just wanted him to love me.


Because I thought that he would be strong enough to survive my curse.

That he would be strong enough to survive death itself.

I guess not.

Duo is brought out of his thoughts by a flash of color out of the corner of his eye.

He looks up and sees a almost hauntingly familiar sight.

Heero standing behind a tree watching him.

He stands up and starts to walk in the direction of the tree when he is hit with the realization that this can't be Heero.

Heero is dead.

And with that thought he stops in his tracks and gasps.

The truth finally hitting him.

Heero isn't coming back he's never coming back.

Duo turns and runs from the park with tears falling from his eyes.

He never saw the man behind that tree, the man with the same messy chestnut hair and cobalt blue eyes as his lover whisper "I love you Duo and because I love you I'm going to kill you." (3)


(1) Just a little quote from me.
(2) Didn't know that Justice Boy had a sensitive side did ya!
(3) Can you guess who the mysterious stranger is?

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