I want to start off by saying that I blame this fic entirely on Persephone_Elysian. She put the idea in my head and it wouldn't go away. So the muses just took this and ran with it. This is all that I have so far but more to come later. It may take some time because this if my first fanfic but I do know where I want to go with this, I just have to get there. But I crave feedback so let me know what you think.


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Notes: Fusion with Bakuretsu(Sorcerer) Hunters and takes place after the Spell Wars and after Endless Waltz. But in my universe the Gundams weren't destroyed. SO HA ^_^
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Too Much Chocolate
by: MadamShinigami

Chapter 1

"But darling I'm only doing this for your own good, I just can't stand by and allow you to self-detonate again. There are just too many people that care about you, and besides it's just damn stupid and I won't let you." Duo said with a so there glare.

"Do you have a death with or something, oh stupid question of course you do, or why else would you have tried to blow yourself to hell and back so many times."

"After all it's not like you would leave anybody behind to mourn you according to you."

"Now swear that you won't try to self-destruct again, swear on you soul that you won't try to go and kill yourself again and I will untie you."

Heero who had been silent until then gave Duo a patent perfect soldier death glare from where he was very securely tied up on the bed.

"Okay I swear," he growled out from between clenched teeth. I am going to kill the baka when I get untied for this he thought to himself.

"Say it Heero, I can keep you here for at least another 24 hours before the others get back from there mission.

"Alright you baka I swear on my soul that I won't self-detonate again, Heero almost shouted, "Now untie me."

two weeks later

All five pilots are on a mission together, it seemed relatively simple at first. Just clear out the last vestiges of Dekim Barton's organization. Or in other blow some shit up and Duo so crudely put it. Things were going surprisingly well at first that should have tipped them off that it was a trap, but it didn't.

They have just gotten back to there Gundams when seemingly out of nowhere they where surrounded by Aries and Leos, the fight was brutal and everyone seemed to be holding there own when the battle took a turn for the worse.

Wing badly damaged but not out of the fight just yet was surrounded by enemy mobile suits, the other Gundams were badly damaged and not fairing very well and it looked like things were not going to go well for them in the battle, when suddenly Heero opened a comm channel to the other pilots.

"Leave now none of you are in any shape to finish this battle, I will take care of the rest of them get out now."

"But Heero you can't take them all by yourself" Quatre said.

"Like I would leave you to have all the fun" Duo said.

"Leave now that's any order, don't make me repeat myself or you will be sorry" Heero yelled as he was attacked from all sides in what appeared to be a hopeless battle.

The other pilots after some more yelling from Heero finally left him to deal with the rest of the suits and head for the nearest safe house.

Minutes later Duo received an incoming message from Heero. All it said was.

"I am sorry for breaking my promise to you".