Title: Will you love me?
Author: Mad Hatter
Pairings: 1x2 all the way!
Warnings: I really don't know but you can call it sad if you want.
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"Don't worry Duo you will fine" Quatre said as he held onto the braided boy.

"Where's Heero...?" Duo whispered.

"Heero will be here shortly. Just save up your energy, don't talk" Trowa said next to Quatre, keeping a look out for any OZ's that might so happen be coming this way.

Blood dripped down Duo's chin and stained his white turtle neck.

"M'fine Trowa... I just fell... so tired... hurts..." Duo slurred.

"Here comes Heero and Wufie!' Trowa said ushering Wufie to hurry up while Heero ran the whole way when he had heard that Duo has been Badly wounded.

"Duo!" Heero said when he saw Duo laying on the ground not moving. Heero quickly took Quatre's position and had Duo gathered up in his arms.

"Heero... s'that you...?" Duo asked weakly.

"Yes Duo... What happened!" Heero demanded. "It was suppose to be a simple in and out mission!"

"We didn't know that one of the men were hiding out at the barge. Everything went too fast!" Quatre said feeling guilty because he was suppose to be the one that was to back Duo up.

"Sh... it's ok Duo... you'll be fine" Heero said but deep down he knew that he was wrong.

"I-I've improved Heero... I-I don't bother you anymore... I've been a good boy..." Duo said

"Yes you have Duo. I know" Heero said trying to calm Duo down.

"D-do you... do you love me... Heero?" Duo asked Heero.

Heero nodded his head. "Yes very much..." was Heero's reply.

"Y-your lying t-to me... but I'm still happy..." Duo said.

"No... I will never lie to you Duo.." Heero said holding Duo closer. Tears were starting to form on Heero's eyes.

"Your lying to me again... Don't worry... once I-I'm gone I won't get in your... way... anymore." Duo said coughing up blood and closing his eyes.

"You never got in the way Duo!" Wufies said assuring the dying boy.

"Shut up Wu...you were the one that picked on me the most..." Duo said with a smile.

"Then I promise when you get all better and well you can pick on me ok?" Wufie said. His voice cracking just a bit. Not wanting to loss another best friend, a family member if you would say.

"N-no" Duo said with effort. "Heero... even though... y-you don't love me... I just want to tell you <cough> that I love you... and that... It feels so warm in your arms..." Duo whispered.

"It's ok Duo... you will make it!" Heero said. " Sally is on her way! Just hold on for a while longer, please?"

"H-heero... cou-could you do me a favor...?" Duo asked.

"What is it. I'll do anything..." Heero whispered smoothing Duo's rope of hair.


"Ok..." Heero said as he placed his lips near Duo's ear and blew lightly, making a slight high pitch noise with the vibration of his lips. "How was that Duo...?" Heero asked with a small forced smile. But there was no answer.

"Duo? Are you awake?... Please say something!" Heero said shaking Duo slightly.

Duo's head lowed off to the side.

"He's gone Heero..." Quatre said with a sob.

"No he can't be!" Heero said clutching onto Duo for his dear life.


***Flash back***

"Heero? Would you ever love me some day?" Duo asked.

"Maybe" Heero said with a smirk.

"Will you ever love me as much as you loved your first love?" Duo asked.

"No." was Heero's reply.

***End Flash back***


"Iie Duo... yes... I love you like my first love..." Heero whispered to Duo's ears. "Because... you are my first love..."


From the Mad Hatter ^_~