Title: Will you give me one wish?
Author: Mad Hatter
Pairings: 1+R, 1+2
Gene: Death Fic

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Notes: This Fic is one of my many strange ones...there is something missing from it...Reviews would be nice.


It was so dark. I wave my hand in front of my face, but I still could not see it.

"Duo..." a deep voice boomed in the darkness-startling Duo.

"Who is there?" Duo asked feeling himself tremble.

"Your time has come..." the deep voice said.

"Who are you? What ou mou mean my time has come?" Duo demanded.

"You know just perfectly who I am. You remember long ago," the deep voice said.

Duo searched his memory but came up blank.

"Let me remind you...." The deep voice said. And just like a blanket was being lifted off Duo eyes, he saw himself when he was small. His body frail and thin, shivering in the snow, next to him was the body of an older boy.

"Solo...." Duo said more like a whisper.

"Yes this is where it all happened Duo, right when Solo died, you were also dying slowly from the plague" the Voice said.

Just then a black figure appeared out of no where in front of the smaller Duo.

"You're time is up Little Duo" the dark figure said.

"But I don't want to die" The smaller boy said.

"And neither did your friend Solo" The dark figure said.

"Please help me. I want to live..." the small boy said.

"You want to live? In this world or darkness, despair and death?" the Dark figure said.

"I want to see the world...I don't want to go yet. I promised Solo that I will live..." the boy said.

"I also want to live and see the world through a mortals eyes," the dark figure said.

"Please.... Sir I want to live" Small Duo said.

"In one condition..." the dark figure said.


"I shall live in you as your second soul for 9 years" The dark figure said.

"Yes...." The small boy said sealing his fate.

"You spent your years wisely I saw" The voice said.

"And my 15th year fighting the war." Duo said sarcastically.

"Ah...yes time lost. But the sealed fate was your decision not mine." The voice said

"Ah...Death playing unfair" Duo said.

"Not quite. You have unthe the end of this week to do all you wanted to do. Then you will follow me.... As the deal goes," Death said.

"But that is just in 3 days! And Relena's party for Heero is on that day!" Duo said.

"Then I suggest that you hurry" Death said, sounding distant now.

"No! I am not finished talking to you!" Duo said, the darkness was already gone and the light that shone was bright. It took a moment to realize that he had jolted out of sleep and was facing the harsh glare of the sunlight that shone through the window. "Just 3 more days to live..." Duo said to himself. "Better make the best of it" knowing that he should not cry over spilled milk that he had spilled over 7 years ago.

Duo got out of bed and began his day, but this time with more enthusiasm. There was so much to do and so little time to do so.

The pilots wondered what was going on with Duo. He has been acting too happy lately, way too happy to their liking. It was no problem that Duo was always happy like this but forgiving in 2 seconds was one thing strange. For instance during breakfast Wufei and Duo always have their daily argument at the table, but this time Duo did not say a word when Wufei commented on something that he found inappropriate about Duo. Duo just brushed it off and continued on eating then left the table to do his daily activity, no matter how boring it was of how stupid he would be happy about it.

Just like a flash 3 days has passed so quickly that Duo hardly realized it until he looked in the calendar.

"So this is the day I will say good-bye" Duo said to himself looking in front of the mirror, fixing his tie on his tux.

Arriving to the party, everyone was happy, everyone was cheerful. The war was over and today was Heero's birthday party that Relena had so generously threw. Duo talked to everyone he could get his chance to talk to. He talked to everyone but Heero and the other pilots. Duo watched envious from the corner of his eye as Relena held onto Heero's arm as they chatted with the higher aristocrats.

'No doubt talking about when their wedding is going to be and when they are going to move in with each other' Duo thought. Unaware that he was staring at Heero too long until the silent pilot looked up and caught eye contact.

Heero excused himself and approached Duo.

'God this is the last thing I needed to deal with!' Duo thought as he also excused himself to get away from the approaching Heero. Duo was not quick enough for Heero caught hold of his wrist.

"Wait Duo" Heero said.

Duo had no choice but to stop, 'caught' turning around to face Heero.

"Yes, what is it you want Heero" Duo asked embarrassed that he was caught staring at the object of his affection too long.

"I was just wondering." Heero fidgeted "If you would be so kind as to have the first dance with me" after that said Heero looked down to the floor as it there was something on the floor.

Duo was stunned for a moment and without realizing it he had said yes just as a new song was beginning to play, Heero lead Duo to the dance floor. Both staring into each other's eyes with hidden love, both wanted to say but not able to.

I know that I'm not the first one
You have love in your path before me

'I know that Heero doesn't love me but I just wanted to stay like this forever' Duo thought as they danced to the slow song. The lovely vocals making it to his heart. Duo laid his head down on Heero's shoulder feeling that as if he would die he'd die right here in Heero's embrace.

But when your lips touched my lips
It felt like I was kissing destiny

Duo looked up when he felt Heero gently pull away but not too far. Duo confconfused until Heero slowly moved forward to claim Duo's lips in a small mending kiss. Duo in shock didn't know what to do but the close his eyes and kiss back slowly.

Angel eyes with your angel eyes
Will you always be there to hold me?

Both boys pulled away one looking at the other's eyes. As they slowed dance. The other not knowing what to do in such a situation but the act on their feelings.

Duo embraced Heero, holding the other close, not wanting to let go. He could not bear leaving.

Angel eyes I'm satisfied
I don't want to hear your story
'Cause I can see the things
I really want to see
I'm in love

All Duo knows was this is love, though he was not sure of why Heero kissed him, he was content. Happy. Finally at peace if this were the closest he would ever get to win the other pilots heart.

I believe in what I'm feeling
I'd give everything up just for you

'I would give up anything to see Heero live his life happy and full of joy, laughter and no war. That is what he deserves. Someone who could care for him, give him a family.' Duo thought burying his head into the crook of Heero's neck.

Love is devoted to those who see
That the last dance you dance with the truth

'I want to tell him, I want to tell everyone, but it is too late now. All I could do now is enjoy this last dance. The dance in which I wanted almost my whole life the dance, and it just feels so right in Heero's arms.'

Angel eyes with your angel eyes
Will you always be there to hold me?

'Hold me Heero, Hold me and never let go cause if you let go, my dreams will be shattered'

Angel eyes I'm satisfied
I don't want to hear your story

Duo felt a stab of pain in his chest. He wanted to cry out, but it would ruin his dream he worked so heard to achieve. 'NO I am not ready to leave yet!' Duo thought tears spilling down his face.

'Cause I can see the things I really want to see
In your eyes

Heero felt Duo start to tremble, He stopped dancing and pulled away to see what has gotten Duo so upset, but all he saw were beautiful tear sed eed eyes. Angel eyes.

Angel eyes...
Justt yot you here to hold me...
Angel eyes with your angel eyes
Will you always be there to hold me?

"Duo, what is wrong?" Heero asked, but Duo did not say anything, just buried himself deeper into Heero's warm protective embrace. 'I just want you to hold me'

Angel eyes I'm satisfied
I don't want to hear your story
'Cause I can see the things I really want to see
I am in love

'I am in love with the most beautiful person in the world' were Duo's last thoughts as the pain in his chest intensified and his world went black for the last time. 'Good-bye Heero I love you so much'