Title: Unborn Love Part 1
Author: Mad Hatter ^_~
Parings: 1+2, 1+R.

Disclaimers: Angst, Relena bashing, Death of someone (not revealing yet).

Notes: I know that this FIC may not be to you guys liking but it was swimming at the top of my head for a While and I think I would go crazy if I don't write it down. I really hope you guys like it though. And yes I am aware of the mistakes and spelling errors in it. Please enjoy. Questions and comments are welcome. Just kill the flames. ^_~


'I can't believe it' Duo said to himself, but he can't deny the evidence shown in front of him. A videotape of his Heero sleeping with Releana. Tears slowly descended down Duo's face. 'Please don't let this be happening! 'We were going to have a family together' Duo thought about the times of the male impregnation procedures that they have been doing, it seemed to be so perfect until the egg rejected the sperm. 'Oh god please don't do this to me' Duo cried.


~~3 Months Later~~

Duo knew it was coming. The day Heero would leave him for Relena. News of the queen being pregnant traveled fast. Duo didn't have to guess who the father was. Heero packed up all his belongings and approached Duo who sat on the couch non-responsive.

"You have no idea how sorry I am Duo. She had be drugged!" Heero said, but Duo didn't respond at all. "I have to take responsibility. The baby is part mine, I-"

"Just go Heero, she's waiting for you" Duo said.

"You know I still lo-"

"Good-bye Heero" Duo choked out. A tear falling down the side of his face wall all Heero needed to know that Duo still cared about him.

Heero stood up and brushed off the imaginary wrinkles on his pants and left that day. Leaving Duo, crushing what hoped duo had to live.


~~6 months later~~

Duo walked dazed through the streets, he has been silent and non-active ever since Heero left. He tried committing suicide four times and failed; each having Quatre finding him laying on the floor with empty pills bottles and sometimes in his own pool of blood until Duo finally promised to never do it again. Well, actually, it was

Quatre who said the whole promise me statement while Duo just nodded his head.

Now Duo had a little something to live for. He rubbed his swollen stomach, just three more months and he would have his baby girl, his and Heero's. The only part of Heero he has left to hold on.

Duo stopped at the crosswalk with a small smile that graced his lips. He wasn't paying attention to the cries to get out of the way. The last thing he remembered was a pink car heading straight towards him.