Title: To say a word...
Author: Mad Hatter
Parings: 1+2, 1+R.
Gene: Angst, Relena bashing, Death.

Disclaimers: G-boys don't belong to me, please no suing.

Notes: I know that this FIC may not be to you guys liking but it was swimming at the top of my head for a while and I think I would go crazy if I don't write it down. I really hope you guys like it though. And yes I am aware of the mistakes and spelling errors in it. Please enjoy. Questions and comments are welcome. Just kill the flames. ^_~


"Say it Duo" Heero said. "Tell me that you love me! I want to here the words Duo. I told you long ago that I love you and now I want to here the words from you! Is this cross you always wear more important to you than I am?" Heero said as he held Duo's cross in his hands out of Duo's reach.

'Please give that back to me!' Duo pleaded without word as tears started to stream down his face.

"No Duo! I won't give this back until you say the words" Heero said reading Duo's lips. "Stop pretending that you can't say a word because I know for a fact that your mouth is always talking your life away"

'You don't understand Heero. Give my cross back and I will explain' Duo silently pleaded again.

"No, I will give you one more chance to say it and then I will leave if you don't" Heero said.

Duo shook his head desperately not wanting the boy to leave. He loves Heero but he could not find it in his power to say those words. Heero waited patiently but still Duo had not said those words that he had longed to hear for so long. The only thing that Duo did was bow his head and sink to the floor; heavy sobs racked the small figure.

Heero threw the cross down on the floor and left for the bedroom. He had enough waiting and Duo had yet to say those words he had wanted to hear. There was no excuse at all and Heero was leaving Duo.

Heero threw his belongings into the duffle bag and zipped it up. When he returned to the living room duo had not moved an inch, but for the sobs.

"You brought this on yourself Duo and this is the outcome. Good bye" Heero said as he closed the door and never looked back.

***Four months later***

It has been four months and Heero still has not found the courage to go back to Duo. He had to admit that it was part of his fault. He forced Duo to say the words when Duo would have found the courage and feelings to say it himself, but for a year and a half was too long of a wait for even the perfect soldier. The only option he had was to go where he was at least appreciated with open arms.

Heero has been going out with Relena for 3 and a half months since the break up with Duo. It was within this 3 and a half months that Heero realized that he has left his gun at the apartment which he and Duo shared their lives. And it so happens that Heero wanted his favorite gun back or so he claims to keep saying to himself.

Once arriving upon the apartment building, Heero climbed the stairs to his...no Duo's apartment and was surprised by the amount of people crowded at the floor.

"What's going on!" Heero demanded, trying to get through the crowd. "Excuse me. Can I please got through to my apartment!"

"Don't you know? This place isn't an apartment anymore. It has been shut down 4 months ago and turned into a center. There is this really old lady that owned this apartment and she tells a story of an interesting love tale that I have heard. It went on for centuries until now it was discovered. I'm so excited to even be here!" the boy next to Heero said.

"What are you talking about!" Heero said. "There is nothing going on here! I lived here for crying out loud"

"Sh...It's about to begin!" The boy said taking Heero's hand and motioning him to sit down on the tiled floor like everyone else was doing just about now as an old lady walked through the doors of one of the apartment rooms. There in the middle of the hallway was a chair for her to sit down in, surrounded by the tourist and young adults probably from school to hear the story.

The old lady cleared her throat and thanked all those who came to hear this story.

"I thank you all for coming to share this romantic evening with me and the sorrow that has racked this small apartment into a memory of love and loss and so I begin this story..." The old lady cleared her raspy throat again and began her tale.