Title: Still...
Author: Mad Hatter
Pairings: 1+R, 3+4+5, 1+2

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Notes: Please review. I hope you like. Yeah sorry about it, I totally forgot to write that this is suppose to be a deathfic. gomen -_-;


Heero has left for almost two years not to be by Relena's side, to protect her. Heero left everything behind: his laptop, his life, and his Duo. It is the springtime when Heero decided that he would take a long, hard, sought out vacation. He was surprised when Relena approved of it and wanted to take one of her own as well. Once decided, Heero and Relena decided to call up all the other pilots to reunite after so long.

Heero started with Wufei who had nothing better to do but to stay at Quatre's house as well as Trowa's since the war was over. Heero next, had a talk with Quatre.

"Heero, it is a surprise to hear from you" Quatre said pleasantly.

"Ah. As I to you Quatre, how are you? Are you well?" Heero asked.

"Yes, I am fine, what brings you here talking to me after so long?" Quatre asked.

"Nothing really, I am taking a vacation, and wondering if me and Relena could plan a reuniting with everyone since it has been so long...how is Duo by the way?" Heero asked. As small sad smile lit Quatre's face.

"Duo is fine, he has been traveling every place, I don't think he could make it to the reunion though" Quatre said.

"Don't worry Quatre, I will e-mail him to inform him since it has been a while since..." Heero trailed off.

"No, I assure you it is fine, I will contact Duo for you then" Quatre said.

"No, its alright, I insist" Heero said.

"Even if you want to contact him, you won't know where he is" Quatre put in. He got Heero.

"Alright, you contact him" Heero said with a smile. A small relief look went past Quatre's face that did not go unnoticed by Heero. 'What is it about Duo that Quatre was so reluctant to tell me about' Heero though to himself as he hung up the videophone.

Relena and Heero arrived at Quatre's small beach house. Everything is going along smoothly though Duo was not here to enjoy it with all of them. Quatre showed Heero and Relena to their rooms and gave a brief tour to the rooms and his house. Relena's curiosity got the best of her when she saw a lovely wooden redwood door that Quatre did not mention. Her hand reached for the knob, but was stopped by Quatre suddenly.

"You won't want to go in there, it is a room that I am redecoration and it looks like a mess of plaster and wood!" Quatre said with a small laugh. The answer satisfied Relena's curiosity and she never mentioned the door again.

The day was coming down to a close and dinner was about to be served. Everyone sat at the dinning room awaiting Quatre's cooks to bring out the courses. A toast was proposed with the small reunion and dinner was served. Everyone ate and chattered on about how their lives have been and that Duo must be a fool to miss this reunion, but they all understood.

After dinner and catching up, the ex-pilots and vice foreign miniswerewere tired. They all bided their good nights and retired to their rooms.


~In the middle of the night~

Heero woke up with a start, his muscles ached from finally getting a chance to relax them, but his throat was itchy. He needed a drink of water. He got up quietly and opened his room door. That was when he noticed a shadow walking across the end of the hallway. Heero automatically went into defense mode. He silently went to follow the perpetrator when he ded ded the corner; he was surprised to see Trowa was creeping around the house. The uni-banged boy went to the door, which Quatre said he was remodeling. 'How strange' Heero though as he crouched down and watched for the doors to open again, thirst forgotten.

When the doors finally opened Heero was on his alert. He noticed this time; Trowa coming out carrying a small tied up bag. Unable to see through the shopping bag, Heero retreated until he was in his room. 'What is going on?' Heero thought to himself.

His vacation has been going pretty smoothly, but for the other guys sneaking around in the middle of the night was nagging at him. Heero while on his free time; found Duo's e-mail address and wrote to him during his free time. Still Heero has yet to receive a response.

'Hn, that baka is probably too busy having fun to answer; Heero thought to himself.

Heero and Relena's vacation time is about to draw to an end. Tomorrow Relena leaves to go back into her political world while Heero still has a week left. They threw a small party before Relena left. Everyone was exhausted and decided to go to bed right after. Heero the last one to go past the red wood doors finally couldn't hold back. Something was going on and it was behind those doors. Ever since his visit he has not seen one person go inside the room to fix it or construction as Quatre said.

Making sure that there was no one out in the hallway; Heero tried the knob and found it locked. 'What is so important about this room that needs to be locked' Heero thought. Being a trained assassin, Heero picked the lock with a safety pin. Hearing the click of the door, Heero slopped into the dark room closing the door quietly behind him. Trying to let his eyes adjust in the dark he still couldn't see a thing. He blindly searched for the light switch and wished he left them off.

There lying in the queen sized bed was the frail body of his once friend, lover, Duo. Heero stepped closer afraid that he was mistaken this body which was hooked up to an oxygen machine, a heart monitor, and IV drip and various other things that pulsed and beeped. Duo's body was castes, half of his head and face was wrapped in bandages and small traces of blood were soaking through.

A chair was right next to Duo and sitting in that chair asleep was Quatre. Heero must have made a noise of some sort because Quatre started to stir and say Trowa's name and why he was back so soon. Finding his voice again, Heero replied that it was not Trowa. Hearing that Quatre shot awake and alert. Aware that it was Heero now, Quatre cursed himself for sleeping on watch.

"Why?" Heero asked Quatre.

Hesitantly Quatre said "Why what?"

"Why did you keep this from me? Why did you keep him from me?" Heero pleaded.

"It is not any choice to make why this happened Heero, don't you understand! You walked out on him! His should died, he was nothing but a hurt, tired, person Heero!" Quatre said.

"So all that time you told me he was traveling?"

"Heero, Duo would never to do anything anymore..." another voice joined the conversation.

Both Heero and Quatre focus on the new voice. Wufei stood at the doorway. His arms crossed with a tired look on his face.

"Quatre, why don't you go to bed" Wufei said. "Heero and I need to talk"

Quatre reluctantly left. Heero looked at Wufei and asked "What do you mean he can't do anything anymore? What do you mean by all this? How long have you been keeping this from me?" Heero bombarded Wufei with all the questions he had in his mind.

"This is not our choice, this was Duo's last words before he died" Wufei said.

"What do you mean died? He is still here on the bed, monitors beeping and heart running" Heero said hysterically not wanting to accept what he is seeing.

"Yes, true, but what you don't know or Quatre is that Duo has been brain dead for almost 14 months. We couldn't tell Quatre that his best friend would never wake up again. It would drive him insane" Wufei replied.

"What do you mean brain dead? How could this happen to Duo?" Heero said in shock, still not registering the information.

"Four months ago, after you left, Duo went on a mission intending to not come back. He self-destructed, but sadly he survived long enough for OZ troops to capture him. They probed him, tested him, and drove him to insanity. By the time we found out and reached him, Duo was half gone. He used the last of his strength to pour out his pain. We brought him to the hospital, but it was too late. They said that though his heart still pumps his brain has filled with too much fluids that was caused by the head traumas," Trowa said.

"Me and Trowa kept Quatre's hope up that Duo is only in coma and would wake up one day, it just takes time. We know that we did this to keep Quatre sane and focused, until you came and one thing lead to another" Wufei said, "You know we blamed you for the longest time? But as time passed, we went on whit our lives, but we haven't forgotten. You left Heero, you left the greatest thing to ever come into our lives, and he left us..." with that, Trowa and Wufei walked away, leaving Heero alone in the room with Duo.


~1 week later~

Heero quite his job as bodyguard to Relena and stayed with Quatre, Trowa and Wufei, to take care of Duo. Heero realized that it was his fault that this happened to Duo and for that he must take the responsibility he should have taken 14 months ago...

Days passed into weeks, weeks pasted into months, months pasted into years, and one day...Duo's heart finally stopped beating...