Title: Please...
Author: Mad Hatter

Disclaimers: GW and G-boys don't belong to me, no suing.
Status: One-shot
Pairings: 1+2
Warning: Suicide

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"Don't worry. It will all soon be over." Duo said to himself as he with trembling hands separated the pills that laid scattered all over the bed sheets. It has been too long, too long since Heero left him two weeks ago without an explanation.

Tears formed in Duo's eyes. He tried to blink them away, but they fell to the soft sheets. He made sure that everything was perfect before he goes. leanleaned the whole house, stored all the unnecessary items such as his clothes, CD player and CD's in the attic. The only thing the kept out was the memories of himself and Heero. Pictures were in its frame on the draws and tables. Gifts that Heero gave him were place carefully on top of the dresser. Duo made his personal memories shrine of the times he had with Heero. He wanted to be surrounded by them when he leaves.

Blinking away tears, Duo ate the first pill, swallowed and took the second, then third then fourth, until all 23 sleeping pills have

disappeared. Yes, that was what he wanted to do. Fall asleep forever, with the memories of what he still has, surrounding him. Duo looked at the clock. 5:30 am. By the time Quatre gets his good-bye message at 7:00 am when he goes to work it will all be over.

Duo smiled to himself and laid his tired body down on the soft sheets. They still smelled like Heero after all these days. Duo pulled up the thin sheets to cover his lower region. He wanted every thing to be perfect. As if he passed in his sleep.

Duo was starting to feel the effects of the sleeping pills. His eyes were getting tired. The pain in his chest increased and then he saw Heero. Walking up to him...


Heero paused at the door for what seems like forever. He didn't know what to say to Duo about his sudden return. The only thing he wanted to do was to take Duo in his arms and tell him what a fool he was for leaving. Leaving to try to get his heart to understand whether it is Duo he really loves and wants to spend his life with, or just a feeling of security he gets when he is around the braided boy. After those two weeks he left, he can't stop thinking about Duo. He missed sleeping next to the braided baka. He missed the sweet smell of sun ripen raspberries that Duo emits. He can't think about anything but got Duo and his warm smiles, and touch.

No Heero's heart could not deny that Duo is who he wants, whom he loves. With an intake of air, he put his spare key into the lock and entered the house he had shared with duo for 10 months...

Upon entering, Heero noticed how clean the house looked. Nothing was out of place and nothing was in the wrong order. The wooden floors were polished and everything sparkled throughout the house. He expected it to be ransacked and everything thrown around. But that was not the case.

Heero quietly climbed the stairs and instantly went to his and Duo's shared bedroom. He wanted to surprise Duo upon his return. He wanted to look at the sleeping form of his ex-lover and pray that Duo will take him back...Heero slowly opened the bedroom door...

Duo laid on the soft vanilla sheets with a look of angelic grace. Heero quietly walked into the room and approached the bed...

Duo smiled up at the figure that was a couple of feet away from where he laid. The figure approached him and kneeled beside him so that they were almost eye to eye. Duo thought it was the effects of the drugs that created to body of Heero before him and so ignored all possibilities. He wanted this night to be his night, his one last special night even though it was just a hallucination.

Heero knelt before Duo and did nothing but stare at his long time lover, and best friend. He didn't know what to say until he noticed that Duo was awake, or slightly awake.

Heero spoke first...but Duo hushed him softly.

"You don't have to say anything my love...I want to just enjoy this moment Heero..." Duo said softly as the drugs started to take control. He wanted to look at Heero for as long as he can before the figure disappears and he forgot how the one he loves so much looks like. Still thinking that it was his mind playing tricks on him. Duo just stared and Heero without words.

"Look Heero...around us...I made this shrine for us...for you..." Duo choked, a tear made its way down his cheek. "Oh I wish that you were here to see this Heero...to hear my broken heart..." the pain started to increase, and black spots were starting to field his vision.

"Duo, I am here, why are you talking like I won't ever see you again Duo?" Heero said a bit worried. "You know what Duo?" Heero said in a soft whispered voice. "Go to sleep and we will discuss this in the afternoon alright?"

Duo didn't say a word as he closed his eyes, letting one final tear escape from his eyes, a small smile graced his lips and he laid still.

The ringing of the phone broke him out of his thoughts. Heero got up to get the phone thinking that Duo was sleeping, he answered it quickly. Quatre's face appeared on the screen in distress.

"Oh GOD! Thank Allah that you are there Heero! Where is Duo! How is he? Is he alright?" Quatre shot all at once ignoring the anger that was eating at him to see Heero answer the phone after he left Duo some days ago.

"Duo's sleeping right now, he should be fine. I had a small talk with him, but I don't understand what he is trying to tell me so I told him that we will talk in the afternoon when he wakes." Heero said.

"I don't care if he is sleeping Heero! Wake him up! I just got a message from him, One I won't receive until 7 in the morning when I got to work, I thought it sounded as if Duo was going to do something foolish." Quatre said.

Heero acknowledged Quatre's words and made his way over to where Duo sleeps. Heero shook Duo lightly trying to wake the braided youth. No response. Heero shook a little bit harder, still no response. That was when he heard a small clanking noise of something hitting the floors. Heero looked down to see an empty bottle of sleeping pills. That was when everything clicked together. All the decorations. The clean house. The words Duo said.

Heero got up at ran to the phone where Quatre was still on hold. "Oh my god Quatre! Call the ambulance! You were right! Duo...Duo...h-he."

"I know Heero...I know." Quatre spoke softly, knowing before Heero got back to him on the phone that Duo will be gone, in his heart he didn't want to admit to it. "How does it feel to know that you killed the most beautiful thing in our lives Heero?" Quatre said softly shutting off the vid-screen.