Title: My childhood friend
Author: Mad Hatter
Pairings: 1+? 1+2

Disclaimer: GW doesn't belong to be so no suing.

Note: "Blue bear" is Heero's nickname given to him by Damion when Heero is sometimes upset because when he (Damion) was adopted his first gift from Heero was a blue bear.


"Heewo, Heewo!" A childish voice called the smaller boy's name. Heero turned around and saw his friend Damion running over to him, pudgy fingers curled around a big seashell all covered in sand, on second thoughts, Damion was covered up with more sand then the shell. Bright violet eyes were shining.

"Look what I found for you Heewo!" Damion said handing the shell to Heero whom took it with great care.

"Arigato Damion" Heero said.

"I made something for you Damion so that we will never be apart" and with that, Heero took out the small shell bracelet weave through thick string.

"One shell says my name, and this one says yours" Heero pointed out the two shells with their names etched into it.

"So what are all these other things?" Damion asked about the weird squiggly symbols.

"These are words from my homeland which says that we will never be separated ever."

"Thank you Heewo" Damion said letting Heero tie the bracelet around his small wrist, after that was done Damion gave Heero a big hug. Heero hugged Damion back. Just then Heero's father came jogging down to the two children still hugging.

"Alright you two break it up!" He said with a smile. "You keep hugging like that, you'll be glued to him," Mr. Kiato said. "Mom's just about finished with dinner, so you got to hurry now." The two kids untangled themselves when Damion heard that food was almost finished. He started to run over to Mr. Kiato to give the man who was his adopted fatherig hig hug when suddenly a big loud bang was heard. Heero and Mr. Kiato looked at what direction the noise came from. That was when they noticed Damion's prone form laying face down on the sandy beach. Mr. Kiato ran to his adopted son's side.

"Damion! Are you alright?" Mr. Kiato cried. There was no response.

"Heero get to the car now!" Mr. Kiato screamed as he picked Damion up and ran to the car, they hurried and picked up Mrs. Kiato and drove to the hospital at break necking speed. Heero sat numb and confused in why Damion did not wake up during the car ride. Damion loves car rides, Damion loves car rides!

"Papa? Why won't Damion wake up?" Heero asked his father, but got no reply.