Title: Let's get it on!
Author: Mad Hatter
Pairings: 1x2 all the way!
Disclaimers: The G-boys don't belong to me. I just write bout them. I'm broke so if you sue you are just wasting your time and your money. This is a little fic that got stuck in the back of my head and had not gotten a chance to surface because I have other ideas that were more interesting but then I finally got a chance to write it out, I think that it sucks though. That is why I need you guys feed back! Ja and I hope you enjoy it. Questions and comments would be nice. Just kill the flames.


"Hey! I know" Quatre said to the other four pilots. "Lets play a kissing game!" he beamed "Who ever wins would get two tickets to Hawaii, a ride in my new car and a night out of town" The blonde said having not intentions of losing what so ever.

Heero just looked back on his laptop, Wufie continued his meditation as if he did not hear what Quatre said, while Duo just watched his TV The blonde boy felt hurt that he was being ignored. He wanted to cry. Trowa on the other hand was not happy about it. He did not like Quatre upset. He banged his fist to the wall. Shocking all the pilots to turn to Trowa's direction.

"Quatre just said something. Did you all hear what he said?" Trowa asked venomously. All the three pilots shook their heads no. "Then may be you should be listening then!" Trowa said. No one gets his Quatre upset!. Quatre only smiled and grasped onto Trowa's hand.

"It's ok Trowa" Quatre said.

"No it's not" Trowa said "Please go ahead and repeat what you said before my love" Trowa said. Quatre blushed and ushered the three pilots to get settled on the couch first. When everyone is settled. Quatre explained the days plans again. Wufei turned green and sick when he heard what had to be done. He quickly ran to his room. Slamming the door and promptly stayed inside until the "game" was over.

"Oh goody! Now we are even numbered" Quatre said "Now I'm going to pair up with Trowa and you Duo pair up with Heero" Quatre beamed. His whole plan is to get his best friend Duo to get what his mind and dreams most desired. The other pilots don't know that he has the ability to read minds, but for Trowa. Quatre has been reading Duo's mind for weeks, always nagging about not fair that he will never get Heero bla...bla...bla" well today would be the day, but Heero didn't look like he wants to participate and neither does Duo whom was blushing.

"What's the matter?" Trowa asked sensing this also.

"What's in it for me?" Heero asked.

"Well those things that I just mentioned" Quatre said.

"I don't want those things" Heero replied.

"Well I'll give you a new laptop then" Quatre said. this got Heero to agree, but made Duo' face vault. 'He only wanted to do this because of a new laptop' Quatre heard Duo's thoughts. This caused the blonde boy to feel upset. "Maybe this is not such a good idea" Quatre said.

"You started this, let's finish it! " Heero said grabbing Duo's hand and jerking the quiet boy next to him. Duo still had not uttered a word. Not even a pained cry when Heero jerked his arm. Duo just sat close by to Heero.

"Are you sure Heero?...Duo? are you up to it?" Quatre asked.

"Yeah of course" Heero said nudging Duo for his answer.

"Hm...Yeah...whatever" Duo said unsure of himself.

"Well ok then" Quatre said. "the rules are...Well there don't seem to be any rules. Let the contest begin in the count of one...two...three!" And off the four pilots went. Heero turned Duo's head and crushed his lips to Duo's lips. Duo didn't respond, he just stayed slack in Heero's mouth. While Trowa and Quatre were going at it like it was the end of the world and they would never see each other again. Well Heero had no intention of loosing and also to have presented such a good excuse to touch, not to mention kiss the boy of his dreams. Heero knew he could not pass up the chance.

Heero hooked his fingers around the hem or Duo's pants and placed the boy on his own lap. It was now or never to show Duo how much that baka means to him. Heero deliberately let Duo find the bulge in his spandex. Duo let out a gasp of surprise. Taking this change, Heero shoved his tongue into Duo's mouth. Heero intensified the kiss, crushing even harder against Duo. Feeling a slight moisture on his cheeks. Heero's eye's flew open. He backed up a little to get a good look at where the moisture came from, unbeknown to Quatre and Trowa that the contest was over when Heero took his lips off Duo's.

Heero stared at Duo's tear streaked face. Heero picked Duo up and carried him to the nearby walking closet. Closing and locking the door. Heero turned on the lights after placing Duo down on the cushioned carpet. Duo quickly curled up into a fetal position hugging his knees and started to cry.

Heero got down next to Duo and wrapped his arms around Duo. While Duo tried to push away, but Heero was stronger. In a matter of seconds, Heero had Duo's hands pinned above his head and face vulnerable to view. Tears were now streaming down Duo's face more freely.

"What's wrong Duo?..." Heero asked the sobbing boy. Duo did not answer but only hid his face in shame. "Please Duo. Tell me what is wrong. Did I do something?..." Heero said picking Duo's head up and whipping the tears away.

"Your doing this for a new laptop" Duo choked out in a weak whisper, but Heero hears every word. It pained Heero, making him feel foolish for every word he had said.

"My heart hurts Heero..." Duo said.

"Oh Duo, I didn't mean it like that. I love you so much Duo. I just made up the laptop thing so that I cam get close to you without showing my true feelings for you..." Heero confessed, feeling even more stupid then he was previously. "Please Duo….I'm sorry" Heero said.

"Is that really how you feeling?" Duo said to Heero. Heero just grinned when he saw Duo's smiling face.

"Yes baka, how can I ever chose you over a computer" Heero whispered into Duo's ear. "The computer can't do what my Duo can do so well"

"And what might that be?" Duo said sitting up.

"You hold my heart" Heero said softly in Duo's ear.

"Thank you so much Heero for loving me" Duo said giving Heero a hug.

"No thank you for being my friend. My soul" Heero said nudging Duo's neck.

"So...is the game still on?" Duo asked.

"Yeah I think it is. I won't mind going to that free trip that Quatre mentioned" Heero said.

"Oh. and who are you going to be going with?" Duo asked pretending to be jealous.

"With you Duo. Always with you..." Heero said.

"You know Heero. You are really a sad ass lover" Duo said as he claimed Heero's lips in a passionate kiss. Heero kissed Duo back, this time happy that Duo was cooperating. Heero trailed his hands down Duo's body and massaged the tired muscles. "What do you think you are doing Heero?" Duo asked as he broke the kiss.

"Nothing but exploring your perfect body" Heero said licking his lips.

"Oh then please continue on then" Duo said sexily into Heero's ears, and that was what Heero did.

"You know all this exploring is getting me hot. Aren't you hot duo?" Heero said with a smirk. Duo got the hint.

"Yes I am pretty hot right now" the braided boy said as he took off the thin T-shirt he 'was' wearing. Heero trailed his rough hands down that smooth body and gave a moan of pleasure.

"What you make me feel Duo. What you make me feel" Heero said as he kissed down the smooth toned chest. Duo threw his head back and enjoyed the feeling of Heero's soft warm lips on his body. It is finally happening. It was not a dream he has been having all night long. Haunting him, his memories, his heart. And Duo was not intending to let go of it. He wanted to go as far as Heero would allow it. And not intending to stop any time soon.

Heero could not believe that this beautiful boy was surrendering his body to him. Heero was not going to disappoint. He started to take off his tank top quickly and pressed his chest against Duo's already exposed skin. Duo's response was to crush his lips against Heero's. The game begins with roaming hands. Heero unbuttoned Duo's tight shot jeans, then hooked his fingers at the belt loop of Duo's jeans. Heero guided Duo to his erection. Duo let out a gasp against Heero's lips. Turning up the heat, Duo rocked his hips against Heero's straining erection. Heero bit Duo's lower lip in pleasure. Lapping up the blood. Heero thrust his tongue into Duo's mouth. Through all this, Duo had not said a word. Afraid that Heero would stop. He just moaned with pleasure and shimmered out of his shorts and boxers. Heero liked what he saw, out of the corner of his eyes that is. So beautiful.

Heero soon followed suit. Their lips never left their lock. Both boys hands roamed each other's bodies. Heightening up the pleasure each time. Heero's hands roamed between the cleft of Duo's ass, fingering the tight ring. Duo wanted Heero inside him in any way he can get Heero to claim him. Duo thrust-ed back against the finger, taking it inside himself. Duo let out an uncomfortable moan, but didn't stop. Heero didn't want Duo to feel pain. In so, Heero slide out his intruding finger. Duo was disappointed but sought out something larger. With nimble fingers, Duo found Heero's almighty erection. So big, slick pre-cum already forming. Duo swirled his thumb around the tip. Heero groaned and thrust-ed up. That was what Duo wanted. Unbeknownst to Heero. Duo guided Heero's erection towards his tight ring of muscle. Just as Heero thrusted up. Duo threw his head back, breaking the kiss and crying out with pain. Duo never felt such a burn run through his body before. It felt like he was being split apart.

Heero's eyes flew open and took in a lung full of air. Heero's mind raced. 'what was that pleasurable, velvety tight heat that had just engulfed me' ran thorough Heero's head making him confused.

Heero felt something warm and wet trail down the base of his length to his thighs. Heero stopped his thrusting up at the heat and went to whip away the tickling wetness. When Heero lifted his hand he saw blood. Heero shook Duo a little. Heero started to worry when Duo did not respond.

"Duo..? are you ok?" Heero asked, but still there was no response. Heero started to slide his semi-erected cock out of the pleasurable heat when he lifted Duo off his lap. Heero saw blood running down between Duo's thighs. Duo groaned as he felt Heero's cock slip out if his anus.

"Heero...?" Duo groaned questionably. Tired and in pain.

"Duo! Are you ok?" Heero asked again when he saw that Duo was starting to come around.

"It hurts" Duo said to Heero groggily. Heero just 'hn-ed' and took Duo in and embrace.

"Next time we use lubricant" Heero whispered into Duo's ears.

Duo too tired to talk, only knobbed his head. Heero took his green tank top and started to whip the blood and sweat that trailed Duo's body.

"Baka. Next time we will take it slowly" Heero told Duo. And yet Duo again hung his head and knobbed. Heero sensed that something was wrong. "What is wrong Duo?" Heero asked, picking Duo's face up by the chin. Duo only shook his head left and right.

"N...nothing" Duo told Heero, but Heero did not buy it. Duo threw his arms around Heero's neck. "I'm afraid that if we don't do this now...you will leave me Heero...I'm afraid you will leave me Heero" Duo said. Heero held onto Duo.

"You know that I will never leave you Duo. I...I" 'I what?' Heero thought. "I love you Duo" Heero said automatically, not regretting a word. Duo looked up into Heero's eyes.

"Do you really?" Duo asked. Heero only smiled.


"So...what do we do about your...um..." Duo said pointing at Heero's still hard erection. Heero just grabbed a pair of Duo's short jeans, put it on, zipped it over his hard erection and picked the naked duo up from the closet floor.

"I'm going to put on a show for you Duo" was all Heero said before he kissed Duo deeply and opened the closet door to reveal Trowa and Quatre, eve's dropping with empty glass cups in hand. Duo put his head on the crook of Heero's neck.

"So who do you think won?" Duo asked tiredly.

"Hn...I think we did" Heero said, turning to kiss Duo's forehead. without further distraction. Heero carried Duo to their shared rooms and locked the door. Heero intended to give Duo a good show he had promised. Meanwhile....

"Trowa?" Quatre asked.

"Yes" Trowa replied.

"How come we didn't screw each other like that, the first time we kissed?" Quatre asked.

"Well...we can screw each other now it you want" Trowa said.

"But that's different!" Quatre said. And so they argued on until they resolved it with moans, groans and a ruined carpet.

Ja ne! I hope you like…..
By: Mad Hatter ^_~