Title: I dare you…..Duo!!!
Author: Mad Hatter
Pairings: 1x2 all the way!
Disclaimers: the G-boys don't belong to me. I just write bout them. I'm broke so if you sue you are just wasting your time and your money.
This is my other most stupidest fic!! And the by far even crazier one yet! And if anyone wants to tell me that this is kinky. Then please don't cause I already know that. Ja and I hope you enjoy it. Questions and comments would be nice. Just kill the flames.

"Aw….come on guys. I know that I lost fair and square already. You don't have to rub it in" the pilot of Deathscythe whined. "So what do you guys dare me to do? gosh I hope it is nothing painful or…." Suddenly a wicked idea roamed into Duo's mind, but it was cut off when Heero told Duo to shut up and sit down. Duo happily complied. Sitting down next to his koi.

"It starts now Duo, but would not go into effect until 12 midnight" Quatre said with a strange frightful gleam in his eyes.

"Strip Duo" Trowa said with a grin. Duo was starting to get scared now.

"Um…guys, I don't think I can handle all of you…..and I don't think Heero would want anyone touching me…" Duo gushed. "Taking the command in a wrong way. "Isn't that right He—"

"Take them off Duo. I want to show everyone what a special package you are" Heero whispered into Duo's ears. Making the braided boy instantly hard.

"Is that even part of the dare?" Duo asked.

"No….it's just a show Duo, don't worry. We won't harm you in anyway. Or Heero would have out heads" Wufie said leaning back into the comfortable plush couch. With a wicked grin, Duo got up from the couch and walked over to the stereo system Quatre bought not too long ago for entertainment use only. And if this isn't what they would call entertainment then Duo didn't know what to call it. Since it was a stripping they wanted, it's stripping they will get.

Duo turned to a radio station that has a considerable amount of beat to it. Without further words, he started dancing to the beat of the music. All hungry eyes were on Duo. Four pilots erections clearly visible. Duo pretended not to notice this as he started with his priest shirt, trailing his nimble fingers down the front of his chest. Duo caught a drool escape from Trowa's lips. With that Duo picked up his pace, but slowly teasing the other pilot. He carefully undid one button after another painfully slowly until they were all undone. He slowly slipped his black shirt off to uncover a white turtle neck. Trailing his hand down to his clad-ed erection, Duo started to fondle himself. Enjoying his lovely audiences attention. Getting to the point, Duo unbuttoned his pants and pulled out his tucked in turtle neck. Without further ado, plus the four angry eyes waiting for him to finish his strip tease before they personally get up and rip off his clothes, Duo inched the turtle neck up his chest, exposing more and more skin until it was completely off for all eyes to see his smooth toned chest. Duo did not stop there. He swung his turtle neck cowboy style over his head. All the more rocking his hips. He threw the white fabric out to his crowd of "audience" to catch. With a whips of his hips. Duo wiggled slowly out of his pants until they pooled around his ankles. Kicking them off, Duo stuck a pose. Dancing still to the music, he hooked his thumbs to the waist band of his boxers and slid them off with a fluid motion. Grinning at the VERY hungry eyes of his fellow pilots now. Duo almost laughed his ass off when he saw Wufie and Trowa lunge forward. Wanting to touch his smooth lovely skin, but was held back by Heero and Quatre.

Just as the music was about to end, Duo readied himself for the finally. Taking the end of his braid. Duo untied the silk ribbon on the end and allowed his braid to unravel. Cascading himself in the silken waterfall of hair he only let Heero's eyes see. When the music ended, Duo gave a slow model turn and walked back to sit on the couch with the swaying of his slim ample hips. Duo sat next to Heero. Heero was sort of upset that Duo did not sit on his lap and also that he let his hair down for all to see. Heero wanted to show that Duo was his and his only no matter what ass cracking dare he had to do. Heero jerked Duo off the couch and onto his lap. Ringing a moan from both boys as Duo at on Heero's straining erection. Grasping Duo's face in his hands, Heero crushed his lips upon the naked boy's mouth. They kissed until they pulled away gasping for oxygen.

Duo laid his head on Heero's shoulder, snuggling to get some warmth in the cool chilling air that was making contact with his skin. Heero noticed this and wrapped his arms around Duo. Holding the boy he loved so much, close.

"Ok, break it up you two" Quatre said with a smile. Heero just shoot a glare.

`I don't want Duo to do the dares anymore' Heero thought to himself, but knows since the American pilot promised to the game, they must follow through. Heero's grip on Duo tightened.

"Ok, lets roll the die to see who goes first" Wufie said at the same time rummaging through a draw to take out a white die.

The four pilots rolled for their turns. Wufie got first, Quatre got second, Trowa got third and Heero got fourth.

"What I require from you Duo is very minimal. I just dare you to not say anything for the whole week. And…..I don't want you and Heero doing the naughty naughty thing" Wufie said.

"But that is two things!!" Duo whined.

"Yes, but it is two little things Duo. Don't tell me that you can't do it….oh and one more thing. Since you interrupted. You will not even be allowed to pleasure yourself" Wufie added with a smirk.

Duo only pouted and burrowed deeper into Heero's warmth.

Now it was Quatre's turn. Heero did not like the smirk on the little blonde boy's innocent face. Quatre got up and walked over to Duo. Holding a brown paper bag, he handed it to Duo and sat back down next to Trowa.

"Me and Trowa want you to put this on, and leave it on for a whole week, since……how shall we saw…..you can't pleasure yourself or Heero for a while" Quatre said.

Duo opened the brown paper bag to see the contents. He pulled out a hard plastic anal plug in a shape of an ice cream cone. The tip was curved and smooth. At the end of the plug there is a plastic T to indicate the end of the plug. Duo almost fainted from the sheer shock of how big it is. Trowa handed Heero the lube and sat back down.

"We want you to put on a good show for us Duo" Trowa said. Duo just grinned uncertainly, but took the challenge. Having formed a good plan in his head on how to torture the pilots for doing this to him. Heero was about to protest until Duo snatched the lube out of Heero's hands. Climbing on top of the couch, Duo bend over, letting his buttocks part, showing his pink ring of muscle. Duo flipped off the cap of the lubricant and spread a reasonable amount on the anal plug. Looking back at the henti eyes all on him. he brought the tip of the slick smooth plug at his tight ring and slowly pushed in. the initial penetration stung a little because he did not stretch himself, but that was the sheer beauty of it. The pilots watched the plug inch by inch disappear slowly into Duo's tight heat. Half way through, Duo almost slumped over in pleasure. Moaning with each inner touch.

"Um……..Heero……it's so big….inside me…..don't you wish it was… you?" Duo teased all the while breathing hard as he started to push the bigger end if the plug inside. Duo muffled a scream when the larger end stretched him even wider. He rocked back into the plug, taking the last bit into himself. The only thing that indicated that the plug was there was the T end covering his stretched ring of muscle. Duo slumped over the back of the couch, feeling every stroke of the hard plastic in himself. Duo then sat upright properly and lifted his legs up to his chest. He feet resting at the edge of the sofa cushions. Duo spread his legs to show the T end of the plug between his legs. For a little more encouragement he rocked his hips back and fourth, loving each touch of the anal plug at his prostate. Duo slumped back with pleasure. He then turned to Heero with pleasure at what he had just witness his koi did, but snapped out of it when Duo said that it was his turn. Heero stood up and walked to his and Duo's shared rooms. Duo was shocked. Heero did not enjoy the show? Duo was about to get up and run to Heero until he saw Heero emerge from their bedroom with a large wooden, smooth paddle in his hand.

"Wh…what are you doing with that thing Heero!" Duo said getting scared and excited by the wicked gleam in Heero's eyes. Heero sat back on the couch and patted on his lap. He wanted Duo to bend over and lay on top his lap. Duo with nimble feet walked over to where Heero sat and laid himself draped over Heero's lap. Duo could feel his trapped erection rub against Heero's denim fabric jeans. He let out a moan.

Heero trailed his hand down Duo's smooth buttocks. Enjoying the firm muscles. Then without warning, Heero brought the wooden paddle down on Duo's ass. Duo let out a startled yelp and pushed back against the paddle. It was a lovely feeling as the anal plug vibrated inside him. As the paddle kept coming down in a rhythmic motion. Trowa, Quatre, and Wufie watched greedily as Heero spanked Duo harder. Showing not mercy.

"Ah. Ah. Ah" Duo panted "Harder Heero!" Duo said thrusting back to meet the paddle, increasing intensity. After keeping this up for five whole minutes. Heero stopped his sweet torture. Heero set the paddle down on the coffee table and ran his rough hands down Duo's red, swollen bottom. Duo sweating and panting only whimpered. Then Heero did something that surprised not only Quatre, Trowa and Wufie. But also Duo himself.

Heero bent his head down and started to lick Duo's swollen cheeks. Feeling Duo's body heat against his tongue. Then Heero parted Duo's cheeks and started to lick his way down the cleft of Duo's ass, leaving not corner un-slick with saliva. What Heero did next made Duo thrust back and moan in pleasure. Heero's tongue licked around the anal plug, pushing at it and moving it with his tongue. Duo couldn't stand this menstruation anymore. he threw his head back and came hard all over Heero's lap. Then Duo slumped down unconscious. Heero smirked and promptly unbuttoned his jeans. Carefully not to let Duo slide off his lap. Heero slide his seamen soaked jeans off. Wearing only a pair of boxer shorts, Heero used the rest of his jeans to clean Duo up. Turning to face Trowa, Quatre and Wufie. Heero excused Duo and himself.

"Good night everyone. I think that you all enjoyed this show. Now we must go to bed" Heero said. The three pilots only knobbed their heads and watched as Heero picked Duo up and brought him to their shared rooms.

Sleep was very sweet to Heero. He laid Duo down on the stomach. Making sure that Duo's buttocks got a good rubbing of lotion and oils to take care of the burns, before Heero slipped into the warmth of the covers. He made sure to brush Duo's silky hair. Then when he was satisfied. He slipped under the covers and went to sleep. Rubbing his hand on Duo's swollen bottom. Massaging and gripping into the firm flesh the entire night.


The next morning Duo woke up feeling sore all over and more tired then usual. He found that the sheets next to him was empty. With a sigh, Duo turned over on his back, regretting his actions as he felt a sting on his bottom. With a grimace, Duo got up from bed and strolled over to the connecting bathroom to take a nice cold shower to soothe his sore muscles and burning ass.

As Duo stood under the spray of the shower, he ran his hands down his body, to the cleft of his ass. Duo moaned as he fingered the plug. That was when he thought of the most delicious plan in getting back at the other pilots. Duo quickly finished his shower and dried himself off. Running a brush through his wet hair, he was about to reach for his clothes when he remembered the wicked things the pilots had made him do. With an evil grin, Duo left his clothes and went out of the room stark naked. Covered only briefly by his long chestnut hair. Duo 0padded down the wooden stairs bare footed. He then walked to the dinning room where the four pilots were having their breakfast. Duo stood fully in front of the table in all his glory for all to see.

Trowa dropped the plate he was holding. Quatre dropped the tray of scrambled eggs. Wufie had his mouth open, letting pieces of beacons and eggs drop out. While Heero stood there letting coffee pour out of his tipped over cup in his hand.

"What do you think you are doing Duo!" Heero demanded. "Go put on some clothes before you catch a cold". Duo only ignored Heero's command. Duo just knobbed no and walked over to the empty seat next to Heero and plopped himself down. He reached for a plate and piled it up with food. All the while the four pilots watched the lovely actions, as if Duo was wearing invisible clothes and not ashamed. It too the four pilots some time to regain posture. They all sat down and ate dinner in silence because Duo could not talk. Not for the whole week, for that was Wufie's dare.

The days came and gone so fast the other pilots hardly noticed, for their eyes never left Duo's body. Each time Duo dropped something "Accidentally" (wink wink!) he would bend down to retrieve it in such an erotic manner. Revealing the hard plastic plug still wedged in his anus.

It took Quatre and Wufie both to hold Trowa back from almost jumping on Duo. And also the time when Heero slapped Wufie's hand away for reaching out to touch his koi. It was only Duo whom did not seem to notice. The torture was killing the four pilots so badly that they regretted ever daring Duo.

As the last day rolled by. Heero already thought of a vengeful plan for his flirting lover at the last night Duo's dares were to end. Heero had gotten all his equipment stashed under the bed. With a smirk he went down to the kitchen to prepare Duo's sleeping drought.

Just as Heero predicted. Duo took the drink without any suspicion. It was no longer then half and hour, Duo crumpled into Heero's waiting arms. Dead asleep. Heero then carried Duo to their rooms and set up for their fun latter when Duo wakes.


*In the morning*
Duo woke up, laying on his stomach feeling groggily and sick. He raised his hand to try to brush off the stray hairs that covered his face, but he realized that his wrist is tied to the head board.

"What th-" Duo said as he struggled to get up. That was when he noticed that his other hand and both his legs were tied also on each side of the bed post. Several pillows were placed under him. lifting his lover body up in a vulnerable position.

Duo started to panic. What has gone on when he was asleep? How did he not know someone is tying him up? Has he been drugged? All these questions were racing through his head he failed to notice someone enter the room. Only when the person closed the door did Duo jerk out of his thoughts. His head turned to the direction of the doorway. There stood Heero with a plate of morning breakfast in his hand and nothing else on but for his boxers. "Heero, oh gods help me!" Duo said tugging on the cuffs that held him captive. Heero only gave a grim and walked over to duo. Setting the plate down on the table, Heero sat on the bed edge and bent over to kiss Duo in the cheek.

"Now why would I want to do a think like that? I like you this way" Heero whispered in Duo's ear while sliding his hand down Duo's back to Duo's smooth round buttocks. Heero gave them a squeeze and slipped two fingers through the cleft of Duo's ass to push hard against the anal plug. Duo only laid there through a haze of pleasure and confusion.

"You did this Heero?" Duo asked.

"Yes, this is pay back for you teasing" Heero said giving Duo's ass a hard lap, making the firm mass jiggle.

"But...but it's not fair" Duo wailed.

"Life's not fair Duo" Heero said positioning himself behind Duo. Loving the spread out view he was getting. With greedy hands, Heero explored Duo's body. Enjoying the lovely moans he has not heard in a week.

Unexpected to Duo. Heero yet again started to slip his hands between his ass. When he finally realized it. Heero had a firm grip on the T end of the plug. Having the anal plug in so long, Duo's inner walls have clenched into the foreign object and made it part of Duo's body. Adjusted. Heero started to pull it out slowly. Causing Duo to give a painful cry as the big end of the plug was stretching him too wide.

"You shouldn't place foreign objects in here" Heero said with one fast fluid motion. Heero pulled the slick plug out of Duo. This Duo was not expecting. The pain and shock was just too much. Duo fainted. Heero smirked at his little menstruation that has caused his Duo to pass out so fast. Heero all horny and aroused wanted to take Duo now, but he won't have much fun with an unconscious pilot. So heero had to settle with eyeing Duo's stretched passageway. The tunnel of love is what he would always call it. The lovely ring of muscle was pulsing and tempting. So slick. Heero bent down and started to lick the lovely muscle. Inside and outside. He wanted to taste Duo so bad. With is free hands, Heero started to pull down his boxers and fondle himself as he tongue fucked Duo. He continued this until he came into his own hands.

It took Duo almost an hour and a half to wake up. By the time he did, Heero was ready for his next task. Duo groaned from exhaustion and the throbbing pain between his leg.

"Are you finally awake my love?" Duo heard a voice say. He did not have to turn his head to know that it was Heero whom spoke. Duo only gave a moan for an answer.

"Good, now let the fun begin" Heero said. climbing in the bed and straddled Duo's back so that his only view was Duo's lovely firm ass. Making sure that Duo was really awake, Heero pinched Duo's smooth buttocks. Duo let out a small cry.

"That's good to know that you could respond" Heero said reaching over to the bedside table. Heero picked up a long, cooked hot dog. Keeping it away from Duo's eyes. He held the hot dog in one hand and with the other hand he parted Duo's cheeks. When Heero saw his destination. A stretched ring of muscle. Heero placed the tip of the warm hot dog at Duo's entrance. Duo just let out a whimper as he felt something warm and long start to slide into him. Heero loved watching the long thick hot dog go into Duo's squirming body. Inch by inch, Duo took the hot dog in until Heero left the other end of the hot dog a half and inch away from disappearing completely between the clutching muscle.

"I really love to eat my breakfast off from you Duo, Do you know that?" Heero asked before he unexpectedly bent down between Duo's legs and flicked his tongue out at the intruding food sticking out between Duo's passageway.

Duo thrust back towards Heero. Heero happily complied by wrapping his mouth against the hot dog and swirling his tongue around the tip and then firmly around the ring of muscle. Duo let out a cry of pleasure from the kinky torture his koi was giving him.

Heero started to take things a little further and bit off the tip of the hot dog. Chewing in the slightly with the end still wrapped around his lips, Heero pulled it out halfway and thrust in back into Duo. Duo pushed back greedily.

Heero continued with this menstruation until the hot dog has been devoured. With his lips on Duo's ring of muscle, Heero thrust his tongue inside. Licking, sucking. Anything that would drive Duo insane. When he backed off Heero felt Duo breath hard underneath him. Heero promptly got off of Duo's back and mover to kneel between Duo's spread legs. "You know Duo. I like the view from here" Heero teased "But this view is getting me so hard" Heero said. fingering the entrance lightly. Watching as it contracted. Heero couldn't wait anymore. it was a mistake to tease Duo. It made Heero loose it. He quickly positioned himself behind Duo, and without warning or preparation, Heero rammed his hard thick cock into Duo.

Duo screamed in pain against the pillow he laid on. Heero pulled his cock all the way and rammed it into Duo again and again. Pulling out all the way each time. Loving the stretched muscle get pressed in and pressed out. Heero drove Duo against the mattress. Crazed with a need to come while unbeknown to Heero Duo has long passed out.

Heero gave a cry as he drove his erection into Duo's body one last time, then came inside. Filling Duo. Heero then collapsed on top. His member still twitching inside Duo. Heero laid there until he caught his breath. He gently ran his hand down Duo's back. Gathering the thick mass of chestnut hair, Heero moved it out of his way so that he can feel more of Duo's soft skin.

"Duo?" Heero asked gently. There was no answer.

'had I over done it?" Heero thought to himself. He quickly pulled out of Duo's passageway and rummaged through the draw, finding the keys to the handcuffs. When he found it he quickly unlocked the cuffs and promptly turned Duo over. Duo's face was flushed and all sweaty. Heero whipped the swear off with the bed sheets. When his hands mad contact with Duo's face, it struck Heero that Duo was having a fever.

Heero felt horrible from the fact that he took advantage of Duo when he was sick, but how could Duo not catch a cold? He has not warn a single article of clothing for an entire week!

Heero cleaned up the room, especially the sheet right after he cleaned Duo and tucked the unconscious boy into the warm new sheets.

Heero sighed and went to the bathroom to take a shower himself. Heero had a feeling that it is going to be a long day. Not to mention week.

By the time Heero came out of the showers, wrapping a towel around his waist and a second one to whip his hair. Heero exited the steamy room to find Duo struggling to get up from the bed. Heero dropped the towel that was in his hands and rushed forward to Duo whom looked like he was going to faint.

"Duo! What are you doing out of bed!" Heero said. Duo just gave a weak grin and collapsed against Heero. "Duo no Baka. Why didn't you tell me that you were sick! I could have saved the fun for later!" Heero said.

"And miss out on the action?" Duo said weakly. "Heero...you never made love to me like that in weeks. Heck you never fucked my like that at all!!. So when I finally get this once in a lifetime chance to be with you Heero. To share something this close. To give my body. My love to you. I can't say no Heero. I just love you so much..." Duo said with a single tear sliding down from his eyes.

"Duo. You know that I will always love you" Heero said holding Duo close to his chest.

"I'm sorry that I teased you so much" Duo said

"Shh...say no more. You have a fever. You need to take a rest. I don't even think you will be able to get up for a while" Heero said. Duo only knobbed and slipped back into the covers with the help of Heero to aid him. Heero got Duo covered in a matter of minutes.

Heero brushed Duo's bangs out of his face.

"Sleep well my angel" Heero said as he started to get dressed. Heero stopped when he heard a small whimper come from Duo. Heero dropped his clothes and rushed over to Duo's side. Heero whipped the sweat that formed on Duo's brow. Heero started to shake Duo awake.

Duo cave a little groan as he was awakened to stare into intense cobalt blue eyes.

"Are you alight Duo?" Heero asked concerned.

Heero knows that when Duo is sick he always have horrifying nightmares.

"Heero...? could you sleep with me? ...please?" Duo asked with a couch.

"You know that you don't have to ask me Duo" Heero whispered to Duo softly at the same time slipping into the covers. Gathering the small shivering boy in his arms.

Before Duo fell asleep he whispered something in Heero's ears.

"I know where my knight is always waiting for me... I love you Heero Yuy. My solider..." Duo whispered.

this brought a smile to Heero's face. Up until now and forever in Heero's life he has never regretted loving Duo with all his heart. Heero soon fell in deep slumber with his arms wrapped around the only best thing that had happened in his life... a someone named Duo Maxwell.

Ja ne! I hope you like...
By: Mad Hatter ^_^