Title: Forsaken you, please stay
Author: Mad Hatter
Pairings: 1+2, 3+4, 5+S
Gene: slight Angst, Shonen-Ai

Disclaimers: G-Boys don't belong to me, please no suing.

Notes: This Fic is one of my many strange ones. Reviews would be nice.


"My prince, what do you want to do today?" the page asked.

"I'm not sure, Quatre, but get Trowa to have me ready a hours. I think I will just enjoy a ride around the town," the prince said.

"Yes prince Heero" Quatre said as he went on his way.

"One more thing" the prince said to Quatre.

"Yes, what may that be?" Quatre asked.

"Why don't you and Trowa join me, its quite rare I actually spend time with my two friends" Heero said. Quatre smiles.

"It would be my pleasure to" Quatre said and sprinted off leaving Heero to wait for his return.

Quatre returned 15 minutes later with three saddled up horses and Trowa in tow, who bowed upon seeing the prince.

"Please don't" Heero said ushering Trowa not to bow. "I would just be Heero to you, not the prince my friends, it is tough enough seeing my subjects bow all the time in respect, but my friends...a shake on the hand would do just fine" Heero said with a smile.

"Thank you pri- I mean Heero, my friend" Trowa corrected himself, taking Heero's hand for a shake.

"Now shall we be off?" Heero said as he climbed on his horse and looked over his shoulder to see Quatre and Trowa do the same.

"Race you!" Trowa said, sprinting off.

"Hey! That's not fair!" Quatre shouted and followed with Heero. The race lasted not long, for Trowa won by a cheat. Just as the three boys were heading back to the castle, suddenly there was a scuffling noise that sounded in the forest off of the path. Heero and Trowa drew out their swords and pulled the rein's on the horses to head for the direction of the rustle, but the horses could not pass the bushes and tree stomps on the forest grounds, so Heero and Trowa took to foot. Both, leaving the horses with Quatre.

"Be careful Trowa" Quatre said.

"Hmm...only Trowa be careful? What about me? You want something to happen to me?" Heero joked. Quatre waved his hands frantically.

"No! That's not what I meant," Quatre said.

"Don't worry about it. I was just fooling with your mind" Heero said. Then his focused his concentration on the task at hand. There was yet another rustling in the bushes and Heero took off with a sprint at the direction followed by Trowa. As they broke through the clearing, Trowa caught sight of someone run behind the trees. Trowa pointed to the direction and Heero followed just to trip over something on the ground.

"Go on without me" Heero said getting up and dusting himself off.

"What the hell did I trip over?" Heero asked himself as he looked at the ground.

There laid faced down was a person badly beaten and hurt, covered in grim and dirt, wearing nothing but rags. Heero bent down to turn the mysterious person over to see if it was a boy or a girl since he was unsure with the long stands of hair in the way.

Heero has gotten the body turned over just as Quatre broke through the clearing.

"Heero! Are you alright?" Quatre asked frantically.

"Yes, I'm fine" Heero replied.

"How did you find me?" Heero asked.

"I heard someone cry out for help," Quatre said "Where is Trowa?" the blonde boy noticed that Trowa was nowhere in sight. Just as he finished asking, Trowa appeared from behind the think forest on tow was a greasy dirty man whom looked so drunk he wouldn't even know that he slammed into a tree until he woke up next to one.

Heero stood up from the kneeling position he was in, "bring them both back to the castle, I will pass judgment" Heero said as he picked up his sword, Quatre and Trowa nodded their head.

Quatre picked up the light body of the person lying on the ground while Trowa kept in check with the captured man.


~~Back in the Castle~~

The unconscious person was quickly being treated while the captured man was placed in the dungeons. Heero quickly went to tell his father, King Treize the news.

"Father" Heero called out.

"Yes, Heero what is it you want?" the King asked his son.

"I want to have a trial held" Heero said.

"For what?" the King asked, with that, Heero went and explained everything that has happened when he was out.

"There is no need for a trial," the King said, "I don't know why killing a man would always make you happy" the King said to his son. "It doesn't make me happy, but it does see to that there is no unbalance in the kingdom of wing" Heero said.

"Wait until this victim wakes up, then we see about this whole situation" Treize said and told his son to leave.

Heero loved his father, but why does he always see good in everyone, Heero doesn't know. It took the boy nearly four days to wake up or so Heero heard. Quatre has been the one tending to the unconscious boy all this time until he woke up. When Quatre saw the boy stir, he quickly called for Trowa and Heero to come, they all crowded around the waking boy waiting to ask questions, but when the boy didn't say anything, they stopped.

"What's wrong with you boy?" Heero asked the trembling boy. "I think he is scared" Quatre said.

"Afraid of what? We saved him after all," Heero said. Once the words were out of Heero's mouth the boy on the bed stumbled out on his hands and knees.

"I owe my life to you" But the words were not spoken from the boy whom was on the floor, bit it came from Quatre. Heero and Trowa looked at Quatre in confusion.

"What did you say?" Trowa asked.

"I really don't know. I heard it in my mind and it just seemed so right to say" Quatre said.

"Well I don't think you should be saying that for this...this...what's your name boy?" Heero demanded from the boy.

"Duo" Quatre blurted out suddenly.

"Would you stop answering for him!" Heero said in irritation.

"Well you aren't going to get any answers from him no matter how hard you try" Quatre said.

"And why is that?" Trowa asked.

"Because Duo is mute, he couldn't talk, he can only communicated through my mind" Quatre replied.

"And how did you know all that?" Heero asked.

"He told me," Quatre said pointed at Duo.

"Is this all true?" Heero asked Duo.

Duo shook his head indicating it was a yes frantically from the floor.

"Why is it you communicate with Quatre only?" Trowa asked.

"Because I have sustained a connection with him when I was caring for him" Quatre answered for Duo. "I assume it started out as a pretty weak connection in the woods when I head someone cry for 'help' but it grew stronger as I tended to him."

"Either way, since I am the one you are in dept with. I want you to keep your promise" Heero said.

"And what do you want him to do?" Trowa asked.

"You will serve me," Heero said.

"But Heero, Isn't that asking for too much!" Quatre asked.

"He said he owe his life to me and this is exactly what he would do, since I assume you have no one else to go to and that you are a peasant, you should be glad I even let you sleep on the bed and not on the floor. Once you are healed enough, you will begin your service" Heero said, "Is there any problems?"

"No he said that there is no problems and that he would be happy to serve you" Quatre said.

"Of course he should be, I don't even think about letting a peasant near me, you should be honored that I think that not of you" Heero said.

"You shouldn't have been so harsh Heero" Quatre said. "Calling someone that because of their rank is not their fault."

"Is that you saying those words, or is it the peasant boy?" Heero asked, eyes narrowing at Duo.

"I'm saying it and don't call him a peasant anymore, He is your servant, he has a name Heero" Quatre plead.

"I'll care about that when he's well and able to serve me. Other than that, I'm tired and will be resting in my room" Heero said. And with that, he left the small room and went straight to his chambers, soon followed by Trowa who gave Quatre and Duo a small smile then left. Leaving Quatre and Duo alone.

Duo collapsed to the floor in pain, but no noise made it out of his lips. Quatre heard the pain.

"Are you alright Duo?" Quatre asked, worried for the new boy. "You know you shouldn't be moving around. You have a few broken bones," Quatre said.

'I owe my life to the prince, a servant is not suppose to be in a comfortable bed where the king is standing and wanting your attention' Duo said to Quatre, or more like thought.

"You were trying to impress the Prince weren't you?" Quatre asked Duo, but Duo didn't reply.

The day's passed by and Duo gotten a lot stronger and healed almost fully. "Here are some clothes for you to change into, and that's the direction of the bath" Quatre pointed to Duo the next day when he say that Duo was strong enough.

'What for?' Duo spoke to Quatre.

"What do you mean 'what for?' your filthy. How would you serve the Prince looking like that?" Quatre said in shock, "You haven't even taken a bath ever since you entered the palace!"

Duo blushed. 'I don't know how to take a bath..." Duo said to Quatre, whom blushed now.

"Ok since the Prince is out hunting, you can use his bath. The other servants bath house is being used right now and there is no way I will be toughing you will all the other servants looking" Quatre said as he pushed Duo to the direction of the bath, remembering to grab soap and clothes.

Once stepping into the Princes, bathhouse, Duo was mesmerized. It was a hot spring which was feed water by the near my small waterfall.

"Big huh?" Quatre grinned. Duo only nodded his head. "You should see the kings, now take off those rags so I can throw them away and give you more suitable clothes after your shower"

'No, Don't throw them away!' Duo said clutching onto his clothes.

"Why not?" Quatre asked.

'Because it holds a lot of memories' was Duo's only answer.

"Ok, fine, but at least let me clean it" Quatre said.

Reluctantly Duo took the rags off and stepped into the hot spring.

"That wasn't so bad now was it?" Quatre asked. Duo replied 'no'. "Now take this glass bottle of soap and use it to wash your hair. The other one you would use to wash your body" Quatre said pointing to each bottle. "This is my home made soap and I still have not tested its scent yet to the princes like, but it is safe, have fun and here's a small towel to rub off all that dirt you have on you"

'Where are you going?" Duo asked as he noticed Quatre getting up to leave. "I'm going to help Trowa out with the horses. When you finish with your bath. The clothes are one this table and I would be out in the gardens if you need me" Quatre said, then scurried off leaving Duo alone in the hot spring.

It took a while to get use to everything, but Duo was a fast learner and finally got his hair untangled and washed with the sweet smelling soap that Quatre has given him. He let the soap set and wash it out later. Next came his dirt-covered body. Duo cupped a palm full of water and splashed it at his face and used the small towel to scrub the dirt off. After he was sure the was clean enough he opened up the second bottle that Quatre has given to him which smelled just as great and scrubbed his body all over with the soap. Once all soapy and clean, Duo walked over to the small water fall with the small towel in his hand and stepped under the cool spray of water that began to take off all the rime and soap away which took some time.

Meanwhile, outside it took Quatre almost half an hour to find Trowa. "Where have you been?" Quatre asked Trowa.

"I was helping Prince Heero put away his hunting weapons" Trowa said.

"The Prince! When did he get back?" Quatre asked.

"No longer then a couple, why? You want to see him? I think he is heading to his room to take a bath," Trowa said, but Quatre was already on the ground passed out.