Title: Feather light
Author: Mad Hatter
Pairings: 1+2, 3+4, 5+S
Gene: Shonen-Ai, Yaoi, angst, Relena bashing

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Notes: This Fic is one of my many strange ones...I have been thinking whetherhoulhould post this one up because I am not sure if anyone likes it so please...Reviews would be nice. for those who gave reviews...Arigato.


Duo closed his eyes and stepped through the metal underground laboratory. The war was over; everything was going back to normal.

Even Heero, Wufei, Trowa and Quatre adjusted, all but for Duo. He couldn't adjust because there is nothing he has experienced to except for mechanical skills, but with almost all the Mobil suits destroyed, business wouldn't last long enough to pay for rent. There are only two other options left for him. One was to either go back to L2 and become what he was when he lived there, a prostitute, or the second option was to take Dr. G up on his offer.



"Duo my boy, what do you expect at the end of the war?" Dr. G asked. "I don't' expect to live to the end" Duo said.

"Well what if you did survive? Are you going to go back to L2, the place I basically saved you from?" Dr. G said.

"I would rather go through torture then to endure what I had down there," Duo said with malice.

"Then come to me after the war, stay with me and become my assistant in my research" Dr. G said. Duo gave him a sideways glance.

"I will think about it" Duo said and walked off into the dark.

**End Flashback**


's 's palms were sweating and he was starting to have doubts, but he would not back down. Dr. G was the only person left that wanted him. The other pilots didn't even turn around and ask what will happen to him after the war. Whatever happens in the laboratory, Duo would be better off then being alone and on L2. That day, Duo disappeared from the world.


~~Two year later~~

Heero furled his brow in agitation. It has been two years since Duo has gone missing. The four ex-Gundam pilots have joined the preventers in hopes to maintain peace and satisfy their itch for action. Heero when he joined a year ago became trigger happy, it has been too long since he held a gun and the feeling was intense. Heero quite his job as head computer technology firm. He can't stay away from the thrill of action. Ever since then, the four young men have been hunting for their missing comrade.

Heero blamed himself for letting Duo leave. He still haven't told Duo how much he loved him, admired him. Duo had called a week after the war to ask him and the others if they would want to spend some time at the beach, but Heero refused because he was in a meeting with Relena.

Quatre had to wrap up a quarterly closing in his company, Trowa had to perform at the circus and Wufei was busy working on a case in the preventers force. Since then Une and Sally has begged Heero, Trowa and Quatre to join pnternters, with their skills, the preventers would be invincible, but still one was forgotten.

It wasn't long when Une said she was doing a huge job cleaning up the laboratories which OZ has build during the wars as well as the mentors of the five ex-pilots. To make the community cleaner and safer as well as an indication that the war was over for good. The young men jumped to the opportunity since during the war they had a list of all OZ facilities as well as knowledge of where all the training and lab facilities the Dr.'s had. The preventers had no idea what they were getting into when they took the job.

Duo laid on the cold metal table, naked, but for a sheet clumsily draped over him. He wasn't sure how long he has laid there because Dr. G has been shooting his body up with so many different types of drugs, which made him numb and tired. He had no idea when he joined Dr.G that he would be his test subject. But if anything, Duo thought, its better to give his body up to science then to rot out on the streets of L2. A single tear fell from his drug-hazed eyes. Duo thought of how the other guys were enjoining their lives without him and his constant chattering. This was for the best, Duo thought as he lost consciousness.

The preventers have already cleared out 50% of the OZ labs and just about 20% of the Dr.'s underground labs. It has been hectic because the Dr.'s underground labs were meant to not be found, so the process is like finding a needle in a haystack.

Duo winced as he felt a knife slice through his arm; he had gotten use to the pain. The scars. Dr. G has been doing regular checkups by swabbing some muscled cells to make sure this experiment was going smoothly. Dr. G would never slice the same place more then twice. He would only cut deep enough to obtain his sample, but never enough to damage Duo's body in any way or kill the boy. No, Duo's body was too important for damaging. Dr. G placed the swab into a test-tube filled with clear liquid. Once the swab made contact. The liquid turned the color blue.

"Good, good my boy. The experiment is almost to its end, I assure it is well worth it" Dr. G said to Duo. But Duo didn't respond, he couldn't respond. He hasn't spoken in nearly two years.