Title: Don't forget to remember me
Author: Mad Hatter
Pairings: 1+2, 3+4GeneGene: slight Angst, Shonen-Ai, Relena-bashing, mischief Hilde, fantasy

Disclaimers: G-Boys don't belong to me, please no suing.

Notes: This Fic is one of my many strange ones. Reviews would be nice.


"No..." the prince of Wing Kingdom screamed out as a magical force pulled him away from Duo, the boy the prince had grown to love so much.

"Heero!" Duo cried as he tried desperately to grip onto Heero's hand, which was slipping fast.

"Duo!" Heero cried.

A loud giggle could be heard from above to two separating souls.

"No Heero, you will be mine" the witch said.

"Never Relena!" Heero growled.

"Heero you know you and I are soul mates, that wretched boy has gotten you under a spell that is stronger then mine, but in time you would see the truth. Then you would rile the Sank Kingdom with me" Relena said.

"To hell I would" Heero snared, trying to hold on tighter to Duo's small hand.

"Please don't take him away from me" Duo pleaded, but Relena only laughed.

"He was never yours to begin with, he is mine!" Relena said venomously. "It would take time for Heero to heal from your wicked spell Duo, but until then, I place you Heero under a sleeping spell. By the time you wake up. You would know it is me you were destined to be with-" but Re was was cut off when 3 men came floating in with a magnificent flow surrounding them.

"Not quite so Miss Relena" a blonde boy said.

"Shut up you little wisdom. Stop ruining Heero and my life. You three wisdom's know perfectly well that Heero and me are meant to be!" Relena shrieked.

"It is only injustice if you force one to love you," a raven-haired wisdom said.

"Let them be" the uni-banged wisdom said.

"Shut up! Shut up!" Relena screamed covering her ears.

With the last of her powers, a thunderbolt crashed down upon Heero and Duo. Then all went silent as the pitter-patter of rain began to fall. A single black, strong, sturdy tree stood in the place of where Heero and Duo had shared their last wish. To be together forever.

In this tree, laid Heero, the Wing Kingdom prince, imprisoned in an eternal sleep until his destined love comes to his rescue.

Far, far away in an island unknown. A braided youth that was once a proud prince of the Shin Kingdom lay wounded.

"I will find you Heero. This I promise you. Our love is strong...just don't forget to remember me..." the person said as all darkness fielded his vision.


**note: black tree is in the centf Hef Heero's palace garden, surrounded by a maze!**