Title: Crazy glue?!?
Author: Mad Hatter
Disclaimers: not mine, don't sue
Pairings: 1x2!
Disclaimers: The Gundam Wing boys don't belong to me. This is my most stupidest fic!! And the by far craziest one yet! And if anyone wants to tell me that this is kinky then please don't casue I already know that. Questions and comments would be nice. Just kill the flames.

"Heero? Why are you looking at me that way? " Duo asked. Fidgeting on the bed he was sitting on, while combing his hair. Heero just gave a smirk

"Nothing" Heero replied simply.

"Um…ok…." Duo said, going back to combing his hair. After he was finished he put the brush down on the night stand and laid back on the bed, turning on his side trying to get some sleep. Just then he felt soft hands touch his hair from the scalp down. Duo held his breath enjoying the tickling sensation. He turned himself around to face his assailant. Meeting lovely cobalt blue eyes. A smile formed on Duo's face, he wrapped his arms around the boy he loved, and gave him a deep kiss. Heero did not complain or push Duo away. He just went along with it. It has been 2 years and a half since he has been going out with the angel in his arms. Heero melted into Duo's embrace.

"Duo…" Heero whispered into his ear.

"Hmm…." Was his only reply he got back, as he enjoyed the body laying on top of him.

"I want…." Heero started.

"Say no more Heero" Duo breathed out "I want what you want' he said moving his hips to meet Heero's rather tight spandex. Duo giggled when he heard Heero groan and try to pump his hips down to meet Duo's. Which rang a cry of blissful pleasure from the excited pilot.

"Heero, I…I'm not looking forward in us doing this in our clothes" Duo panted. Tugging on the waistband of Heero's rather tight spandex pants.

"Neither am I" Heero said. And with that he ripped Duo's nightshirt off the startled boy.

"Heero!!!!!! That was my favorite shirt! You got that for me" Duo whined and pouted.

"I'll get you more" Heero said loosing all patients. Stripping himself from the tank top and the too tight to wear by now spandex. Duo lay there looking at the angel on top of him, while Heero was thinking about the angel under him. Heero smirked at Duo's glazed eyes, and took this lovely chance to slip his fingers to the band of Duo's boxers and yank downward with one quick jerking motion. Freeing themselves of the last barriers. Duo moaned when he felt the silken boxers move from his straining erection. Heero looked at Duo's aching arousal and took the straining pole into his warm mouth. Sucking on it hard and long, but stopping when he thought Duo was about to come. He left duo's need ripen to explode. Which made Duo cry out in frustration.

"Gods Heero! Finish me!" Duo said with tears in his eyes.

"No" Heero said enjoying the torture. He blew at Duo's erection causing it to harden up. Duo felt pleasurable chills throughout his body. Heero enjoyed ever second of watching Duo squirm and try to finish the job that Heero left. But Heero seeing this grabbed Duo's seeking hands and pined them above his head.

"Bad duo.." Heero said. "This cause for a little punishment" Heero then lightly flicked his finger at Duo's erection. The chestnut haired boy under him cried out. Heero bent over and kissed Duo deeply on the lips reaching over the draw rummaging until he felt a tube like shaped object. Without any words Heero squeezed a considerable amount on his hands and searched for the lovely passage way that would grant him endless love. Heero smeared the lubes contents around the tight ring. Duo arched up to allow Heero better access. Heero gently found the ring of muscle's opening and pushed his finger deep into Duo. Fingering Duo's inner walls. Duo cried out in pleasure. Eyes showing trust to what Heero does. Heero nobbed and with a smile he took his time adding one more finger to ensure Duo was not going to be in pain. He loved Duo's trust in him. and the fact that when he met Duo at the docks, that was the only thing that turned him on. The ordeal with Releana was so distracting that Duo by then failed to notice Heero's bulge in his spandex. Heero snickered at the memory. Now there is no more dreaming. Now he has the real thing. He broke out of his thoughts when he felt Duo push up against His Questing Fingers.

"Now Heero…." Duo said with lust. Heero nobbed, taking out his oily slick fingers, whipping them on the bed sheets, He took the tube of lube and squeezed some on Duo's hands. Duo understanding, applied it on Heero's bobbing and burning need. Heero arched into Duo's silky hands. He enjoyed the light touch. Heero tried his best from coming, but the oil and the slick hands did not help at all. Heero losing patients grabbed Duos' hands and forced them off his arousal. Duo looked questionably at Heero, but understood and laid back into the bed. Heero then took hold of Duo's slim legs and pushed them up to his chest. Heero could see this act was getting Duo excited cause of his almighty erection flushing with blood. Heero chuckled, He bent over to kiss Duo's luscious lips, Pushing Duo's legs against his chest. Duo groaned.

"I…I can't take it anymore Heero.." Duo said between pants. Heero just laughed a genuine laugh he has been doing some time now after he was with Duo. Heero looked into Duo's glazed eyes and gave up. He tickled Duo's exposed passage and leaned forward allowing his erection to touch that wonderful passageway. Heero then lost patients with his own teasing and thrust hard and fast into Duo. Ringing a cry from the boy under him.

"Are you ok Duo?" Heero asked apologizing for the quickness.

"It hurts Heero" Duo said. Squeezing painful tears out of his eyes.

"I'm sorry, I'll be slower next time" Heero said kissing the top of Duo's head, laying his whole body weight on his elbow. Keeping most of his weight off of Duo, while Duo wrapped his arms around Heero's neck using his hands to massage Heero's back. Heero stayed like that until what felt like 30 minutes but was only seconds. He wanted Duo to relax his muscles and get ready for what is about to come. When he felt Duo squirm a little and let out a moan, Heero knew Duo was ready. Heero started to move. Or at least tried to move. He realized that his cock is stuck inside of the pleasurable heat that was making him go crazy.

"Nuh…Duo…I.. *Pant* I…can't move!" Heero told his koi.

"Stop playing" Duo said with pleasure in his voice. Clutching and unclenching his inner walls against Heero's lovely twitching cock, making it touch that magical nub in his body.

"I'm not playing Duo. I'm stuck…*Pant* and about to come!" Heero said. Still trying to pump his hips of at least try to retrieve his erection from the sweet tunnel. Duo opened his sex hazed eyes to see that Heero was straining and breaking out with sweat. Duo tried to move his arms off of Heero's back, but realized that they were stuck. That was when Duo started to panic. Both from pleasure that could not be fu-filled and the fact that he has no idea what is going on.

Heero tried to remember what he done and his thoughts all went to the lubricant that they have used. With one hand Heero reached out and grabbed the tube and examined it. His eyes widened and Jaw nearly fell when he realized that it was not lube that they have used, but crazy glue. When he told Duo the situation Duo started to really get scared.

"What do we do, what do we do! Heero!…." Duo cried desperately, burying his face in the crook of Heero's neck. Since Heero's arms are the only things that are not affected, not counting Duo's jacked up to his chest, legs, Heero reached over to the close phone and dialed up the only person that knows how to solve this stick situation. Now if only he could stop panting long enough to talk. Heero realized its going to be difficult with Duo's inner walls clutching and unclenching his member. Just then someone answered the phone on the other line.

"Hello, Sally here" a woman on the other end said.

"He…hello *Pant* Sally!" Heero started. Panting harder with each moment of near climax in the panicking Duo.

"Heero! What's wrong?" Sally asked. Sensing the change in Heero's voice and the irregular breathing.

"Come over *Pant* fast, and don't *Pant* call the ambulance, *Pant* Bring your chemistry kit *Pant* also. You will know what the situation *Pant* is soon!" Heero said with that, and hung up the phone leaving no time for questions. After settling down he turned back to the now crying Duo

"I'm scared Heero" Duo whispered in the crook of Heero's neck.

"Don't worry Duo, Sally's coming and soon we will be out of this situation" Heero reassured.

"I don't want anyone to see us like this Heero.." Duo started.

"They won't, just Sally ok, don't worry Duo" Heero said reassuring Duo with a kiss. Brushing away the tears.

**Moments latter**

there was a knock on the door.

"Who the fuck is it!" Heero shouted out agitated.

"It's me, Sally!" the woman on the other side said "if you don't want me banging on you bedroom door then maybe you should not have called me at all then Heero"

"I'm sorry Sally, come in please, and hurry" heero said, hugging onto the frightened Duo who was trying to hide his face in Heero's neck.

"Well I never.." Sally said opening the door at the same time "first you call me over and now yo-" Sally never finished her sentence. She stared shocked at the sight in front of her.

"Maybe I should come back latter…." Sally started

"Get in here Sally and close the door, *Pant* I'll explain once you do" Heero said. Sally only blushed and listened to what she was told, closing the door with he free hand which was not holding the chemistry kit. Sally embarrassed tried to look away.

"Please Sally, you have to help us. We used crazy glue instead of *Pant* lubricant and now we are stuck like this" Heero said, getting to the point.

"Oh….." Sally said trying her best not to look so embarrassed then she heard a soft whimpering coming from the person under Heero, assuming it was a girl cause of the long hair. She turned to Heero with a questioned look on her face, but just to see Heero comfort her??? 'that's got to be some girl to get Heero Yuy to go this soft' Sally thought. But the next couple of words that Heero said almost put her in shock.

"Hush, it's ok Duo, Sally's here *Pant* She'll make it all right" Heero said between pants. Holding Duo's head in his embrace kissing the top of his Koi's head.

"You…you and…and Duo are…???" Sally started.

"Yes Sally, *Pant* please Sally can you help us right now!? *Pant* what is the formula to non-stick crazy glue!?" Heero said getting pretty impatient. He has already came into Duo twice and afraid that duo can't take any more. Sally just smirked, taking her time to unpack her chemical kit and putting on the necessary equipment and protection gear. Sally looked over to see that half of neck and shoulder were wet. Sally thinking that it was sweat, grabbed a towel and approached the entangled boys. She was about to whip the sweat away until Heero turned his head and looked up at sally, noting she had a towel in her hand. Heero took the towel with his free hand and thanked her and turned back to Duo. Sally watched as Heero compassionately cared for Duo. Whipping away the sweat….no, tears Duo had cried. Sally seeing that this is a serious situation got down to work, taking out her formula sheets, test tubes, and chemicals, she handled them all with care. then she quickly stared to mix the chemicals together.

**An hour latter**

Heero had came into Duo about four times or so. He lost count. He tried so hard not to, but who could blame a guy that has his cock wrapped around such a pleasurably tight heat? But each time he did come he gained more of a control, though he was almost spent. Duo had gone unconscious a while ago from the intensity of it, but he was now starting to come around. Just as he did, Sally stood up from the floor she was sitting on to mix the last of the chemicals together. She had a smile on her face.

"I'm finished" She said finally. Heero looked at her in relief and turned back to his awakening lover.

"Duo, Sally's finished!" Heero said "don't worry, Sally would get us out of this" he said giving the too tired to move Duo, a kiss on the head. Staying in the position Duo was in had mad half of his body numb. Sally first started to apply the non-toxic chemical to Duo's hands first, freeing then from the attachment to Heero's back. They dropped limply to the bed sheets, unable to move from the lack of blood circulation. Then came the hard part. Heero leaned back allowing a moment to put Duo's numb legs on his shoulders, lifting Duo's hips a little higher. Heero knobbed to Sally to proceed. She went to her equipment bag and grabbed a pump, a thin tub, and some medical clamps. She whipped the sweat from her brow. This has got to be the most stupidest job or case she has ever had. She walked over to the two Boys on the bed and sighed. She told Heero to lean back a little for more access. She saw the target an proceeded in her mission.

Sally attached the pump to the thin tube which held the chemicals to un-stick the two boys. She used one latex glove and felt around the situation, doing a full examination of the situation, making the two boys moan with pleasure.

"Sorry about that, just doing and examination" Sally said at the same time trying to force a finger into Duo's already stretched opening. It mad him cry out from the sheer pain. It could not go any wider. This made a problem for Sally cause she couldn't fit the thin tube inside to pump the crazy glue remover in. she took out her finger and reached into her bag for those useful painkillers and an injection numb needle. She held up the painkillers and the needle. Duo looked sick in the face.

"Don't stick that in me!" He cried frantically. Heero knows that Duo hates to get shots. Duo picked the painkillers, but Sally said that it would take time to settle in and that time is not an option at the moment. So the only thing left was the needle. Duo agreed after a while of tired argument, and he was already too weak to argue.

When Duo felt the needle enter his bottom, he shut his eyes and held onto Heero's hand in a death grip. When sally thought it was enough time for the numbing to settle in, she took the two clamps and put them in warm water she has retrieved form the connecting bathroom. When the clamps were warmed she put them into the slits of his passageway. With that firmly in she carefully pulled the clamps apart. Duo let out a scream of pain and promptly passed out in Heero's arms.

Heero held onto the unconscious Duo for what felt like forever.

"Che!" he heard Sally say. Heero looked at her to see what had happened, in response he she answered him. "Shit! He's losing blood!" ok Heero when I count to three, I want you to pull out slowly so that the initial shock will not cause the blood flow to quicken. Ok 1….2….3!" Sally nearly shouted as she motioned for Heero to pull out of Duo. She held a towel in her hands. Heero held his breath and carefully slide out. When he was out he examined the damage. His member was covered in blood and the bed sheets were starting to stain with the blood that was draining out of his koi. Sally wrapped the towel around Duo's waist and told Heero to get dressed. No time to clean up. Heero quickly got dressed and carried the limp body of his koi out to the direction Sally lead. When she swung open the door she met three pairs of confused eyes. Trowa, Quatre and Wufie's.

"What the-" Quatre was cut off when Sally rushed pass them and dragged Heero with her. They all noticed that Heero looked scared and was carrying a very precious burden with him. 'What the hell is going on!' Wufie thought as they rushed off out the door. That was when it all clicked together for the three confused boys. Where the hell is Duo!. They all looked back into the room and noticed that there was a large amount of blood on the sheets.

"Something must have happened to Duo!" Quatre said panicky. He rushed out the door just in time to see Sally's vehicle drive off in neck breaking speed. He quickly got into a nearby sports car, started the engine and followed. Remembering to pick up Trowa and Wufie whom were waiting at the front door. They all followed Sally's car.

**In the hospital**

Heero paced back and fourth. It was all his fault! If he had seen what the fuck was on the label of the tube, Duo would not have been here in the beginning. He looked at his blood stained clothes and hands. 'He lost a lot of blood' Heero thought. 'He might not even make it'. Heero remembered the blood cruel scream of pain that Duo let out before he went limp and silent. Heero remembered holding on for his life, never letting go of Duo. 'Gods you better be ok of I will never forgive myself' Heero though in his own little world. He did not even notice Trowa, Quatre, and Wufie walking in. Heero only looked up when Sally came out from the operation room. He quickly got up and rushed to Sally's side, fearing for the worst. She gave Heero a relieved look and a thumbs up sign.

"He's ok Heero, he just made it. We stopped the bleeding and not that long after he woke up. We advised him to take a rest and take it easy, but he insisted in wanting to see you Heero" Sally said. giving Heero a reassuring push towards the room she just came out of. Heero before running off to see Duo, rushed over to Sally and gave her a hug to thank her for her help.

"Promise you won't tell anyone about this" Heero whispered in her ear. Sally gave a smile.

"Your secret is safe with me" she said as she broke the embrace, pushing Heero towards the door. She watched Heero disappear through the double doors and then turned around to get some papers filled out, but just to meet three shocked and confused pilots in front of her. 'What the hell am I going to tell them! Got to make up an excuse now!' Sally thought. 'Che now what! I can't think!!' so Sally promptly sat down. A very huge migraine was starting to form in her head.

Heero entered the White room. He took a good look around before his eyes settled on his Duo, laying in bed, oxygen mask over his mouth and nose. A bag of blood and some other clear liquid was being pumped into his veins. Duo's eyes were closed. 'He must have went to sleep' Heero though as he quietly sat next to the bed and took hold of Duo's hand. His attention turned back to Duo when he felt the hand he held give him a light squeeze. Violet eyes opened to meet Cobalt blue ones. Heero got up and gave Duo a kiss on the forehead, letting tears of happiness slide down his face. Duo let out a weak moan then cracked a small yet visible smile.

"Gods you scared me duo! You know that!? You lost so much blood and….and….I thought that I lost you…" Heero said, putting his head on Duo's chest. Hearing the lovely sound of life in Duo's rhythmic heart beats. Duo raised his arm and petted Heero's head.

"Heero…..?" Duo said not more then a whisper but Heero heard it. He looked up at Duo's face.

"yes" Heero said in reply.

"Gods I feel like shit! It feels like you fucked me with you cock and all your fingers combined" Duo said giving a weak cough. Heero chuckled then it turned into a laugh. Heero took hold of the confused boy's face, lifted the mask off his luscious lips and gave Duo a lip synching kiss.

"Next time Duo, Next time I will check the labels" Heero said.

"Oh gods! There's a next time!?" Duo groaned.

Heero just laughed and kissed Duo again. 'gods I love you so much, don't you know that Duo?' Heero thought to himself as he climbed into Duo's hospital bed and laid down next to the drowsy boy.

"Sleep now koi. You deserve the rest" Heero said. giving Duo one last kiss before Duo's violet eyes slid close and both boys holding each other in a peaceful slumber. Never letting go. Stuck to each other by love. Just like crazy glue.


Ja ne! I hope you like…..