Title: Brother my Brother pt 1 of pt 2
Author: Mad Hatter
Pairings: 1x2 all the way!
Disclaimers: the G-boys don't belong to me. I just write bout them. I'm broke so if you sue you are just wasting your time and your money. Again this is another one of my fairy tales. And also again I changed the story like hell heehee. This story is originally named Brother and Sister. But in order to put the G-boys in I must do what is necessary. This is likely my fairy tale and anything is possible! Ja and I hope you enjoy it. Questions and comments would be nice. Just kill the flames.


Duo took Quatre by the hand.

"Look here Quatre, we have never had one moment in which we are happy at all. Lets get away from here! I can't stand this any longer. If I don't get away now our Step-sister will surely beat us to death" Duo said. Eyeing Quatre for his part of the answer. "We never get anything but hard dry crust to eat! Why the dog under the table is better off then we are. If only father had know what a witch he had married to have born such a child he will surly turn over on his grave"

"That you are so true Duo, lets get out of here and explore the world in which has been hidden from for so long" Quatre said. taking Duo's hand as the set off through the fields and meadows, over hedges and ditches, and they walked on. They walked the whole day and when it rained Duo said:

"Heaven and our hearts are weeping together"

Towards evening they came to a large forest. They were so tired out with hunger and their long walk as will as all their trouble. They both crept into a hollow tree and soon fell fast asleep.

The next morning, when they woke up, the sun was already high in the heavens and was shining down bright and warm into the tree they slept in.

"I'm so thirsty Duo. If I only known where to find a stream, I'd go get a drink. I do believe that I hear one right now though" Quatre said as he jumped up, took Duo by the hand and they set off to hunt for the brook.

Now their cruel Step-sister, Relena, was in reality a witch. She inherited her powers from her greedy step-mother whom had died from trying dark art she could not handle. Relena had known perfectly that Duo and Quatre had ran away. She had crept secretly after them and had cast her spells over all the streams in the forest.

Presently Duo and Quatre found a little brook dancing and glittering over the stones. Quatre was so eager to drink from the cool stream that he did not acknowledge the silent whisper that had swept by like the wind. But Duo heard it.

"Who ever drinks from me will be a tiger! Who ever drinks from me will be a tiger!" the wind whispered. Duo tried to grab onto Quatre to warn him but Quatre was already kneeling down to get a drink.

"No Quatre please don't drink the water! if you do you will turn into a tiger and eat me up!" Duo said. But Quatre was so thirsty, but he took heed to Duo's warning and did not drink the water.

"Very well then" Quatre said "I will wait until we come to the next spring"

They sooner or latter arrived to the next stream. And again Duo heard that whispering wind call out. "Who ever drinks from me will become a wolf! Who ever drinks from me will become a wolf!"

"Please Quatre" Duo said yet again "Please don't drink from this stream either! Or you will turn into a wolf and eat me up" Duo said at the same time dragging Quatre away from the stream of clear water. And yet again Quatre did not drink from the stream. And again he said:

"Well I will wait a little longer till we reach the next stream, but whatever you may say, I really must drink, for I can not bare the thirst any longer" Quatre said. When they reached the third stream Duo heard the wind again.

"Who ever drinks from me will become a roe! Who ever drinks from me will become a roe!"

And again Duo tried harder to convince his brother not to drink from the stream.

"Please brother, listen to me! If you drink from the stream you will become a roe and run away from me" Duo said. but Quatre was already kneeling by the stream and bending over into it to take a drink, and sure enough, no sooner had his lips touched the water than he fell on the grass transformed into a little roebuck.

Duo cried bitterly at her bewitched brother, and the little roe wept also, as he sat by Duo's side. At last Duo spoke up after drying all the tears away.

"Never mind, dear brother, I will never forsake you" Duo said as he took off his golden necklace in which his mother had given him alongside her death bead. Duo put the necklace around Quatre's neck. Then she plucked rushes and plaited a soft cord of them, which she fastened to the collar. When Duo had done this he led the roe farther and farther, right into the depths of the forest. After they had gone a long, long way they came to a little house, and when Duo looked into it she found it was empty.

"Perhaps we might stay and live here" Duo said.

So Duo hunted up leaves and moss to make a soft bed for his dear brother. Every morning and evening he went out to gather roots, nuts, and berries for himself, and tender young grass for the roe. Duo fed the roe from his hands, played around her, and seemed quite happy. In the evening when Duo was tired he said his prayers and then laid his head on Quatre's back and fell sound asleep with it as a pillow. And if Quatre had but kept his natural form, really it would have been a most delightful kind of life.

They have been living for some time in the forest in this way, when it came to pass that the Prince of the county named Heero, had a great hunt through the woods. Then the whole forest rang with such blowing of horns, baying of dogs, and joyful cries of huntsmen, that the little roe had heard it a longed to join in too.

"Ah, do let me go off to the hunt! I can't keep still any longer" Quatre prayed and begged until Duo gave in to his brother's pleads.

"But, mind you come back in the evening. I shall lock my door fast for the fear of those wild huntsmen. So to make sure of my knowing, you will knock at the door and say `My brother, open; I'm here' if you don't speak I shan't open the door" Duo said giving his brother a kiss on the forehead.

so off sprang the little roe, and he felt quite well and happy in the free open air. The prince and his huntsmen saw the beautiful creature and started in pursuit, but they could not come close enough. Whenever they thought they were sure to catch it, it bounded off to one side into the bushes and disappeared. When light came on it ran home and, knocked at the door of the little house and cried:

"My brother, open; I'm here" the door opened, and he ran in and rested all night on his soft mossy bed. The next morning the hunt began again, and as soon as the little roe heard the horns and the `Ho! Ho!' of the huntsmen, he could not rest another moment. With all the adrenaline of a roe running through his system.

"Duo, open the door, I must go out" Quatre cried. So Duo opened the door and before his brother disappeared from sight duo shouted after Quatre to say the little rhyme.

As soon as the prince and his huntsmen saw the roe with the golden collar, they all rode off after it, but it was far too quick and nimble for them. This wen on all day, but as evening came on the huntsmen, they had gradually encircled the roe, and one of them wounded it slightly in the foot so that it limped and ran off slowly. Then the huntsman stole after it as far as the little house, and heard it call out:

"My brother, open; I'm here" and he saw the door open and close immediately the fawn had ran in. The huntsman remembered all this carefully, and went off straight to the prince and told him all he had seen and heard.

"Tomorrow we will hunt again" Said Heero.

While Poor Duo was terribly frightened when he saw how his brother had been wounded. He washed off all the blood, and bound up the injured foot with herbs.

"Now Quatre, go lie down and rest so your wound may heal" Duo commanded.

The wound was really so slight that it was quite well the next day, and the little roe did not feel it at all. No sooner did it hear the sounds of the hunting in the forest, Quatre begged Duo again to let him go out.

"I can't stand it! I must be there too. I'll take care that they won't catch me" Quatre said., but Duo started to cry.

"They are certain to kill you, and then I shall be left all alone in the forest and forsaken by everyone. I can't and won't let you out" Duo said.

"Then I shall die of grief" Replied Quatre. "For when I hear the sounds of those horns, I feel as if I must jump right out of my skin."

So at last Duo gave into his Brother's pleads again to let him out into the forest. Since he found out that there is nothing that could be done, he opened the door, and the roe darted forth full of glee and health in the forest.

As soon as the king saw the roe, he said to his trust worthy huntsman, named Trowa:

"Now then, give chase all day till evening, but mind be careful not to hurt it" Heero said. When the sun had set, the prince said to Trowa:

"Now come and show me the little house in the woods" and when he reached the house he knocked at the door and said the little rhyme his huntsman told him. Then suddenly the door opened and the king walked in, and there stood the loveliest creature he had ever seen.

Duo was much startled when, instead of the little roe he had expected, he saw a man with a golden crown on his head walk in. In fright realizing that it was the prince. Duo got down on his hands and knees. His head looking at the ground. Not daring to look upon the prince.

"Your majesty!, I'm sorry if I intruded into your hunting grounds. Please forgive me" Duo begged. But instead of a angry gruffing command, Duo felt the princes hand on his shoulder. The hand slide down Duo's arm and grasped onto Duo's hand.

"Please get up, there is no need to bow to me" Heero said in a husky voice that made Duo look up to the face of the prince. Time stood still for what seems to be forever, for they stared into each other's eyes and found the kind love in them.

Heero helped Duo up, still clutching onto Duo's hand. Heero introduced himself.

"No need to tell me your majesty. With the crown on your head, every one knows you by name" Duo said. blushing and looking down, yet again at the floor. Not wanting to meet the eyes of the prince. For he was afraid that he might blurt something foolish out and surely have his head cut off.

"May I ask for you name?" Heero said.

"I'm terribly sorry!, now rude of me. My name is Duo" Duo said. feeling stupid more then ever. Sure that the king now thinks of him as a rude insolent person, but the next thing the prince had said shocked him.

"Will you be so kind to come with me to my castle and me with me always?" Heero asked with kindness in his voice. Duo didn't know what to say, but with tears in his eyes he threw his hands around the princes neck and gave him a hug.

The prince whom was surprised that Duo the lovely boy he had just asked to be with him started to cry. Heero returned the hug and whispered his apology if he had done anything wrong to make Duo so upset. Duo only smiled and whispered his answer into the princes ear.

"Yes, if it may please you" Duo said untangling himself and embarrassed by his earlier action.

"It would my pleasure" Heero said at the same time scooping Duo up into his arms. Never wanting to be separated from his new found love. His soul mate. Heero had known ever since he laid eyes on duo, he could feel his heart beat wildly. His breath almost stopped. All that mattered was that he loved Duo and wanted to be loved by Duo.

"But you must let my roe come too. I could not possibly forsake it" Duo said. guilty that the prince had asked him to marry him and the first thing he asked for is to bring his brother with him.

"Anything you want my love. You can have anything you want as long as you will be with me, nothing matters. I shall stay with you as long as you live and shall want for nothing" Heero promised. In the mean time the roe came bounding in, afraid that Duo was in trouble. But was greeted with the sight of the prince with Duo smiling and in his arms. Duo got off of Heero's arms and tied the rush cords on the collar once more to it's collar and off they went, leaving the little house in the forest together. The prince lifted the very light Duo in to his horse, and lead her to his castle. Letting Trowa attend to the little roe since he was so fond of animals.

No longer when they arrived to the castle The king Greeted his son with joy that he has found a mate. A great wedding was celebrated with the greatest of splendor. The roe was petted and fed will. Under the care of Trowa, Quatre began to fall in love with the mysterious you man. He would run, prance and play with Trowa at all times. And was let about to run around on the palace gardens.

Now at this time the wicked Step-sister, Relena heard of the great celebration and was throwing a great fit of rage when she found out that Duo and Quatre was living happily under the kings care. Relena was more angry of the fact that Duo has stolen the man whom she had eyes for.

"It is I who should have had good luck and bee the princess! Not that wrenched monster" Relena shrieked. She quickly got herself together and devised a plan to make Duo disappear forever.


Back in the castle after the wedding……..

Heero carried his beautiful bride to the bedroom chambers. He opened the door to his room and kicked it closed. Kissing Duo lightly on the lips, Heero promptly laid Duo on the bed. Duo's glazed eyes looked up at the prince, whom latter was on top of him and crushing his lips onto his parted ones. Heero drank up the sent and the taste of Duo. He wanted Duo to be his. Now and forever.

"Duo…….can I?" Heero asked. Duo just nodded his head and pulled Heero back on him to deliver a kiss of his own. Heero with gentle hands started to take off Duo's garments one by one. Loving the trust he saw in his loves eyes. Heero took it slow, wanting this night to last forever. He never wanted to be apart from Duo ever. What he found he would be damned if he let him go.

Heero traced Duo's body with the soft fabric of silk, making the boy shiver. Duo's arms reached out for Heero. He pulled him down on top, wanting to feel the princes erection on his to know that the king really is feeling as strongly and hopelessly in love as he was. The prince let out a soft moan and started to explore Duo's body. Leaving no place untouched. Loving the baby smooth flesh against his rough fingers. Duo arched up to the touches. His lovely hair long before out of it's confines. Heero reached for the silken strands and breathed in the sent of Duo. It was so perfect. Heero getting more aroused each time he heard Duo call out his name. Heero took off his garments as well and trusted his hips to meet Duo's needs. Two boys laid still one on top of the other one. Loving the feeling of soft skin against soft skin. Heero kissed Duo again and got his weight off of the smaller boy. Afraid that if he stayed on top any longer, the beautiful boy would break a bone.

Heero reached over from his bed to the table where there was a little glass bottle of sweet smelling flower oil. Duo reached out and took the bottle out of Heero's hands.

"May I your majesty?" Duo said softly.

"Yes you may. And please don't call me that any more. Call me Heero, Duo" Heero said.

Duo knobbed and smiled up at the king. He opened the bottle and allowed some of the smooth oil to collect on his cupped hand. Putting the bottle back on the table. Duo started to apply the oil onto Heero's stiff erection. Heero leaned back against the headboard and groaned. Duo's hands were gentle but demanding. When Duo was finished applying the oil he massaged Heero's member. Making the other boy arch up from the bed. Duo pushed his lover back to lean against the headboard and straddled Heero's slim hips. Heero gave a moan as he felt duo's weight on him.

"Am I too heavy?" Duo asked concerned. Getting off at the same time.

"No Duo" Heero said dragging Duo to straddle his hips again "You are just perfect" Heero whispered. Duo blushed and promptly grinned. Duo lifted his body up a little allowing Heero's hard member to press up against his passageway, but not allowing penetration…..yet. Duo took hold of Heero's hands and placed them at his hips.

"I want you to move me" Duo said. Heero only smiled.

Ever so slowly Heero brought Duo down upon his erection. Duo's cried out from the penetration of such a huge cock. Heero had to stop to see if Duo was in any serious pain.

"Are you ok Duo?" Heero asked noting the sweat that had formed on Duo's brow.

"Yes please Heero…..You feel so good" Duo said. thrusting his hips fully down on Heero's erection, making the two boys cry out in union. Duo slumped against Heero, conscious but tired. Heero just stroked Duo's head down to his back. Scolding at his love or rushing things. Duo only whimpered and started to rock his hips. Riding Heero with such accurate rhythm. Suddenly both boys were moaning and groaning, not caring if any one heard how load they were.

When Heero felt Duo's pace start to get sluggish he started to thrust up into Duo's depths. Hitting a spot in his small body that made him throw his head back and cry out in pleasure. Duo just slumped against Heero's body and let the king thrust into him. Duo was about to loose consciousness from all the pleasure, but was shot back awake by Heero's warm seed filling him. marking him as his own, But heero did not stop at that. He continued to thrust up into Duo until he made Duo cry in pleasure from his own release and making himself come a second time.

Both boys laid on the soft bed and breathing hard, they kissed each other passionately.

"Will you ever leave me?" Duo asked. Heero looked into Duo's eyes to wonder why this boy had said such a ridiculous thing. But all he saw was love and pain.

"No Duo……I will never leave you. Never. I will stay by your side until you grow old. Even if you were old I will still love you none then less because…." Heero said almost in a whisper "You are my Duo" Heero said rubbing his nose against Duo's.

"Thank you for loving me" Duo said through the sleepy haze.

"No Duo…..Thank you" Heero said. gathering Duo up in his arms. So perfectly fitted. Both boys went to sleep.


It was no more until 2 months Duo felt ill. The prince commanded that all the doctors in the country to come and save Duo. It was clearly not an option for the King had made it clear that he did not want his son to be unhappy when he finally found someone he can love.

Heero watched as doctor after doctor left the bed chamber where Duo laid ill. When no doctor seemed to be finding out what was wrong with Duo, the prince flew in a fit of rage and demanded that they all leave at once so that he may be alone with Duo.

Heero entered the bedroom and closed the door behind him. he walked slowly to where Duo laid on the large bed. Heero went and sat by Duo's side and grasped onto his lives hand. Then a knock on the door brought Heero out of his attention.

"Who is it! I thought I made it clear that I don't want to see anyone!" Heero said.

"It is only me, Trowa. My prince I have brought someone with me. He is a very great friend of mine and is willing to help Duo" Trowa said.

When Heero heard what his friend had said, he quickly rushed to the door and opened it so fast that it started the two men that were waiting outside. Trowa cleared his throat and regained posture.

"This here is my friend name Wufie. He has learned great medicine and is a professional in all fields of medicine and medic" Trowa said.

Heero just dragged the tow boys in and brought the doctor to Duo's bedside. Heero watched as Wufie took hold of Duo's wrist and with two fingers he felt for a pulse….or so the prince thought. Wufie cleared his throat and smiled up at the prince.

"My prince you have nothing to fear. Just happiness" Wufie said to the prince.

"How can I be happy when Duo is so sick! And might even be dying" Heero practically shouted.

"Well for one thing. You are going to be a father" Wufie said. When Heero heard what Wufie had said he almost jumped up in joy and acted almost un-prince like. Trowa gave Heero a pat on the back and congratulated Heero and excused Wufie and himself for the prince may want to spend a moment of happiness with Duo. Heero thanked them and offered Wufie to stay, in which the young Chinese man was happy to accept. While Trowa went off to tend the roe whom he had felt so fond off lately.

The prince rushed over to his father and announced the great news. The king was so happy, he threw a great celebration when Duo was feeling much better to attend.


Seven months passed as quickly as it has come and Duo was big in the belly as any pregnant person should be. Heero took much of his time taking care of his love and never let him out of his sight. Heero would at times, cup his hands around the swelling belly or even try to feel the small kicks of the infant in Duo.

One day Heero brought Duo out to the castle gardens to have a splendid picnic. It was sunny and cheery outside and he wanted Duo to enjoy it with him. Just as they reached a spot under a large oak tree in which they were to have their picnic, Duo suddenly doubled over in pain. Heero quickly held on to Duo in fear if he did not, Duo will surely fall the floor.

"Hee….Heero! it hurts!" Duo said panting hard.

"Don't worry Duo, I'll get Wufie" Heero said at the same time picking Duo up from the ground. Heero carried Duo all the way to the castle while Duo clutched onto Heero. Burying his face into Heero's chest. Trying not to cry out in pain again.

Heero rushed into the house calling out for Trowa and Wufie. Wufie who was in the library heard Heero's calls and came rushing out, knocking a row of books along the way. While Trowa was in the hall admiring a beautiful mural. Soon he also came rushing to his princes cries.

Trowa and Wufie had arrive to the princes bedroom chamber in record time, just as Heero was lacing Duo on the bed. Wufie rushed forward and took Duo's wrist into his hand and felt for what had caused this. He must have found out pretty quick, because he had ordered that Trowa get a basin of hot water and for Heero to get the Towels. Heero and Trowa looked at Wufie confused.

"Just hurry with it. Duo is in labor" Wufie said. That was all that was needed to be said for Heero to shoot to life and get all the equipment necessary. Trowa returned moments latter prior to Heero's return back with all the medical equipment and a hand full of fluffy cotton towels.

Wufie had instructed that Trowa try to hold open Duo's legs while heero tried to soothe Duo down. Heero agree with not argument. All he was happy was that he was going to be a father soon. He quickly went to Duo's side and held on to his love's hand. All Duo was doing was whimpering and sweating. Trowa on the other hand spread Duo's legs apart, making sure to bend them at the knee. A cried racked out of Duo's open mouth as he felt a thin object enter him.

Wufie had pushed a gloved finger into Duo to check if his contractions where just right to have to baby pushed out. When he was certain that it was so, he looked up to meet Heero's eyes.

"I want you to count to three each time I tell Duo to push ok Heero?" Wufie said. Heero only knobbed in agreement. "Ok Heero I want to start counting" Wufie instructed. When Heero reached to three, Wufie will tell Duo to push with all his might. And so it was repeated again and again until half of the baby has emerged. By this time Duo was too weak to push, but he gave one last and final push before he went unconscious. Heero saw that had passed out and only held onto Duo tighter.

Wufie had emerged from between Duo's legs, in his had was a small baby wrapped in a soft white towel which has turned all red from the blood. Heero with tears in his eyes reached over to hold his baby.

"Congratulations Heero, its a girl" Wufie said whipping a sweat from his brow. While Trowa had went over to take a look at Heero's baby.

Heero placed the crying baby between himself and Duo. Heero reached out and grasped onto Duo's hands and held on. He would have stayed longer if it was not Wufie insisting that they leave so that he could stitch Duo up and get this mess cleaned up.

It was not latter then 3 hours that had passed when Heero entered the room again and with his daughter in had, went to visit Duo. By this time Duo had woken up and was grimacing with pain with every movement. But he was happy when he saw Heero standing at the foot of the bed with their baby in hand. Heero walked over to the side and placed the baby between Duo and himself again.

"It's a baby girl" Heero whispered to Duo's ears. Duo smiled and kissed Heero on the lips.

"Have you named her yet?" Duo said.

"I will never do that until you wake up and name her with me" Heero said. holding onto Duo's hand. Duo smiled again with happiness.

"How would you like the name Hana?" Duo said. speaking to both the giggling baby and to Heero.

"Well I'll never have a problem with any of you choices" Heero said. laying next to Duo on the bed. Both boys were tired out from the whole day of excitement. They were happy to comply to lie in each other's embrace with there baby girl next to them.


It was not until Heero woke up that he realized that Duo was missing. He quickly got up from the bed making sure not to wake Hana and called Wufie to take care of the baby for a while.

Heero searched the whole day and there was still not one sign of Duo. Heero even asked the guard whom were guarding the castle at all times if they had see Duo come out. The guards had said no. Not one person left of got into the palace. That was when Heero started to get worried. Where could Duo have gone in his condition. He was still not fully recovered from the after shock of the birth that took most of his strength. Heero consulted this with his mother and father, the King and Queen and an immediate search party was sent out to look for Duo while Heero was in the lead. Trusting the baby in the hands of Wufie and Trowa.


It was not until night fall in which Heero was still out with the search party, refusing to give up until Duo is safe and sound in the house. That Wufie was startled out of his sleep whiling rocking the crying baby to sleep. He felt a wind chill come in through the window. Wufie quickly got up and tucked the baby in with and extra blanked in fear that the baby might catch a cold. Again the wind came again. When Wufie looked up at the window he was shocked to see a figure standing out in the balcony. He quickly drew out his sword in which he carried around for protection at all time, and pointed it at the figure, shadowed in the dark. The figure move into the room. The shadows gone from the brightly lit candle. Wufie dropped his sword and rushed over to the figure.

"Duo! Where have you been! We have been so worried about you. Please lay down! You need your rest" Wufie said at the same time reached out the grab onto Duo's arm. The Chinese man was startled as his hand went right through the figure of Duo.

"Duo……?" Wufie said in a shocked whisper.

The only reaction that Duo had given to Wufie was to walk towards the direction of the crib. Wufie watched in silence as Duo had gotten to the edge of the crib and bent down to take a look at the little girl who has stopped crying and now giggling.

"My beautiful baby, I wish you well for I am not sure if I will ever see you again" Duo said with a single bead of tear falling down his face onto the baby's rose colored checks. Then Duo turned to Wufie and said "Take care of her, take care of Heero and my dear roe" Duo said and looked out of the window.

"Where are you Du—" Wufie never got a chance to finish. He was cut off by Duo.

"I am so weak now……I must go….take care of them…" Duo said not more than a whisper in the wind. Wufie watched wide eyed as Duo disappeared from his sight. Wufie know that he was not dreaming when he saw a single wet tear mark on Hana's face.


Wufie was pretty skeptical and really was afraid he has been dreaming so then next night he called Trowa to his side to watch over the baby with him. the silent boy agreed after Wufie had told him what he had witnessed. They waited until night fall again. A breeze blew in and this time Trowa went to tuck in the baby. Wufie not far behind him. Another breeze picked up and they both turned to the balcony. There stood a figure of Duo just like Wufie had said.

The figure walked up to the crib, going right through Trowa who was standing in front. And yet again Duo said the exact words he had uttered the night before.

"My beautiful baby, I wish you well for I am not sure if I will ever see you again" he said. Then again he turned to Trowa and Wufie. "I am so weak now……I must go….take care of them…" Duo said yet again looking out the window and disappeared. This time Trowa and Wufie had contacted Heero from his ongoing search and told him what they both had witnessed. Heero knew better then to doubt his friends. They had never lied and betrayed him in any way. Heero quickly rushed back home after he had heard the message, dirty and filthy from rolling down a hill from loosing his footing. Heero quickly cleaned himself up to pass the time. He then stayed in the bedroom where the sighting was said to have happened.

Heero waited long hours impatient for the night to come. He sat on the bed while Trowa and Wufie kept him company. Making sure that the prince does not sleep and miss out on what miracle they have seen.

Just when Heero was about to sleep he felt a wind chill that chilled him to the spine. He looked up to see that Trowa and Wufie were up from their seats and staring at the balcony. Heero also looked and just like magic a figure appeared. Heero quickly recognized the image of his love, Duo and rush to the boy. Going right through him.

Heero twirled around to see Duo face him with a sad look and turned back around to walk over to the crib.

"My beautiful baby, I wish you well for I am not sure if I will ever see you again" Duo said.

Then he did something else . Duo turned to Heero and walked over to the still prince. Lifting a hand, Duo went to try to touch Heero's tear stained cheeks. But his hand went right pass Heero.

"My dear love…..I am growing so weak….I fear that this is the last time I shall visit you both….please take well of out daughter….and remember that I will always love you….." Duo said as he walked pass Heero and was growing faint.

Heero's eyes followed Duo's every move.

"Where are you Duo!" Heero cried. "I looked every where and I am afraid…..I am afraid I can't ever see you again. Please come back to me!" Heero said as he ran to the retreating figure of his love.

"Where the sun will set, even at it's highest point the light will be cover from sight, where ice surrounds thee………that is where you will find me my love. But for now. You will find me in your heart….good bye love" and then disappeared yet again.


The next morning Heero asked all his greatest advisors this little enigma, but all the advisors gave him ridiculous answers such as:

"It is the sky! Your sire" one of them said.

"No it is the clouds!" and so it went on and on where ridiculous answers bubbled out.

Heero gave a angry huff and stormed out. If they won't help but make stupid accusations then he will have to find Duo himself. And that was what Heero did. He sat by the balcony in which he had see Duo last. He could even imagine he can smell the lovely sent of Duo. Soft and flowery. Heero sat there day and night. Every minute counted in finding Duo so he lacked sleep. Just as the second night came around Heero jolted up from his sleep and ran out of the room. He had solved the greatest puzzle of them all and it was staring at him right in the face.

"It's the mountain" Heero said to himself.

Heero grabbed one of his nicest horses out from the stable and rode in break necking speed. Every passersby would have thought it to be the wind itself if they did not see the golden glint of the princes crown.

Heero reached the foot of the mountain and got off his horse. He quickly scaled the mountain. The rough edges and ragged slants would have threw him off, but for the will power and certainty that he will find Duo. Heero held on. Heero continued to climb the mountain until he reached the top of the high rocky land. There in the cave was a small figure laying on the rocky floor.

Heero recognized Duo immediately for the tell tale braid that he worn, but was becoming loose. Heero quickly turned Duo over and hugged his love tight. Heero never wanted to let go as long as he lived. He finally found Duo. Heero sat on the floor, taking off his cape he wrapped the cold body of Duo up. Heero sat there praying that Duo would wake up and that he had not really died. Heero used the back of his hand to whip the blood and dirt away from Duo's face. That was when he felt the body stir. Heero quickly pulled the body closer, trying to give it more warmth. Duo's eyes opened up to little slit.

"He…Heero…..? is th…that really y…you?" Duo asked.

"Yes Duo. I'm here. Oh gods! I finally found you Duo!" Heero cried. Not caring if tears fell down his face. Not caring if he cried. He missed Duo so much that it all seemed like a dream to him that he really found the boy.

"Oh…gods!" Duo choked out. His own tears forming. "I thought that….that I will never see you again" Duo said.

"Duo no baka. I love you more then my own life and I'll be damned if you were taken away. I will crumble up and die" Heero said, showering Duo's face with a thousand kisses.

"Aw…..isn't that so sweet?" a female voice said right behind Heero.

Heero Quickly turned around to face a person on older then themselves sitting on a flat piece of rock jutting out from the ground.

"Who hell are you" Heero commanded.

"That is no way to talk to a lady and to you future wife" the girl said.

"To hell with a future wife. Duo is all I need!" Heero said hugging Duo closer.

"Tisk tisk. You don't understand my prince. He is a nobody. Just another trash toy to play around with. Don't worry I will make you see how wrong it is. And I even forgive you for giving up your virginity to this thing." The girl said.

"In your dreams you will" Heero said "You are the one that is trash bitch!. Who do you think you are commanding me to marry something as horrid as you"

That gotten the girl mad.

"I am Relena! A powerful witch. And how shall we say Duo's Step-sister" Relena said as she got up from the rock and approached the two boys.

Duo whimpered lightly and clutched onto Heero. While Heero acted as a shield.

"I assume that it was you who took Duo to this place" Heero said in a cold voice.

"Yes I did. So what. This is the only way to make you see that this is a horrible mistake and that I am the one that you should be marrying. I can give you everything that you ever wanted" Relena said.

"Go to hell" Heero said.

Relena just about had enough of this.

"Then so be it! If I can't have you then no one can either!" Relena said as she produced out an arrow and bow out of thin air. She aimed it at Heero and let go.

Heero watched as the arrow approached him. he stood his ground, but then he felt a push. Knocking him to the floor. Heero looked up to see Duo take the arrow that was meant for him.

"NOOOOOOOOO……….!!!" Heero cried as the approached his dying love.

"No, No, NOOOOO!!! This wasn't suppose to happen" Relena screamed. "I'm suppose to win! Not you!" Relena shrieked all the more dropping to the floor in a hissing pain. "Love can't conquer all" She hissed one last time before she conjured a spell to take her away from the mountain.

Heero clutched onto Duo tightly. The arrow has disappeared. The only proof of the powers that Relena possessed.

Blood bubbled out from Duo's lips as he tried to say something to Heero.

"Why Duo! Duo on baka! That was meant for me! Why did you push me out of the way!" Heero sobbed bitterly at his dying lover. He realized that his Duo was being taken away from him again.

"Heero……….I love you….." Duo said one last time before he went limp in Heero's arms. It was the worst kind of feeling, much worst then when Heero could not find Duo at all, but to have him die in his arms after saving him was too much.

"NOOOOOO…….oh god no PLEASE! give him back to me" Heero cried. His tears falling over the still pale face of his dead lover. "Duo…..I promise you that you will not go alone…" Heero said as he pulled out a small dagger. Without hesitation he plunged to knife straight towards his heart. Suddenly a large fireball of light erupted. Heero saw only darkness.


Heero woke up by a fell of someone hugging him. he opened his eyes slowly and saw that he was not in the mountains anymore, but in his castle gardens. Heero shot quickly awake pushing that warm felling that was holding him close away.

"Duo! Where are you Duo!" Heero cried searching the ground.


Heero looked up at the familiar voice that has spoken his name. Hoping. Wishing. Begging for what his mind thought it was. When he looked up to the figure, Heero launched himself at the figure in a tight embrace.

"Duo! Oh my gods I thought that you were…….oh gods I don't want to think about it!" heero cried softly. Kissing Duo like there was no yesterday.

Heero's hands roamed his loves body. Feeling. Making sure that this is not one of his cruel dreams. It wasn't, he was really with Duo. Heero checked Duo's body again to see if there were and injuries, but there was none it seemed like all of the bumps and scratches had disappeared. So he look the chance to um……how shall we say…roam some more.

The two boys were getting into their um…….love menstruation until they heard a small embarrassed cry. Both boys looked up to see who had interrupted them. Heero saw a stranger. A small blonde hair-ed boy. Blushing and hiding his face in Trowa's chest while Wufie stood at the corner.

Duo quickly got up, healthy as ever and ran to the blonde boy.

"Quatre!!! I've missed you so much!" Duo said as he threw his arms around the startled blonde boy. Heero just gave Trowa a confused look. Trowa and Wufie gave the same look back.

"Do you know who that is?" Heero asked Trowa and Wufie in a whisper.

"No…but he's kind of cute" Trowa said blushing. Watching the two happy boys talking and hugging.

"Oh my god Quatre I forgot to tell you here is my lover Heero" Duo said introducing the boy to Heero. "And this one is Trowa, Heero's best friend" Duo said giving Quatre a smirk. "But I'm sure that you already met" Duo said in a whisper meant for Quatre to hear only. "And that one is Wufie! The best doctor in the world"

Quarter just turned and whispered into Duo's ear making the boy giggle.

"And who may I ask this is…" Heero said.

"Oh my gods! This is my Brother Quatre! He was enchanted by Relena a year ago. He was that roe I always had" Duo said scratching his head.

"Baka" Heero smirked and scooped Duo off of his feet. "I really don't think you should be walking right not Duo" Heero said.

"But why! I'm fine! After Relena's power's disappeared so did her illusions!" Duo said kicking his legs.

"You won't be able to walk for weeks after I'm done with you" Heero whispered to Duo's ears.

"Oh Heero!" Duo said laughing as Heero carried him back into the castle. Leaving Trowa and Quatre to stair at the two lovebirds, while long ago Wufie retreated back into the library.

"What do we do now?" Quatre asked Trowa.

"We can start by getting you some clothes" Trowa said smirking. Eyeing the naked for of the small blonde boy. Quatre blushed deep red. He was so excited that he was reunited with Duo that he completely forgotten that he was not wearing anything.

Trowa took off his cape and draped it around the blonde boy.

"And after I give you some clothes. How about I give you a tour of the castle" Trowa said. reaching out to clasp Quatre's hand. The blonde boy was startled by the show of affection. All he could do is blush even deeper red and follow in the castle. They never let go of each other's hands.

By: Mad Hatter ^_~