By: Lyssira Miokii

Note: Okay, originally this was going to be a songfic called "Past the Mission"by Tori Amos. But the story took on a mind of its own and ending up not really suiting the lyrics. It is a really beautiful song but it just didn't fit. So now this lacks a title. Any ideas? I have yet to write a songfic...maybe this is a sign, ne?

Warnings: Yaoi. Violence. Angst. Sap. OC (kinda...not really). Some of my twisted sense of humor.

Pairings: 1x2...no duh

Disclaimer: Not mine. -_- ::sniffle:: ::hiccup::


AC 195


Casting a heated glow into the dark night, another fiery ball of metal burst into the air. For a moment the blazing MS lit up the forest below where the ancient trees hid a large, intricately laid out base. A bystander, for a few heartbeats, could make out the low, camouflaged buildings spreading nearly half a mile through the woods. In daylight, as in the night, the base would be easily overlooked. Only with the flames lighting it now, caused by the destruction of its MS protectors, by the deaths of its loyal soldiers, was the hideout revealed. Another explosion rocked the earth, its cause unknown as a large block of buildings, once dignified and secure structures of metal and stone, were reduced to a pile of rubble. The screams of the fighters were lost in the roar, the terrible screams that every survivor prayed he'd never hear again. These were gone, but Heero heard them anyway. He'd heard those screams during his entire life, brief as it was. They never stopped for him.

Wing Zero stood among the ruins of a good half of the base, shrapnel and heat licking gundanium plated limbs. The gundam, aside from being slightly scorched and chipped in a few places, was completely unharmed, proof of the enemy's ineffective beam sabers and cannons. Inside the pilot was the same, untouched by the fight, no more affected by the heat than his invincible counterpart, still armed with one more shot from its double buster-rifle and the saber, Heero's specialty. Around the enormous MS lay the remains nearly one thousand of OZ weapons, a good portion of their army now nothing but scrap metal. Underneath the wreckage was the resting ground for hundreds of members of the organizations fighting force. The Japanese boy had killed again, destroyed more lives. More marks on Death's tally-sheet. Heero was forced not to consider the casualties, yet, nor those affected by his actions. That would come later, in their newest safehouse, in the dark. The mission was not over yet, neither was the fight, large hatches sliding forth from the ground, summoning the next enemy he would face. Mobile Dolls.

The soulless taurus faced their enemy, rushing Wing Zero Gundam with speed unmatched by any human. Beaten only by the Gundam pilots. Heero's reaction time, as recorded by OZ, made the MD look like mere toys. But a large number of them, such as the amount pouring forth from hold beneath the base, could take out even him. He refused to let the machines surround him, breaking out of the treetops, fighting a few at time as they rushed up to greet the winged MS, each red eye recording every move Heero made, analyzing it, and finding a way past his defenses. But they were too slow, destroyed before the data was processed completely. There was no room for mistakes when fighting computers, no time for rest, barely enough time to breathe. So Heero remained focused, concentrating only on the targets blinking across the Zero's screen. He began to wear down eventually, though, the flow of MD never stopping, as if OZ had managed to mass-produce an unending supply. Beneath him, many of the giant trees had been taken out by the ruined machines, wreaking havoc even after they were disabled.

Sweat ran down the tanned pilot's face, arms, chest, soaking his clothes and hair. His breaths came in rasping, desperate gasps, lungs begging for the oxygen that would not come quickly enough. A gash ran parallel to one eyebrow, blood constantly threatening to blind him, the vital liquid oozing into one Prussian blue eye. He ached right down to the marrow of his bones, muscles knotted in so many ways he could barely recognize where pain ended and began. Fatigue now weighed heavily on Heero, like a damp cloud. The MD still came, almost completely surrounding Zero and threatening to drag the white Gundam into the darkness below. He struggled against them, preparing to use the last shot of his buster cannon, sending heavy punches and kicks with his MS's animated limbs. Suddenly, when a particularly stubborn taurus (ridiculous to label a computer, but this was his most persistent adversary by far) had latched onto his right arm, there was flash of green and the machine split in two before exploding violently. Heero nearly smiled with relief at the sight of the black Gundam, Deathscythe Hell, in all it's winged glory.

"What took you so long?" he grumbled over the commlink, doing his best not to sound at all grateful. His braided lover laughed heartily at the attempt, appearing on his screen with a wink.

"Oh didn't I tell you? I was going to grab some dinner and maybe catch a movie between here and their headquarters...I'm sure I mentioned it at some point," Duo threw him a hearty grin, all the while ripping through the MD, not even out of breath. Several of the computer-run machines fell victim to the silent MS's deadly thermal blade, more to Wing Zero's beam-saber, the two weapons well equipped for working together.

"Haha..." he rolled his eyes briefly at the violet-eyed boy, "Did you get the information we needed? On the Aquarius MD that they're supposedly designing here?"

Triumphantly Duo waved a disk at him, features brightened by his familiar maniacal grin. Suddenly his eyes narrowed, taking in a new group of dolls that sprang from the ground, fighting with all the intensity of those before them. Then he sighed, twisting his controls and sending Hell toward the newcomers.

"You know," Duo began, jabbing the first machines with the end of his scythe before ripping it in half, "I hate MDs."

Another was defeated by the missiles launched by his Vulcan cannon, bursting in a shower of sparks, "They're preprogrammed..."

Two advanced on Duo, who maneuvered out of the way in a flash of shadow, causing the MD to be destroyed by each other's blasts.


Bullets rained on another hapless machine, this one plummeting to the ground before it exploded, taking out more of the bases warehouses in the process.


A slash of the thermal scythe cut down four more, tearing through metal and circuitry like it was paper.

"...inhuman killing machines. But what's worse..."

Duo's trademark move, Deathscythe Hell spinning in a tight circle, looking strangely graceful yet terrifying all the same, destroyed the remaining machines, leaving the two boys to land their gundams, hitting the ground with twin thuds and causing the earth to shake. Duo straightened in his seat, releasing the constraining straps meant to protect him from being thrown around the cockpit.

"They have no sense of humor," the braided boy finished, throwing Heero one last grin before letting his statement become serious, "Mission accomplished?"

"Hai," the Japanese boy returned the stare, allowing himself to show some of his weariness, unable to hold his face in its emotionless mask when so tired.

"How many?" Deathscythe's pilot continued.

Heero couldn't speak for a moment, scanning the write-up flashing on the screen before him as the other waited in silence. The answer choked in his throat, as if caught there.

"How many?" Duo pressed, letting his voice fall to a mere whisper.

"Approximately 473 members of OZ's personnel. No survivors," he replied dully, adding the number to one he had memorized in his mind. That many more people had died at his hands, because OZ refused to give freedom to the colonies. How high that figure would go, he often wondered. Violet eyes widened on the screen in front of him and a defeated look spread across the pale features, despite their victory.

"Dammit...." his fist tightened, nails cutting into the palm. Duo looked up to face Heero once more, each mirroring the other, a pair of tired, hurting boys in the middle of a what had been battlefield, had been a thriving military base, now a graveyard.

"Let's get out of here," the dark-haired pilot murmured, knowing Duo heard him over the commlink.

"Let me do a scan on Hell's systems...have to be thorough, ne?" Any sorrow Heero might have read in the braided boy was replaced by an intense concentration, Duo completely focused on the task at hand. An error here could mean both boy's deaths, especially if any damage had been done to the power core or fuel cells. They'd join the men beneath them in a cacophony of fire and death that only the destruction of a massive MS could cause.

"There's a possible leak in the fuel cells but nothing that could be ignited, " the two pilots' eyes met briefly over the screen, assessing each other's conditions themselves. A tiny frown appeared when Duo saw the head wound, but he didn't comment, for once falling into silence.

"Then, we should get moving, as far as we can go, " Heero nodded once before turning away, setting Wing's course for the nearest safe-house. He didn't need to look behind him to know Deathscythe was there, both Gundam and pilot a comforting presence he was used to, even had come to like in past few months. They set off for the horizon, rebel soldiers making their escape into the cover of night.


Some two hours later, many miles of air traveled but not enough, Deathscythe Hell crashed into the trees below, simply dropping out the air like bird suddenly deprived of its wings. Heero's heart caught for an instant in his throat, eyes widening as the American's startled yelp echoed over their link. The gundam, a truly massive machine, flattened several of the sturdy oaks beneath it, trees that had been around for hundreds of years snapping like mere twigs. A cloud of dirt and leaves soared up from the wreckage, filling the air and choking Wings sensors. To avoid such an uncontrolled landing himself, Heero set his Gundam down carefully, landing among the remaining trees next to his fallen companion. The black MS remained in an awkward position, kneeling on one knee and held up by a stubborn old poplar, probably the oldest of all the trees there, which had refused to budge, even for a Gundam. Heero practically flew out of the cockpit, once he was positive the Zero was steady and completely powered down. He landed beneath the soft canopy, his fall cushioned by a layer of fallen leaves and foliage on the forest floor.

He was almost to the foot of Hell when its hatch fell open, out tumbling a figure clad in black. It was only twenty feet to the ground, not a great distance to someone who'd jumped out of five story building with no parachute. Heero stood and watched, not making a move to help the other boy. Talented as he was, Duo landed on the one part of him that wasn't cramped or aching-his head. The braided pilot rolled over and groaned, waiting until the army of Perfect Soldiers stopped spinning and blurred to one, scowling, tank-top clad boy.

"You could be a little sympathetic ya know," he glared, accepting the extended hand and pulling himself to his feet, the ground feeling as if it were Jell-O not the hard, rocky soil of Northern America. Calloused hands settled on his shoulders for a moment, holding the Deathscythe pilot still while Heero checked him for injuries.

"Just be glad it was your head and not anywhere near your brain," the Wing pilot murmured, his voice calming despite its cold quality.

This earned him another dark look, violet eyes ruining the effect by dancing merrily, "Ah...but unlike you, my friend, my skull is not plated with Gundanium. Where are we, Heero? My map died a while back and I haven't been able to trace our course..."

"You could've said something....We're about fourteen miles from Alberta," the familiar glare softened a bit, regarding his lover silently for a moment. Duo was in no worse shape than he. Bruised, tired, probably hungry knowing the braided boy.

"Guess we'd better hide these guys and start walking then, ne?" his maniacal grin appeared to counter Heero's sullen look, weary but there nonetheless. It would have to be a far harder battle to make Duo stop smiling.

"Hn." The two youths set to work, throwing camouflage netting up and leaving what stealth instruments operational that they could. Hopefully no one would scout this area for several more days and the MS would go unnoticed. The base they'd decimated lay far to the west and slightly south. There wouldn't be any reason to send planes here. Or so they hoped, Duo uttering a rare request to God for his buddy to remain safe and undiscovered, as he prepped the machine for his absence. No telling what would happen if OZ once again got their hands on the Gundams. Finally satisfied with their work, the two boys started on their journey to the nearest city where beds and safety lay in wait.


The ancient beings surrounding them had seen many wars, survived other battles, lived through the blood that stained mankind's history. Their twisted limbs a reached upward, stretching in for a sky they would never touch, growing toward the sun, clouds and stars that would forever be above them. Many of the trunks could have been circled by five full-grown men, their fingers never to meet. Beneath these were smaller trees, bushes, ferns, deprived youngsters doomed to forever grow in the shade cast by their elders. They fought to survive though, thriving in the shadows, in the darkness. At the bases of the plants lay the remains of others before them, decaying leaves and bark creating the thick, earthy smell that enveloped the entire wood. And from the depths of the smaller plants, the bushes and ferns, glowed eyes like so many lights, the eyes of curious creatures watching the newest intruders, as they watched the land around them.

Neither pilot had ever gazed upon such a wilderness before, not in all their time on earth and certainly never in the colonies. It was the picture of freedom, the very essence of life allowed to grow and change as it might.

Both had lapsed into silence as was Heero's way and Duo knew better now than to bother him. Or perhaps it was the atmosphere cast by that forest that hushed the braided boy. He couldn't help but gape in awe of the life around him. Used to so much death, a place so full of vitality was a marvel to him and his companions. Duo felt himself caught up in the aura of that land, promising himself he would come back one day, eyes focused on their goal at the same time. They had to get to the safehouse by daylight, or risk being seen. The moon was high above the treetops, but would not remain so for long. He kept the pace with Heero, both moving at ground-eating lope that had been trained into them as children. The Japanese boy barely even seemed tired as he continued moving, face carefully blank of any fatigue. He only looked alert, completely aware of every sound, smell, sight and taste that came his way. If they were ambushed, it would not be because of carelessness.

It was a full two hours before he allowed them to stop and rest, settling in a thicket, halfway hidden by the giant, almost treelike ferns spread around it. A fallen tree had crashed there some time ago, its innards rotten and gnawed at by insects. Duo settled on it regardless, too tired to notice the many-legged creatures that scattered at his movement. Heero joined him, the two catching their breath in the dead quiet of the night, both unaware that there should have been some sound amongst the trees, the chirping of crickets or rustling in the leaves. There was nothing, everything eerily silent, as if the forest and her occupants waited for something. Unconsciously, Duo leaned slightly on his comrade, lungs heaving, sweat pouring down his face. As it was summer, the heat hung oppressively around them, making it almost to hot to breathe. The pilots felt as if they were inhaling water, not the oxygen that each desperately needed.

"Are you-" whatever Heero had said or was going to say was immediatly lost in thunderous crashing from the bushes, something bulky and violent coming their way. Beneath that sound, under the snapping of twigs and trampling of leaves, was a continuous whimper, the sound of a silenced child in pain, a noise which Duo heard before anything else. In an instant, both rebels were on their feet, guns drawn and eyes carefully focused on the waving foliage as it was shoved out of the way by large, impatient hands. Seconds later a burly, unshaven man burst through the leaves, dragging a gagged youngster along with him, whether it was boy or girl undeterminable due to the large amount of dirt and blood running down the child's face. The man, who had been focusing on cursing at his captive, now felt himself staring into two pairs of eyes, narrowed in anger and concentration, one a dark blue, the other tinged violet. It was the last thing that man ever saw, dropping to the ground seconds later, twin bullets having torn through his flimsy shirt and flesh in an instant.

"Trash," Duo spat harshly, not bothering to close the vacant, staring eyes, shocked even in death.

He turned to the man's companion, who'd been freed from his grasp at the end of the other's life, meaty fists now lax and unable to touch him/ her ever again. It didn't take a gundam pilot to take in the youngsters torn overalls and bruised flesh, to analyze it and know what had might have occurred between them and the stranger now dead on the ground. The cowering creature, inched away from that blazing violet gaze, now more frightened then he/she'd been only moments ago. He or she whimpered piteously and tried to become part of the vegetation circling the clearing.

Duo smiled, reassuringly, the tentative statement on his face so unlike his usual ferocious grin.

"It's okay," he murmured softly, harsh growl becoming soothing and gentle. Heero started at the sound, having never heard it before. One eyebrow raised, watching as his lover knelt before the little one, extending one slender hand. Moments later, after a great deal of staring and wondering on behalf of the child, a smaller hand was placed in it, as he/she allowed Duo to lead them both into the clearing. When they reach Heero, he dropped the tiny fist, whispering something to the youth about him being a friend. Meeting the Japanese boy's questioning gaze, he simply shrugged and turned away, dragging the fresh corpse under the fallen tree, another secret for the forest to bury in her depths. Huffing and puffing, Duo managed to hide the body completely, something that would never be found unless someone came looking for it. Which, he prayed, no one would. Bastards like that deserved to rot in the woods, forgotten by all but the creatures that dwelled in their graves. He was driven out his dark thoughts by a hoarse shriek, that of the child.

The braided boy turned quickly, shocked to the core when he saw Heero, gun in hand, advancing on the kid. He stopped only inches away, pointing the cold barrel at his/her slender chest, preparing to end this life, despite the clenching in his own heart.

"Heero?" a soft voice, interupted him, finger quivering just above the trigger, just above this little one's death.

"She's seen us Duo...she knows what we look like. All obstacles must be removed. All mouths must be sealed. Including hers," the low monotone growled, trying to accept it, even as he willed his lover to. A warm hand was laid on his shoulder, the comforting presence that was Duo, just behind him. Under it, between his shoulder blades, digging into the muscle there, a cold form was added, Duo's handgun. The safety clicked, once.

"Heero," he could read the regret clearly in the braided boy's voice, melded with a fierce kind of determination,"I can't let you do that. Drop the gun."

The hand resting on his skin shook slightly, as he turned his head, just enough to glance at the black-clad pilot from the corner of his eye.

"All obstacles...must be eliminated.. " Heero began, trying to convince himself, Prussian blue orbs almost not seeing the girl in front of him as she shivered and sobbed.

"If you do this...I hafta kill you, Heero. Don't make me do that," Duo whispered urgently, grip tightening till his knuckles went white.

"I will..." his grip loosen on the trigger, cold iron suddenly becoming far too heavy in his hand.

"She's just a kid, Heero. Even if she does say anything... OZ doesn't believe kids," the other pilot continued, fear thick in his voice.

*Don't make me shoot him...please..* he pleaded silently to whatever benevolent deity might be listening.

There was one sound in the night, one noise broke the silence, that of a gun tumbling to the forest floor.

Heero turned to face the braided boy completely, the cold metal of his weapon digging into his chest. Relieved Duo lowered his own gun, slipping it into the waistband of his cargo pants. He resisted the urge to grab the Japanese boy and never let go, knowing that relationship must remain private and his own feelings about Heero a secret for the time being. Instead, he settled for gripping the bare shoulder once, tightly, before releasing him.

"And what do you propose we do now?" the Wing pilot asked, quietly, keeping tabs on the girl behind him, who lay shaking, too frightened to move.

"That's simple," Duo grinned, appearing carefree as always, "We bring her with us."

Maxwell was once again infinitely glad he'd become somehow immune to the patented Yuy Deathglare TM. The burning, furious glower he'd been on the receiving end of surely would've incinerated anyone else.

Once again, the American approached their newest charge, appearing as nonthreatening as he possibly he could. Falling into the familiar role of a fool, Duo gave her a cheerful grin before lifting the youngster into his arms. At first flinching away from any contact, she eventually settled down into the protective yet comforting embrace, like every other the braided boy gave so freely. Still smiling, he regarded the child in his arms.

"What's your name, sweetheart?"

"Emily," she sniffed, staring at him with large....violet eyes. Duo nearly dropped her when the color flashed in the moonlight, glowing from a mask of dirt and tears.

"My name's Duo..." he whispered back, half in an awe. In all his short life, with all the people he'd met, he'd never seen another human being with eyes that same color. Not one.

"And he's Heero!" Emily chirped, pointing behind Duo's black-clad back. The Japanese boy stood there, tucking his own gun into those impossibly tight spandex shorts. His statement, fierce as always didn't bother little girl, who'd been at his mercy mere minutes ago. Yet, she didn't seem to fear him, not trying to hide or escape from the dark-haired pilot at all. Heero, too noticed the unusual color, the only sign of this being the slight twitching of one eyebrow.

*Strange. There's three [1] I've never been able to kill....And two of them had eyes like that...*

"Yes," Duo chuckled, interrupting his thought, "He's Heero. Tell me, Emily, do you know where you live? Is there a home we could bring you to? Your parents?"

The little girl bit her lip in thought before answering, once again resembling the pilot of Deathscythe, who possessed the same bad habit, "My mommy and daddy live in Alberta. On Westernbrook street. Can you-could you take me there, please? I wanna go home!" Tears brimmed at edges of those eyes, Emily now reminded how far away she was from her parents, how complete strangers had beaten her, hurt her more and pointed guns at her, threatening to kill the child-who could not be more than ten years old-at a moment's notice.

"Of course, baby...We'll do our best. Me and Heero'll find a way to get you home..I promise," Duo assured her solemnly, swearing it in his heart. The American did not take promises lightly, nor did he intend to break any made to a frightened, beaten child.

"Do you promise too?" Emily wondered of the silent figure behind them, fixing him with her violet stare.

Heero blinked in the moonlight, surprised by her question. "Yes," he replied slowly, not quite believing the words, " I promise we'll get you home. To your parents." Hope was reborn in his partner, Duo turning to regard him with new eyes.

*Maybe I won't have to fight him on this after all....*

"Well," he interupted the quiet cheerfully, noticing now that the crickets had begun to chirp, announcing in their wordless way that all was safe, " I guess we better get started."

And so, they did.


There was no part of Duo Maxwell that did not hurt. His legs, from hip to ankle cramped in a half-dozen different ways, muscles stubbornly resisting every stride, every step the braided boy took. Tendon knotted on tendon, giving him no relief from the constant pain. His shoulders and arms were the same, protesting the extra work that carrying a small child entailed. The ache at the small of his back also demanded rest, demanded that he be relieved of his burden. His braided head throbbed even more, every brain cell feeling as if he'd fallen out his gundam onto it-Duo halted that train of thought, abruptly. He had fallen out of his gundam onto it. All in all, the American pilot was not in good shape. He needed rest, water, sleep. And more than anything he just wanted to curl up on the bed of leaves they tramped on, just curl up and let his lover hold him for a little while. Perhaps a long while, if Heero was feeling generous.

His longings were interupted by the lean form in front of him stopping, almost causing Duo to crash into his partner. Emily was roused from her half dose, bleary eyes making out Heero in front of her. She didn't scream or yelp, apparently in some state of shock. Unfortunately there was little any of them could do about that now, surrounded as they were by trees.

"Give her to me," the Wing pilot ordered quietly.

"What?!?!" Duo tried to hold up some mask of strength, some illusion that he could handle this, that he didn't need the break, " I'm fine. Let's keep going."

"You're tired and you're in pain. Give her to me. I'll carry her," Heero replied simply, staring Duo down, knowing he'd won when violet eyes could no longer meet his own.

"If you insist...." Duo mumbled, handing Emily to his comrade. Heero accepted her weight easily, as if the child was nothing. Glancing over at the braided boy, noting the weary slump his shoulders, he slid one arm around the other's waist, supporting him gently, pulling him close despite the heat. Duo barely even resisted, too tired for such a foolish thing as pride. He sighed a little and continued walking, glad for the strength offered by his partner. Slowly, the braided boy half drifted off, eyelids drooping slightly, only walking because Heero kept him going, kept him on his feet. When it was apparent he wasn't paying attention to much of anything anymore, the Wing Pilot focused his stare on the child cradled in his arms. Emily was small for her age, short and slender in a way only a child could be. Under the filth coating her exposed skin and overalls, it was obvious that she was a pretty child, probably her captors reason for abducting her. Long auburn ringlets bounced around as he walked, tickling the bare skin of his arm, framing a large-heart-shaped face, not unlike Duo's. She had all her attention focused on Heero, violet eyes slitted in the darkness.

"Is Duo gonna be all right?" she asked him quietly, not wanting to disturb either boy.

"He'll be fine," the Japanese pilot growled softly, " He's just tired."

"You tired?"


"What's that mean?" the snubbed nose wrinkled slightly, like Duo's did...

*But she's familiar in another way....how?* He couldn't place it no matter how he tried.

"It doesn't mean anything," Heero replied, trying to forget the similarities between this lost child and his half-conscious partner.

"Then why'd you say it?" she chirped.


"Cause why?" the child persisted, cocking her head slightly.

"Do you always ask so many questions?" he grumbled, changing the subject.

"I guess. Do you always say 'hn'?"she smiled a little as she tripped over the monosyllable, stressing the sounds.





One Prussian blue eye twitched slightly. For a traumatized child she certainly recovered quickly.

"Do you have any brothers or sisters, Emily?"Heero asked in a tense voice, not sure what to make of the awakening curiosity he held.

"No...just me. Mommy and Daddy said they only wanted me." She smiled, a smaller imitation of Duo's devil-may-care grin.


"Do you have parents, Heero?" violet eyes blinked innocently.

"None that I can remember," he studied the stars, glittering from their place in a velvet sky. Among them lay the colonies, the only family he could ever hope to have. A family that had betrayed them...He swallowed quickly, trying to dispel the tightening knot in his throat.

"Oh...But you still have Duo, right?"

"What do you mean?" he growled, immediatly shifting his gaze to the braided burden at his right shoulder.

"Silly! You wouldn't take care of him otherwise," she shook her head thoughtfully. Adults, even young ones, could be so dense sometimes.

"I suppose..."

"And you don't look so mean when you're watching him," Emily chirped honestly, giving Heero a wary look. She wondered if he was gonna glare again. A surprised look spread across that normally blank face instead, one eyebrow raising.

*Don't I?*


"Where'd you and Duo come from, anyway?" she wondered aloud, natural curiosity and natural talkativeness working against any fear she had of her new found friends.

"We..." Heero wracked his mind, trying to find a sufficient explanation for a child, "We flew...we..."

Violet eyes nearly tripled in size, becoming even more enormous. " You're....you're soldiers aren't you? You're fighting in the war....."Emily hissed, her tone becoming accusing and angry, sounding like someone twice her age.

Heero's shoulders slumped, giving up. Their cover could be blown so easily, but somehow, for some strange reason he trusted this girl, " We're rebels."

"My daddy was a soldier," she volunteered. Heero hoped, prayed to a God he didn't know or believe in, that her father was not with OZ, was not a part of this bloody war for power and freedom, that he could somehow be spared. He did not want to kill this child's father, didn't want to take another life that night. "But he got hurt in the war. Fought a big MS... his suit got hurt...and Daddy...lost part of his leg. The Alliance didn't want him anymore...And he didn't want the Alliance," she frowned, reciting her story with some difficulty, " I think he said....he said he didn't want to fight somebody or something. The gundans? I forget."

The Japanese boy's released a breath he didn't know he'd been holding, feeling a tension leave his body.

"The Gundams," he supplied quietly.

"Yeah! That's it. You're smart Heero," she grinned, " Do you go to school?"

Heero suppressed a chuckle, thinking of all the schools he'd been to in the past year. Countless schools.


"You say that an awful lot," she whined a little, sending him a small glare, not nearly as deadly or harsh as his own.


She didn't answer this time, yawning instead. The moon still hung over their heads, but moving closer still to where it would set in a few hours. Heero smiled a little at the girl he cradled in his arms.

"Go to sleep, Emily. I'll find the way, I promise," he said.


Acres and acres of forest slowly gave way to countryside, farmhouses beginning to light the dirt road from where they sat on their land, countryside gave way to suburban housing where the weary pilot made his way to Westernbrook Street with his two charges. Duo was almost completely asleep, Heero half carrying him through the streets, not one bit sorry that he offered his support. It was a ready excuse for him to touch his lover, something he didn't often do in public. Emily lay completely out in his arms, head resting in the crook of one arm, a peaceful statement on her face despite everything. Heero found himself regretting waking them both up, now faced with a sign clearly labeled "Westernbrook" in white lettering. Emily cracked a bright smile, immediatly mirrored by the braided boy, who know stretched and stood on his own, not daring to take the girl though, after seeing the statement on his comrades face.

*He doesn't look like that often. Damn, I wonder what the little imp did, while I was out.*

The trio headed down Emily's street, alone on the pavement. The neighborhood was asleep, unaware during the night, a peaceful haven for old soldiers. They reached a cheerful looking, one story home with a porch out front. Lights glowed from the living room, a sure sign that worried parents waited for news of their daughter, probably from the local police. Heero set his burden down on that porch, not making a sound on the creaking wooden stairs. Duo watched from the branches of an old apple tree, which cast its shade in the well- manicured lawn. The braided boy became a mere shadow among the limbs, stealthy even without his Gundam's equipment. He smiled slightly when Emily gripped his lovers neck in a hug, Heero almost jumping from shock.

*Knowing him, he thought she was attacking him,* Duo smirked.

"Good-bye Mister Heero...Thank you for keeping your promise," Emily whispered in Heero's ear words for only him to hear.

"I never break promises," Heero replied seriously.

"I have to ask you to make another one, though," the child continued, her tone far more adult than what he'd heard all evening.

"What's that?" he wondered, a small frown forming.

Emily pushed the spandex-clad boy away, smiling cheerfully. "Don't be lost anymore [2]!" she chirped loudly, causing the members of her household to stir. Heero swung up into the branches, climbing up the ancient boughs with unhuman speed, joining his lover in the shadows. He looked perfectly calm and focused, but inside the Zero pilot's mind reeled.


The door was flung open seconds later, revealing a short, plump woman with curling auburn hair, like Emily's and a man, missing half of one leg, from the knee down, who's eyes were a sparkling violet color. They exclaimed with joy at the sight of their daughter, unharmed if a bit dirty on their front porch. She smiled back at them, glad to be back in the arms of her family once again. Then, there was the barking of a small dog, a tiny white creature, with as much energy as its mistress. It jumped all over Emily, causing her to giggle, a familiar laugh that struck a chord in Heero.

"I missed you too, Mary!" she shrieked, then the door was closed once more, the joy inside muffled by walls and doors, but never completely contained.

Two shadows dropped out of the apple tree, beginning their walk to the safehouse farther into the city. Duo slipped an arm around his lovers waist, raising an eyebrow in surprise when Heero didn't pull away.

"Hey, we did something good, man," he purred in the shorter boy's ear, " And we didn't even have to blow anything up."

Heero didn't verbally respond, instead grabbing the braided boy and pulling him into a hot, steamy embrace, that left Duo gasping for breath.

"Ummm...Heero. I didn't know works of good will made you so....energetic," he stuttering was rewarded with another kiss, this one just as passionate and even more desperate.

"Hmmmm..Wow. Maybe we should start helping out at shelters...aid the homeless and all that..."


Hours later, stretched out next to the slumbering Duo in the bed they shared at the newest safehouse, his hands tangled in long, unbound chestnut strands, Heero watched the setting moon, the glowing orb casting its light over the world for only a few more moments. He placed a gentle, loving kiss on the braided boys slightly open mouth, pleased when Duo curled toward him in sleep. Prussian blue eyes darkened, matching the color of a night sky briefly, and he whispered one thing into the night.

"I promise."

Duo roused himself slightly, heavy lidded violet eyes, regarding his lover, "Hmmmm?"

"You should be asleep," Heero growled in reply.

The braid pilot smiled sweetly for a moment, " I remembered I had to tell you something."

"What's that?" the dull monotone dropped to a whisper, rolling onto his back and drawing Duo close.

"I love you."

Perhaps he wasn't so lost anymore.


The End


[1] Hehehe..::sweatdrop:: He couldn't (wouldn't?) kill Duo, now Emily and I'm not going to mention the third person for fear of being burned at the stake. -_-0

[2] Okay, it's a bad cliche I know, her being the little girl. But I always thought she kinda looked like Duo anyway and I'm too lazy to do a multi-part fic where D ends up being her long-lost brother and blahblahblah...

Anyways, hope you liked it. Sorry for all the sap, and the typical lyssira-ending, but that's what I write. The only thing i can write (that and my twisted humor fics)....god...someone put me out of my misery.

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