By: Lyssira

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Warnings: Relena-bashing. Shounen Ai. Much sarcasm on part of the narrator.

Pairings: 1+R (not really...don't hurt me, you'll see!) 1+2

Note: Ummm...this is just a really pointless ficlet. but I couldn't resist writing it.



A disgruntled Mr. Peacecraft-Yuy rolled out of bed, clad in his silk pajamas and slinging on a designer robe. He stood there for a moment, groaning about insensitive women and how he was supposed to have work tomorrow. He'd fall asleep at his Preventer's desk at this rate. Bleary eyed, the young man glanced at his clock. 1:07 AM. Dammit. What could possibly be so important that his wife, gorgeous and politically important though she may be, would drag him away from rest at this hour?

Relena Peacecraft-Yuy had been prepping for her major press-conference the next morning since the year began. Wholeheartedly, Heero supported his wife. He had since the war, when they'd first met. But even he could see she was getting more than a little obsessive over the entire thing. She'd dyed her hair five times that week, desperate to make sure it stayed its "natural" color. Which the honey-colored tresses would've done anyway if the Vice Foreign Minister avoided nuclear plants and suspicious looking shampoos. An army of fashion consultants had picked out the young woman's clothes for the special event, which took two weeks since they couldn't agree whether Relena looked best in Cobalt or Prussian Blue. And the make-up....he didn't even want to THINK about the make-up. Currently Relena had spent eight hours perfecting her flawless features. But because he loved her with all of his new-found heart, Heero had forced himself not to complain, just go along with it.

Having dragged his protesting body to the bathroom where his wife, the mother of his child, was perched on a stool, elongating her eyelashes, Heero took in the scene before him with confusion. Cornflower blue eyes were positively enormous with horror. One slender hand cupped over her cheeks and nose.

"What is it?" he grumbled in his monotone.

"Heero! Heero! You have to do something!!!!!!!" she wailed, her voice piercing despite being muffled by her hand.

"About what?"

Slowly pale fingers were removed from the former Queen of the World's face. Revealing the largest zit in the history of mankind.

It was enormous. And red. And poking out from the very end of Relena's nose. It spread over her cheeks.

"Heeeeero," she whined, tears filling her eyes.




"HEERO! Wake UP!" a loud, wonderfully familiar voice shocked the Perfect Soldier out of sleep.


He sprang straight up in bed, Prussian eyes terrified and wild.

"Me...Relena...married...zit..." he babbled, holding tightly onto his lovers hand.

"It's okay Hee-chan, we've been over this. It isn't real, remember..?" that easy grin spread across Duo's face.

For a moment, Heero almost saw Relena...then, like an angel descending from the heavens, the elfin features of the Deathscythe Pilot penetrated her visage and he sighed audibly with relief.

"Duo...thank god..."

Moral of the Story: Stick with the hot braided guy. It always turns out better. ^_~




don't hurt me!

*evil laughter* Bwahahahaahahhahahahahahahaha....did I scare you? Huh? huhhhuhhuhuhuhuh? XD XD

Kay....maybe not but I couldn't help but write this. *grin* This is the result of too many chat-rooms convinced the "Princess and the Perfect Soldier" make the "perfect couple". Revenge of the 1x2 Fanatic....*cackle* I honestly don't hate Relena but hearing babble like that could definitely change my mind. Tis wonderful to make fun of her, tho!

LM: Ready for another roadtrip?
Duo: Oh yeah!!!!!! Yay!!!! *cough* I mean...aww do we hafta?
LM: *recalls what happened last time in cat-carrier* Uh-huh

*exits, strange noises already emitting from aforementioned carrier*

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