Title: You're my blood type part 6
Contains: Shonen ai, mild angst, a little sap
Warnings: swearing, and I forgot to say before that this is a TWT. ^_^ AND hopefully, I have made Une as IC as possible. You have my permission to thwap me on the head if I screw up something.
Pairings: 1+2/2+1, 4+3, 5xS, others unknown as of now
Notes: Did you miss this fic? Things are getting weirder for our beloved Duo.
Date: June 16, 2002
Status: 6/?
Author: Lunadeath
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Location: Mercy Hospital, room 202
Time: 3:05 AM
Occupants: Duo, Heero, Howard, and Lady Une


"Aunt??" Heero's eyebrows rose. He got over the shock quickly, furrowing his brow, and then grounded out, "Why should I believe you?"

"Ask Howard, when he wakes up." They both look over at the old man. Howard was smacking his lips, grumbling, and then turned over on his side.

"Aunt or not, I would like you to leave. Pronto."

Une snickered, fully understanding why Heero would behave this way. She was an Oz officer, he was a colony terrorist, and they were enemies. Of course, he wouldn't believe her. She knew that she would act the same way with them if any of the pilots came up to her proclaiming to be their child.

"Look. I think I know what will make us both happy. Why don't you take me as your prisoner? That way I can be here for Duo when he wakes up, and you won't have to worry about me doing anything to him, since you'll be watching over me."

"I already have the mission to look after Duo. I don't need to be looking after a prisoner too."

"You mean, you won't take the opportunity to take me prisoner? What is the matter with you?"

Heero snorted, "You might be planning something. So I would advise that you leave and go back to your Trieze." He brought his gun back out.

"This again?" she sighed, pressing a couple fingers into her forehead.

"Leave, now. Before Duo wakes up."

A grumbled sound was heard from behind. "Heero? What's going on?"

"Damn." Heero groaned.

"Hello, Howard." Une said nonchalantly.

"Lady Une?" Howard gasped. He fumbled around to get his legs out of the tangled sheets. Quickly he began to pull his pants on.

"Yes, it's me. How have you been?"

Heero groaned out loud.

"I'm… fine." Howard said, looking at what was going on. "Um, Heero? How did she in here?"

Heero grit his teeth. "I don't know."

"Howard, tell Heero here that I am telling the truth when I say that I'm Duo's aunt."

Howard gasped.

Heero turned his head slightly, "Howard? Is it true?"

The old man sighed, bowing his head, "Yes. It is true. Une is Duo's aunt. But it's because she's my son's wife's sister. So she's not really related to me, just Duo."

Une snickered. "Gee, don't sound so enthused there, old man. So, did your son tell you about their first born here?" She turned her gaze down to Duo.

"No. They never told me about it. I never knew that I was a grandfather."

"Oh. I figured you would have had an idea that you had a grandchild out there somewhere. Anyways, now that the cat's out of the bag, I think that we should try getting along, for Duo's sake."

Howard laughed, but then covered his mouth, trying to muffle his voice, "I'm sorry, I didn't mean to laugh. I just never thought that you would do something like this since he IS supposed to be one of the Gundam pilots that you don't like very much. So why are you here?"

Lady Une sighed, "Do I really have to repeat myself?? I am here to see him, ok?"

"Wasn't it YOU that put him in here in the first place?" Heero growled, still aiming his gun at her.

"Are you accusing ME of being responsible for Duo's injuries?? I assure you that the ones that did this weren't under my authority."

"Then how did Duo end up in such a terrible state?"

"I don't know! And quit glaring at me, it's disturbing. You should put that gun away too, before it goes off!"

"What's with all the shouting?" A voice below them asked weakly. Both Heero and Une sat back down to give the recovering boy some attention. Heero had a hold of Duo's left hand and Une had Duo's right, placing her other hand on top of Duo's chestnut crown.

"I'm sorry we woke you up. How are you feeling?" Une asked.

"Huh?" Duo stood up too quickly, but then fell back down.

"Relax, Duo, it's ok." Heero said as nice as he could. He looked across the bed at Une and glared. Une glared back.

"L-Lady Une?" Duo croaked out. "Why are you holding my hand and petting me?"

Heero's glare got worse.

"Well… you see…" She cleared her throat.

"Duo." Howard walk over and peered over Heero's shoulder, "Lady Une is… your mother's sister."


"Shhhh…" Heero put his hand over Duo's mouth gently, "You'll wake up the entire hospital."

"Sorry." he mumbled against Heero's hand. When Heero got his hand back, Duo whispered, "Nani?"

Howard and Une snickered.

"That's right." Une said, "I'm your Auntie Une."

"Oh. My. God. Could it get any worse?"

"Well, now that you mention it…"

"No! I will NOT join you!" Duo snapped, narrowing his eyes at the colonel.

"I wasn't gonna say that." Une said in defense. "I was gonna tell you that your father's sister, Kalli, had a baby a while ago, around the same time that you were born, I think. So I believe that you have a cousin out there somewhere."

Duo closed his eyes, "Just great! Now I have people related that I have to worry about."

Une shook her head, "You don't need to worry about me. You should never have me cross your mind at all when you fight. I understand that you have your own point of views and reasons for doing what you're doing…"

"Damn straight!" Duo snarled.

"I don't wish to get in your way. I just want you to understand that I DO care about you. And to let you and your comrade here know that Mr. Treize is no longer the leader of Oz. He resigned. Ever since the production of mobile dolls begun, he had been loathing the war more and more each day. (She didn't wish to elabrate. This was the enemy, for Heaven's sake!) I see a new beginning for us all on the horizon, but I'm not sure when and I'm not sure how. So please, keep fighting for what you believe in, and some day, we may all see the peace we have all longed for."

Nothing more was said as they sat there in mutual understanding. ~*~

Location: Mercy Hospital, room 202
Time: 11:35 AM
Occupants: Duo, Heero, Howard, and Lady Une


"Good morning, Duo." Howard said, hauling in a tray of food.

"Morning!" Duo chirped. He licked his lips as he spotted the tray that his grandpa was bringing in. "Mmm… breakfast! I'm starving!"

"I knew you would be." Howard chuckled. "Did you get enough sleep?"

"Plenty." Duo said as he lifted his fork. When Howard placed the tray in front of him, Duo had attacked his food.

"Slow down, Duo. You'll choke."

Duo gulped his food before giving Howard a toothy grin.

Heero walked, um, wobbled in and sat down next to Duo.

"Well?" Howard asked, looking back and forth at Heero and Duo.

"Well what?" Duo said.

"Did you two make up yet?"

Heero glared, "For what?"

Duo looked shocked, "What do you mean, `for what'??"

"Now, now, boys." Howard said, placing a gentle hand onto Duo's shoulder. "Just settle down. I think you two should talk about this later when Heero is done with his check up."

Heero's eyes widened comically. Duo broke into laughter.

"My what??"

Howard smiled nervously, "Your check up. I'm sorry, Heero, but it's for your own good."

"WHO signed me up for a check up?" His eyes turned to Duo.

Duo stopped laughing and paled, "I didn't! I swear!"

Heero looked over at Howard.

Howard cleared his throat, "Well, I had a talk with Sally, and we both decided that it was the best thing to do."

"You are NOT my guardian. The only one you're allowed to play guardian to is Duo!" Heero crossed his arms over his chest and huffed.

Une suddenly began to snicker. Heero's gaze narrowed to little tiny slits when he aimed his usual glare at her. "I'm sorry, Heero." She snickered more, "But it is just so funny to see the Perfect Soldier not getting himself checked for injuries! And pouting about it. It's so laughable! I've been wondering how in the world you're able to beat my best *healthy* troops when you obviously don't care about yourself."

Heero's gaze softened. He turned to look at Duo who was giving him a worried expression.

"I… I want to…"

Duo placed a hand over Heero's knee, "Heero, please."

"I want to wait."

"Wait for what? You have nothing stopping you, Heero."

Heero looked around the room, noticing that they all had worried looks on their faces. Even Lady Une was looking worried. Why should she? She was an enemy. Maybe there was more to Une than he thought. From what he heard, it sounded as if there was more to Trieze as well.

"As long as Duo's safe and well, then I…" he sighed, taking a deep breath, "Then I will have my check up."

The worried looks all turned into smiles.

"That's good to hear!" Duo grinned, squeezing Heero's shoulder lightly.

The rest all nodded.

Heero sighed, wondering if he had just made a mistake. He wanted to keep looking after Duo. Not vice versa.


AN: It might be a while before I write more on this, depending on my muse. Yes, it all depends on this little bratty chibi duo. Gomen nasai mina-san!! *bows* but I will be finishing Transmutation Stimulation, doing more Phenomenal Imp, and then finally some more Jungle Love! So they all come first before another part to this. Well, not too sure about PI as much as JL.