Title: You're my blood type part 5
Contains: Shonen ai, mild angst, a little sap
Warnings: swearing, and I forgot to say before that this is a TWT. ^_^
Pairings: 1+2/2+1, 4+3, 5xS, others unknown as of now
Notes: Did you miss this fic? Things are getting weirder for our beloved Duo.
Date: June 8, 2002
Status: 5/?
Author: Lunadeath
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Disclaimer: I do not own GW or its characters, nor am I making any money out of this. This is for my pleasure only, and I'll return the boys `as is' when I'm done. Er…well, not completely as is. ^_^

Location: Mercy Hospital, lobby
Time: 9:40 PM
Occupants: Sally Po, WuFei, and ?

Sally stretched and popped her back into place. She could hardly believe that she actually did a twelve-hour day without getting too sleepy for once. She sighed, gathering the papers on the front desk into a neat pile.

"Go home now, woman." She heard her boyfriend grumble.

Sally chuckled, "Almost finished, Wu-chan. Hold on."

WuFei's eye twitched.

Sally continued to laugh. She loved doing that to him. It was too much fun!

"Excuse me," a lady at the front desk said, adjusting her sunglasses. She was wearing a dark trench coat as well.

"Yes?" Sally smiled.

"Is Duo Maxwell still here?"

"Why yes, he is. He gets to go home tomorrow, however."

"That's great to hear!" The lady smiled. "May I see him?"

Sally shook her head, "Sorry. Visiting hours are over."

The lady sighed, "Aw. That's too bad. What time does he get out tomorrow?"

"Some time in the afternoon." Sally told her, finishing the rest of her paper work.

"Ok. I'll just drop by before then." She turned to leave.

"Wait. Do I know you?"

The lady didn't turn back around, but said over her shoulder, "I'm a close and personal friend of his." Then she walked out the front doors.

WuFei crossed his arms, going into deep concentration. "I think I recognize her."

"Me too." Sally muttered.


Location: Mercy Hospital, room 202
Time: 11:34 PM
Occupants: Duo, Heero, Howard (asleep), Sally, WuFei, and Quatre

Sally knocked on the already open door, "May I come in?"

Duo sat up in his bed, smiling. "You're still here, Sally?"

"I was about to leave, but the strangest thing just happened."


Heero came out of the bathroom with a glass of water and handed it to Duo.

Duo took it without making eye contact.

Howard was on a guest cot, sawing logs.

Quatre and WuFei followed Sally in but stood by the door's entrance because it was getting quite crowded. They all made sure that their voices weren't too loud when they spoke, for the old man's sake. It was the first time in a while that Howard had gotten any sleep.

"Why are you awake, Maxwell?" WuFei huffed.

Duo grinned, "Because I couldn't sleep. That's why." He shook his head, muttering, "WuFei no baka."

"What did you say, Maxwell?"

Duo smiled, "Nothing. So what happened, Sally?"

Sally walked over to the side that Heero wasn't occupying and sat down. "Well, this lady came in wondering if you were still here. I told her yes, and that you were going home tomorrow. She was glad to hear it and wanted to see you. I told her visiting hours were over with and she couldn't."

"But, you're all still here."

"I make exceptions to those that really are close to you. The strange thing was that she said she was a close and personal friend of yours, but she looked like someone I know. Or should I say, someone we all know."

Duo leaned in closer, "Who? Who?"

WuFei sighed heavily, "I think it was Lady Une."


"Lady Une?" Quatre gasped.

"Why would it be her?" Heero asked.

Sally shrugged, "It looked like her. It's either that or the similarities are uncanny."

Duo sighed, "What should we do? If it was Lady Une, and she's come here to kill me, or capture me, or something…"

"She can't!" Sally growled, standing up, "This is a pacifist area! She has no right to start anything!"

"Maybe we should have Duo leave earlier tomorrow before she gets here?"

Sally sighed, thinking on this, "We could, but… I don't like letting patients go sooner than they're supposed to. It's way too risky."

"A bodyguard, then?" Quatre suggested.

"Good idea! But who would do it? I don't have any bodyguards. And there certainly aren't any around the pacifist area to hire."

All was still for about a minute before a voice broke the contemplative silence.

"I'll do it."

Duo turned his head, eyes round and quivering, "Nani?"

"Are you sure, Heero?" Sally asked.

Heero nodded, not making any eye contact. "Yes, I'm sure."

"Thank you, Heero. Now, what time shall we have Duo go home? Any suggestions?"

"What time did you tell the lady?" Quatre asked.

"I told her some time in the afternoon."

"Then we should make it before or at noon. That should be the safest time."

All nodded. The plan was set.


Location: Mercy Hospital, room 202
Time: 12:15 AM
Occupants: Duo (sleeping), Heero, Sally, and Howard (asleep)

Heero still sat in the chair he had always occupied, arms folded, and began to doze off. A slight movement from the left disrupted him, and before he could get his eyes to focus in the near dark, he had his gun to the person's head.

"Heero! It's me!" the voice said in a hushed whisper.

"Sally." Heero nodded, and then put his gun away.

"Why so jumpy, Heero? It's not like you're protecting the princess." She chuckled.

Heero grunted under his breath as he sat back down.

"Ok, Heero, will you let me look at your knee now?"

"There's more important things at stake right now."

"What do you mean?"

"First of all, I'm guarding Duo. I don't need any distractions that could get him killed or captured. Second, you should be going home and getting some well deserved sleep."

Sally huffed, "In the condition you're in you wouldn't be able to fight off anyone with all of your strength. I will go home as soon as I look at your knee. I won't do anything for it right now, I just want to look at it."

Heero moved the injured knee so that it was crossing over the other leg, "No. This can wait until tomorrow."

"Please, quit being so stubborn about this. I just want to look at it."

"Quatre and WuFei had the right idea. Go home."

"You are gonna regret not taking care of it, Heero." Sally got up from her knees and made her way over to the door. "I hope that nothing happens to Duo because of your carelessness."

Heero glared at the back of the woman doctor until she closed the door behind her.

Heero snorted and then looked back down at the precious bundle that lie on the hospital bed, mouth slightly open, and a soft breathing sound emitting from that mouth. This was what he chose to do; this was his job. Protect Duo Maxwell from Oz, or anyone else that decided to bump him off.

Lady Une.

Why did she want to see him?

To kill him? Capture him? Threaten him?

Maybe a little of both.

No! He wasn't going to let her! Duo was his priority right
now. He was the other pilot's protector, bodyguard, friend… he won't
let her touch him!

Duo was his little baka. His, and his only.

Well, maybe Howard had some claim on him, too, but…

Duo was still his responsibility, and he promised to look after him.

He promised?

No, Heero shook his head, he didn't say he promised. But it felt like he did.

Heero sighed deeply. Yes, he did promise.

In his heart.


Location: Mercy Hospital, room 202
Time: 2:45 AM
Occupants: Duo (sleeping), Heero, Howard (asleep), and…

Finally, after Heero had fought the pains of keeping his eyes open, he fell asleep. His head was down; nestled on the top of his collar bone, and his arms were crossed over his chest.

His head was just about to drop to the side, waking him up, when he heard slight footsteps. He snapped his head up and listened carefully for where the sound was coming from, since his eyes refused to open at the time. The steps didn't sound like Duo's at all. They sounded lighter and more painstaking, like someone was trying not to make any noise.

Forcing his eyes open, he gazed in the dimly lit room and saw a tall shadowy figure looming over Duo's bedside. Time for action.

Heero had his gun out and aimed at the silent person. The unknown figure moved its head up slightly and looked down the barrel of Heero's gun.

"Step away from him. Slowly." Heero said in a harsh whisper.

The person raised its hands up and backed away as told. "I mean no harm."

"Who are you?"

The person chuckled softly, "I'm insulted. I thought you'd recognize me of all people."

Heero cocked a brow, "Une?"

She smiled, "Yes. And I meant what I said. I'm not here to harm him."

"What do you want?" Heero snarled.

"What else?" she sighed, folding her arms, "I'm here to see Duo."

"To kill him, you mean."

"No. I won't kill him."

"You're not taking him back to Oz with you, then." Heero kept his snarl in place.

Lady Une shook her head, "No, no… you don't understand. I just want to see him."

"You could have come during visiting hours. This IS a pacifist area."

"With what's been going on and you and your friends being so protective? No, I don't think I'd be welcome."

"How do you know what's been going on?"

"Ok, why don't we put the gun away so we can talk like civilized human beings? Besides, you're in no shape to fight at all, are you?"

Heero growled under his breath, but then decided to do things her way, this time. He stuck his gun back into his jacket.

"Thank you, Heero. Now," she pulled a seat up to sit down next to Duo, "What I'm about to tell you is not known by anyone except me, Mr. Treize, and Howard."

Heero's eyes widen, "Howard?"

"Yes. He didn't want to say anything about our relation for fear that others would think that he was on my side."

Heero sat back down in some shock, "Relation? You're related to Howard?"

Lady Une sighed, nodding her head slowly. She placed a hand onto Duo's sweaty forehead and lightly wiped some of the sticky bangs out of his face. "Yeah. By marriage I am. And I have just found out that… that Duo is Howard's grandson. I don't understand it at all why my sister decided to keep this cute little bundle a secret."

"Sister??" Heero stood, locking his eyes on Une. "You're his mother's… I mean… you're his…"

Lady Une nodded, smiling slightly, "I'm his Aunt."