Title: You're my blood type pt2
Contains: Shonen ai, mild angst, a little sap
Warnings: blood, swearing
Pairings: 1+2/2+1, 4+2&3, 5xS, others unknown as of now
Notes: Got an idea and decided to do something different with it.
Status: 2/?
Archived: Joygasm, Infinity base, I love bishonen site, DHML, and another one possibly
Disclaimer: I do not own GW or its characters, nor am I making any money out of this. This is for my pleasure only, and I'll return the boys as is when I'm done. Er…well, not completely as is. ^_^


Location: Mercy Hospital, room 202
Time: 5:48 PM
Occupants: Duo, Heero, Howard, and Sally

Pain is the first thing to register through his brain as he woke up. Although it was something that he was used to feeling almost all his life, it was hard to figure out if he really welcomed the pain or not. A part of him thought that he deserved it, but another part of him knew that if he felt pain then that meant that he was still alive. If he could surrender to the sweet call of death, and then he'd feel no more. As much as he hated feeling like this, he was slightly relieved to know that he was still among the living. Because HE was still there on Earth, alive and well.

He finally let his eyes open out of curiosity and noticed that his instincts were correct. He did smell the scent of a hospital. He also smelt another familiar odor that was in the room. He turned his head slightly and caught the profile of one Perfect Solider. It looked as if he were in his own world, eyes blazing with intensity. But Duo wasn't staring for that reason. Heero had let his guard down, and there before the longhaired man he could see the real boy under that solider mask. This was such a rare sight for him he'd hate to disturb him. But he needed to say something, if not to ask for something, but to let him know that he was awake.

"Heero?" he croaked.

Heero turned his head abruptly, eyes wide with surprise. He had his mouth hanging open in shock to see that Duo had finally woken up.


"Water, please?" Duo asked in a small voice. Heero nodded and got up right away to fetch him a glass of water. In his haste to the private bathroom, he almost ran into Sally who had just walked in with Howard.

"Excuse me," Heero said quickly and went into the bathroom. Both Howard and Sally were surprised to see Heero like that, which only meant one thing. They looked at each other and both knew that Duo had woken. They hurried into the room faster than what their pace once was and soon they were at the edge of Duo's bed.

Sally took the chair that Heero had just occupied, "You're awake. How are you feeling?"

"Like my own Gundam fell on me," Duo tried to joke, but in truth he wasn't up to joking around. He gave them both a half smile, "Hey Howard, old pal! How's it going?"

Howard was looking at Duo oddly, almost sympathetically, Duo noticed. He was unusually quiet too, which made Duo worry. The old man got closer to Duo's side and took his hand in his. "Howard? Are you alright?" Duo asked.

"I-I'm fine, Duo." He said in a low voice.

"You don't seem fine to me." Duo stated, and then jumped in surprise when Heero stuck a glass of cool water by his face. Duo looked up, smiled at the other pilot, and took the offered glass from him. The small beads of liquid on the sides of the glass felt good in his warm hands. He drank as much as he could stomach and then set the glass down on the hospital table.

Howard smiled, "Oh believe me, Duo. I'm fine. I'm just… well, I've been given some shocking news."

"Oh really?" Duo was relieved that his old comrade was ok. "So what's the news? Is it good or bad?"

"First," Sally said, taking out her clipboard, "We should let you know what is going on. Duo, you're a very lucky kid. The injuries that you received weren't very serious, and your ribs and fingers will heel up just fine. And if it wasn't for Howard here having the same blood type as you, you'd be a goner."

"Howard?" Duo gasped, "You gave me blood?" A huge grin slowly spread across the teenagers face.

Howard nodded, giving Duo a nice smile. Duo turned his to Heero, "Isn't that nice of him, Heero? Huh?" His eyes grew as he watched the other boy hobble back to the bathroom, apparently to get more water. He turned his gaze back over to Howard and Sally, "What's wrong with Heero?"

"What do you mean?" Sally asked.

"Can't you see him limping?"

"I haven't noticed before." Sally said truthfully, "Frankly I've just been too busy worrying about you. I'm sure that if he's really hurting he'll come to me."

Duo shook his head, "You don't know Heero that well then do you? He's a stubborn one and he doesn't like troubling people with himself. But I'll talk to him and get him to let you look him over. Once he knows that I'll be fine, he should start taking care of himself too."

"Who?" Heero had just walked back over to Duo's side and caught the last sentence. Duo gazed up at him.

"You, that's who! You should have Sally take a look at you now to make sure you didn't injure yourself badly."

Heero snorted, "I'm fine. Why does everyone want to bug me about this?"

"Because we worry about you." Sally said.

"And you're limping." Duo added.

"I'll be fine. I just sprained my knee."

"It might feel sprained," Sally said, "But it could be a torn ligament. Some knee ligament injuries require prompt surgical intervention, so you should have me take a look at it to make sure."

Heero couldn't stand them worrying over him at a time like this when Duo's health seemed more important to him, so he quickly changed the subject.

"Weren't you gonna tell Duo what you guys found out?"

"Oh yeah!" Howard chuckled, "I almost forgot."

Duo knew what Heero was doing, but he dismissed it for now, knowing he wouldn't win anyways, especially in his condition. He just heaved a sigh and then looked over at Howard who was looking more nervous than before.

"Well, I guess I'm ready to hear this. But is it good or bad news?"

Sally smiled, "I think it's good news." She looked over at Howard and winked.

Howard cleared his throat, "Ok…um…well, you see, Duo…when they were testing my blood to make sure it was safe they found out something very interesting."

"You're part alien?" Duo teased, giving him a big toothy grin.

Howard cracked a smile, "No."

"Oh, I know! You're immortal and because you gave me some of your blood that makes me an immortal too!"

Howard shook his head and sighed, "No, no…although that would be nice. But no, that's not it either. Think more realistically."

"Umm…you have diabetes?"


"Aw, I give up! What did they find out?"

"They…they found out that I'm related to you." Howard's grip on Duo's hand tightened.

Duo's eyes widened and blinked a few times before it finally sunk into his brain, "You're-you're re-related? How close?"

Howard smiled, "Close. Very close."

"Like an uncle?"

Howard shook his head, "Even closer than that."

Duo gasped, "C-closer? Like really, really close? How much closer…"

"Duo," Howard interrupted him while he still had his voice, "You're my grandson."