Title: X-Mas cheesecake (Sorry, I couldn't think of a better title. My mind is drawing a blank, and since I don't have a fic that begins with the letter X yet, so be it!)
Alternate title: Duo's unforgettable Christmas
Pairings: 2+1, 3x4
Contents: shonen ai, YAOI, sap, slight angst, slight WAFF
Warnings: loads of sap, some bad words.
Notes: ah, my muse has struck again. Deck the halls with Lunadeath's sap… fala la la la lalala la…
Oh and this fic can be known as "Duo's unforgettable Christmas: X-Mas cheesecake" cause there's a slight chance that I'll write a sequel. (I said "slight" now. Don't get your hopes up!)
Date: December 14, 2001
Archived: Joygasm, DHML, I love bishonen, infinity base, and soon another.
Disclaimer: I do NOT own Gundam Wing or its characters; I just like to play around with them like everyone else does. They're fun to mess with, ne?

Merry Christmas, minna-san! And happy New Year!

In the depths of the hangar, Heero was working hard on a part for his Gundam. Other than waiting for the part to come in and get replaced, he decided to try and fix the part himself. He had to make a quick promise to Duo that he won't steal his parts this time.

All the pilots were there, including Rasid and gang, in Quatre's hidden underground estate, and they were mostly busy with getting ready for Christmas. From what Heero knew, Quatre was the main cook that was preparing the meal. Heero heard that someone was helping him, but he couldn't remember who it was. It was probably his lover Trowa.

Heero had no qualms with the two being an item; none of that stuff really bothered him. To him, love is love, whether you believed in it or not. But right now, he `would' love a nice soak in the tub, and something to fill his slightly annoyed stomach.

"Oi, Heero! You in here, pal?"

"Over here." Heero called out from the dock he was standing on. The whole thing wrapped itself around Wing Zero, making it easier for Heero to get from one side of his Gundam to the other.

Duo looked up, one hand was holding a plate with a dessert on it and the other hand was on his hip. "Are you busy?"

"Yes I am, Duo." Heero sounded none too happy about the longhaired boy being there. Duo chuckled quietly to himself and proceeded to climb the ladder in front of him that lead to Heero's workstation.

When he made it to the top without spilling his stuff, he took in the sight before him. Heero's back was to him, so the Wing pilot couldn't see what Duo had in his hand. But Duo could see that Heero had been working hard, and he had grease all the way up to his elbows. Little smudges were smeared here and there on his face, a couple on his neck, and one on his left shoulder. To Duo, he looked absolutely adorable.

"Hungry?" Duo asked as nice as he could.

"A little. Why, is Quatre finished with the meal already?"

Duo snickered, "Just about. But how would you like a sample of my stuff?"

Heero didn't turn around, "No thanks. I'll wait until suppers done."

The Japanese boy didn't know this, but Duo did not like to be blown off in that manner. He came up from behind him and brought the plate around to Heero's face. Heero had to move back a ways so that the thing would come into focus; this made his back press up against Duo's chest.

"Wanna sample my cheese cake?" Duo purred. Heero blinked, eyeing the said cake with cherries on top of it. He sighed, trying to show some sympathy, and then said,

"Sorry, Duo, but look at my hands." Heero held them up; "I'm all greasy; I can't touch anything right now."

Duo took the fork that was on the plate, cut the tip off from the slice, and brought it up to Heero's mouth.

"Go on, try it. It won't kill you."

Heero scoffed. The damn American was trying to feed him like a baby! Heero glared at the offered bit of cheesecake on the fork, and then looked over to glare at Duo. The longhaired boy had a big smile on his face.

"Please?" Duo asked nicely, "Just take a taste."

Heero gave up, since the piece of cake was already touching his lips, and wrapped his mouth around it. Duo waited patiently for Heero to finish sampling the morsel before he asked, "Whatcha' think?"

To Heero's surprise, it was really good, "It's delicious. Where'd you buy it from?"

Duo burst out laughing. Heero, of course, looked confused as to why he was laughing at him.

"I didn't buy it, I made it!"

"YOU??" Heero blinked, unbelieving.

"Yup. Didn't think I knew how to cook, did you?" Heero was still dumbfounded, so Duo picked up a cherry with the fork and fed it to him. This time Heero didn't hesitate, and he opened his mouth willingly. Duo blushed hard, loving how stunning Heero looked like this. "You want more?" Heero nodded, and so Duo continued to feed him the rest of the cake.

One of the servings, however, was too wide for Heero's mouth, and he ended up with some of it on the corner of his lips. Duo chuckled at the sight, making Heero confused again. Duo pointed at the bit of cheesecake on his mouth.

"You have some on your face there."

"Where?" Heero's eyes went cross.

"Don't worry, I'll get it." Duo leaned in, surprising the hell out of Heero, and swiped his tongue up the side of his lips, cleaning them.

Before Heero could react, Quatre's voice startled them both. He was just coming up the ladder when he witnessed Duo licking cheesecake from the corner of Heero's mouth. Quatre was now sporting a nice shade of pink on the bridge of his nose.

"Suppers done. The guests are all here as well, and then we're going to do some caroling. Umm…" Quatre faltered, feeling bad for intruding on something that was obviously private. "Sorry to disturb you two…"

"It's all right, Q." Duo reassured his blond friend. "I was just letting Heero try my cheesecake. I wanted his opinion on it."

Quatre finally got closer to the other two pilots, "Looks like he liked it."

Duo looked down at the plate and smiled. The dessert was almost gone. "Yeah, he sure did. Oh! Are my pumpkin pies done?"

"Yes, they're on the counter cooling. I can hardly believe that you're such a good cook, Duo. Where'd you learn?"

"Sister Helen." Duo shrugged.

"Oh," Quatre understood about Duo's past and didn't press the matter, "Well, you're very good at it."

Duo blushed, but there was a smug smile on his face.

"Well," Quatre sighed, "I'll leave the two of you alone now. Come down when you're ready." The pilot of Sandrock descended the ladder carefully.

Duo watched until Quatre's blond head was no longer visible, and then he turned his attention back to Heero, smiling all the while. Their faces were only a few inches away from each other.

"We have such nice friends, don't we, Heero?"

"Hai. Now can I finish with my work?"

"Well, supper is just about done. Why don't you clean up and come back to this later, like the day after tomorrow? It's Christmas Eve, for crying out loud!"

"But I need Zero…"

Duo interrupted him with a wave of a hand, "Heero, Heero, Heero… that can wait! It's the holidays, and we need you to join us in the festivities!" Duo leaned forward and pecked Heero on the nose, "You're important to us, Heero. Especially me." With that, Duo stood, taking the almost empty plate with him, and with a wink, he jogged over to the ladder and slid down it.

Finally coming out of shock, Heero stood and made his way to the ladder himself. He jumped down, landing almost too graceful for his own good, and then made his way to the hangar's basin to wash up.


The long table in the dinning room was packed with all familiar faces that have helped the Gundams in their mission for peace. Even family members of soldiers who have died, either helping one of the Gundam pilots, or finally coming to terms with them, were there. Especially Silvia Noventa and her mother. And yes, even Relena and her adopted mother were there. Both her and Silvia seem to be involved in some kind of conversation, and occasionally, one of them would look over across the table at Heero with a smile on their faces.

Duo noticed that both girls took a shine to Heero, and he didn't blame them. He had it bad for Heero too, but he figured that they just have a crush on him. Duo, on the other hand, flat out fell in love. He was afraid though, and not because Heero was also a boy, but because he might lose his best friend if anything went wrong. Duo decided to take it one step at a time.

"These are excellent sweet potatoes, Quatre!" WuFei spoke up. He was sitting at Heero's right, and Sally was at his left. Duo was at Heero's left. Quatre was sitting in front of the Chinese youth, and Trowa was at Quatre's right; facing Heero. Rasid was at Quatre's left.

"Thank you, WuFei, but I didn't make them."

"Oh? Then who did?" WuFei took another mouthful of the yams.

Duo snickered, drawing all of their attention to him, "That would be me, Wu!"

WuFei chocked slightly out of shock. His eyes widened as he looked down at the scrumptious vegetable, then he slowly peered over at the grinning American.


"Yuppers! How did I do?"

"I don't believe it! These are delicious!"

Duo blushed, "Aw, thanks Wu-man!"

WuFei glared, "How many times must I tell you…"

"Yeah, yeah, yeah… don't call you that. Sheesh!" Duo took a spoonful of the mashed potatoes, then decided to point out, "Oh yeah, I prepared the spuds and gravy too. Oh and I also made the pumpkin pie, the cheesecake, and I helped with the stuffing."

"And nothing got burnt or became unrecognizable?"

"No, WuFei! And my food don't crawl away either! This isn't cafeteria food!"

"How are you liking everything, Heero?" Quatre asked.

Heero just nodded his approval as he shoveled more yams into his face.


After everyone was finished with their meal, they all gathered around the grand piano the Quatre was sitting at, getting ready to do their Christmas caroling. Well, all except Heero, who returned to the hangar. Duo groaned inwardly, knowing that Heero would do something like that. It wasn't that Heero didn't have a bad voice; he just wasn't much into singing in a large group. Duo wished that he could listen to Heero's sweet voice, if only for a few minutes today. He was so looking forward to it. But now, Heero was being a stubborn baka, and left them without so much of a word.

Duo excused himself, saying that he was sorry for not joining right away, and that he'll be back to sing with them in a little while, and then left for the hangar. He needed to talk to Heero about how he wasn't pleased with him not joining their friends in caroling. Duo was debating on whether he should bring up what happened between them a few hours ago. He could have sworn that Heero had blushed when he leaned close to his face to lick the cheesecake off. It could have been his eyes playing tricks on him too. Maybe even his heart.

He found Heero inside his Gundam. It looked like he was fiddling around with a part of the system, as if he was taking something out. Duo quickly made his way to the already opened hatch of Zero, and peered inside with wide eyes.

"Heero! What are you doing? I thought you were gonna sing with us!"

"I changed my mind. Go sing without me." Heero was crossing a couple wires.

"Look, all of our friends are here to celebrate the holidays with us! You're disappointing a lot of them by not being there. I'm sure that Relena is especially upset by it."

"I don't care. I want to get this done."

"Work, work, work! Is that ALL you think about?"

"I told you, Duo, I need Zero fixed! Now leave me alone!" Heero turned back to putting in the wires. Duo was fuming with anger now. He could hardly believe that Heero would be so selfish to not spend the evening with their friends. Duo punched the side of Wing Zero, startling Heero from his work.

"Fine! Be a stubborn asshole! But I'm going to spend my Christmas with my friends!" Duo stormed off, kicking Heero's toolbox with his steel-toed boots on the way out, toppling it over. He slammed the door behind him.


"Isn't Heero coming?" Relena asked. She was leaning on the side of Quatre's piano. Duo shook his head, disappointment clearly seen in his facial features. The crowd all around Quatre and Relena sighed, dampened by the news as well.

"Oh well. Let Heero be a bastard." Duo grounded out, "We'll all have fun without him."

"Duo…" Quatre whispered dolefully.

Relena didn't know why, but she felt extremely bad for Duo. It looked as if he had just laid his heart out on the table and Heero smashed it with his fist. She understood what that was like. She tried to cheer up her friend, giving him a huge hug, and then she went over and whispered in Quatre's ear to play Duo's favorite Christmas carol- We Three Kings.


The Christmas party was finally winding down, and Quatre and the rest of the pilots, save Heero, were all saying their goodbyes to the guests. Duo was angrily apologizing for Heero, but they all told him that they understood, saying "Heero will be Heero" and "It doesn't change the fact that he his a friend" etc.

Duo, a bit exhausted from trying to have fun, dragged himself to the hangar. He really didn't want to talk to Heero after what happened, but he couldn't help but rub his nose in something that he knew that he did wrong. Heero is always doing it to him, so why not give a little pay back? Besides, they might have just lost a few friends, even though they seemed ok with the way Heero was behaving.

Duo found him riveting his Gundam back together, and he looked greasy again. That didn't surprise Duo one bit. He wasn't even sure why he was there in the first place. He wanted sleep more than anything. He was pooped!

"Hello Heero!" Duo snapped, "Thanks for caroling with us, that was mighty nice of you! Oh and by the way, every one says good night and thank you."

"Hmm," was all Duo got out of Heero. He was putting in the last rivet.

"You're such a bastard, you know that? It's fucking Christmas Eve… almost Christmas Day, and you spent it on fixing your Gundam! You know, I bet some of our friends were so put out by it that they decided never to come back again! It was so… I don't know… disturbing without you there! What is wrong with you??"

Heero stood, finishing the last touches, and then walked over to Duo so that he was now only a few inches from his face.

"I have my reasons." Heero deadpanned.

"They better be goddamn good ones!" Duo shouted.

"I don't have my motorcycle anymore."

"I know that! That doesn't explain why you couldn't take time off to be with your friends!"

"Are you going to stay angry with me all night?"

"Yes!" Duo huffed.

Heero shook his head, "That's too bad."


"Never mind. I have to go." Heero jumped into Zero and started it up.

"Fine! Be that way!" Duo shouted over the roar of the engine. "ASSHOLE!"

Duo ran out of the hangar, not even bothering to watch Zero as it flew off toward the cities.


When Heero did finally make it back, Duo was sitting in the cockpit of Deathscythe, tinkering around with stuff. He couldn't sleep, primarily because of his anger and hurt from the way Heero was acting. Duo didn't even want to acknowledge it when Wing Zero landed in its spot next to Duo's Gundam.

Heero leapt out, plastic bag in hand, and wandered over to his tool chest. Duo noticed him from the corner of his eye, but didn't see the bag he was carrying. He continued to ignore Heero's presents as he begun to adjust some mechanical settings in the console above him.

Startling the longhaired pilot, Heero jumped up onto Deathscythe's platform. He didn't know what to expect from Duo, so he stood there watching him. After a while, Duo could no longer take the ogling from Heero and he got out of his cockpit. He wandered up to the Zero pilot, trying to mirror his glare.

"What do you want, Heero? Can't you see I'm busy?"

"I want to know if you forgive me or not yet."

Duo sputtered, "Forgive you? What do you take me for anyways?? You KNOW Christmas is important to me! It's one of my favorite holidays! Next to Halloween, of course."

"I know, and I'm sorry I got you upset."


"I said I'm sorry. Forgive me?" It almost sounded like a plead.

Duo crumbled, letting small tears of frustration slide down his cheeks. He hurled himself at Heero, not knowing why, and squeezed him with all his might. He buried his face into Heero's shirt, inhaling and exhaling deeply. When he was finally able to speak without sounding like some blubbering idiot, he said, "I forgive you, Heero."

Heero wrapped his arms around Duo tightly, "I'm glad."

Duo looked back up into Heero's eyes, sighing, "You're such a baka, you know that?"

"Hn." Heero nodded. He brought his hand up to brush Duo's bangs away, and then lightly kissed his forehead. "You should get some sleep."

"As long as you do." Duo stated, feeling flushed.

"I will." Heero promised. His hand found Duo's, and he squeezed it softly.


Duo awoke Christmas Day with a start, like lightning had struck him something fierce. He ran to the giant living room where Quatre and the others put up the fifty-foot tree. He remembered how much fun it was that day decorating it, and then trying to get the star on top without making the tree topple over. When everyone finally ran out of ideas, Trowa took the star from the disgruntled Quatre, and somersaulted up to the top. Quatre was afraid for his lover, but Trowa did it with ease, and set the star on the crest of the Christmas tree. Quatre was so happy that he hugged the piss out of Trowa.

There were so many presents that it took a while for Duo to search through them all, trying to find a certain one that he knew should be there.

He didn't find it.

Frustrated with all get out, he made his way to the hangar just in time to see Wing Zero zoom out into the morning sky. Duo was too sleepy to care right now. He can be upset with Heero later.

He made it up to the cockpit of Deathscythe to do more alterations, when he almost sat on something. It was a small wrapped package.

With shaking hands, he snatched it up and quickly read the card that was taped on the side. It read:

This is why I had to get Zero fixed last night. I hope you like it. If not, then you can hit me as hard as you like for missing the Christmas gathering.

Love, Heero

"Love?" Duo whispered. He unwrapped the gift slowly, with trembling fingers, and then opened the box. It was a 24k gold cross with Duo's full name etched into it. On the back, written in Kanji, it read:

Pilot of my heart

"Heero…" Duo murmured, choking back tears, "May angels be your co-pilot."




^_^ hehe… gomen for the really sappy ending, but I couldn't help have Duo say that. whatcha' think of the saying on Duo's cross? It's got a double meaning. :)