Velvet meet Bruno
Contents: fluff, sap, Yaoi
Pairings: 1x2, 3x4
Notes: The eighth installment to the Kitten Arc. This comes after "Eight lives". This SERIES is dedicated to my four kittens-Ash, Smoke, Velvet (yes, I decided to name one that), and Pepsi.
A fall story.
Disclaimer: I do not own GW or its characters, but I do own Velvet! And unfortunately Bruno.
Archived: I love bishonen and the DHML.

I wrote this easier than I thought! I pat myself on my back. :grin:


Browns, yellows, reds and golds surround the violet eyes that were peeking from the pile of leaves. They narrowed as they caught a glimpse of something rustling around in front of him. A hand poked out from the pile very gingerly, and then it dove at the lump, startling the occupant.

Velvet almost jumped out of her fur at the attack, and she scurried up the nearest oak tree in attempts to escape. The giant lump in the pile of leaves shook as laughter was heard from within.

"Duo?" Heero moved into the line of sight and leered at the amethysts that gleamed from the leaves.

"Hai, Hee-chan?" Duo blinked, looking as innocent as he could.

"Are you gonna help me rake leaves or are you gonna stay in that pile all day?"

Duo pretended to think, and then brought more leaves down around his eyes as he stated, "Stay in the pile!"

Heero stood up straighter and stuck his rake in front of himself into the ground, "Duo, you promised me that you'd help me rake this morning. Now are you gonna keep to your promise or am I gonna have to start disbelieving you whenever you make a promise?"

A hand poked out from the leaves, "I will! I'm just enjoying this pile of leaves before it gets bagged up that's all!" Duo inhaled, "Ahh! There's nothing like the smell of freshly dead leaves!" he closed his eyes.

Heero cocked an eyebrow and sighed, "Duo…"

"And besides, I was having fun playing with Velvet! Is she still up the tree, by the way?"

Heero looked over at the oak and watched as their kitten, whose becoming more and more of an adult cat, seemed to be hugging the middle of the tree with her two front legs for dear life. Although she could run and jump, but not high, and play didn't mean that her one back leg was going to cooperate with her and let her climb any higher.

"Half way, actually. She's still trying to decide if she wants down or wants to keep going up. Either that or she's stuck."

Duo popped his head out from the pile; leaves still clung to his head and braid, "Aww! Poor Velvet-chan! I suppose she could use our help, ne?"

Heero walked up to the hanging kitty, rake in one hand, and plucked her off of the tree with the other. The kitten automatically nuzzled up to her owner and started to purr. Just as Heero set the cat down on the ground, the sound of a horn started the two boys from their relaxed state.

"Cool!" Duo stood from the pile of leaves, "They're here!" he shook his head and wiggled his braid to get as many of the leaves out as possible. Heero moseyed over to his occupied lover and halted his movements. "Ne, Heero?"

"You look too cute like that. Wait until we have to go inside before you brush yourself off."

Duo blushed brightly, "O-Okay…"

Heero placed a warm kiss on his koi's lips before the company made their way over to them. Their eyes were keen, however, and they witnessed the affectionate bond before the two turned their attention to them.

"Ohayo and konnichiwa, you two love birds!" Quatre chirped.

Duo raised his arm up into the air and grinned, still slightly pink, "Konnichiwa, Q-chan!"

"Konnichiwa, Heero…Duo," Trowa nodded.

"Konnichiwa," Heero smiled.

Quatre turned around and yelled behind him, "Bruno! Come `ere boy!"

"Who?" Duo blinked.

"Bruno, our puppy." Quatre explained, "Well, he's not much of a puppy anymore. He's getting really big."

"Same with our kitten. Soon she'll be an adult." Heero had to brag.

"Well, we left our kitty at home. She can fend for herself. But we had to bring our puppy with us cause…well…I don't wish to come home and find that our stuff had been ransacked again, or even worse- a puddle in the corner!"

"Puppies can be a handful." Duo agreed.

Quatre noticed the pile of leaves and the bags full of them, "Raking away, I see. Would you like our help?"

"No," Heero intoned, leaning the rake up against a tree, "You're our guests." He motioned them to sit down at their picnic table and they both obliged happily, "Would you like something to drink?"

"If it's not too much trouble…" Quatre flushed.

"None at all," Heero reassured him. They all heard barking, and then hissing from next to the pile of leaves.

"Bruno!" Quatre yelled, "Leave the strange kitty alone!" he looked over at Heero and Duo apologetically, "I'm sorry, but he does get along pretty well with Angel. I just don't know what's gotten into him."

"Don't worry about it koi," Trowa told him, placing a hand on his. Although Quatre didn't seem too worried, Duo was over at Velvet's side in a flash and scooped the kitten up from harms way. He looked down and gave the puppy a possessive glare. In Duo's arms, Velvet continued to growl, not appreciating the other strange animal's presence.

"I'll protect you, Velvet-chan!" Duo said, cuddling up to the kitten. In response, Velvet started to purr. The puppy was down at Duo's feet, looking up at him with tongue hanging out, and tail wagging joyfully. He yipped sharply, wishing that the human with leaves in his hair would put the cute new playmate down for him.

Heero sighed and rubbed the back of his head, "Would you guys like lemonade, pink lemonade, or ice tea?"

"Lemonade, please." Quatre smiled nervously. It's been awhile since someone else had waited on him.

"Ice tea." Trowa said rather easily, and Heero took note of it. Quatre must spoil him. He probably spoiled the puppy as well. Heero turned around as he heard his sweetheart near him, "What do you want Duo?"

"Don't worry about it, I'll help you get the drinks," Duo smiled. "Besides," he said before his lover could object, "you only have two hands, ne? And you can't very well use your foot to open the door…well, unless you're really talented and used your third leg to…oof!"

Heero grabbed the rake from the tree and shoved it at the braided boy, "You rake, and I'll get their drinks. Remember we have a tray I can balance them on."

"Oh yeah!" Duo said, feeling stupid. "But do I have to rake? I want to spend time with our friends!" he pouted.

Heero smiled slightly, admiring the way his koi looked, with a protruding lip and leaves in his hair, before placing a sweet kiss on his lips, "We'll spend time with them when I come back with the drinks. Anyways, you'll get leaves all over." Heero reached up to pluck a leaf from atop Duo's chestnut crown. Duo blushed again, and moved to give him another kiss, but Heero moved away in a teasing manner. Duo's brow furrowed.

"You just love picking on me, don't you?" Although he seemed to be complaining, he was enjoying the view as he watched his lover walk to the back door. He set Velvet down since the puppy seemed to be too busy at the time with something he found in the pile of leaves. Quatre wanted to rush over to him to see what he was getting into, but Trowa stopped him.

"Relax, koi," Trowa sighed, "You've been too jumpy lately. We're supposed to have fun relaxing with our friends. Leave your worries behind and let me watch the puppy, ok?"

"But-but Trowa! He could be chewing on something dirty or swallow something that will make him sick!"

Duo placed a hand on his friend's shoulder, "Relax, man. I'll be raking the pile up anyways." He let out an annoyed sigh, "That Heero…it seems that he is trying to always ruin my fun." Duo slumped his shoulders and dragged himself over to rake the pile into a giant garbage bag.

"You should be happy that Heero treats you right," Trowa told him.

"Hai, hai…" Duo raked slowly. Bruno began to bark at the weird object that was gathering up the dead leaves. His little butt was up in the air, his tail was going like mad, and he was panting and drooling all over. The little lab and German Shepard mix tried to attack the rake so it would stop taking away all the leaves. "Hey now!" Duo huffed, trying to shake the puppy off of the rake.

"He does that a lot." Quatre said.

"Go away, little brat." Duo sneered. He was trying not to be too rough and hurt the puppy. That's all he needed now…an upset Quatre on his case!

Just then, Heero finally emerged from the back door with a tray holding four drinks. He made it half way to the picnic table, when Bruno decided that he wanted to greet the other stranger again who seemed to be taking his time walking. Heero's eyes widened with dread as he saw the little burden of energy gallop toward him. Quatre shouted for Bruno to stop or heel, but it was too late and the puppy plowed himself into Heero's legs.

As the puppy circled around the Japanese boy, Heero danced on one foot for a while, switching over to the other foot's toes, teetering on them until gravity took over and he fell…tray and drinks all. He landed on his knees, watching in horror as the methodically made drinks, and his best gold-rimmed glasses, scattered over the lawn.

Bruno yipped happily and ran up to lick Heero's cheek. The prone boy was trying his hardest not to lose his temper and he dug his fingernails into the dirt, his face was beat red with anger.

Duo jogged over to his lover, concern with his well being more than anything. He maneuvered around the shards of glass to Heero's side and knelt over him.

"Are you ok, Heero?"

Heero couldn't speak, being too angry, and he glared daggers at Bruno. He was holding his tongue from saying- "Omae O Korosu!" Quatre saw the twitching in the corner of Heero's eye, and started to fling apology after apology at him. Heero began to stand up; he gazed at the broken glasses, and tried to calm himself down. It wouldn't be a good idea to kill the puppy…Quatre's puppy.

Bruno tried to get Heero to play with him, which was the last straw for Heero. He shut his eyes tightly and then shouted, "GET AWAY FROM ME YOU DAMN MUTT!"

All four boys watched as Bruno scampered for his life, under the picnic table. However, Velvet was under there. She was trying to stay away from the hyper puppy. Bruno became face to face with a very moody cat.

Velvet isn't stupid. She saw what the puppy did to her master and she would have come to his aid, but the puppy was too quick. Now she was inches away from the mutt, and one could say that it looked as if she were grinning. She puffed herself up, fur sticking up all over the place, and she swatted him with one claw extended paw.


"Bruno!" Quatre gasped, watching as his puppy ran for the pile of leaves, diving straight in. He stayed in there, continually whimpering and whining.

Duo couldn't contain his laughter anymore and he burst into tears. Heero finally stood up, a tiny smile tugging at his lips, quietly thanking Velvet for defending his honor. He looked down with sad eyes again at the broken glasses. He sighed heavily, and then looked up at Quatre and Trowa who looked back with confusion and regret. Fists still clenched, Heero said through his teeth,

"Sorry about your drinks."