Two fires equal one heart
Contains: 2+1, sap, shonen ai, Duo POV
Note: This is the first ficlet to an arc called "Solstice Nights".
It has been revised as well.
Archived: found at Heavenlycreature.net, infinity base, and soon the dhml and the I love bishonen site
Date: December 13, 2000

The temperature today is 4 below. Damn it's cold! And this stupid safe house doesn't help any! Why does he always have to pick the one that sucks the most? This damn place is going to pot! The freaking fireplace isn't working! And the propane tank is out of the question cause of the leak. This just plain sucks! I hate the cold!

"H-H-Heero…" I stutter through my clattering teeth. "I'm c-c-cold!" Even with my leather jacket and heavy shirt on under it, my black gloves on, my hat, my warmest pants, and my winter boots on, I'm still shaking like a vibrating chair.

"Well, what am I supposed to do about it?" Heero finally said. Hn. He didn't seem too effected by the cold. Even though he's just got on his blue jeans, jean jacket, and dark blue turtle neck sweater. Life is cruel.

"C-c-could you h-help me warm u-up?"

"How?" He's so dense that it's cute. But he's still going away at that damn computer like it's his lifeline or something. I wonder how the damn thing stayed on all right in this weather.

"I was th-thinking that I c-could warm up b-b-by you." I hope this doesn't seem like I'm coming on to him. Which I sort of am, but still… "Maybe I could sh-sh-share your body h-heat?"

Heero looked over at me and gives me this small confused look. "I'm busy at the moment. Anyways, how do you propose we do it if I'm sitting here at the computer?"

Mmm…his logic never ceased to amaze me. "You're silly." I smirk. "All I have to do is cuddle up on your lap."

"Hn." He turned back around to his PC. "Baka."

"Hey! You're gonna just let me freeze??"

"You can handle it, Duo. You're a Gundam pilot."

"Oh??" Again with the damn excuse! Just because I pilot a Gundam doesn't mean that I `don't' feel the cold! "For your information, I'm not a `perfect solider' like you! The cold affects me way more than it does you!"

"Then go use the blanket on the bed to warm yourself up."

"I've tried that. It's not helping any."

"Then use more blankets."

"I used them all!"

"Then I have no idea what to do. Just let me finish my work and then I'll try to get the fireplace going."

"Jesus!" I throw my hands up in the air. "You won't even let me share your body heat?? You want me to freeze??"

"I didn't say I wanted you to freeze." He's turned around now, and looking at me straight in the eyes. I hope he can see how terrible I'm feeling right now.

"Well what you said meant the same thing! But ok, if you wanna find a frozen Duo in the morning, don't blame it on me, pal!" I start to stomp out of the room.

"Alright! Fine. You can come and warm up by me."

"Yay!" I bounce happily over to him.

"Promise me you won't talk the whole time."

"Uhg. Ok. I promise I'll be quiet." I start to move over to his front. He moved his arms just slightly so I can slide in between him and his computer desk. I got on his lap and squirm into my position. "I hope I'm not too heavy for you." I smile. He just gave me a Heero grunt. I put my arms around his torso and lay my head down on his collarbone. I have my knees up to his stomach. I'm in a very tight ball-like formation. And holy cow, did he feel warm! I start to snuggle my face more into his shoulder.

"Baka! Quit moving around so much."

"Sorry." I close my eyes. My ear is picking up the sounds of his heartbeat and his steady breathing. I'm already beginning to warm up. My shivering is slowing down very rapidly. I heave a sigh and try and get closer to him. I think I felt one of his hands alter. His right hand is now on the mouse. His left hand has slowly made its way to my left arm. He shifted a bit in the chair and ended up wrapping that left arm of his around me.

He reached around and grabbed a hold of my braid. For a second it looked as if he was going to just hold on to it, but he put it around to my front. It must have been in the way and I didn't realize it. Oh well. My braid is now draping over my cheek and down to his chest. He doesn't seem to care if it's there. I give a contented sigh. He suddenly shook me out of my half sleepy daze.

"Are you warm now?" he asked.

"Uh huh. Arigato, Heero."

"You're welcome."



"Could you keep me warm tonight too? Since, you know, the blankets won't help me any, and I won't be able to sleep in this cold."


"Heero?" I wait a few seconds.


"Oh thank you, Heero! Thank you!" I nuzzle him, letting him know how much I appreciate it.

"Yeah, yeah, yeah." He laid his chin tentatively on the top of my head, "Hush now and let me finish my work."

"Osu!" I grin.