Title: transmutation stimulation part 3
Author: Lunadeath
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Category: YAOI, Het, Yuri, Sap, Lemon and/or lime, some angst
Rating: NC-17 Pairings: 1x2, DxR
Warnings: Gender changing, some swearing
Spoilers: none
Setting: One of the many schools that the boys enlist in.
Disclaimers: I do NOT own GW or any characters that I borrow. All in good fun, ne? ^_^
Notes: This plot bunny kept developing and I just couldn't resist any longer.
Reminder: Love is love! Yeehaa! ^_^


Prom was only a couple days away and Duet was feeling more and more nervous. She wasn't worried about doing her job, surprising enough; it was what would be happening afterwards.

She walked around the mini mall one early morning, before school started, which was located across the street from school, looking for something appropriate to get Heero. She knew that he didn't want her to be spending anything on him, but she still felt guilty about him getting her something and she didn't. When the time came for her to become a man again, she hoped that Heero kept the present that she got for him. Even if it was just out of friendship.

'I am so screwed.' She thought to herself. 'Damn! What do you get a soldier who doesn't care a lot for material things?'

After walking around for a while, it finally hit her. 'Wait… he's Japanese, isn't he? Maybe if I get him something that has symbolism, he'll like it.' Duet smiled brightly as she bounded for the shop that was perfect for what she had in mind.


Gym class was finally over with, and Heero couldn't have felt better. If there was one thing that he was good at, it was anything physical. He grinned to himself at this, thinking back on yesterday. He definitely showed just how physically adept he was, all right.

He was just getting ready to take a quick shower, when the two most annoying guys in the school came jogging up to him. Heero scowled, trying to throw them a nasty glare, but they seemed to ignore it. Why, or why, was his patient death glare losing its effect? He'd have to work on that.

"Yuy! I heard that you scored yesterday during lunch! Is it true?"

Heero narrowed his eyes in annoyance, "Who told you?" he growled.

"Well, you guys weren't exactly hiding yourselves well, you know. Some people that were walking back to class saw you, but they were too afraid to approach you to tell you two that lunch was over with. I think they were girls. You know how scare girls can get." The one guy shrugged.

'But not my Duet.' Heero thought, still glaring as deadly as he could. They were still unfazed. This was bothering him more than he thought. "Please refrain from talking about it or speaking to anyone else about it. No one was supposed to know."

"Then you shouldn't have done it out where anyone could see." the other guy snickered. "Yuy, we don't want to be mean to you, really. We just wanted to know if that rumor was true. We also wanted to tell you that you are one lucky bastard."

"Yeah," the other guy grinned, "She's incredibly hot! I heard from one of my friends that has gym class with her that she is incredibly flexible! She also looks good in her tight gym shorts and sports bra."

Heero was now glaring daggers, "They were ogling her?"

"Probably. But who wouldn't? Don't worry though, Yuy, no one is brave enough to try touching her. They all know that she's yours. And as far as I know, they're all afraid of you."

"Good." Heero said, stepping around them to go to the shower. Behind his shoulder he said, "If you guys ever see her in trouble or anything, let me know immediately!"

The two guys nodded an OK before leaving the gym. Heero was so glad that he still had many students here in mortal fear of him. If not, he'd have to work on that.

When he finished his shower, he went straight to his locker to change into his other clothes. The moment that he opened the door to his locker, a small piece of paper fell from it. Heero raised an eyebrow at the folded up paper before picking it up and reading it.

Yuy, you got yourself such a pretty thing don't you? You know what I'd like to do to her? Well I will tell you. First, I will catch her off guard at the end of the day, while you're still busy in the shower. And then I will grab her and feel her up and kiss her and fuck her until she screams…

Heero didn't read the rest. He crumbled it in his fist, threw on his shorts and t-shirt before sticking the wadded note into his untied shoes. He took off toward the front doors of the school, knowing that that was where she would be at waiting for him. This letter better be a hoax. If not, he was ready to kill whoever dared to touch his Duet!


Duet sighed as she leaned back against the brick wall by the school entrance. This was where she always waited for Heero to get done with his last class. She knew that he liked taking his shower afterwards. Nervously she placed her hand over the small box that was inside of her pocket. She had just got him something this morning and did a fine job with hiding it from him. She knew that it wasn't much, but if she had gotten him something that was bigger or more expensive than what he gave her, he would probably be angry with her.

As the last of the students began to file out, her heart began to beat faster with anticipation. She knew that any time now, Heero would walk out of the front doors. She checked her Hello Kitty watch on her wrist.

"Hm, I think he's still in the shower. Better give him five more minutes."

"That's all the time we need, sweetheart."

Duet jumped from the sudden appearance of someone in front of her. She gasped, her eyes wide, as she tried to control her breathing. Then she glared dangerously at the person.

"Who are you and what do you want?"

The man smiled, "Those questions are too easy." He took her hand and lifted it to his mouth. "The name's Allen, and what I want is you, sweet Duet."

Duet narrowed her eyes at him, trying her best not to look interested. "I already have someone, sorry. And don't call me sweetheart!" she jerked her hand back.

Allen growled in annoyance, grabbing her shoulders and pinning her to the brick wall. "I know about Yuy, and I could care less. Before he even finishes with his shower, I will be done with you, and there's nothing he can do about it. Now, my dear," he moved in closer, smelling the light scent of white musk on her.

A swift hand moved, and before Allen knew what was going on, he had a pretty large handprint across his cheek. She had just slapped him her hardest.

"I am NOT as weak as you think I am, buster! Now, perhaps you didn't hear me the first time… I. AM. TAKEN. Should I spell that out for you?"

Allen snarled, grasped her arms in a harsh grip, and flung her to the ground. Duet felt her shoulder pop softly as she hit the cement.

Allen rubbed his reddening cheek, "No, you're not weak. But you're still a girl! And I'm a man. Much stronger than you, I'm afraid." He looked down at the groaning Duet lying on the cement ground, watching as she tried to get back up. "Now, where were we? Oh yes, I was about to take your clothes off." He advanced on top of her and proceeded to rip the front of her school uniform off.

Duet sneered at him as she struggled with his hands, trying to get him to stop popping her buttons off of her shirt. While her hands were right there in front of her face, gripping Allen's hands in protest, she could see her watch clearly. It had been two minutes since he walked up to her. Three minutes, she thought, I just need to waste three more minutes, and HE will be here!

"Stop it, bitch!" Allen scoffed and slapped rather hard. "Just cooperate and you won't get hurt. Not real badly anyways."

"You're an idiot!" she yelled, "When Heero finds out that you touched me, he'll kill you!"

"I highly doubt that, Miss Maxwell. That's against the law."

Duet almost laughed at that, but decided not to make matters worse. She looked at her watch again. It hadn't even been a minute since she just looked. Think, Duet, think! I need to distract him. She glanced around desperately, hoping that she could spot anyone walking around the school grounds. Sometimes there would be some students still around after school doing other activities. When she didn't see anyone around, she looked back toward the front doors to see if maybe Heero finished with his shower early.

Allen had finally gotten her shirt off and went right to groping her breasts. Duet sneered dangerously, and was about to punch his lights out, when she felt her right shoulder snap. That earlier pop that she heard must have been the starting point of her shoulder coming out of joint, and when she moved her arm to smack him, it popped out of place fully. She screamed, clutching her shoulder with her left hand.

"Aw, poor baby." Allen smiled, "Does it hurt? I shall make the pain go away soon." He reached down and started to slip her panties down to her knees.

Duet's eyes widened in horror and she began to kick and scream. Stall him! Stall him! Stall him! Her mind played over and over. "Bastard!! Stupid asshole!" she bucked furiously underneath him. As she tried to fight him, she quickly glanced at her watch: two and a half minutes left. Damn it! What will I do to delay two minutes??

"NO!! Let me go!! HELP!!"


Heero ran as fast as he could down the slippery hallway trying to keep his balance. That was just what he'd need too! His Duet was in trouble and he would go and slip and fall on a waxed floor and break his neck. That would really make his day.

He was hoping that he didn't take too long in the shower, for Duet's sake. It would usually take him six to ten minutes, but this time he didn't have to scrub up so much. In fact, it was rather quick, now that he thought about it.

When he finally got to the main doors and practically flew out of them, the sight that lay before him (actually they were a bit to his right on the sidewalk) was something that he had been dreading since he read the idiot's note. His Duet was being molested. HIS Duet was underneath that moron! HIS DUET!

Heero was seeing red, and then he charged.

"Let me go!! Help!!" Duet was screaming.

"Duet!!" Heero shouted, running straight at the other man.

Allen halted in terror when he heard him, and just as he turned around, Heero had grabbed him by the throat and had thrown him off her.

"Heero! Oh thank God!" Duet gasped. She was trying her best to cover her chest, since the bastard had ruined her shirt. She was about to throw herself at Heero and kiss him to death, but he was very occupied with kicking Allen's ass. "Wow. Heero!" She smiled. "Go, Heero!! Yay! That's my baby!!"

Well, poor Allen never had a chance, and he laid on the grassy school grounds out cold. He walked over to Duet and lifted her up into his arms.

"Let's go before he comes to." He told her, carrying her off.

Duet smiled and buried her head into his chest, "Whatever you want, Hee-chan." And I mean it.

~~'~~{@ @}~'~~

That night was even more fantastic than the first time they had made love under the oak tree during lunchtime. To Duet, it was more breathtaking and gentle. Heero was just too sweet to her, and even after they had finished, she still blushed whenever she would think of how he treated her and what he did and said. She prayed, for the first time in a long time, that he actually loved her. And hopefully, he will still love her, after her mission was over with.

Professor G will be happy to know that his pills work. She thought to herself as she stared up at the ceiling. Heero had curled up against her, their arms entwined, as they kept each other warm.

"Heero." She whispered, kissing his forehead. "My Heero." She smiled. "Literally."


The next day, Duet rushed outside to the big oak tree where her and Heero usually go for lunch. She stopped to a screeching halt and leaned up against the tree with one hand, huffing and puffing.

"Are you ok?" Heero asked, placing a hand on her shoulder.

Duet nodded, smiling, and handed a small box to him. "I forgot…" she wheezed, "to give this to you… yesterday…"

Heero took the small, wrapped package from his girlfriend and slowly began to rip it open. When he finally got the lid of the box off, he stared at the thing inside in bewilderment.

"Like it?" Duet asked, rocking back and forth on her heels, her short skirt swaying suggestively.

Heero picked it up by the end and lifted it. "Duet," he started, eyeing the red object dangling between his fingers, "What is this for?"

Duet looked grief stricken, "Don't you understand? It's a Japanese symbol."

Heero's eyes widened, finally understanding. He had no idea that Duet knew about the meaning of the red ribbon.

"But, what am I to do with it?" he asked as he started to wrap it around his wrist.

Duet shrugged, "Keep it. It's just something I figured would have meaning to you and you would really like it." she looked up at him shyly through her long lashes, "besides, I didn't want to get you anything that was more expensive than what you got me, cause I know you'd be angry with me if I did."

Heero sighed, placing the ribbon back into the box, "I wouldn't be angry. But I think I understand why you did this for me." he looked into her eyes, "Thank you."

Duet hugged him tightly, "You're welcome, Heero! And thank YOU for coming to my rescue! I almost forgot that I was female when he started touching me and I was trying so desperately to fight back, but he was so much stronger than me. I actually became scared for the first time in a long, long time."

"You don't have to worry about that anymore. I'll protect you."

"Oh Heero!" she squeezed him tightly, unable to contain the glee that bubbled up inside of her. As much as she tried not to act like a strange lovesick girl, she always ended up sounding like one. Duet wasn't sure if she was looking forward to being a man again, or not.

"Come on, let's go." Heero took her hand and together they walked home.


"The prom is tomorrow!! Oh my god, it's tomorrow!" Duet shrieked, throwing herself out of bed and running to the bathroom.

Heero cracked one eye open and watched as his bedmate flew across the hotel room that they were staying in, only clad in a small, silky white slip with thread-sized straps. He would never have thought that Duo Maxwell, of all people, could look like a magazine model without even trying.

'Think unsexy thoughts… think unsexy thoughts…'

He tried his hardest, er, best to sit up so that he could wake himself up better. He looked over at the closed bathroom door and stared at it, waiting for Duet to walk out. After about ten minutes, Heero became curious to what exactly she was doing, and began to make his way over to the door. Carefully, he rapped on it and then waited for her to answer. When he didn't hear her, he tried again.


"Yeah?" came the reply, her voice was echolike and sounded quite a few feet away. Must be in the tub. He thought.

"I…" he wanted to say something nice, more reassuring and endearing to her, but found that he couldn't find the words. Instead, he cleared his throat and said, "I'll get breakfast."

"Okay!" she chirped, "I'll be done in a few minutes!" Then Heero heard water running.

'Was Duo this way in the morning too?' he wondered, as he got dressed.