Title: transmutation stimulation part 2
Author: Lunadeath
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Category: YAOI, Het, Yuri, Sap, Lemon and/or lime, some angst
Rating: NC-17 Pairings: 1x2, DxR
Warnings: Gender changing, some swearing
Spoilers: none
Setting: One of the many schools that the boys enlist in.
Disclaimers: I do NOT own GW or any characters that I borrow. All in good fun, ne? ^_^
Notes: This plot bunny kept developing and I just couldn't resist any longer.
Reminder: Love is love! Yeehaa! ^_^


Duet was sitting under the big oak tree with a small daisy in her hand. She laid herself back into the tree to get relaxed, sniffing the flower. She stared at it for a while, thinking of how she could write a short poem about it. It was a school assignment, you see. She continued to study it, touching the velvety petals between her forefinger and thumb, noticing how easy it was for her to pluck it from the seed center. She sniffed it again.

"Hmm…" she gazed at the petal she just broke off and then smiled, "He loves me…" she dropped it on the ground next to her, and then picked at another petal, "He loves me not… he loves me… he loves me not…"

She kept doing that until the last petal presented itself to her… "He loves me!" she crowed. Shifting her legs further apart, she looked down at the petals. Yes, it was no way for a lady to act, but `Duo' never had any kind of etiquette. She kept staring down at the loose, white petals and then laid the rest of the severed flower down with them. She took out her pencil and paper and began to write.

***It is delicate and soft, to touch and to rip Much like a heart, but easier to pick***

Duet sighed. She had no idea that she'd write something like that. It was rather short, though. She thought about maybe increasing it, but it sounded so nice alone. Maybe if she had time later, she could think of something more.

"Why couldn't it be a rose? It would be easier to make a poem about a rose." But she knew that her teacher would give her something harder. She sighed again, her mind wandering to that day that Heero had made out with her. That made her smile. But then Duet thought about the day that she would be turning back into a man. This made her frown a bit. How would Heero react? Would he still feel the same way for her when she turned back?

She felt doubt until the said person came walking up to her. She grinned from ear to ear when she noticed her "boyfriend" making his way to her. Quickly Duet gathered the broken daisy from the ground so she could cross her legs like a girl should, and then lifted her eyes up to meet Heero's. The other pilot looked like he had a lot on his mind. Duet continued to smile, and then patted the grass next to her, indicating for him to sit down.

Heero took the invitation to sit by her. He continued to look deeply into her wide, violet eyes; loving the way she glowed with radiance whenever she looked at him. He wondered though, if `Duo' had the same kind of feelings for him. He wanted to ask so badly, but he didn't feel too comfortable about the subject. How would HE feel when Duo returned to normal? Good question.

Heero cleared his throat and reached into his pocket of his school uniform. "I… uh…"

Duet turned, sitting at attention with her mutilated daisy, and watched as Heero faltered with words and taking something out of his pocket. She thought she saw a tint of rouge on his cheeks. She grinned and blushed too, realizing that Heero had gotten her something. She stuck the petals and stem of the flower off to the side and waited for Heero to present his gift to her.

Heero slipped a small carnation from his pocket, and without making eye contact, he handed it to her. "Here."

"For me?" She gasped.

Heero nodded once, his eyes slid over to see the gleeful reaction, and then he looked away again.

"Oh, Heero! Thank you!" Duet couldn't contain her feelings if she tried. She took the carnation from him carefully and pinned it to her uniform. "You are such a sweet gentleman!" She giggled.


"I, uh, I'm sorry that I didn't get you anything…"

"It's ok. Don't worry about it."

Duet rubbed her hands nervously on her skirt as she looked down at the pinkish flower. "You know, I must confess that I'm stunned. Of course, I had a feeling you were giving me something, and one thing did cross my mind. But I knew you wouldn't do something like that so soon." She grinned uneasily.

"Oh? What did you think I had for you?"

Duet faltered and shook her head swiftly, "Ah, nothing to worry yourself about. I really like the flower! Thank you!" she moved closer so she could put her head on his shoulder.

Heero huffed, "You thought I got you a ring, didn't you?"

Duet laughed timidly, "S-something like that."


"But still… I have the sweetest boyfriend in the whole school!" she grasped onto Heero's arm tightly.

Heero sighed, "I will not be spoiling you." He wasn't sure if he was saying it to her or himself.

Duet made a small unsatisfactory noise, but then brightened up again, "Hey, Heero? How long before the prom?"

"Two weeks."

Duet sighed, "Oh, man."

"So, you get your job done, come back to the prom, and then stop taking those pills?"

"Yeah." Duet groaned. She really didn't want to be reminded.

"Sa, then I hope you do your best." Heero stood. Duet looked up at him with longing, missing the closeness that they shared already. "Time to get to our next class. Don't be late, Duet." He began to walk off.

The school bell rang to indicate that break was over.

"How does he do that?" Duet moaned, noticing that from where they were sitting you couldn't see the clock.


"Just look at her." A girl whispered. "She's so infatuated with him!"

The girl's friend looked over and noticed not only was her friend right, but the boy seemed to be a bit more interested in what was going on in class. It was either that or he was just a good student. "I see what you mean." She whispered back. "Look at the twinkle in her eye. I hope that he treats her right."

"Now class, it's almost time for lunch. Remember that the prom is only two weeks away. Better go ask that certain someone before the deadline."

A girl in the class nudged Duet with her elbow. Duet jumped and then looked over at who bumped her. "Psst, did you ask him yet?"

Duet nodded.

"Cool!" she beamed, "What did he say?"

Duet couldn't keep it to herself even if it cost her her life. "He said yes."

"Oh, Duet, I'm so happy for you!"

Duet blushed as she smiled brightly, nodding her head in vigor.

She heard an annoyed sigh to her right. Duet looked over and saw that Heero was giving her a deadly glare. The two girls had noticed the way that he was looking at Duet and gasped.

"Are you SURE you like HIM? He looks like he's about to kill you!"

Duet gave them both a reassuring smile, "Yeah. It's ok. He's just upset cause I told someone. I don't see what the big deal is! Everyone will find out during the prom anyways."

The blonde haired girl huffed, "What's his problem then?"

The girl with the black hair shook her head, wondering the same thing.

Duet groaned inwardly. They just didn't understand Heero. What were their names again? Annie and Tawny? Or was it Angie and Tammy? Well, Duet wasn't about to sit there and figure it out when she should be packing her books together and getting ready for lunch. She was sure hungry! She looked over at her `boyfriend' and hoped that he would be joining her for lunch again under the oak tree.

Soon the bell had rung and she instantly stood up and started for the door.

"Remember to have your poems done by Thursday!" The teacher said to the class as they all filed out. There were a few soft "OKs" and "hais" heard as Duet made it out the door. She stopped, deciding to wait for Heero this time, and walked back to stand by the door. She could hear some giggling from girls and see some ogles from guys as she stood there. Every once in a while she would bring her eyes down to stare at the floor as she waited, not wishing to see everyone's reaction to her standing there.

Moments later Heero had finally walked out the door and Duet leapt over to stand by his side. She plastered a smile on her face as she greeted him, "Hey Heero, what took you so long? I decided to wait for you so we can walk together. Is that ok? Let's go eat by the oak tree again ok?"

Heero nodded silently at both questions. The rest of the walk outside was in silence, but Duet had a smile the whole time. Secretly she hoped that he wouldn't change when she transformed back into a man.


Duet's skirt twirled as she sat down on the grass, Indian style. Heero sat himself beside her as he took out his lunch. Duet smiled at him as she watched him eat. She took in every movement that he made; when he picked up a piece of fried shrimp and stuck it in his mouth, when his eyes darted from the container of food to the ground, and then up at a by passer.

Heero felt eyes on him and he looked over to notice that Duet had been staring at him. He raised a brow in question.

"Why are you staring at me?"

Duet blinked owlishly, "Moi? Why, I am just admiring the way you hold yourself, that's all."

"Is that all?"

"Oh there's that and the fact that you're very handsome."

Heero almost blushed at that. Almost. "Thanks." He went back to eating.

"Heero." She set her container of food down in front of her, "What are you gonna tell them all at the prom when I leave to do my job?"

"Well, I was thinking about telling them that you had some business to take care of in one of your classes and will be right back. I figured that was safer to say because if I tell them that you went to the ladies room they will wonder what was taking you so long. If I told them that you were sick and had to leave, then they will wonder why you came back."

Duet nodded, "That is a good idea." She popped a meat-filled bun into her mouth, chewing loudly.

Heero sighed out loud.

"So what should we tell them if they ask about us?"

"What do you mean?" Heero asked.

"Well… are we going steady or are you just my prom date?"

Heero shrugged, "I was gonna have us just date, but because of the admirers you have, I think it would be safer if we were to say that we're going steady. It would become a real mess otherwise."

Duet nodded quickly, "True. But what about when I turn back into a man?"

"We'd be transferred out of the school before they begin to wonder by then."

"Oh yeah, you're right." Duet sighed, feeling slightly sadden by it. But Heero was right. Who was he, or she, to argue with that? She finished with her meal quicker than she had planned, and set her stuff aside. She picked up her piece of paper again and looked back at her short poem that she had written. `Gotta get this finished' she thought, tapping the edge of the eraser on her chin.

Heero looked over after just finished eating his rice, and read the small limerick that was scribbled on the pad of paper.

***It is delicate and soft, to touch and to rip Much like a heart, but easier to pick***

"What's it about?"

Duet was startled for a second. She looked up at Heero, and then back down at the paper. "It's about a daisy. I want to write more, but I'm not too sure what else to put. I was thinking about leaving it `As Is' because it's so nice on it's own. What do you think?"

Heero continued to study the words that were written in pencil, and then he looked back up at Duet. She was still concentrating on the notepad in front of her.

"It does sound good on its own. Is there a word limit?"

Duet thought about this for a while before answering, "The teacher never said anything." And then she shrugged.

"Maybe you should leave it the way it is and see what the teacher says. But if you do think of something, don't hesitate to write it down. Just in case."

Duet nodded, "Just in case. Hai."

"And Duet…" Heero moved closer and took her hand into his.

"Y-yeah?" She blinked.

Heero brought her hand up, turned it over, and then placed a small kiss on her palm. She felt a small shock go through her hand and then travel up her arm.

Heero looked into those round, deep blue eyes. He watched as her lashes fluttered in embarrassment and the bridge of her nose turn pink. "There is something else that's soft and delicate."

"H-Heero?" she gulped.

"And you can touch it…" he moved closer, almost touching their foreheads together, "And if you're not careful, you can also rip it."

"Are you flirting with me, Mr. Yuy?" She blushed.

"Flirting? I'm done flirting." He brought his arms around her small waist and laid her down onto the soft ground. "I have something else in mind."

The instant that Duet's body touched the ground, she felt the cool breeze float through her skirt as it rode up her thighs. Her breath was caught as Heero pressed his mouth onto hers and his hands began to roam on their own accord. She gasped slightly as she felt him nudge her between her legs with a knee.

He felt the wetness and knew without a doubt that Duet would give in to him. He brought his hand down underneath the skirt and rubbed at her warm area, feeling her jerk her body upward at the slight touch. She moaned into his mouth, letting him explore her everywhere in her mouth and otherwise. When he finally released her lips, he dove for her neck and began to nuzzle and suck with fever. Everything became so heated and wanton instantly, and before they knew it, they were both halfway naked and rubbing against each other.

The moment that his fingers delved inside of her, it all gotten faster and more desperate. Everything else around them faded away into the background. Nothing else was mattering to either of them except the primal urge that was surging through their bodies. Somewhere in the back of his mind, Heero was recalling what Duet had told him that day.

"…You see, I have all the essential parts that make me a woman except the inside. In short, I have no womb or egg sacs. Just the entrance."

This put Heero more at ease with it all, and he slowly began to slip off her panties. Duet was just like Heero had thought she would be, since this really was Duo, vocal and horny. Heero almost stopped to ponder just why Duo was letting him touch him/her this way, since originally Duet really was a man. But he decided not to dwell on any kind of logical thought right now. He knew that right now, Duet wanted him, and she wanted him very badly. He brushed his hand over her soft, delicate, and pink opening. He heard her gasp and wither under him, begging and pleading to take her. He unbuttoned his pants and proceeded to answer to her pleads. His hands were shaking so badly, he was inexperienced. But he didn't get an A in Sex Ed for nothing.

Duet spread her legs further for him, thrusting her hips upward frantically in the heat of the moment. She wished that he would had kept fingering her, and fingered her hard and fast, but when she heard and felt him unzip his jeans, her mind started going haywire. He was gonna do it! He's really gonna fuck me!

"Oh god," Duet groaned out, feeling her getting forced open. He was widening her, splitting her apart, ripping her, like he said he would. She clenched her teeth, her legs spazing, as she cried out. She felt him push further and further until there was a slight roadblock. She shifted her body underneath him, tried to get more comfortable. She gasped lightly as she felt his thick cock begin to pierce her. "Heero!"

He gave another slight shove, and they both felt, rather than heard, the small pop that came from inside of Duet's body. Heero's cock slid easily the rest of the way in. Duet gapped, filling her lungs with a large amount of air as she felt them become one, fully connected. Heero moved down onto his elbows, and brought his head down to kiss her fully on the lips. He felt her wrap her legs around his waist, and that resulted in her inside muscles to squeeze his cock. He groaned a bit in her mouth and then pushed upward inside of her. Duet let out a small whimper, tightening her legs around Heero's body.

"Forgive me, Duet." Heero said softly against her neck.

"For what?" She whispered back.

"For ripping apart your beautiful blossom." He moved his head down more to kiss at her collarbone, unbuttoning her shirt as he went.

Despite the very slight pain that she was feeling in her nether region, she sighed in romantic bliss from his words, feeling her heart beating madly in her ribcage. "Oh, Heero…" she so desperately wanted to say something back to him, wanted to say something about her little red bud opening for him, but the words were stuck in her throat.

Heero moved his hips slowly as he opened her shirt up, quickly taking in one of those perky soft mounds into his mouth. She arched into him, which resulted in moving her hips again. She felt him slipping around inside of her and she gasped. Heero kneaded that nipple gently between his teeth as he slowly pulled his pulsing member out halfway and then pushed just as slowly inside.

Duet shuddered and then let out a loud groan, feeling Heero move carefully in and out of her body. He lifted himself up more, taking her nipple out of his mouth, and then grabbed onto her thighs. His thrust became steadier and more frequent as her moans started becoming louder. She felt him hit her spot just right, making the pain disappear and be replaced with absolute pleasure. Before she knew it, she was moving along with him, encouraging him to go harder and faster.

He was finally pounding into her, thrusting hard, but not so hard as to really injure her. Her cries became frequent and harsher, egging him onward. He happily complied, giving her all he had. The rough and steady bout was coming to a climax, to Duet's disappointment. She was trying her best to get herself toward the edge when she felt Heero placing his thumb onto her swollen clitoris, and began to rub it in time with his thrusts. Her toes curled, her legs shook, and her eyes rolled into the back of her skull as she let out the most intense orgasm she had ever experienced.

That was what Heero had been waiting for to hear, and he thrusted a few more times before he gave in to his own pleasure and emptied himself deep inside of her.

He bent down to give her another steamy kiss before carefully sliding out of her. She groaned in both disappointment and pleasure when he did this. He looked down at them and finally saw it. The blood. And the semen.

Duet sat up on her elbows as best she could in her weak state and curiously looked down. She gasped when she saw what he was looking so guilty about, but then looked into his eyes with warmth and love.

"Are you ok?" Heero finally asked. His chest was still rising and falling heavily.

Duet nodded, "I'm fine. Don't worry about me, ok?"

The bell of the school had finally rung, but what they didn't realize at first was that it was the last bell of the day. They had missed the last of their classes.

"Time to go." Heero said, helping his lover up.

"Heero? Do you feel…" she picked up her clothes and slowly began to put them back on. "Um, any regret? For what we just did, I mean."

Heero shook his head and smiled softly. "No, I don't. Why? Are you feeling regretful?"

"No." She smiled.

He grabbed her hand once she had finished dressing, and lead them back to the school.