Title: transmutation stimulation part 1
Author: Lunadeath
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Category: YAOI, Het, Yuri, Sap, Lemon and/or lime, some angst
Rating: NC-17 Pairings: 1x2, DxR
Warnings: Gender changing, some swearing
Spoilers: none
Setting: One of the many schools that the boys enlist in.
Disclaimers: I do NOT own GW or any characters that I borrow. All in good fun, ne? ^_^
Notes: This plot bunny kept developing and I just couldn't resist any longer.
Reminder: Love is love! Yeehaa! ^_^


It was her first day at the new school and she felt sick. Sure, she was usually outgoing, witty, flirtatious and energetic, but today was different. Today was the first day that she was a woman. Well, she was still only sixteen going on seventeen, but she wasn't like this before. Oh no. She used to be more… masculine. This was why she felt ill.

Duet Lilith Maxwell was sporting the usual blue and black school uniform, complete with top socks and little black shoes. Her chestnut locks were done in a neat plait with a black ribbon tied at the end, and she had just a touch of makeup on. Not much, since `Duo' had never been shown how before. She went through many women's magazines to discover where certain things went. She had a touch of mascara and blush on, with a tad bit of eyeliner. She hoped she looked ok.

She checked her Hello Kitty watch again and realized that she'll be late if she didn't hurry. She picked up the pace, book bag swinging madly in her hand. Almost bumping into someone as she turned the corner, she said her sorry and then quickened her pace.

"Gotta book it!" She told herself as she bolted into a brisk jog. She needed to lose a few pounds anyway.

When she reached the schoolyard, there were many still standing around gossiping. Many heads turned to see this stranger, and many of those who turned to watch became instantly attracted. Duet noticed this right away and sighed. Great! Just what she needed! But then she smirked; thinking that being a girl won't be as hard as she thought. When she was a guy, she had many friends and all the attention he wanted. This won't be much different. Well, except for the fact that guys will be swarming her instead of girls. Ok, scratch that, girls will be too. She had a feeling that many would love to be her friend.

She didn't feel quiet as sick as before.


"Class. Meet our new student. Please introduce yourself."

"I'm Duet Maxwell. Nice to meet you all." She bowed.

"Well, Duet, the only seat we have left in the room is the one next to Heero."

Duet snapped to attention. "Heero?" Sure enough, there he was, in all his incredible glory. Heero looked up from the sound of his name and looked straight at the newcomer. He was very confused. Why was Duo cross-dressing?

"Yeah, no one would sit by him because they're scared of him." someone shouted. The rest of the class laughed.

"Now, now, class. Behave yourselves. Duet, go take your seat."

She slowly made her way to the middle of the classroom, and then stopped at Heero's desk. Heero felt those big round eyes on him and he looked up.

"Hello there, Heero. I don't care what anyone says, you don't seem so scary to me." she smiled.

Heero raised an eyebrow.

"Hmm… the silent type, huh? That's ok. I'm sure we'll become good friends." She sat in her seat. Many voices were heard whispering.

"Settle class. Settle. Now, I want you all to take out your notebooks. We're taking some notes first."

Sounds of bags being opened and paper being swished around was heard. Duet had her notebook out quickly, and then clicked on the mechanical pencil to get the right amount of lead out. She happened to peer over and notice that Heero hadn't moved an inch. She blinked.

"Psst." Heero heard to his left.

He tried to ignore it.

"Pssst…" Duet tried again. This time Heero did look over. "Aren't you gonna take notes?" she asked.


"When? Next semester?"

"I will be memorizing them." He explained.

Duet's brows shot up, "Oh wow."

Heero snorted, not understanding why Duo was so surprised. Maybe it was all a part of his other identity's act. As the teacher placed the first transparent sheet onto the projector, everyone except Heero began to quickly jot it all down. Heero, noticing that it was nothing that he didn't already know, decided to try and figure out the deal with the so-called "Duet" Maxwell. He wasn't fooled one bit by the disguise; he could spot Duo no matter where he was or what he looked like. That was something that had been puzzling the Wing pilot. Why did he feel so connected to the other pilot? And the other question of the day was: why WAS Duo dressed as a girl? He certainly did a good job in the makeup department.

Instead of the usual boyish looks, Duo definitely had that girl charm. He, or rather, she was giving Heero those strange feelings that many boys got when they looked at a pretty girl. But Duet was way more than just `pretty'. She was absolutely drop-dead gorgeous! And was, unfortunately, giving him a faster heart rate. Not a good thing, especially for him. Duo was just a friend. A close and trusted friend, or comrade, or partner, or whatever he was at the time. Duo had once told him that they were best friends. It was possible, Heero mused. He couldn't feel any other connection to anyone else like this. Yes, he was definitely getting attracted to the longhaired pilot. Not a good thing.

Class was finally over with. Duet put her stuff together quickly so she could hurry outside to have her lunch. She was starving! She rushed out without so much as a glance at Heero. As she went out the door, however, Heero noticed a group of guys ogling her. With a heavy sigh, Heero stood and followed his comrade out. Besides, he needed to talk to him.


Duet just found herself a nice big oak tree to sit under and have her lunch, when a hand on her shoulder startled her. She gasped and turned, about to punch whoever dared touch her, but then stopped when she realized whom it was.

"Heero? Oh good. You scared me! I thought you were one of those men that kept looking at me."

Heero grabbed onto her shoulders, "What are you doing here, Duo?"

Duet's eyes widened, "Uh… so you recognized me, ne? It's Duet now, by the way."

"Why are you here and why are you dressed up as a girl?"

Duet smirked, looking like her old self for a while. "First of all, I AM a girl. And second," she lowered her voice, "I'm on a mission. I mean, come on! Why else would I be here?"

"Duo… explain."

"Please, call me Duet ok? That's my name now. I'm a girl because of these." She took out a pillbox. They looked like birth control pills.

Heero raised a brow. Clearly not understanding.

"Doctor G made them. They'll last me a month. That's all the time I have to complete my mission."

"Then what?"

"Then I turn back into a guy. You see, I have all the essential parts that make me a woman except the inside." Duet rubbed her abdomen, "In short, I have no womb or egg sacs. Just the entrance." She grinned.

"That explains why you… wiggle when you walk."

Duet laughed. "You're picking up on slang easier than I thought!" Heero glared at her. "Sorry. Anyways, it's a good thing you're here!"


"Cause I need a prom date!" she smiled. "Who else better?"

"What do you mean?" his glare intensified.

"Well, it would be better if you were my date because then I wouldn't have to explain why I took off in the middle of the prom and stuff. Plus you could watch my back for me. Tell others that I had to go to the ladies room or that I forgot to do something in one of my classes or whatever. Kind of like my lookout while I do my job. Is that a good idea, or what?"

Heero couldn't find a reason to argue with that. It was a very good plan. He nodded.

"Cool!" Duet pounced and hugged Heero tight. "It's a date then! Thank you, Heero!" she kissed his cheek and then jogged over to the oak tree to sit and eat her lunch. After a while, she looked up to see that Heero hadn't moved from his spot. She chuckled to herself, knowing that she must have really shocked the crap out of him. "Hey, Heero? Would you like to eat with me?"

Heero finally snapped out of his trance and turned to look at the smiling girl. He completely lost all moral reason when he stared into her eyes. Those incredible, full-lashed indigo eyes…

"Ok." He muttered.


"Did you see that?" One of the students asked, "Duet just kissed that Yuy boy on the cheek!"

"I wonder what happened. Are they an item now?"

"Who knows? They sure seem real chummy now. Look at how she stares at him! I can't believe that she's not afraid of him!"

"Maybe it was love at first sight?"

A girl with very long blonde hair fixed one of her forked eyebrows, laughing in a scary way. The other students that were around gossiping all jumped from the sound.

"You are all too chicken to go and ask, aren't you? Then I shall!"

"If anyone can get info, it's you, Dorothy-chan!" one of the girls smiled.

"So true! So true. I will be back." She left them with a smile and a swish of her long hair.

"I still say she's crazy."

Unknown to what someone just said behind her back, she walked up to the two having lunch. She curtsied elegantly.

"Allow me to introduce myself! I'm Dorothy Catalonia. I can't help but notice that you're new." She said when she looked at Duet.

Duet smiled, "Yes I am." She stood up, "I'm Duet Maxwell."

"So I've heard. Nice to meet you."

"Nice to meet you too."

"I see that you've taken a shine to Mr. Yuy here." Dorothy couldn't help say.

Duet blushed, "Uh... well, yeah. I've known Heero from a previous school."

"Old childhood friends, ne? Or is that sweethearts?" Dorothy giggled.

"Uh… well…" Duet blushed even harder. "We've gone to proms together before."

"Speaking of which, you're going to the one that's coming up in a few weeks?"

"Yup. I uh, just asked Heero to go with me a few minutes ago."

"Oh! Is that what that kiss was all about?"

Duet's eyes grew, "You saw that??"

"Many have, my dear. Many have." The blonde snickered. When she saw Duet turning even redder, she decided to make her exit. "Well, I will let you two eat. I will be seeing you around, Miss Maxwell. Treat her well, Mr. Yuy." Dorothy couldn't help adding with a muffled giggle. She walked off.

"Um, see you later, Dorothy!"

"Was that really necessary?" Heero asked when Dorothy was far enough away.

"Well at least she didn't recognize me."

"We don't know that. She might have just been playing along. And what's this whole `we used to go together' deal? Don't you know that she hangs around Relena a lot?"

"So? What's wrong?"

"She'll tell Relena. And then Relena will be here so fast…"

"Does it really matter? She saw the kiss anyways. Either way…"

"Yeah fine…" Heero was about to say more when a group of guys walked over to them.

"Hey there, beautiful. What are you doing with this loser?"

Duet scoffed, "For your information, me and Heero are good friends. And I just asked him out! So get lost."

The assumed leader of the gang laughed and then knelt down so that he was eye to eye with Duet. He placed a hand on her shoulder, "why don't you go out with someone more manly?"

"Why? You know anyone?" Duet retorted. The guy reeled and then glared in anger.

"Fine, you slut, but soon you'll regret refusing me."

Heero stood up and got into the guy's face, "Leave her the fuck alone. Now."

"Or else what? You'll spank me?" the guy chortled, smacking his butt a few times. His cronies laughed.

Heero really wanted to hit him. He really, really did. But the rules state that you're not allowed to fight unless it was in self-defense. The guy hadn't laid a hand on him yet. He was itching for him to do so.

"I'll do more than that if you do not leave." Heero said. He glared as dangerously as he could. The other guys all stepped back from the look, but the leader was either bold or too dumb to be scared. Instead, he started to laugh.

Duet got up from her spot to hide behind Heero. After all, she was only playing her role as the smaller female. Not that she couldn't take care of herself. She still knew many ways to kill an enemy. But this was school, not a base full of Ozzies. Duet smirked, having a feeling that these idiots would probably side with Oz when they became of age. They were like the little fish that you caught but had to throw back to let them grow bigger for next time. And the next time they do meet again, she hoped that they were in mobile suits and on the receiving end of Deathscythe's thermal weapon.

"Ooo… I am SO scared! Look at me shaking!"

Heero snorted. It reminded Duet of a raging bull about to charge. For some reason, this enraged bull wasn't moving, only glaring.

"She doesn't belong to you." Heero said as deadly as possible. To emphasis what he said, he put his arm around her waist. Duet blushed again for the fifth time that day. "So I suggest you leave us alone, otherwise you'll regret it."

One of the leader's cronies grabbed the guy by the arm, "Come on, Joe. It isn't worth it. It's only one girl. Let Yuy have her for a while. Then when you are able to take her, she will no longer be a virgin."

The leader, named Joe, smiled wickedly, "You're right. Good idea." He turned away, not even bothering to say anything to the two. His cronies followed.

Duet sputtered, "Did… did you hear what that guy said?? What an asshole!"

Heero nodded in agreement. "Looks like I'll be keeping an eye on you."

Duet twiddled her fingers, "I CAN fight, you know."

"But that will blow your cover." Heero stated. "You already showed them that you can't defend yourself."

"Well, what if I didn't feel like it this time?" Duet sniffed, feeling slightly insulted. Heero could read his comrade like a book, still.

"As long as you stay by my side, things will turn out fine."

Duet couldn't help the smile that spread across her face. She moved so that she was in front of him, and she gripped the top part of his shirt gently. She was eye to eye with the one that made her heart do loop-de-loops.

"I have an even better idea. Could you pose as my boyfriend?"

It was Heero's turn to be shocked.

Duet leaned in closer, "Please, Hee-chan?"

The nickname made Heero gasp, his lips parted just slightly, and Duet took the opportunity to strike.

Heero sucked in his breath, and probably some of Duet's, when the longhaired girl pressed her lips to his. She wasn't at all what he expected to taste. He found himself shutting his eyes with her; moving his lips in time with hers. They were so soft and warm, and sweet. Her breasts were pressed hard against his chest, and he could feel her mounds so warm on him, through their shirts. He could also feel her heart beat against his, thumping in a timely rhythm with his. She shyly brought her little tongue out to touch the edge of his mouth. That gave him the urge to open his mouth and plunge his own tongue in. The inside of her mouth was even hotter.

Duet groaned in Heero's mouth, loving the full heady taste of him. She could feel the slight bulge against her thigh. Heero moved his arms around her more tightly, crushing her to him. Duet could feel herself getting wet, arching her body harder into his. His hard body felt incredible and his roaming hands set tingles down her spine. One of his hands slid further down a hip, and then her thigh, and under her skirt.

Her head jerked back as she gasped, exposing her throat. Heero leaned in to attack that creamy skin, nipping and sucking on a sensitive spot.


"Mission accepted." Heero whispered against her neck.