Title: Thanksgiving pillaging
Contents: Shonen ai/Yaoi, mild sap, fluff
Pairings: 1x2, 3x4
Notes: I tried. ^_^;
Archived: Oi, do I have to list them all? Hmm… joygasm, DHML, I love bishonen, infinity base, and soon to be others. :)
Disclaimer: I do not own the g-bois. ~sniffles~ not fair!

Please excuse any misspellings. I was rushing to get this done for today. Enjoy! And Happy Thanksgiving!

Heero growled. The blonde pilot will soon discover what the real meaning of pain is! He had somehow got the Wing pilot to go out and grocery shop. He will never forgive Quatre for this! But right now, there was a mission at hand. No matter what the task given, he had to accomplish it. The Perfect Solider must buy the "Thanksgiving goodies" that are on the list. His eyes scanned the said list and they came to rest at the bottom of the paper.

It read: Don't forget the cider! And a little grinning chibi face of Duo with the victory sign was right next to it. No doubt that the braided pilot had a hand in writing the list. What he couldn't understand is why his boyfriend (not lover, they haven't gone that far yet!) couldn't have gone with him.

It was too late to turn back now. There, before him, stood his destination. The super market. It was hectic trying to find a good parking space, but he had done it, down at the farthest corner of the parking lot. Heero stepped inside, barely able to get a cart for himself, and was a bit shocked by the size of the crowd. If he was going to receive the appointed items on the list, he was going to have to do some tricky tactics.

He looked the list over again,

Cranberries, yams, pickles, gravy mix, Stove top stuffing, pie filling- cherries, pumpkin, apple, blueberries, whipped cream, marshmallows, celery, and olives. The others were getting the rest. Quatre already got the turkey (besides Trowa). And of course, the cider, which Duo wanted so badly.

He squeezed past to get to a cart. This was just nuts! There was no way he'd be done before the appointed time. But he had a mission to complete, and on this Thankful Day, he had to fulfill it! The others were counting on him.

He played bumper carts with a few people when he finally gave up and pulled off to the side of an aisle that was free. He sat there, watching others rolling by with their carts stuffed full of Thanksgiving things. Heero looked at his list again. Cranberries. Where the hell was he supposed to get Cran…

"Nani?" Heero's eyes flashed. An old lady with a blue wig on had three or four cans of cranberries in her cart. Her back was turned and she was apparently looking at the cans of other vegetables behind her. Heero looked around, noticing that everyone else was too busy looking for other things to really notice, and he quickly snatched up a couple cans of the cranberries from the lady's cart. He moved out of that aisle as quick as he was allowed and slipped out of the way.

Next on his list- yams. Damnit, the yams were in that aisle that he was just in! He was about to turn back around when another person's cart got in the way.

"Kuso!" Heero muttered under his breath, but then stopped his scowling when he saw that there were yams in that cart! He moved quickly, snatching up the yams and he squeaked away. He just had to get the rotten cart!

Heero resolved that this was way quicker than going from aisle to aisle. So instead, he went from cart to cart, picking up items that he needed without the others even finding out. Heero's eyes widened at the sight of a three or four year old child in a seat playing with a bag of marshmallows.

The mother of the kid had her head turned, and was looking for something on a self. Heero took the opportunity to wander over to the kid. The child looked up at Heero with some fear laced in his eyes. Heero looked down, grinning quit evilly, and then swiped the package of marshmallows from the child. The kid's eyes watered up and he was about to cry, but Heero grabbed a celery stick from the cart (which he also stole) and stuffed it into the child's mouth.

He wandered off, whistling. Cart after cart came by with the things he needed.

Pickles… filch! Gravy mix… Snatch! The Pumpkin pie-filling… swipe! One thing after another. Later he remembered the Stove Top. He looked around frantically, trying to see if anyone around him had a box, preferably a big one, of the stuffing in his or her cart.

Lo and behold, he spotted it! But the person, and their cart, was all the way on the other side of the aisle. He'd have to figure out how to get there through the crowd of people. He looked around, trying to find an open space to plow through, but there were none. This was worse than rush hour traffic!

He had an idea, but it seemed a bit iffy at the moment. If he abandoned his shopping cart, would other people steal from it? Would they even know that he had been taking stuff from them? Possibly not. No one had noticed a thing yet. He calculated the time that it would take to get there and back, and Heero was sure that he would make it. He nodded to himself, it was worth a try!

Like a graceful cat, he leapt up onto the edges of the cart and then from there he hopped up onto a ledge of a shelf. Some didn't notice, but the ones that did gasped, not fully understanding what was going on. Heero continued his gracefulness and steadily bounded from shelf after shelf, teetering on the edges. He got to the destination, bent over backwards, hanging upside down, and nabbed the Stove Top.

Heero almost fell backwards into the person's cart as he noticed who he was stealing from- it was Zechs! He made his way back up and took off for his own cart. `That was close.' Heero bereted, `but what is Zechs doing here? Maybe he's buying stuff for the Oz personnel.'

He finally reached the register in record time and he was surprised to see that it wasn't too busy.

"How in the world did you get all that already?" the cashier had to ask. He could have sworn that the boy just got there.

Heero shrugged his shoulders as he put all the stuff on the conveyer belt. Without any more questions, the cashier rang up all his stuff and Heero gave him the amount due in cash. Heero smiled to himself. This had gone better than planed.

Behind him, customers were beginning to shriek in outrage at the lack of certain items that they were sure they had already picked up. Heero left the store smirking.


"Heero! You're back already! That was quick! I was sure that the crowdedness of the market would have slowed you down."

"Not for lack of trying." Heero admitted.

"Yeah yeah, mission complete, ne?" Quatre smiled.

Duo came running up to his boyfriend, looking like he was very pleased to see him. But he dove for the grocery bag and took out the cider.

"Sugoi!" he crowed, holding it up for all to see.

"Duo!" Quatre called after him as the braided wonder took off with the giant jug to his bedroom that he shared with Heero. "Don't hog it!"

Heero could hear maniacal laughter from inside the bedroom. His boyfriend was a sucker for cider for some strange reason. He sighed, setting the stuff down onto the table. Trowa was there in the kitchen trying to get the turkey ready.

"So how did you get all this stuff without much hassle, Heero?" Trowa asked, knowing his friend all too well.

Heero almost smiled when he looked up at his friend, "Well, I'm not a Gundam pilot for nothing."

Trowa smirked, "You stole them from other's shopping carts, didn't you?"

Heero laughed, "Don't tell Quatre ok? He'd give me a lecture."

"Aa." Trowa said, continuing to carve out the turkey. "I know what that's like. But tell me… what's with Duo and cider?"

Heero gave the tall boy a mischievous look, "I'll tell you if you tell me why Quatre likes whipped cream so much."

Trowa blushed.

"I thought so." Heero snickered.