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Contents: fluff, sap, Yaoi, Yuri
Pairings: 1x2, 3x4, 5xS, DxR, R+1, 6x9 (sweatdrops)
Notes: The sixth installment to the Kitten Arc. This comes after "Kittens=trouble". This SERIES is dedicated to my four kittens- Ash, Smoke, Velvet (yes, I decided to name one that), and Pepsi.
Disclaimer: I do not own GW or its characters, but I do own Velvet!
Archived: http://www.heavenlycreature.net , I love bishonen

"So you understand where I'm coming from, koi?"

"Yeah, yeah… I've always understood, it's just that…just… well, look at her!" Duo picked up the brown kitten with white paws and nearly stuck it in his face. "Look at that cutie, Heero!" the kitten licked Heero's nose. Heero went cross-eyed. "It's gonna be so hard to part with them."

Heero pat the kitten on the head, "Yes I know. But think of it this way, if anyone decided to keep a kitten we can always go visit them."

"You really think they'd take a kitten?" he set the kitten down, "I mean, I know that Quatre and Trowa will, even though they have a puppy." Duo imagined the puppy and one of the kittens playing together, "Aww… it would be so kawaii…"

"I'll call them first. I'm sure that they're home." Heero picked up the cordless and dialed. It only rang three times before it got answered.


"Konnichi wa, Quatre."

"Oh, hi Heero! How've ya been?"

"I'm ok. Me and Duo have a favor to ask."

"Hai, what is it?"

"Would you and Trowa like a kitten? Duo rescued five kitties from a guy who wanted to kill them."

"Awe, that's awful! About the guy wanting to kill the kittens, I mean. Of course we'll take a kitten! What color are they?"

"There's a black one with white at the tip of his tail, a white one, a brown one with white paws, a gray one with a white face, and an orange tabby."

"My, they all sound so cute. Well, most of our furniture is white and a lot of our things are white, so I think we should take the white one. Is that one a boy or a girl?"

"It's a girl, I believe."

"Sugoi! I'll name her Angel! She'll have fun playing with little Scruffy. I'll be over later tonight to pick her up!"


"No problem, Heero. Ja ne."

"Ja." Heero shut off the phone. "One down."

Duo sighed, "Hai. And four more to go. Hey! Do you think that Relena and Dorothy would like one? Relena loves animals."

"Ok, it's worth a shot." Heero dialed the number he never thought he'd dial in a million years.

"Moshi, moshi!"

"Konnichi wa." Heero sighed.

"Heeero! Wow! It's so good to hear your voice! What can I do for you?" Heero heard a voice in the background snicker.

"Would you like a kitten?"

"A kitten? From you, Heero?"

"Hai. So far we gave one to Trowa and Quatre."

Heero heard a voice talking in the background to Relena; he was guessing it was Dorothy. Finally her voice is shrilling through the receiver, "Do you have a kitten for yourself, Heero?"


"What color is the little cutie?"

"She's gray."

"Is there a kitten that I can have that's gray?"

"Yeah. He's got white on his face."

"Kawaaiiiiiii!!" Heero took the phone away from his ear, cringing. "I'll take it! It's a `he' right? I want it!"

Duo heard her and stuck his mouth to the receiver, dangerously close to Heero's own mouth, "What're you gonna name him, Lena?"

"Hmm… I think I'll name it… Hero!" they both hear over the phone and sweatdrop.

"Uhh…" Heero tried sounding nice, "Gee, thanks Relena." He heard her giggle.

"We'll be right over to pick the little darling up!" she stated excitedly and then hung up.

"Well, that's two." Duo sighed.

"Who else?" Heero asked.

"How about Zechs and Noin?"

"No, we can't give them a kitten."

"Why not?"

"Because they have a baby, that's why."

"Oh, come on! They can keep the kitten in the basement or something! Having a cat won't hurt anything. And besides that, it might give the little tyke something to play with."

"You want to save these kittens, or torture them?"

"Don't worry about a thing! Look, I'll handle this then. Give me the phone!" Heero sighed, knowing that it's not worth getting into an argument over, so he handed him the phone. Duo quickly punched in the numbers and waited, tapping one foot.

"Hullo?" it was a dull and sleepy voice.

"Konnnnichi waaaa!" Duo chirped.

"Oi, could you tone it down a bit? I've got a headache."

"Oh, sorry about that, Zechs. Me and Heero were wondering if you two would like a kitten."

"Uh, hold on, I'll go ask Noin." Duo heard him put down the phone and then there was some muffling in the background. Someone picked up the phone again, but it wasn't the same person.

"Duo? I'm sorry, but I don't think we should have a pet right now."

"Oh," Duo sighed sadly, "I see. Well, I guess the poor little guy is outta luck then."

"Uh, why are you giving us a kitten anyways, Duo?"

"Well, ya see, there is this guy who wanted to kill him, so I said to myself…"

"I'll take it!"


"What color is he?"

"Uh, he's an orange tabby."

"Awww… ok, ok. You talked me into it, Duo. Besides, I've heard of couples owning more than one cat and a baby, so it should be all right, wouldn't you agree?"

"Hai." Duo sighed.

"Ok, we'll be right over to pick up Chibi Lightning. Ja ne."

"Bye." Duo hung up the phone. He gave his lover the peace sign. "Another one down."

"I just had an idea while you were on the phone, Duo. I think Catherine would love a kitten. Trowa told me one time that she's always complaining on how lonely she gets at her house being away from the animals at work. I think she'll enjoy taking care of one."

"Aww, Heero… you're sweet! Ok, let's do it…" Duo was about to dial, but Heero halted him.

"Hold on, koi. I have a better idea."

"Ne?" Duo blinked.

"It'll be her birthday soon." Heero winked.

"Ahhh! You sly man, you! Ok, I guess we'll give her the brown one with the while paws. She looks like a lion to me. Ok then, one more left. Who else would like one?"

"I don't know. Who else do you think would have the room and the love for a kitten?"

"Hmm… hmm… dunno. But I do know who I can `talk' into having one."

"Oh? What are you scheming now, pet?"

Duo chuckled; "You'll see." he dialed in a known number. Right then, Velvet trotted into the room and instantly jumped up onto Heero's lap. Heero's hand automatically lifted up to pet her. Her purring brought a smile to the young man's face.

On the receiving end of the phone, Duo heard a familiar voice answer. "Moshi, moshi."

"Wu-man! How's it going?"

"Maxwell! Why the devil are you calling me? You better not be in a harassing mood!"

"You're too hospitable, Wu-bear. I've got a favor to ask you."

"No! No more favors! And I've told you a thousand times, stop calling me `Wu-bear'!"

"Has it really been a thousand times? I lost count."


"Haha, anyways, I really do need this favor from you. You see, I saved these kittens from this one guy who said he'd…" Duo stopped as he heard someone, possibly Sally, talking in the background. She sounds like she's getting closer and closer to where WuFei was. He heard WuFei answering whatever she asked, and then Duo heard the phone being snatched from WuFei's grip.

"Hi Duo! What can I do for you? Please forgive my husband, he can be a real stick in the mud." Duo heard WuFei shout, "Woman!" in the background.

Duo laughed, "I see what you mean. Well, as I was about to tell Wu-pie…" Sally laughed. "I saved these kittens from this guy who said he was gonna kill them. I thought the only humane thing to do was rescue them from the maniac."

"You did the right thing, Duo. And yes we'll take a kitten."

Duo heard WuFei perfectly, "Crazy onna! We will not have any pets! Especially a `kitten'! Do you hear me??"


"I'll be right over to pick him up."

"Ok. The only one we have left is the black one."

"Sounds good. WuFei likes that color on animals. Like Panda bears, horses, chickens, wolves, panthers, snakes… you know."

"Uh, ok. See ya then."

"Bye Duo." Right before Duo hung up with Sally, he heard one more `Onna!' from WuFei. Duo was snickering.

"Poor WuFei. He's getting a kitten whether he likes it or not." He plopped down on the bed next to his lover, watching him giving attention to Velvet. Duo pouted a little, "Hmph! Lucky cat."

Heero's eyes slowly shifted toward him, "Why are you so jealous of Velvet?"

"Color me crazy, Hee-koi, but I swear that that's her plan! I mean… look at that smug look on her face! And the way she looks at me every time she's getting the attention from you and I'm not. I swear she's doing it on purpose."

Heero raised the unoccupied hand to Duo's cheek and stroked it softly, "You know that you're the only one for me, beloved." Duo leaned into that gentle hand and flushed at the sound of his bed name. "And you're the only one that makes my knees weak and my heart flutter…" he traced Duo's lips with his thumb. He leaned in closer to that waiting mouth, "…and my groin ache…"

As their lips gently touched, six tiny eyes watched in amusement.