Snow Angels
Contents: YAOI, sap, fluff, Duo POV
Pairing: 1x2
Notes: fifth addition to the "solstice nights" series. So, SO much easier writing sap when you're in a good mood. And I mean in a GOOD mood! Sequel to `stealing a sweet moment'
Date writen: March 1, 2001
Edited: November 16, 2001

The worst of the storm was over, and thank god or whatever head honcho that we didn't get it as bad. I stare out the window and watch the snowflakes drifting lazily down. It was absolutely beautiful out. The snow covered the pine trees and everything else in sight. It gave me some type of urge that I haven't felt in such a long time.

I look back and I see you, kneeling down by the fireplace and pushing more blocks of wood onto the fire. We didn't think that this mission would last so long. But then again, Mother Nature is unpredictable. And staying cooped up in this cabin like safe house with Heero isn't all bad, even though sometimes I get chilled.

I stare at you, watching all your movements carefully, ogling your muscles showing through the fabric of your jeans, and then you turn around and give me a nice view of your front. That dark blue shirt is absolutely stunning on a well-built man like you. And yes, when I say `man' I mean it. Calling you a boy doesn't suit me. You've become far more of a man than I am ever capable of being.

But sometimes in my dreams, you even exceed being a man. You almost radiate as you hover over me. And then you kiss my nose and smile very sweetly, and in a ghostly movement you whispered something.

Then I could have sworn I saw wings.

I brought my gaze back to the outside and watch the snowflakes fall on the quiet earth. Maybe it's too quiet? This afternoon had been a bit too silent for me. Being lost in my own thoughts and daydreaming is something that I should be doing at school, not here in the safe house during a mission with someone that I love. I should be spending time with you and showing you how important it is to have fun when you're this age.

"Hee-chan!" I smile. You turn your head slowly at me. I flutter my eyelashes. "Would you like to go outside with me?"

"You want to go outside?" You look so cute when you're confused.

"Yeah! It'll be only for a little while. We can make a snowman or build a snow fort or something."

"Duo," you sigh, "I don't think it's wise to go out there in this weather. It might get worse."

"Later it might! But it's not bad right now!" I plead.

"You'll just get cold in a matter of minutes and want to come right back in. It won't be worth it."

I run up to you and put on my best pleading look that I can muster up. "Please, Heero! Then it'll be more fun to get warmed up afterwards!" I wrap my arms around you and bury my face into your strong chest. I finally feel you respond and envelope your arms around my back, rubbing a hand up and down the middle.

"Oh…alright. But if any part of your body goes numb, then you're coming in."


The soft fluffy snow crunched under my boots. I merrily bounce around, enjoying the crisp air. I look back at you and see that you don't find this as fun as I do. Well, I'll fix that for sure.

I grab a handful of snow and secretly make it into a ball. I started to whistle innocently and wait for you to get closer to me. I suddenly whip around and smack you in the arm with the snowball.

"Duo…" you raise an eyebrow.

"Yeeeesh?" I leer coyly.

You wrinkle your brow and smirk, "Don't ever do that again," I look away sadly, but you continue, "Unless you have a backup plan!"

Shocked I look back and suddenly saw an incoming snowball coming straight at me! It hit me square in the forehead! I shook my head clear of the crystal flakes and dived toward a snow bank to gather more snow.

"Alright Mr. Yuy! This means war!" I chuckle.

"Hn." you chortled, and then your hand snapped forward, sending another fastball of snow. This time I had time to dodge and then chuck another snowball straight at your face. You easily moved your head out of the way inches before it hit. You gave me a smirk and then threw another homemade Heero bullet at me.

The little, innocent snowball fight seemed to have lasted forever. Especially when we both started to smile, laugh, and crow like we've never lost our childhood. I developed a bright sparkle in my eyes when I saw that first actual smile spread across your face.

Finally exhausted, mainly from the fun, we both crash land into the soft snow, spread out like a pair of gingerbread men. I sigh in content, and then smile happily inside. I have never seen you like this. It's so new and refreshing and wonderful. This was probably supposed to be the real you before the war had corrupted you, taking away the innocence.

I lazily open my eyes; noticing that the snow had begun to fall. I look over at you, your eyes are still closed and a slight content smile was on your lips. The snowflakes danced around, catching on your eyelashes and in your hair. I watch as the small flakes would land on your cheeks, crystallize, and then melt gently against that rosy skin.

A sigh escaped my lips, bringing you back to the real world. A part of me wished that you stayed in your utopia world a little longer, but another part of me wanted to try other tactics to try making you smile.

"Duo," your eyes peer over to me, "words cannot describe how I'm feeling right now. So just saying thanks probably won't be enough. What can I do to make it up to you?"

"Nani?" I swallow. I really never expected you to say that in a million years! "I guess, surprising me with your smile from time to time would be thanks enough."

"Hm." You give me a half smile. Then you blink, "Would that please you?"

I grin. "Oh, definitely!"

"If you can think of anything else, let me know." You say, sounding not so convinced of my answer. I guess it was a bit of a quick response.

A couple minutes go by and we haven't moved hardly an inch. It's too relaxing here in the snow. But unfortunately, the weather will get worse and we'll have to go back inside. Ok, I think to myself, let's see if this will get you to smile or get any kind of good response from you.

I began to move my arms and legs back and forth, making a well-shaped Duo Maxwell snow angel.

Just as I might have thought, you ogle me with one raised eyebrow. I look back at you and smile, and then continue to smooth out my snowy creation.

"What? Haven't you ever heard of snow angels? We ARE in the perfect position to make them, so I thought what the hell!"

"Oh, is THAT what you're doing?"

"Give it a try, Heero!" I grin. "You might make a more perfect looking angel than mine. Hell, of course you will! It'll be the Perfect Solider Angel!" I beam.

Your eyes face the sky once more, as if you're lost in thought. I started to slowly regret my words, thinking maybe I've done something wrong by calling you the Perfect Solider and an angel in the same sentence. And then suddenly, your arms slowly move, and then your legs. I sat up in wonderment and watch, as I get surprised for the second time today.

I stood, surveying my angel that I made. Unknowingly, I've made my angel with an extended braid from the top of its' head, snaking its way in the snow. I chuckle at it, wondering why I never thought that was going to happen in the first place.

And then I glance over at you. You got yourself up as well, dusting the back of your jeans off, and was looking down at your creation in the snow. Did I just see a small smile? Oh god, I sure hope so.

"Nice angel, Hee-chan!" I smile at you. You look back at me and smirk.

"I'm not done yet."

"Excuse me?" I gasp.

You see, our snow angels were merely a few inches apart. So, with some art skill that I had no idea that Heero had, he crouched in between them, and then made a perfect snow drawing of the angels holding hands. Thanks to my braid, you can tell which one I am.

My eyes almost fall out of my head. I have been surprised for the third time today, and this took the cake! I gulp back some kind of lump in my throat, and then choke back some tears.


You smile, stride over to me, and place a warm hand on my bitter, rosy cheek. You move your hand up, wiping away the small trails that the snowflakes have left behind. That is, I'm pretty sure they were flakes.

Your hand travels itself to the back of my head, and then, making me lean closer, you press your very warm lips onto mine. You teasingly flick your tongue shallowly inside, making me moan in the wonderful agony your enticing.

You suddenly unlock the erotically teasing kiss with a small release, and then snake your hand down my body to find my cold fingers. You squeeze my hand securely, "Let's head inside now, ne?" You kiss my forehead.

"H-hai." I stammer and blush.

"Maybe I can get you to make me some more of that great hot cocoa."

You get no argument from me, Heero.