Secret crush

Contents: Shonen ai, wackiness, fluff
Pairings: 1+?
Note: very, very short ficlet. ^_~

Walking on the way back from school, Heero stops short as his gaze is caught by one particular store. He wandered up to the glass and peered downward with a looking of longing in his eyes.

"Ne, Heero…whatcha' looking at all these engagement rings for?"

"None of your business."

"You buyin' a ring for someone?"


"Don't tell me that the perfect soldier's in love!"

"Ok then. I won't tell you."

"Aww, c'mon, Heero! Who's the lucky one that stole your heart?"

"Not telling you."

"Why not?"


"C'mon, Heero! Tell me! What's her name?"

"Forget it, Duo. I'm not telling."





"What's her name start with?"


"What's the first letter of her name?"

"Why do you wanna know?"

"I wanna try guessing her name."


"Come on! What's the first letter?"


"Hmmm…'D' is it? Is it Danielle?"






"How many letters are in the name?"

"Never mind, Duo."

"Awww…come on! Tell me, please?"

"Rrrr…fine. Three."



"Oh that's a bunch of bull! That's the only three-lettered name that starts with `D'. Or is it something rare like…Dui?"




"Ok then. What's the first letter in her last name?"

Heero glares.



"Hm…that could take forever."


"Ok so…the initials are D.M. Ha! Kind of like mine!"


"Wait a minute…like mine?? Heero?"


"Would the person's name happen to be Duo Maxwell?"



"I'm not telling."