Warnings & contents: shonen ai, slight sap, fluff, humor, hints of YAOI
Pairing: 1+2/2+1, 3x4
Note: They are all living together in a house that Quatre has bought for them all to stay in. They are all trying to get along with each other. ^_^;
Author: Luna Death! Which is moi.
Disclaimer: I do not own Gundam Wing or any of its bishonen. If I did…ooooo…the fun I'd have!
Status: 1/1 it tis done! I'm sure of it.


"Maxwell! Omae O korosu!" Wu Fei shouted as he swung his katana around. Duo dodged and ducked the crazified Chinese man, each swing coming ever so close to hitting a body part.

"Whoa! Settle down, Wu-man! I didn't mean it! It was just a joke! Honestly!"

"Bull!!" Wu Fei screamed. His sword came very close to almost slicing off some of Duo's hair. Duo angrily growled at him and changed direction in the room. He skids across the kitchen floor, nearly knocking over Quatre who's got a newly baked cake in his hands.

"Duo! Watch it…" he was interrupted by a wild Shenlong pilot streaking by him, slicing some of the cake as he went by, just barely missing Quatre's nose. "Arigato, Wufei!" Quatre smiled.

Duo dashed into the living room where Trowa has been sitting in his favorite chair and reading the newspaper. He's flipping through the pages, trying to find a certain section. Duo skidded around the coffee table and stopped at one end. Wufei caught up with him, panting and seeing red. He stopped at the other end of the coffee table, to which Trowa has just set down his mug. The Heavyarms pilot crossed his legs and tried to open a section in the paper, but failed and the page began to fold over on itself.

"Mocker!" Wu Fei sneered at Duo as the Deathscythe pilot stuck his thumbs on the side of his head like deer antlers and wiggled them, sticking out his tongue. "You shall die for your childish pranks!"

"Sticks and stones, Wu-man!" Duo laughed. He pulls down one eyelid and sticks out his tongue.

"Damned American! I shall cut off your braid for that!!" He continued pursuing Duo and cornered around the coffee table, hacking and slashing away. As he goes by Trowa, he sliced one part of the newspaper and barely missed his long bangs. Duo took off in the other direction, bouncing on the love seat, almost knocking over a vase, but as Wu Fei turned the corner he completed the swishing motion, and the vase goes tumbling off its stand and lands with a crash.

"There's that section!" Trowa beamed as he picked up the sliced part of the newspaper.

Duo made it to his bedroom, which he shared with Heero. He bolts through the door, and almost slammed it shut in Wu Fei's face. Duo jumped up on the bed, nearly dodging yet another carefully aimed slash that Wu Fei made to try taking out his kneecap. He lands on the bed with a bounce and picked up a pillow and throws it at the angry Chinaman. Wu Fei slashed and sliced the pillow and feathers go everywhere. He continued to slice the air, making Duo get backed into the corner.

Heero was at his computer finishing up on an assignment, when the two pilots came crashing in. He turned instantly as he heard Duo shouting for Wu Fei to stop and that he was only joking. He watched as Wu Fei gets Duo in a corner and the Shenlong pilot raised his katana in the air.

"Here's MY justice!" Wu Fei screamed as he begun to swing it down to the longhaired pilot, aiming for either his braid or his shoulder blade. His katana is stopped short as a streak of green and black made its way in front of the Chinese man's view.

Heero has caught the blade in his hand, holding it still with all his strength. A small trickle of blood dripped down on the side of his palm and down his wrist.

"Stop it, Wu Fei!" Heero snarled. His blue eyes go dark and cloudy. Wu Fei meets those eyes with still enraged red ones. They continue to stare, challengingly at each other, baring their fangs at one another. Heero's stone hard glare makes Wu Fei back off. There is something else in those eyes that make him instantly change his mind about killing Duo. He placed his katana back into its scabbard.

"Today's your lucky day, Maxwell!" he scoffed. "But next time Heero might not be around to save your worthless ass!" He quickly stormed out of their room. Heero slowly turned around. His dark blue gaze slid downward to meet with violet thankful ones.

Duo sighed with relief and slid down all the way to his butt with a plop. "Thank god you stopped him, Heero! I thought for sure my goose was cooked!"

"What did you do that pissed him off so badly?" Heero asked, holding out his hand to help his comrade up.

"It was just a simple prank, that's all. I didn't mean anything by it. All I did was replace his Gundam wax with paint thinner."

Heero gasped. "If you ever did that to me, do you know what I'd do?"

"What?" Duo gulped nervously.

"I'd never speak to you again."

"You hardly speak to me anyways." Duo shrugged.

"We'd never share the same bedroom again."


"And I'd let Wu Fei kill you."

"Point well taken." Duo smiled. "But I'd never do something mean like that to you anyways."

"Then why do you do it to Wu Fei?"

"Because it's fun watching him get really steamed up." He grinned.

"One of these days I won't be there to stop him, Duo. And you'll regret ever playing pranks."

"I guess I'm just lucky to have a friend like you." Duo hugged his arm tightly, snuggling his face on his shoulder.

Heero sighed, slightly rolling his eyes at the attached baka, "Yeah, real lucky."

Wu Fei plodded through the hallway with his head bowed and his shoulders slumped down. Trowa looked up from his paper and sees his friend's long face. Quatre turned around and saw the same scene as he set the neatly sliced cake on the coffee table.

"What's wrong, Wu Fei?" Quatre asked.

"I have been defeated again…by a Maxwell prank!" he huffed.

"Don't take it so badly." Quatre reassured him. "He plays pranks on everyone. It's just his nature. Just relax and have some cake."

"I can hardly believe how possessive Yuy is with him! I mean…haven't you guys noticed how he is with Maxwell? He treats him like he treats his Gundam or laptop!" Wu Fei placed a finger on each temple and rubbed them. "I just don't understand it! How can Yuy stand him?"

"He IS his best friend." Quatre pointed out.

"There must be something else." Wu Fei mused.

"Well, even if there was it's really none of our business." Quatre sighed. "But I have been noticing how Duo loves to cling to Heero whenever he gets a chance. Sometimes he won't do anything unless Heero's with. It's very peculiar."

"Yes." Wu Fei placed a curved finger to his chin. "Very peculiar."