Pool cat
Contents: fluff, sap, yaoi
Pairings: 1x2
Notes: next installment of the kitten arc! It's summer time! ^__^ This comes after "Time to spoil my cats". This part is dedicated to my four new kittens- Ash, Smoke, Velvet (yes, I decided to name one that), and Pepsi.
The only part in here that is RL is Velvet licking and biting on toes. =)
Disclaimer: I do not own GW or its characters, but I do own Velvet!
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Lounging in his lawn chair with only shorts on, Duo sighed in contentment. He adored his boyfriend for getting a backyard pool for their home.

Duo donned his UV sunglasses and stretched his arms up over his head making his chest rise up higher. The result is a kitten attack on his person.

"Oi! Velvet! You scared me to death!" Duo petted the bundle of fluff that was now sitting on top of his chest. Velvet yawned, her little pink tongue curling. "Are you bored? Don't you like it by the pool?" He didn't know why he was talking to her like she was human. Just a habit, he guessed.

"Duo," the voice startled the longhaired teen, making him sit up. The kitten hopped off of his chest like a springboard and landed near her master's feet. She instantly began to rub up against those naked legs.

"Hai, Hee-chan?" Duo grinned. "What can I do for you now?"

Heero raised an eyebrow, "Many things, but right now I need your help with something."

"Oh? All right, then. I guess relaxing right now is out of the question, ne?"

"Don't even start." Heero huffed. Duo smiled nervously.

Heero led him to the other side of the pool. Next to the pool was a table, and on it was a blue print for something. Duo scanned the paper and was at awe at what the plan on there was for.

"You've got to be kidding me!" Duo blinked a few times, "A play place for the little pipsqueak??"

The said pipsqueak rubbed up against Duo's legs and then started to play with his toes. Duo jumped from the sudden pouncing and leered down accusingly at the culprit. Then he yelped as the kitten began to bite his big toe.

"Yes, I decided to give her a place to release her energy so she will quite bothering me while I'm working. Does that sound ok with you?"

The kitten was now licking Duo's toes. "Sounds good to me. Oi, Velvet-chan! Those are not food!" In response to that, the kitten buried its little teeth onto his pinky toe. "Aiiiieeeee!!"

The result in this little performance was a hysterical Heero, with tears to boot. Duo gave his boyfriend a disapproving glare.

"Gomen, Du-chan." Heero said fighting down his laughter, "I couldn't help it! You looked so funny!"

"Heero! It was not funny at all! It really hurt! You know how sensitive my feet are!" Duo looked down at his red digit and pouted. Heero wrapped a sympathetic arm around his lover's shoulders.

"You're so cute when you pout like that." He couldn't help saying.

"The pain…" Duo rubbed his aching toe on the back of his other leg.

"Let me have a look." Heero sighed, slightly annoyed by his boyfriend's antics. Duo sat down on the lawn and stuck his hurting foot out. Heero wiggled it, getting a scowling defiant stare from his other half.

"It's not that bad, Duo. You're just being a big baby."

"Oh really! Well, sorry for wanting a little sympathy from my dearest boyfriend!"

Heero sighed and shook his head. He was about to say something but he suddenly yelled out in pain as he felt those same teeth get sunk into one of his toes.


The kitten did what any living thing would do in this situation. She ran.

Now it was Duo's turn to laugh. Not only that, but he was holding his stomach and rolling around in the grass with waterfalls pouring out of his closed eyes. Duo tried to calm down because his lover was giving him the worst glare he's ever seen him receive in a long time. That look could stop a charging rhino.

"Anou… Hee-chan…" Duo panted, trying to find his voice and the words to say, "I'm really sorry! But I couldn't help it! Gomen…" Heero's glare softened, but not as much as Duo would like. "Ok, Heero… let's see your boo-boo." He snickered.

"You want to continue breathing?" Heero sneered. Duo ignored the half-hearted threat and grabbed Heero's foot. He spun him around onto his back and eyed the swollen toe.

"Hmph… it's not that bad." Duo smiled cheekily, "Quit being such a big baby!"

Heero kicked his boyfriend in the face.

"OI! Heero!!" Duo held the side of his jaw, "That wasn't very nice!"

"Either were you."

"What's good for the gander…" Duo sneered.

"I was only teasing." Heero sighed.

"So was I!" Duo felt like he was defending himself. Heero knew that tone of voice, and he knew that he had to make it up to him or he wasn't getting any real soon.

"Ok, ok… I'm sorry, Du-chan." Heero grabbed onto Duo's hand that was still holding his jaw. "Let me have a look."

"Promise you won't mock me." Duo pouted.

"I know for a fact that I hurt you worse than the kitten did to your toe, so I want to make it better."

"For real?"

"Hai," Heero gave him a small smile, "For real."

"All right." Duo moved his hand out of the way. The side of his lip was purple.

Heero's eyes widened. "Oh, god… Gomen, Du-hon! Gomen! Gomen! Gomen!!" Every apology, he kissed his sore. Duo began to return the kiss but softer cause of the pain. They suddenly found themselves in a tight embrace, lips locked. The kiss wasn't domineering, nor was it harsh. It was very soft, gentle, and soothing.

"Oi, Heero?" Duo said against his lover's lips.

"Hai?" Heero said exactly as he did.

"Where's Velvet?"

There was a sudden splash.

"Oh shit." Duo cursed. They both got up and raced to the edge of the pool. The poor kitten had swam as fast as her little legs could carry her right to the ladder. She was slipping and sliding around, trying to get a firm footing and out of the water. She looked like a small, drowned rat.

Both boys were now rolling with laughter.