The physical

Contents: Shonen ai, AU, lemon, PWP, slight fluff?
Pairings: 2+1/1x2
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Notes: I was in the mood to do a PWP lemon. Hope you all enjoy!

He needed this new job quite badly. In order for him to start, he had to go in and get a check up and do a drug test. It didn't sound very hard to do, and he has been clean of drugs all of his life. So why was he shaking?

"Calm yourself down, Duo…just calm down…it'll all be over before you know it…" That was one of his worst habits of them all. Talking to himself. Well, that and biting his nails when he's nervous.

He finally got himself to open his car door and got in. He made the appointment, told them that he'll be there on time, and made sure he didn't eat any sesame seed buns. He had to go. But he didn't have to like it.

He told his friend, Hilde, about this job that he was getting and she was very proud of him. Hell, she was proud of him when he quit his other job at that strip joint. Even though he was making good money, the co-workers and the boss stinked. It just wasn't worth it. And they lost a valuable worker in the process.

Anyway, enough about the past. Duo Maxwell was on his way to the clinic, hoping that it'll all is over with soon. "Nothing to worry about…everything will be fine. The tests will come out fine, my physical will turn out fine…everything WILL be fine. It's just like getting up onto a new stage and shaking it." He had to encourage himself…who else will?

He got to the parking lot of the hospital, hoping that it will be full and that he had to phone them to make a rescheduling because he couldn't park anywhere. But damn his luck, there was a spot open in the front. "Damn it! The time that I don't want a parking spot up front and I get one!" he sighed, "Oh well. Might as well get this over with."

He got in, let the head person at the desk know that he was there, and sat down in the waiting room. In his nervousness, he grabbed a magazine and started to read it. It was Home or Woman's Day or something like that, but he was so nervous he didn't really care. The smell of the perfume samplers inside were making his head hurt, so he laid it back down, but just in time to hear someone calling his name.

"Duo Maxwell? The doctor is ready for you."

"Damn." He sighed. He reluctantly got up and made his way towards the nurse. The tag on her uniform said `Sally'.

"This way, Mr. Maxwell." She led him down the white walled corridor; the smell of cleanness and sterilizer was in the air. Duo winced at the thought of needles and other things that would make his skin crawl. `And don't forget those little robes.' He reminded himself. "Oye vey…this will not be fun." He mumbled.

Nurse Sally opened the last door on the left, "Have a seat. The doctor will be with you in a short while. He's finishing up with a patient." Duo wandered in and sat down on this cot like bed thing that had a piece of very thin paper wrapped around the middle, fidgeting the whole time.

Once Sally shut the door, his mind began to wander. "A `he'? The doctor I'm getting is a `he'? Great, just want I need…more tension. I hope it's not an old `he'! I hope it's not a hideous looking `he'…I hope…"

He halted his motor mouth as the door finally opened… and in stepped the doctor.

"Sorry to keep you waiting." He said. Duo looked up at the clock and noticed that it had only been five minutes. This was quick compared to other visits he's had.

"It's ok." He found himself saying, still staring at the clock, "You've only kept me waiting five minutes. The last time I was here they made me wait 15 minutes."

"It's late for me. I always try keeping my schedules." Duo finally looked down from the clock and got a good look at the doctor. His heart started beating faster. He couldn't believe his luck today. Was it all good, or bad? "Anyways," the doctor continued, his dark blue eyes barely peering from below long locks of dark brown. "Put this on." He handed him a robe.

With a shaky hand, Duo took it from the handsome doctor. "O-ok." He almost squeaked. The doctor secretly ogled this new patient of his. He definitely looked to be in perfect form, and his features were like none that he's seen before. His long chestnut brown hair done in a loose braid, round violet-blue eyes, heart-shaped face, skinny waist…

The doctor stopped himself for a minute, realizing that he's been scrutinizing over this boy when he should be beginning his tests. He left the room, letting him have his privacy to change, and went to get his stuff. He looked over the clipboard that was in his hands. It told him the name of the boy, his age, his weight and height, his hair and eye color (which he had guessed right), and his other medical records.

"He's only a couple years younger than me." He whispered to himself. Then he shook his head clear, "No, no…doctor no baka! I shouldn't be ogling my patients like this. I have a job to do."

Duo finally got undressed and into his robe. He sat back down on the bed type thing (he has no clue to what its called) and waited for that adorable doctor to come back in. "Damn it!" He huffed, "I should have looked at his nametag to see what his name was! Oh well…I'll do it when he comes back." He nervously wrung his hands in between his lap.

Minutes later, after Duo just started to chew on his nails, the doctor came back in with a small tray of equipment. Duo quickly removed his hand from his mouth and gulped nervously. He started fidgeting his legs. The doctor stood in front of him with a stethoscope, and slowly began to put in on his chest. Duo grinned as he read the nametag on his jacket.

"Ah, nice to meet you. Heero." He smiled. The doctor was taken back by the patient's talkativeness.

"Yes. Call me Dr. Yuy." He placed the flat part of the stethoscope over his heart, "Inhale and exhale slowly." He asked. Duo did as he was told, and then the doctor asked him to breath normally. All the time, Duo was staring straight into the handsome doctor's eyes. Surprisingly, the doctor was staring back.

Dr. Yuy went behind him and asked the same questions, listening from the back this time. "Your heart sounds good. I'm gonna be doing some other tests first before your main physicals if you don't mind."

"What kind of tests?"

"Oh, nothing bad. I need to test your reflexes. And I need a blood sample, followed by a urine sample. I need to test your blood pressure as well…" Heero went on and on about the things he had to do, but Duo was listening with half an ear, and staring at him with both eyes.

"No problem." Duo said, after Heero's voice stopped talking.

Heero did all the tests to him, and Duo surprisingly cooperated without being too nervous. He felt he could trust this man…and he wasn't sure if it was because he was beginning to develop a crush on him or not.

"Now the two physical tests that many people hate." Heero sighed. "I need you to stand up first." Duo nodded, obeying. "Ok, I need you to…lift your robe. I'm gonna test you for a hernia."

Duo's eyes widened, and then his face flushed. "Uh…alright." he lifted his robe.

`This is just professional…totally professional…' Heero reminded himself repeatedly, catching himself staring at Duo. He cupped his hand over the younger man's scrotum. "Cough." He told him. Duo forced himself to cough, and the result was good. Dr. Yuy tried not to blush. He noticed that the braided one was red in the face as well. "Sorry that it's uncomfortable, but I needed to see if you were ok there or not."

"T-that's fine." Duo gulped. "Is that it?"

Heero smiled shyly. "No. I have to…" he grabbed a rubber glove, "Check you somewhere else." He snapped it on.

Duo's eyes enlarged, "Uh…"

"Bend over."

Like an idiot, Duo grinned and said, "But we just met."

Heero's eyes went wide. Getting over the shock, he cleared his throat. "Very funny, Mr. Maxwell. If you please," he motioned him to turn around.

"Alright, alright…I was only joking around." `sort of…' his mind finished. He bent over. He felt a bare hand on the lower part of his back, and a lubricated gloved finger entering him. He blushed uncontrollably. "Oh my…this is definitely different. You do this a lot?"

"Unfortunately, yes I do." Duo looked back and saw a slight flush in the doctor's face.

"Uhh…you know, not to seem too up front about this, but this doesn't feel bad. It's just a little embarrassing."

"Yeah…" the doctor gulped, "I know."

"Wait. If you do this all the time, why are you embarrassed now?"

"Uh…" Heero looked away, "Never mind."

"You like me, don't you?" Duo's mouth never seemed to amaze himself. But if his old job has taught him one thing, it's how to read people's faces. Dr. Yuy's face was showing all the signs of being attracted to him.

"Well I…" he pulled the finger out.

"Why'd you stop?" Duo fluttered his eyelashes.

"Because I'm done, that's why." He peeled the glove off so he could write on the clipboard. Normally, Duo would have his clothes on by now; but he stayed there, bent over the medical cot thingy and his robe was still up. Heero looked back over to see that Duo hasn't changed his position. "I'm finished, Mr. Maxwell."

"Oh?" Duo grinned, "Are you sure?"

"Yes I'm…" the doctor raised an eyebrow, "What are you implying?"

"What do you think?" Duo shook his ass, "I'm not an expert male dancer for nothing. I see that look in your eyes. You wanna take me right here on this cot thing don't you?"

Heero turned around, "Don't be ridiculous."

"Then why'd you blush?"

Heero scowled, "I was blushing because…well…because I envy your looks, that's all."

"Oohhhh…sure…that's a new one! I never heard that excuse before."

"Excuse?" He turned back to him, unable to help his eyes from wandering downward.

"Oh yeah, I hear them all the time. I used to be a male striper. And I'm not very ashamed to say that I find you totally and utterly attractive and I wish that you'd give it to me right now."

"Mr. Maxwell!" Heero dropped his clipboard.

"Call me Duo." He smiled. "Or honey, or baby, or whatever nickname you prefer."

Heero's lips fumbled, "I uh…we can't. We'd be in serious trouble."

"I'm clean, aren't I? My samples were good…I'm in perfect health," Duo winked, "And you are too, I assume." Duo grinned again, face all flushed, "Better come and get it now while I'm still hot."

"Duo Maxwell…please, think of what you're saying."

"I know what I'm saying." Duo smiled, he lifted his robe up farther, "I'm saying that I want you deep inside me, right here right now!"

"Mr. Ma…"

"Uh, uh, uh…" Duo shook his head, "Call me Duo."

"Duo…I can't, I have appointments to keep…"

"Do you really? That bulge in your cotton pants says different, ne?"

"Kuso…" he looked away.

"Come on, Heero, just a quickie? Then maybe tonight after work we can go out and get a nibble? Or you could nibble me? Or perhaps we could go back to your place and practice some heavy breathing?" he winked.

Unable to stand Duo's teasing anymore, Heero gave in and he yanked off his white over coat, and then stripped off the rest of his clothing. He was never very good with peer pressure. Duo grinned happily as the doctor came up from behind him and slowly started to rub his hands all around his bottom, and then inserted a bare finger inside of him. "Is this what you want?" Heero bent down and whispered in his ear. Duo shivered and slowly rolled his hips around, enjoying the feel of Heero entering one finger after another.

"Oh yesss…that's nice." Duo bucked his hips against the probing digits, tightening his grip on the cot. Heero's other hand snaked around and found the younger man's erection. He was as hard as a rock.

"You are beautiful, Duo Maxwell." Heero breathed, slipping his fingers out of the American's body. His hand fumbled around in a drawer next to them, and he quickly pulled out a Trojan condom. He dipped his head down between his shoulder blades on his back and trailed a few feathery kisses down to the crease of his buttocks. He spread Duo's legs gently, and then tasted Duo like a hummingbird tasting nectar.

Without Duo's knowledge, Heero had slipped on his rubber and was now positioned over the shaking man's entrance. He carefully pushed into him, feeling the warm flesh enveloping around his aching arousal. He painstakingly slid inside inch by tight inch. "Oh god, Heero…" Duo panted, crumpling up the paper that was wrapped around the hospital cot.

Heero grabbed a hold of each one of Duo's thighs and pulled him up, setting his knees up onto the sponge filled cot, and planted dangerously on the edge of it. He followed him up onto it, positioning himself in the middle, making himself thrust deeper in the process. Duo let out a small cry.

Duo slipped the robe off the rest of the way and tossed in onto the floor. Heero grabbed onto that long braid and wrapped it a few times around his knuckles. He pulled it taut, gingerly using it to help with the thrusting and squeezed his hip with the other hand. Heero pistoned into Duo's body a little faster, pausing occasionally to halt himself from releasing his seed too soon.

Heero bent down again, and lightly kissed Duo's shoulder and pressed his body closer into the other man's. He could feel Duo's lungs as he panted, and he could hear him whimpering softly. Heero tilted Duo's head back with his braid, and seized his lips with his own, and then deepened the kiss and pushed his tongue into Duo's wet mouth. He let go of those sweet lips and licked the lobe on Duo's ear making the younger man shiver.

"Duo…do not be afraid. Let it out. I wanna hear you." Heero started to slide his cock in and out of him even faster, enjoying the feel of the tight ring of muscle gripping his manhood. Duo let his mouth gap open and a shrilling moan escaped.


"More, Duo…I wanna hear you…" Heero thrust harder, making Duo almost scream.

Heero unraveled the hair around his hand and then lowered it underneath his lover. He grasped Duo's thick shaft and started to stroke it gradually. Duo slid down to his elbows, which raised his bottom more to Heero and deepened the penetration. Duo let out a hiss through his teeth, and then it changed into a sharp cry as Heero worked his hips upward, and then almost slammed into him, repeatedly.

"Oh…my…god…" Duo managed to say between each thrust, Heero was banging into him so fast now that skin against skin was heard, and Duo's ever growing vocabulary was as well.

Heero's grip on Duo's hard arousal was squeezing harder, mainly concentrating on the slick head. Duo pushed back into Heero's body harder, making the medical cot squeak and rock back and forth. Heero moved his free hand from Duo's waist to one of his shoulders, causing Duo's body to push back even more. Heero's reward for that was an unconditional shout as Duo shook, reaching his climax, streams of cum coating Heero's hand and spilling all over the cot.

Heero threw his head back, eyes closed, and let out his own cry as he climaxed into Duo's hard body; letting his orgasm take over his mind for that split second. His hips slowed down as his incredible feeling was, softly rolling his hips around, trying to savor the last feeling inside of Duo.

Heero bent down again and gave Duo a huge bear hug before sliding himself out and off of him. Duo knelt there, shaking from the aftermath and panting. A trickle of sweat dripped from the tip of his nose. He turned his head back and saw Dr. Yuy disposing of the condom, and then began to slip his boxers and slacks back on.

Duo slowly got himself off of the cot and began to put his clothes back on. He looked over at the doctor, hoping to see something in his eyes. The doctor felt those eyes on him and looked over into those violet pools. Neither knew what to say as they stared at one another for about a minute. Heero cleared his throat and then picked up his clipboard. He began to write down a few things.

Duo wandered over to him and peered down at the paper on the clipboard. "What're you doing?" he blinked.

"Setting you up for another appointment." Heero said, sounding rather normal and professional.

Duo smiled, "Oh? What kind of appointment, doctor?" he emphasized on the last word, with a purr.

"There might be a few things I have over looked. Maybe I'll make a house call, maybe do a few more physical tests, and maybe take you up on that offer about having a nibble." He looked up from his clipboard and gave him a wink.

"Oh!" Duo smiled, "That's one appointment I know won't miss!"