Title: The Phenomenal Imp- part 4

Contents: Shonenai, AU, some angst, OCs, citrus, some sap

Pairings: 1x2/2x1

Warnings: a little long, cursing, some violence, and some magic. NC-17 overall.

Notes: I got information about the monsters & creatures in this series from the Palladium books, except how Duo is. He is beginning to be more like an Elfquest elf. If anyone is interested in knowing what Elfquest is, go to this address: http://www.elfquest.com (the artist, Wendy Pini, is an old anime fan, and from what I've heard, she has an open mind.)

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Dedicated to: ClarySage (new dedication), Mikkeneko, Heartfelt, Lasha Lee, and Lev just because they're a great inspiration with their writings and AU styles, and have helped my brain to dream up this craziness.

There are other great AU writers that this is dedicated to, but I forgot their names. When I remember them, I'll put them up here.

Disclaimer: I own none of these boys. ~Sniffles~ maybe the horses and other soldiers, but that's it. ^_^

And I don't admit to the magic that Duo posses to be my idea, they are abilities that Wendy Pini (the artist and co-writer) from Elfquest made up. So, I don't own all that either.

I sort of forced myself to write some of this. I hope it turned out all right.

"Oh, oh, oh… oh gods, oh gods…" Duo's head flew back as he let out a long gasp. His human lover seemed more sexually charged after a tough battle, and this was something that the elf was starting to like. It felt as if a centaur was mounting him from how rough Heero was giving it to him and the weight of him on his back. He pushed back like a mare in heat for her stallion, flexing his fingers into the sweaty sheets below him.

"Duo…" With a final groan, the prince came inside the elf's tight entrance and then collapsed hard on him. Surprisingly, Duo was able to hold him up.

"Hee-bunbun… you haven't finished me yet." Duo knew that Heero hated the fact that he had more stamina then him. But for a human, he did last pretty long.

"Then turn over so I can, imp." Heero snarled into the elf's ear.

Duo chuckled, "As you wish, lover." He turned onto his back and spread his legs. Heero tiredly lowered himself down to take his longhaired lover's cock into his mouth. Duo sighed in satisfaction.

"You know how much of an animal you are?" Duo grinned, "I swear it was like getting fucked by a wild creature. Mmmm… yeah, that's good…" he ran his fingers through Heero's messy bangs.

Heero let up from Duo's hardness, licking the end to catch a white pearly droplet, "And just who makes me an animal?"

"Oh come now… you can't blame me for your sexual urges. You're the one that's attracted to males." He gave his lover a wicked smile.

"Hm." Heero raised a brow at him before he lowered his mouth again over the impossibly huge cock.

"A man of many words." Duo chuckled, "Oh well… at least you have an excuse why you're not talking much." He continued to comb his fingers through Heero's hair. "So where to now, my human love?"

Heero released Duo from his mouth and took in a lung full of air, "We're at war with the kingdom of Merlot. We were supposed to have reached one of their camps a while ago to conquer."

"Hmm… so who's the bad guy and who's the good guy?"

"I don't think there are any real good or bad in this war," Heero ran his tongue from the base of Duo's length all the way to the tip, and then circled it around the crown to drink what he found, "It's mainly because they want a piece of our land for themselves for some reason and we don't want to give it up."

"Ah, territorial battle. I understand that." Duo gasped as Heero started to swallow him whole, "Be careful or you'll choke, and your survival of that gromek fight would be for naught."

Heero hummed a bit before releasing the elf's cock from his mouth, "Don't worry. I don't plan on dying foolishly in this lifetime. Besides, I've swallowed bigger." Heero grinned, teasingly.

"That is not very nice." Duo glared, "You know damn well that nothing is as big as mine."

"Do you know how cute you are when you're angry? Especially when your ego is hurt?" the prince gave a quick lap at the head of Duo's erection.

"Sweet talk will get you no where, sweetheart." Duo huffed, folding his arms.

"Then how about a sweet suck?" Heero smiled, and then took Duo into his mouth again.

"A sweet fuck, and then a sweet suck… maybe one of these days we'll both cum around the same time." Duo relaxed himself more into the feathery pillow below him, lifting his lower half up more. Heero didn't answer as he continued to swallow as much as he could.

Minutes later, Duo finally gave in and spilled himself into Heero's widened throat. Heero gagged slightly, and then gulped down every bit of the elf's semen.

"Ahh… excellent job, my love. You're getting better."

Heero narrowed his eyes at the elf, wiping the side of his mouth with the back of his hand, "Thank you." he said dryly.

"Oh tisk, tisk, Hee-bunny. Don't let your ego get crushed. You know damn well that I'm very experienced in the art of sex."

"And magic too, from what I've seen." Heero couldn't help remind.

"Yeah? What are you getting at, love?" Duo's left ear twitched. He could have sworn he heard something from the other side of the tent.

"I want you to tell me all about your magic and what you can do. If that's not too much to ask, seeing that you're my lover now."

"Hmm… tell you about my magic? Ah, sure. What could it hurt? I am more powerful than I look and…" he turned his head to the left, his eyes wandering to a certain spot on the tent wall.

"What's wrong?" Heero asked.

"Sounds like someone is trying to eaves drop on our conversation." Duo said as loud as he could. Then they both suddenly heard running footsteps, they faded into the background.

Heero sighed, "Let me guess… enhanced senses is one of your powers?"

"It's not really a power, per se. It's a natural ability. We elves have abilities that exceed in humans', and then there are a handful of us that can use magic. It depends on the location and the population of a tribe. I'm a rare one. I know many different magic powers."

"Healing is one, right?"

"Healing is the main thing that allows me to use the other powers. It's like the base skill, and I can use that power to do other things such as shaping plants, like you've seen me do."

"The bow you now possess." Prince Heero nodded, "And your arrows."

"Right. It's like a prerequisite power. I need to know it in order to shape wood, flesh, rocks, and to shield."

Heero's eyes widen, "You can do all of that?"

"Well," Duo tried to act modest, "some of those powers I still need work on. But I'm getting there."

"I would love to see you shape flesh." Heero chuckled.

"Well that, my love, is a bit difficult for me. But, I'd rather not talk about my powers right now."

"Why not?"

"Not in the mood." The elf shrugged.

"Not in the mood to boast? This is a red letter day."

Duo glared, "Funny."


Captain Merquise was sitting at his desk in his tent, scanning over a scroll that he held in his hands. He was tapping an impatient foot when Yuki walked in.

"Back so soon?" Zechs asked without looking up from his reading.

"I've been discovered. But you were right, he's powerful."

"I thought so. What were they doing when you got there?" Zechs meant the spot that he planned on eavesdropping at.

"They were… um…" Yuki blushed.

"Just spit it out, Yuki."

"They were having sex, sir." He fidgeted.

"Ah. The usual. Thanks anyways. You're dismissed."

Yuki saluted, "Thank you sir."

Not once did Zechs ever look into the face of his follower. If he did, he would have seen the sneering look Yuki given him before he left.

"Hmm… such powers would be a shame to waste." Zechs jotted something down on the scroll, and then moved to snuff out his candle.


A few feet from the camp, Duo was gathering up some small twigs that were lying around the ground. Once he finally picked up the last remaining twig, he turned back to set the pile of sticks onto the ground near the tent that he and Heero stayed in.

"Quite a stack you got there, elf."

Without turned around, Duo squatted down onto the grass next to his pile of twigs. He knew who was behind him from the sound of the voice, and wished not to talk to him.

"Did you hear me, elf? Well, of course you did, you have enhanced hearing." Zechs sighed when he wasn't answered again, "I am NOT in the mood to be talking to a stone wall! Say something!"

"Something." Duo muttered. He lifted his hands up over the bundle of sticks and emitted some kind of light from his fingertips.

"Very funny, imp!" Zechs sneered. "Anyways, I need your attention. I know that you are exceptionally powerful and I would like to make a deal with you."

Without halting in his ministrations, Duo grumbled, "No deal."

"You haven't even heard my offer yet!" Captain Merquise growled.

"I don't care what your offer is. I'm not making deals with sneaky men like you. Now leave." Duo finally stopped enchanting the twigs, and turned around, "I'm serious."

"As am I, elf!" Zechs glared. "Now, you and me both know that you're pretty fond of prince Heero. Well, Heero's been my friend since we both went to the same school. And I, for one, would like to see him not get hurt, especially by you! So, if you have a heart at all, selfish imp, you would be smart and not break Heero's!"

"You assume that I will hurt him… emotionally?" Duo cocked his head.

"That is exactly what I'm assuming!"

"Look… I know that you care for him." Duo stood from the ground and wiped dirt off of his knees, "But don't you think that he is old enough to take care of himself? Not to mention that Heero doesn't seem to be the kind to have such a strong emotion that would hurt him so badly that he would collapse from it."

"Are you playing with him, imp?" Zechs sneered, "If so… I think you should reconsider!"

"I'm not playing with him. I really do like him." The longhaired elf stared straight into the blond captain's eyes, "I think you're here for some other reason. What kind of deal are you offering me?"

The captain was happy to have finally gotten him interested in hearing his deal, "I have heard vague tales about your kind, elf. And I know how powerful you are. I would like to gain that power… I heard that you are able to grant it."

Duo laughed heartily, "You are a fool, aren't you, human?"


"We elves can't give powers to humans or any creature! You have to be an elf yourself to have these powers. And not all elves do have what I possess! You're merely dreaming!"

"If I'm dreaming then how do you explain the tale of the circus boy?"

Duo froze.

"Aha!" Zechs smiled in triumph, "Just as I thought! I knew that you were lying!"

"I'm not lying, human. And that tale is not supposed to be known to any human!"

"Got under your skin now, eh? So tell me how a mere circus boy was able to gain your people's powers!"

Duo huffed, folding his arms over his chest, "I was sworn to secrecy about that story. And he didn't get his powers the way you think! My `people' cannot just simply grant a human magic abilities!"

"Then tell me about the circus boy, or I won't believe you!"

They stood for a few minutes, staring each other down. Finally, Duo turned his back and sat back down next to his pile of sticks. "I'm not saying. And it's none of your business. Go bother some other being now. I'm busy." With that, he began to pick up twigs and shape them.

"Fine! Be a stubborn urchin! But I WILL find a way to get the story from you… one way, or another!" Zechs stormed off.

"You will regret everything… Zechs Merquise." Duo growled.


Later, prince Heero had gotten worried about Duo's whereabouts. The elf left the tent quite a while ago and hadn't come back yet. But it didn't take long for him to find the imp as he stepped out of his tent.

"There you are." Heero sighed in relief. Duo had been still sitting down next to his stack of twigs, making them into arrows.

"I've always been here." Duo said, still using his magic.

Heero knelt down beside his pointy-eared lover and watched him continue to shape the small twigs. "Aren't you tired?"

"Nope. It doesn't take that much magic to make these." He lifted one up and brought it to Heero's face to emphasis.

"That's good. I don't like it when you wear yourself out. You don't have to use magic all the time to help us." The prince leaned his head onto Duo's shoulder, "I was worried about you."

"Oh? Were you now?" Duo smiled.

"Yes, you foolish imp. I have fallen in love with you, you know."

Duo nodded, mind going back to what Zechs said- "if you have a heart at all, selfish imp, you would be smart and not break Heero's!" Duo shook his mind clear.

"What's wrong?" Heero asked.

"Nothing." Duo grumbled, "Nothing for you to worry about, I mean."

"Have you been talking with someone a while ago?"

Duo turned his head to meet his lover eye to eye, "How did you…"

"I have a way of reading other people's body language. Something is bothering you… so I thought that maybe someone had spoken to you about something."

Duo smirked, "It was just Zechs. He thought that he could gain power from me, but I told him that such a way was impossible."

"Oh? I have heard of legends, but I have never believed them."

"That's just what they are… legends. There is no way for a human to get powers from a magical being. There is a certain way, but like I said… one must be born with it."

"Well… I'm going back inside. We're heading out again at first light. We should reach the enemy's camp before the day's evening." Heero stood and walked back toward the tent. He turned back around to gaze into his lover's beautiful amethyst eyes, "Are you coming?"

"When I'm finished… lover." Duo purred.

"Ok. But hurry up. I get lonely easily now… because of you."

"Hmph." Duo smirked.


Finally, around dusk, Heero entered Zechs Merquise's tent. The captain of the guards bowed once he saw who had entered.

"You're majesty?"

"You have been spying on me and talking to my lover behind my back. I do not appreciate such abominations."

"Forgive me, please… my lord."

"Why were you spying?" Heero snarled.

"I have asked Yuki to find out about the elf, sire. I had no idea that he would invade on your privacy like he did…"

"Zechs, you are a liar and a backstabber. I should demote you!"

"Sire, please! I had no intention in being a backstabber! I only wish to keep you safe from harm and make sure that you do not get hurt!"

"Thanks for the concern, captain… but I can take care of myself! Duo and I are together and I wish to make him mine once we get back to the castle. I know that you don't trust him, but I do. With all my heart. And if he should ever do something to put my kingdom or any of my people in danger, it will be my responsibility. Am I clear, Captain Merquise?"

Zechs bowed lower, "Yes, You're majesty… crystal clear."

"Good. If I so much as ever discover you doing anything behind my back again, I will have you relegated."

Heero turned with a quick jerk, cape flowing out behind him as he exited Zechs' tent. He did not see the growing anger in the blonde's eyes.


Dawn had finally approached, and the men had been busy packing up stuff into carts, and saddling the horses. They had less now, because of the gromek attack. Less people to prepare to move, fewer things to gather, and fewer things to worry about. This still left a grave feeling in Heero's stomach. He had been still mourning the loss of his fallen men. On the outside, Heero looked hard as stone, but the inside had been reduced to gravel.

Mounting his horse, Heero turned back to watch his beloved elf placing a bridal on one of the now ownerless horses. It used to be Alex's prize stallion. The elf looked to be distant as he prepared the black horse. Something about using someone else's mount must be troubling the longhaired imp.

Heero moved his horse to stand next to Duo's, "Are you alright?" he said in a low voice.

"Yeah." Duo grumbled. "Why?"

"You looked troubled."

Duo turned his head toward the prince, giving him the best appreciated smile, "I am just thinking about Wing, that's all."

"Wing? Your pegasus?"

"Yes." Duo sighed. He moved a saddle onto the horse's back. "I miss him."

"Don't worry, Duo. I will help you find him."

"You don't need to." The longhaired elf sighed. He mounted the black stallion. "I don't need a human's help finding my friend." he kicked the side of the horse, getting it to move. Heero shook his head, wondering how he'd get the elf to trust him enough to have him help.

Zechs saddled up to Heero on his gray horse, looking at him inquisitively. "Does he not trust you, sire?"

Heero looked over at Zechs slowly, gathering his thoughts, "It is a touchy subject for him. His Pegasus had been taken from him, which is why I found him in the village that one day. He had been searching for the winged horse for days now."

"Does he suspect a human?"

"No. He told me that he doesn't think a human is capable of capturing the Pegasus. He suspects orcs or some other kind of evil creature."

"What would an orc want with a pegasus?" Zechs thought out loud.

"Money probably. I hear they fetch a pretty penny."

"Hmm." Zechs nodded. His mind was going into over load.

Heero eyed his old friend coolly, "Don't even think about it, Zechs. Wing is Duo's friend."

"I am merely thinking about who might have the Pegasus, my lord."

"Keep your mind on the here and now. Leave me to helping Duo find his Pegasus. You just worry about your position and the well being of the men." He moved his horse forward to catch up with Duo. Zechs smiled to himself, thinking about how much money one could get from a Pegasus feather.

Heero caught up to the elf and they trotted in silence for a while. The blue-eyed prince could tell that Duo was in heavy thought at the moment. He appreciated the times when his longhaired lover was quiet, but this time it felt unsettling. He found himself not liking the way Duo looked distressed. He wanted to see him smiling and joking around with his men, not brooding.

"Duo." Heero started. He stopped when the elf turned his head, giving him an annoyed look.

"You can't trust him anymore, Heero." The elf suddenly grounded out.

"What? I don't understand."

"Zechs. He has some kind of trick up his sleeve. He still sees you as a friend, but something else is controlling him. You need to be cautious."

"I'll take that into consideration." Heero nodded. "How about you? How are you holding up?"

"Better than usual."

"Which is?"

Duo grinned, "eccentric."

Heero snorted, "Of course."


It wasn't long and the sun finally loomed over them in the sky, which indicated lunchtime. They stopped to rest and eat, sitting around a campfire. Duo seemed to have gone back to his usual self as he chatted and told jokes to everyone.

"And so, this really stupid troll makes a bet with me, thinking he was gonna win back all the gold that I won in the game of toss stone. So, we play another round, and he tries to cheat right? So I get him to confess to cheating, AND they rest of the trolls discover that he had been cheating THEM as well! So then, this big fight breaks out! And as they fight, I take everything and run."

"Let's hope that they don't wish to hunt you down." Heero leered.

"Oh no, of course not. They're miles from here! Even so, I heard that their clan got brutally attack or something. Most of them got wiped out. So… no problems!" Duo flashed them all a toothy grin and a victory sign.

"I hope not." Zechs sighed.

"Well then," Duo clapped his hands together, "Is there any more of this scrumptous food?"

Heero pushed a full bowl into Duo's chest, "Happy eating."

Duo was taken back for a moment, his breath rushing out of his lungs from the sudden impact, and then he flashed Heero a cheeky smile.

It didn't take long for them all to finish eating and they got themselves back on the road. The rest of the voyage was rather quiet. It felt strange to Heero, but he decided not to question it and enjoy it while it lasted.

It was becoming a bit too quiet for his taste. Not even a bird was chirping in the trees, or a fly buzzing around him to annoy him. Something was off.

They all soon discovered the discomforting feeling. It was the sight that welcomed them when they came to a forest clearing. What looked like a perfect camping ground was in total shambles. Ripped up tents were scattered about, stuff all over, dead bodies littering the ground, and a flag at the top of a bent pole was torn. The symbol on the flag represented the kingdom of Merlot.

"You're Majesty," Zechs said quietly, "It looks like something got to our enemies before us."

"Yes." Heero looked over at Duo, who was staring intensely at the damaged place, "It would seem so."




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