Title: The Phenomenal Imp- part 2

Contents: Shonen ai, AU, lemon, slight S&M, slight angst, OCs

Pairings: 1x2/2x1

Warnings: a little long. Slightly mean Heero

Notes: I got information about the monsters & creatures in this series from the Palladium books, except how Duo is.

Archived: Many places- Joygasm, I love bishonen, DHML, Infinity base

Dedicated to: Mikkeneko, Heartfelt, Lasha Lee, and Lev just because they're a great inspiration with their writings and AU styles, and have helped my brain to dream up this craziness.

Disclaimer: I own none of these boys. ~Sniffles~ maybe the horses and other soldiers, but that's it. ^_^

Status: 2/?


Heero stared at the being laying on the floor. The men were now huddling around him to get a good look at what their prince was staring at. The room was filled with loud gasps. If it weren't for that, Heero would still be in his daze, thinking it was just some strange dream.

"My liege… it is an elf!" Lance, the straight and religious one, said.

"Aren't they supposed to be extinct?" one other named Yuki asked.

Hentor gasped, "They're not even supposed to exist!"

Heero got out of his shock and bent down to pick the elf boy up. He turned, gave them all an "I dare you to say anything" look, and walked out of the tent. Just at that time, the captain of the prince's soldiers was making his way into the healer's tent to see how Hentor was doing. He came face to face with prince Heero and immediately bowed out of respect.

"Your Majesty!"

"Captain Merquise." Heero addressed him, but kept on walking. Captain Merquise stood back up and finally noticed the boy in Heero's arms. He did a double take when he saw the pointed ears.

"Um… Your Majesty?"

"Go get the story from Hentor," Heero called back from his shoulder, "I have some business to attend to."

The captain of the guards bowed again, "Yes, Your Majesty."


Heero laid the elf down onto his bed hesitantly. He had only been told some stories about such fairy folk, but his brain was refusing to recall anything. What puzzled the prince more was the fact that an actual elf was roaming this country.

His thoughts were interrupted by the sound of his guards outside his tent's door. Through the closed flap, he heard the familiar voice of the captain of his guards on the other side.

"Come in." Heero said, knowing that he must have gotten the story of what happened by now.

Captain Merquise bowed, "Sorry to disturb you, sire, but I have some information for you about Hentor."

Heero finally turned around to face the captain with a scowl on his face. He wasn't sure if he should be annoyed or not. Zechs Merquise got the message and stepped cautiously, and spoke carefully with his words.

"What about Hentor?" Heero asked.

"Well, your highness, either he has gone completely insane, or we have a bit of a problem ahead of us."

"Problem?" Heero raised a brow. Usually when there was a problem, it was something easily remedied. But the way Zechs was looking at him made him think that this problem was more hazardous than the normal.

"Hentor said that he was attacked by… a gromek."

Heero's eyes flashed, and then his brow slowly lowered. He couldn't believe what he was hearing.

A sharp ring of laughter caught them off guard. Startled, both Heero and Zechs looked back at the source of the sound; which was sitting on the prince's bed.

"Oh, Hee-bunbun, you've got quite a problem!"

Heero's fists balled, "Silence Imp! How dare you laugh at me at a time like this! This is serious!"

"Indeed it is." Duo sat up. His hair was falling out of his long plaid around his shoulders and face, his eyes were sparkling with an unnatural look to them, and his grin seemed more mischievous than it had before.

"Your Majesty," Zechs said, bringing up his courage, "How did an elf wind up here in this country?"

"That's a good question." Heero sighed.

Duo's ears twitched, "Gromeks are nasty things." He said, ignoring the blond man's question, "They are powerful skilled warriors with a hate for all weaker humanoids. They're beast-men that appear more demonic than man nor beast."

Heero turned to glare at the elf, "I know about them, so be silent while we figure out what to do."

The longhaired elf brought his knees up against his chest and wrapped his arms around them. He began to slowly rock himself, grin still planted on his face, "Let me know if you need my help."

Heero glared at him dangerously, "I highly doubt it. We've survived many demons before." Heero turned his back on the vivacious imp to speak to Zechs, "Tell the men to set up bon fires around the camp. That should hold them at bay. If we know anything about such beasts, it's that fire will keep them away."

Duo was laughing now.

Zechs turned his eyes to the elf now, narrowing them, "You find my prince's idea funny, cur??"

Duo flopped down onto his stomach, holding his head up in his hands, and gave them a rosy smile, "Fire won't stop them. They're immune to it!" He chuckled again.

Captain Merquise drew his sword, "Little gremlin! You shall pay for insulting my prince!" He moved to defend his sire's pride, but Heero stopped him.

"He's right. I can't believe that I forgot about their immunity to fire."

Zechs sheathed his sword and then glared at the smirking elf. "You watch it, pointed-ears! Or soon no one would be able to tell if you were an elf or not!"

Duo narrowed his eyes at the human, "You touch the ears, and you die." To punctuate, his wiggled the tips of them.

Heero placed a reassuring hand on Zechs' armor-plated chest, "Don't worry about him, I'll take care of him. Have the men pack up their things; we're moving out."

"But, your highness, we're gaining on our enemies! Within no time, we will succeed in our mission! I'm sure that we won't run into any more gromeks as long as we make sure we stay in populated areas."

Duo tried his best to hold in a snicker.

"Never the less," Heero sighed, "It's dangerous here. We'll move camp more south away from their nest. And don't question me."

Zechs bowed, "As you wish, sire." And he gave Duo one last snarling glare before he turned to leave.

Heero sighed, running his hand through his hair before he turned to sit at his small writing area. He sat down, took out a parchment that clearly had been written on, and began to scrawl on it with a feather quill. Busy with his elegant handwriting, he failed to notice right away that he was being stared at from behind. A few minutes later, a small, warm hand fell upon the prince's shoulder, startling him from his musings.

"What are you writing?"

"None of your business, you nosy elf. Now go sit back down and be quiet!"

"Are you writing about me at all?"

Heero's head abruptly turned, "I said it's none of your business!" he jabbed a finger toward the bed, "Now go sit down and leave me alone!"

Duo sighed, "You're very crabby, you know that?" he walked back over and sat down on the edge of the bed, "Crabby, crabby, crabby, crabby…"

"Shut up."

"…Crabby!" Duo plopped down with his arms underneath his head, "You haven't even thanked me for saving one of your men! How incredibly rude! Well, forget it then! I'm not gonna tell you why I'm here in this land!"

Heero's hand stopped. He slowly turned around; staring immensely at Duo's stretched out body lying on his bed. He still didn't have a shirt on, and he could clearly see the small ripples on his abdomen and a slight sheen across his chest. The elf must still be recovering from using his healing powers.

Prince Heero stood, walked over to stand in front of the motionless sprite, and glared down at him.

"Tell me!" He ordered.

Duo looked up into Heero's deep blues with a serious statement and then smiled idiotically, "No! You're mean and selfish, therefore you're not learning anything!" he stuck out his tongue, "So there!"

Heero gave into his urge, and slapped Duo across the face, "How DARE you talk to me in that manner! I am the ruler of this land, and you WILL tell me!"

"Or else you're gonna beat me? Please!" Duo mocked, sitting himself up, "Like I've told you- been there, done that! Go right ahead then, if that's what `His Majesty' wishes!"

Heero grabbed onto the back of Duo's head and lifted him up so that he was standing eye to eye with him. Well, it wasn't quite eye-to-eye… Duo was a bit shorter than he was. He stared challengingly into those big violet eyes, hoping to strike some kind of fear into the elf. But the imp seemed stronger than he thought. Those eyes suddenly appeared to have more than one type of hue in them. There were blots of different kinds of blues and violets that encircled the pupil, and they sparkled majestically. The hardheaded prince found himself drawn in, and his face got closer and closer to the elf's.

Those beautiful blue-violets slowly began to close, as did his, and soon Heero made contact with Duo's soft lips.


Zechs Merquise, loyal captain of the guards, stomped into his tent. Hentor was there, still yakking away to Lance about what happened to him.

Hentor was the best scout and hunter that they had, but he also loved to exaggerate whenever possible. The man was about Zechs' height, which was a foot and a half taller than Heero, and he had short brown hair and brown eyes. He was categorized as average looking. He was slightly skinnier than Zechs, and that was because he didn't have as much muscle as the blond captain. Zechs could easily break him over his knee.

"So there I was, way up at the top of the highest tree, when suddenly there came this whooshing sound, like wings. I turned around, and there before me, was this ugly, green skinned, winged demon! His teeth were huge and his claws were sharp! The thing reached out for me and I fought it bravely with all my strength!"

Zechs laughed out loud, causing him to halt in his story telling. "Apparently it wasn't much, since I could easily beat you in arm wrestling."

"Zechs! I didn't hear you come in!" Hentor instantly began to kiss up.

"Oh can it." Zechs sighed as he began to take his armor off.

"You going to bed already, sir?" Lance asked.

"Yes. I'm in need of rest. I have a giant headache."

"Maybe you should ask the elf to heal you."

Zechs glared, "Never! That no good, pompous, pointy-eared freak can stay away from me! I've had enough of his mouth!"

"How is Heero holding up then?" Hentor wondered out loud.

"I'm not sure," Zechs said truthfully, "I have no idea how he puts up with him. I don't see why he just won't get rid of him."

Lance, the more optimistic and saintly of them, spoke up, "Maybe there's more to it then meets the eye. There are times when prince Heero would have a soft spot for someone."

Zechs grumbled something under his breath, "I'll see if I can talk some sense into him in the morning. Right now, I just want to concentrate on sleep."

Hentor and Lance left, getting the hint.


Heero laid Duo down gently, kiss still firmly planted, bringing himself down with him. He tasted different somehow, but Heero couldn't place it. He brought a hand up to play with Duo's hair and accidentally brushed over the point of his ear. In the moment, Heero had forgotten that Duo was an elf, and he got startled a bit from the feeling of those pointed and tapered ears. Gently Heero stroked the back of his hand over the tip of Duo's ear, creating a low groan to emit from the elf's throat. Duo's head snapped back, exposing his throat to Heero. The prince took advantage of it and attacked it with his teeth and mouth, relishing in the taste. He made a trail of kisses down his chest to the middle of that taut stomach. While his mouth was busy, his hands were moving as well, touching Duo anywhere he could.

Heero eventually got to Duo's center of need and roughly stripped him of his pants. Duo just lay there, letting Heero take advantage of him. Heero engulfed his rock hard member, exuding some strange noises from Duo's throat. Heero didn't recognize the words that the elf was mumbling. He guessed that it must have been elfin.

For an elf, Heero thought, he sure was huge. When Heero was satisfied with tasting Duo there, he released him, and then instantly stuck two moistened fingers into Duo. He was still open from last time so it didn't take long to prepare him. Heero was about to lift Duo's legs up over his shoulders, when Duo stopped him. He looked at the longhaired elf with a deadly snarl. How dare he tell him what to do!

"Wait a minute there, my royal sweetheart. And before you get angry, let me explain. I want to be on top… with you inside me."

Heero almost backhanded him for wanting him to be bottom. Once Duo told him the rest, he relaxed, nodded his head, and proceeded to flip them around. Duo allowed himself to be flipped by the human prince, and then wrapped his arms around Heero's neck. Duo murmured something against his skin, probably in elfish, and wantonly moved his ass back and forth across Heero's engorged arousal.

"I'm waiting, Hee-bunny. Take me."

"Stop calling me that." Heero snarled, as he thrust himself none too slowly into the panting imp above him. Duo let out a strangled cry, and didn't wait too long and began to bounce himself up and down on Heero's aching cock.

Duo looked down at Heero with a brash gaze, adoring the way his face twisted in pure pleasure. "I've been waiting for us to finish this, Heero."

Heero's eyes flew open, "Finish??"

Duo smirked, and then leaned down to capture Heero's lips so he couldn't say anything more. When he let go of his mouth, Duo said, "When we first started, you had no idea that I was… am, an elf. I had to get early release so that you wouldn't wonder."

"I still did." Heero grunted, feeling Duo pump himself faster on his erection. He felt himself getting too close to climax, so he tried to slow Duo down. "Wait… I'll come too soon…"

"That's ok." Duo smiled, "I have an idea."

"Oh? Am I gonna like this idea?"

"It depends." Duo shrugged, making them both move faster.

"Depends?" Heero gasped.

"Yes. Depends on how many times you can come in one night."

"Excuse me??"

Duo didn't reply. He took a hold of Heero's wrists, pinned them up above his head, and leaned down to press his exposed throat to Heero's mouth. Heero got part of the idea, and began to kiss and lick him all over. "No, Heero… bite me." Duo groaned, thrashing himself harder on Heero.

Heero didn't need to be told twice, and he sunk his teeth down on the milky white throat. As Duo cried out in both pain and bliss, Heero came into the beautiful elf, hard. Harder than he had even done before.

Soon Heero was lying limp below Duo, panting and gasping for breath. Duo `tsked' and shook his head.

"You humans always come too early!" he huffed.

Heero cracked one eye open, a slight snarl was on his exhausted face, "Stop complaining! At least you're getting some."

"But I'm not done!" Duo growled, as he tried to fuck Heero's spent member. Heero's eyes shot open and he glared dangerously at the hyper elf.

"Stop! Stop it, urchin!! Wait until I recover first!"

Duo was about to pout and get angry when another idea popped into his head, "I know! While you recover from the first one, I will fuck you!"

Heero sat up quickly, yanking his own member from Duo's body, and pushed himself back into the wall behind him. "No! You will not take me, imp!"

"Huh! Don't like losing control, do you?" Duo grinned.

"You have no right to take me! If I say no, then I mean NO!" despite his weariness, Heero got out of bed and moved to sit down at his writing area. He could hear Duo grunt something, and then made his way to him. Duo leaned down, pressing his still hard arousal against Heero's bare back, and then he blew some warm air over his ear.

"Come on, Hee-bunbun! It's fun! Don't wimp out on me!"

At the word `wimp', Heero stood back up and faced the elf, "What did you say?"

"I said, Do Not Wimp Out On Me! You understand now, or do I have to speak some other language?"

"I am NOT wimping out!" Heero screamed.

Duo chuckled, "Oh yes you are! I've never seen such cowardice!"

Heero snarled, almost beast like; that put an amused smile onto Duo's face. Finally, after staring for quite a while, Heero gave up and made his way over to the bed. He wasn't about to let this annoying elf get the better of him! Heero knew that he could take pain better than anyone.

Duo was even more amused as he watched Heero walk back to his bed and lay himself down. What almost made the elf's heart stop was the slight flush that appeared over Heero's cheeks. Duo smiled, he couldn't believe this! The big bad prince was actually embarrassed and maybe even a little scared! But this only turned him on even more, and that wasn't a good thing for Heero.

"Prepare yourself then, Heero. I won't go too easy on you."

Heero looked away, staring at the nearest blank wall of his tent. Slowly he spread his legs for Duo and grit his teeth, preparing himself for the pain that was to come.

"Relax, Hee-bunny." Duo smiled, "I promise not to hurt you too badly." Then Duo was down between Heero's legs, tasting him everywhere. His tongue found the human's sensitive entrance, and he thrust it in. Heero made a sudden gasp that even surprised himself.

For the longest time, Duo was tonguing Heero until he was sopping wet. To take some of his own ache away, Duo stroked himself harshly. He got up onto his knees, shoved himself in between Heero's legs, and gave Heero a show of him jacking himself off. He winked when Heero's cheeks tinted slightly, and then, as slow as he could manage, Duo pressed himself into Heero's wet channel.

Heero's head thrashed back and forth, as he gripped the sheets around him. He never in his whole life thought that he would be letting another man do this to him. He had other homosexuals make passes at him, but he always punched them if they ever gotten too fresh. But this seemed different somehow, it was almost as if he actually had feelings for the impossible elf! Before he could slap himself for even thinking such things, he felt Duo pause from his pushing.

"Are you ok?" Duo panted. His forehead was covered with sweat from trying not to give into the urge to pound him into the bed. The slowness was maddening to the very sexually active sprite. He lowered his top half down to Heero to rain kisses all over his neck and chest. From this view, Heero could see the bite mark that he gave Duo, and it was still slightly bleeding.

"I'll live." Heero finally retorted, "what about you?" he gingerly put two fingers over the elf's injury. Duo knew what he was asking and smiled.

"I'm fine. In fact, I want you to bite me again. On the other side this time."

Heero's eyes widened and then he shook his head, "Let's just concentrate on doing this one thing first."

"What concentration?" Duo asked, "It's not that hard to do. Watch." And he started to move his hips slowly.

He had no clue as to why he was feeling this way, but it was incredible and he couldn't help letting out the moan that escaped his mouth. Duo was smirking from this, and rocked in and out of him faster. The experienced elf knew exactly what and where to hit with the head of his penis. He could tell that Heero was trying his hardest not to like it too much, but it failed. Heero was soon reduced to panting, groaning, and almost crying out from the alien sensation.

And suddenly, Heero wanted Duo to go faster. And then, that speed was too slow; it had to be faster. Heero never been this hard before in his life, and it felt wonderful.

Before he knew it, he was coming, long and hard. He came so hard that it hurt slightly. He sighed in total satisfaction, but then gasped as he realized that Duo wasn't finished yet.

"Duo… please…" Heero whimpered. He could hardly believe that he was, but he didn't know what else to do at the time.

"Something wrong, Heero?" Duo smirked, still sliding his erection in and out.

"Finish, please…" Heero pleaded again.

"But, Hee-bunbun, I'm not to my pinnacle yet."

Heero closed his eyes, trying his hardest to ignore the constant thrusting, but to no avail. He almost felt like crying, but he knew that that wasn't an option. He also knew that it wouldn't help, and that Duo would just keep on going.

About forty-five minutes later, Duo finally came, pulsing on and on into Heero's body. Heero had already gotten hard again and came again before Duo's climax. He never felt to drained in all of his life. He instantly fell into a deep sleep. Duo huffed, not at all too pleased with Heero for falling asleep on him. But then he smiled and shrugged his shoulders. Humans were such silly creatures.


When Heero finally woke up, it was about nine in the morning. He groggily sat up and rubbed the sleep out of his eyes. He was alone in the bed, but his nose detected something scrumptious smelling. His stomach growled as if to argue with him about waiting. He wanted to find the beautiful elf, but he didn't see anyone in his tent.

He got up, got dressed, and headed for the tent's door. The smell of food became stronger. He let his stomach lead him to the outside. He finally woke up all the way at the sight before him. He found his elf all right, but he also heard him. He was laughing and joking around with his soldiers, and he wasn't hiding his identity to them. Some of the men were sitting so close to Duo that it looked as if they were trying to flirt with him. That was ridiculous! He had NO gay men in his army! Then he remembered that HE wasn't supposed to be gay either!

He got his legs to move and he stopped at the back of Duo. His men instantly moved out of the way once they saw him approach. Duo didn't seem to realize that he was behind him and continued to chat away.

"So then, this Drakin came out of the woods to help me fight the Eye-killer. After we won we became good friends and we still keep in contact once in a while and catch up on…"

"Duo." Heero intoned, not caring whether he was interrupting or not.

Duo did stop, to Heero's surprise, and he looked up and smiled, "Hee-bunny!"

All the soldiers chuckled at the pet name that Duo called their prince, but then stopped when they saw him snarling at them.

Zechs stood up bravely, "Are you hungry, your highness? We've got plenty of pancakes left."

"Plenty of what?" Heero cocked a brow.

"Pancakes, Heero!" Duo grinned and passed Heero a plate. "Try them, you'll like them!"

"They're good." Lance nodded his head, stuffing his face with more cakes.

"Yeah, your elf makes good pancakes!" another soldier cheered.

Heero looked down at the grinning idiot, "YOU made these?"

"Yup, yup! Go on and try them!"

Heero sighed, not believing that he was actually trusting the naughty elf. His soldiers seem to be holding them down fine, so they must be all right. Heero took a small bite, chewing thoughtfully, and then nodded in approval and began to shovel them in.

Once finished, Heero handed his plate to Zechs who gracefully took it from him. Then he took a hold of Duo's neatly redone braid, as he noticed, and pulled him up to his feet.

"You're coming with me." Heero growled.

"But I thought you were done coming…eep!" Heero dragged him off to his tent. Many eyes followed them until they disappeared behind the tent flap. Heero practically threw the elf onto the bed. The longhaired one smiled, thinking that maybe Heero was finally horny again, but when he realized that he wasn't taking his clothes off, he frowned. He had an idea why he brought him in here now, and he decided that he was going to be tight lipped.

"You are gonna give me answers! And no fooling around!" Heero glared icy daggers at him, "Tell me why you were in that town at the time and also why are you here in this country. Now… speak!"

"I'm not your dog!" Duo shouted, "I'm your lover!"

Heero sighed, "What's the difference?"

"Hey, hey! Watch it!" Duo sneered. "I may be experienced, but I don't do something with just anyone I see! If you want answers then you'll have to be a lot nicer to me!" With that, Duo crossed his arms over his chest as he puffed it out.

The prince knew that Duo was right. If he was to get any kind of answers from this high-stamina pixie, he had to act kind to him. This was something that he wasn't real used to, but he knew he had to do it.

"Ok, I'm sorry," Heero sighed, "Could you please tell me what you were doing in the town near the Great Northern Wilderness?"

Duo's eyes flashed, "You really wanna know?"

"Yes I do." Heero said as nicely as he could.

"Well, it doesn't matter if you know or not cause you'll never help me."

"You were looking for help?"

"No! I don't need help finding my friend! Especially from a human! No, I was looking for the one who stole my friend."

"Oh. Who do you think took your friend?"

Duo pretended the think for a while, "Well… I'm pretty sure it was a wolfen. They're always out to ruin us elves lives. Then again, it could be an Orc. Those things are very greedy. But that's all I have it narrowed down to. I even suspect you humans, but that's where I'm skeptical. It's too hard for a human to kidnap my friend."

"Oh. And your friend is?" Heero asked, hoping to get a clearer answer.

The elf shrugged his shoulders, "A pegasus."