Title: The Phenomenal Imp

Contents: Shonen ai, AU, lemon, slight S&M, slight angst

Pairings: 1x2

Warnings: It's long! slightly mean Heero, abused Quatre

Notes: My muse is beating me into submission and forced me to write this.
Chibi Duo: Ch', whatever.

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Dedicated to: Mikkeneko, Heartfelt, Lasha Lee, and Lev just because they're a great inspiration with their writings and AU styles, and have helped my brain to dream up this craziness.

Disclaimer: I own none of these boys. ~Sniffles~ maybe the horses and other soldiers, but that's it. ^_^

Status: 1/?

I am very shocked to have written such a long chapter, but I could not find a suitable area to break this off from. I hope you all don't mind the length. I have no idea where I'm going with this, so please bear with me as I struggle to get this story right. Arigatou in advance.




A lone boy ran for his life through the marketplace, wishing for nothing more than freedom. The sound of hooves was not far behind him as he turned the corner. If he were caught now, he'd be dead. So, he continued to run from his old master, who didn't seem to care for his well-being.


"Fresh fruit! Fresh fruit! Get them while they last!" the merchant spotted a longhaired man in the crowd, his back was turned. He looked relatively skinny and in need of food, "Young man," he called out, "Would you like to sample this fruit?" Maybe if he was lucky, the merchant thought, the boy did have a few coins on him, and maybe he had some friends who had money. This was a good business catch.

The young man turned to face the merchant and smiled. The older man was taken back by this one's looks. His giant violet eyes and baby face seemed so unnatural.

"Sure," the young one said, "I love fruit." The merchant handed him a ripe plum and the boy ate it normally, not like he expected him to do, which was to gobble it down.

"Do you like it?" the merchant asked, hoping that the crowd that had gathered around them would buy some of his fruit because of this boy's appreciation.

The longhaired boy smiled, "It's good, but not the best I've had." The merchant was about to blow his top when the young one spoke again, "At least it's good enough to eat. Some of the stuff I've sampled lately was sour. This stuff is pretty sweet. If I had the money I'd buy at least two pounds of this stuff."

That did the others justice and they immediately took out their purses and wallets, waving money around and asking for pounds of the stuff. With a thankful smile from the merchant, Duo took his leave. The boy always told the truth, ever since he was a wee one. He didn't remember ever lying to anyone, and he wasn't about to start now.


The longhaired man spun around just in time to see an even younger man running through the crowd toward him. Behind the blond boy was another man on a horse with a whip in hand. First thought that sprung into his mind was that he wanted to help the poor boy. He ran forward to meet the troubled one half way, and caught him when he fell from the crack of the rider's whip.

The man on the horse glared, dark cobalt eyes shining with annoyance. The blonde haired one in his arms was shaking and he was panting from his long exercise.

"Do not get involved, boy." The man on the horse said coldly. "He is mine by right and I'm taking him back."

The longhaired one looked down at the blond. The poor boy was whimpering and giving him the puppy dog eyes, pleading him for help. He didn't seem too badly hurt, just exhausted from all the running.

"What had this boy done?" he asked.

"He is running away from me… his master."

The blond looked up at his savior; "He treats me like trash… he beats me and gives me to his men who use and abuse me." he was close to tears.

The chestnut haired man couldn't take much more, and he stood up to stand in the middle of him and the man on the horse. He didn't even recognize the royal crest that his steed wore. "I will not allow you to harm him anymore."

The man on the horse smirked, "You are not allowed to tell me what to do, foolish one. Either I take my slave back, or I take you in his place." He took out his whip.

The longhaired boy gazed over this one's features. He was very handsome and enchanting. Maybe it was time to move on, maybe this was his calling and his good deed that will make up for the years of stealing he had to do. He gracefully moved forward, eyes still locked onto the stranger's scowling ones, took a breath, and nodded.

"I won't allow you to harm him! Take me instead, then, if that's what you wish."

The man on the horse almost smiled. This one seemed stronger than the blond boy. He reached down and grabbed a hold of the young one's tunic. He pulled him up so he lay sideways across the horse in front of him. He was light compared to all the other soldiers that he had to hoist up to safety. The longhaired boy didn't protest; he just looked back at the blond who opened his mouth to speak.

"Thank you, dear sir. I pray that you will be well and that the Gods will look over you."

"You're welcome, little one." The elvish looking boy smiled.

The man started his horse in a gallop, and the blond yelled out, "Wait! What's your name?"

Before he couldn't see the other's face, the longhaired one shouted, "I'm Duo! Duo Maxwell!"

Duo saw the blond boy's lips curl into a smile, and he waved. He was happy to have saved another soul, even if it was just trade.


"Duo, huh?" the man on the horse said suddenly. This made the longhaired boy jump.

"Yeah," Duo said, bouncing up and down on the horse. He was getting very tired of riding on his stomach. "Could I please sit up normally? I did make the transaction, you don't have to worry about me getting away." Not only that, Duo thought, but I also want to look into your astonishing eyes.

"Ok, but no funny stuff." He grabbed onto the back of the young man's shirt and pulled him up. Duo instantly seated himself in front of the other man, happily putting his arms around his neck.

"So what's your name, good-looking?" Duo asked.

The other man sneered, "I'm prince Heero. And you are a fool."

Duo shrugged, "I've been in worse situations. Besides, it's not every day that a handsome prince would take me and make me his." He wiggled his eyebrows.

"You are mistaken. I am not going to `make you mine', as you say. You are going to be put to work when we get back."

Duo grinned as he wrapped his arms tightly around the prince. He could feel muscles bunch under his touch. He was kind of afraid to let him know what his sexuality preference was, but figured that he must already know by the comment he just made. Duo moved himself up more, looking down at the prince, feasting upon those hauntingly beautiful eyes.

"Do you know how incredible you look?" he grinned inanely.

Heero glared, "No one is supposed to look down upon me. Lower yourself at once!

Duo smiled, "Sorry about that, my liege." He brought himself at eyelevel with him. He leaned in closer so that their noses touched, "Is that better?"

"I know what's on your mind, cur, and it won't work."

Duo ran his hands up and down the other man's back, loving the feel of his warm body against his. He dared to do what others have never even thought of trying, and he touched his lips carefully onto the prince's. Heero was shocked for only a moment and then he wrapped an arm around the thinner boy's waist and pulled him closer, crushing their lips together.

Duo moaned into the sweetness and opened his mouth to the handsome prince. He seemed to be enjoying the kiss a lot, he mused. He began to slip his tongue inside, making it dance all over inside that hot mouth. His hands tried to find a way into Heero's tunic, but it was tightly secured with a satin belt. He decided to just take what he can get from this hotheaded prince.

When their lips parted, Heero slapped the boy across the face, but it wasn't very hard. It only stung a bit, and Duo found that he was biting his lip to keep himself from laughing at the way the prince was acting. He let him kiss him, and he even pressed the kiss further, but he had to act like he didn't care for it when he knew full well that he enjoyed ever bit of it.

"What's wrong, my liege?" Duo asked, trying not to look amused by the act. It looked like the prince knew, though, and he glared harder at him.

"I don't take men." The prince stated, almost shouting. Duo found his behavior highly amusing, and he smiled just a tad. After studying Heero's face for another second, he lowered his head down to the prince's chest, listening to the steady beating of his heart and breathing. Before he spoke, he moved his face up to nuzzle against the crook of his neck.

"It seemed to me that you liked that," he purred.

The prince was unnervingly silent for a while. Duo didn't know why he was disturbed by the reaction. He could have at least hit him again.

"What's wrong, Your Majesty?"

"Nothing. Now be silent!"

"Touched a nerve, did I?" Duo rubbed his hand up and down the prince's chest and neck.

Prince Heero seized hold of the boy's hair and pulled his head back. He looked down into those deep indigo eyes that were screaming of mischief to him. This one is not like any other human being that he had known. Any other man would cower from such treatment. This one seemed to endure it. The impish boy was smiling at him now. What kind of fool is he? Did he take him for one?

"You are my slave now, boy. You do as I say."

"Oh really? Does that include sleeping with you?" Duo was hoping anyways. He wasn't quite sure, but he had a feeling that he was falling for the spoiled prince. He just adored the way the young man looked; it captivated him so.

"No." Heero glared down at him.

"Awww… I had my heart set on feeling those wonderful lips all over my skin…" he closed his eyes, confirming to Heero that he had a powerful imagination, "I wanna feel everything you have to give me… those strong hands, that hard body, those powerful thighs in movement of sexual action…"

"Be quiet, you. You're not that kind of slave."

Duo got up to his face again, a giant grin on his heart shaped face. He was relishing that hard, cold stare and groaned as he pushed his body into Heero's further.

"I want you, my liege… kiss me again?" Duo pleaded.

"No…" Heero was cut short by those nimble lips. For a minute, he surrendered again, and the kiss began more and more urgent as they rode on. His grip on the boy tightened, and the boy's body slowly got pressed harder against his own. Duo moaned in appreciation in his mouth.

Heero was about to interrupt the kiss to backhand the boy again, but one of his loyal soldiers rode up to him and cleared his throat. Heero ended the kiss and looked up at his follower with an annoyed glare.

"M-my liege…" he was shocked to see the prince embracing another man, if that's what it was. From afar, he looked like a woman. He didn't wish to ask questions since he was scared to death of him. "Welcome back. I see you didn't get that blond boy back but…" he looked at Duo with a raised eyebrow, "You got a new one?"

Heero nodded, "Yes. He's my new slave. Why do you look at me that way?" Duo smiled at the other soldier, knowing his confusion.

"Er… well, my liege… your highness I… it's just such a shock is all. I didn't expect you to come back with… a boy like this and… and such a friendly one at that."

Heero understood his meaning. He rode on into the camp; the soldier was following obediently, still wearing a confused look.

"He is nothing more than a slave," he assured the soldier.

"Of course, my liege." He agreed quickly, afraid to get his head cut off.

Inside the encampment, he brought the boy to his tent. He was so energetic, bouncing around the prince's tent, looking at everything, wanting to touch everything, and he was driving Heero crazy.

"I'm going to bed," he informed him. He pointed over at the corner of the tent to a pile of hay, "You sleep there."

Duo put on the biggest pouty face that Heero had ever seen, "My lord… could I lay beside you?"

Heero got himself comfortable in his own bed, too exhausted to be at all abusive. He shook his head and sneered, "No! I do NOT take other men into my bed. Now go sleep over there!"

"I just want to lay by you, that's all." Duo tried to reassure him. Secretly he was hoping for more than just snuggling with this handsome prince. He walked up to the edge of the very comfortable looking bed and looked at Heero with pleading eyes.

"I said no!" Heero's eyes widened as he watched Duo disobeying him. Duo moved his knee onto the bed, sliding carefully forward. "Now remove yourself this instant!"

"But, my liege… you kissed me… twice! You enjoyed it!"

"I compliment you on your seductive methods, but I have not, nor will I ever, take a man in my bed! Now leave before I hit you!"

"Ooo… you like that kind of stuff? I know! How about I lay myself across your lap and you spank me purple? Oo! Ooo! And you could bite me on the neck too! You could make a very nice dark purplish bruise right here!" Duo pointed at the bottom of his neck.


"You could tie me up to the bed and whip me too if you like. Oh, and then I could go down on you… suck you off while you scratch your fingernails across my back…" he was inching his way further onto Heero's bed.

"No! Now go sleep in the corner!"

"Do you have chains? Maybe if you chain me to the wall and fuck my brains out… you might like that."

"I said…"

"Oh, and don't forget the scented oils! It could really hurt if we don't use some kind of slippery substance."

Heero got fed up and grabbed a hold of his collar, "Are you deaf, boy? I said NO!" he was about to throw him off of the bed, but Duo kissed him on the nose, making his face go red with anger.

"You're cute, you know that?" He brought a hand over and brushed it across the prince's thigh. Heero yanked Duo away from the bed.

"I said, GO!" Heero shouted, but Duo bounced back, snuggling himself into the warm covers. Heero looked down at the violet eyes that peeked from under the blanket.

"I just want to sleep next to you, that's all."

"And I know your tricks. Either you leave this instant or I'll make you leave."

"And how are you planning on doing that? Are you going to beat me? I assure you that I'm not afraid of a beating. And not only that but they're getting old. I've gotten too many beatings to count." He sat up, proud to tell the prince his past, "There was this one time when I was younger… this big guy wanted a little something but I wouldn't give it to him. He beat me pretty bad, he did. When I woke up the next day, I found out that he left me for dead. Well, I picked myself up, dusted myself off, and walked away. It took me about a month to fully recover from my bad injuries, but I was soon back to my normal self, going around and flirting with whatever I thought was beautiful."

"I don't care what you did, I just want you to…" Heero paused for a second, contemplating on what he just said. "You flirt with whatever you find beautiful?"

"Yup." Duo snuggled back down into the covers. Heero was about to push him out, but he knew he had no chance in winning. He just sighed, turned over onto his side, and decided to try getting some sleep. But sleep was something that the little imp didn't want. He wanted to get to know Heero better.

Duo nuzzled himself closer to Heero and, very gently, he ran a finger down his bicep. Heero tried his best to ignore it as he shut his eyes tighter. He could hear the boy stifle his laughter at him. It sounded like Duo knew that he was trying to pay no heed to his flirting, and it made the impish boy touch him more.

"If you do NOT stop touching me, I will strangle you with my bare hands!" the prince growled.

"Sounds like fun!" Duo chuckled, "You want me to be underneath you when you do? Or do you want me up against the wall?"

Heero sat up and their eyes met. He tried to stare at him in a challenging way, much like two male rams do when they're about to butt heads. "What is it with you and being beaten? You have some kind of death wish??"

Duo smiled shyly, playing with the end of his braid, "Sometimes. But this time I just want to make you happy. You seem so angry and depressed all the time."

"That is none of your business!" Heero huffed, and then lay back down, wishing for sleep to claim him. It seemed that Mr. Sandman also had a sense of humor in this situation. Heero did NOT want to get close to this beautiful imp. He didn't need any connections in his life. He saw what that did to other men, and he didn't want something like that to happen to him. It would make him soft!

But… Duo WAS his slave, after all. And he was willing to let him do anything to him, so… "Are you going to go to sleep?" Heero asked.

"Sometime, why?"

"You sleep now, or you're getting a beating!"

Duo smiled, and ran his hand up to Heero's shoulder. For a split second, he wanted to grab onto that muscular neck and threaten the mean prince, but before he could decide if he wanted to or not, Heero quickly backhanded him and he went sprawling off of the bed.

"If you do NOT listen to me, then you will get punished!"

"Spanking!" Duo cheered, throwing himself over Heero's lap. He wiggled his ass up to get Heero's attention. For some odd reason, Heero decided to go with Duo's request, and he slammed his opened hand roughly onto Duo's backside. Instead of cries of agony, which is what the usual result was with others, Duo was screaming for more. This made Heero even more confused.

Why was this boy acting like this? And why was he feeling like surrendering to him? Heero guessed that a romp with the boy wouldn't really hurt anything. It's been a long time since he'd actually had any kind of sexual release. His words were haunting him though, about not taking a man in his bed. But this was just lust, right? And his guards wouldn't dare say anything to him, he knew; they were terribly afraid of him. As far as he knew, everyone was afraid of him. All except this incredibly enchanting boy in his lap.

"Heero? Why'd you stop?" Duo whined. Heero then made his decision. To hell with the fact that he was another boy! He was going to take him.

Without answering Duo, Heero grabbed a hold of him and flipped him over onto his back. With wide, but appreciative eyes, Duo gasped as he looked up into Heero's determined face. A small, lazy smile slipped across Duo's face and Heero narrowed his eyes at him as if he was challenging Duo to say something about the fact that he lost his control. But he didn't say a word; he just spread his legs willingly, even though Heero was sure that he knew that he wouldn't be all that gentle with him. That thought made Heero remember Duo mention scented oils.

Heero stood up straight on his knees and looked down at his captive. He'd never seen such beauty in another man before. The only other thing that would resemble such attractive features would be an elf, from what Heero heard. But elves were just fairy tales, from what he was taught. His mother once told him a long time ago that elves were real, they were just becoming extinct, slowly.

Heero finally got himself out of that dangerous thought, and leaned over to grab his bottle of oil. He was going to give this other man what he had been hoping for, and make him wish that he never did. He held the bottle up to show Duo what he intended on doing, and Duo smiled as he slipped out of the rest of his clothing, baring himself to the prince. He spread his legs again, giving him the invitation to do what he wanted. Heero almost groaned out loud at the display. Even though Heero never really thought that he'd ever take another man, knowing that many men were kind of hairy in certain places, he was surprised to find out that this boy was in fact hairless. Well, almost hairless, he thought, eyeing the chestnut curls that framed his rather large arousal.

He would have stayed that way, frozen, gazing down at the beautiful man, if Duo hadn't grabbed a hold of his shoulders and pulled him down for a long, and sensual kiss. The heat quickly rose between them, and Heero slipped out of his night shorts so he could prepare himself. He heard Duo say his name, and beg, making him lose all coherent thought. Heero dug his fingers into the soft flesh of the inside of Duo's thighs and lifted his legs up. Duo groaned and shifted himself into Heero's body more tightly. He didn't want a lot of preparing time; he just wanted Heero inside of him.

Heero didn't wish to waste time either, and he quickly lathered himself up with the scented oil, and then rubbed some of it over Duo's entrance. He was surprised to find that he was pretty open. At the moment, it didn't matter to him why. Lust was driving him now, and he showed Duo that he was in no way going to give him any mercy.

"You're so damned foxy!" Duo couldn't help gasp. He lifted his bottom up more to meet with Heero's hard arousal. Heero groaned slightly as he entered the elfin boy. Although he was open, Duo's body seemed to be gripping his manhood snugly, making him lose his mind.

Heero wanted to say something, anything, to let Duo know how much he liked the feeling, but the words were becoming all jumbled in his head. All he could do at the time was grunt and moan, and it seemed as if Duo knew just what he was doing to him, because he started to move even without asking for Heero's permission. Duo moved his hips back and forth, gripping him in such delicious friction; Heero thought he was going to come sooner than planned. He held onto Duo's hips to steady him. Duo looked up at him with pleading and confused eyes.

The prince wanted control. Duo was his slave! He wasn't supposed to succumb to the other's temptations! Heero quickly remedied the situation, and began to pound into the other boy mercifully. He was hoping for it to hurt the other, but to his dismay, Duo was begging for more… and for him to go harder! Heero slowly started to change his method of giving pain to one of intense pleasure. He sat himself up again onto his knees, and slowed the pace down, hoping for the feeling to never end.


Outside Heero's tent, one guard was stationed on each side of the entrance. They were startled from their duty by a strange sound coming from within. They both turned their heads slightly to look at each other, and then they looked back at the tent's closed flap. The first guard raised an eyebrow at the voice coming from inside as it got higher and higher pitched. He looked back over at his companion in confusion.

"Sounds like the prince is having some fun with his new slave." The second guard reasoned, shrugging his shoulders.

"Why would our prince and future king take another man in his bed? That doesn't make sense."

"Perhaps the slave really is too enchanting not to."

"That couldn't be. Our prince is too strong willed for that. He probably is just so hard up on getting some that even the strange boy looked good to him."

"Perhaps. Have you seen what he looked like?" The first guard asked.

The second shook his head, "Not a clue."

"Hmm. Perhaps in the morning we should ask the prince if we could take a look at him."

"Yes. Perhaps." The two guards tried to concentrate on their mission at hand, which was keeping the prince safe, but the sounds were getting louder by the second.

"Gods! Oh… by the deathwater's edge! Oh Heero! Harder! Harder! Pound me! Hurt me! Spank me!! Yes! Like that!"

The first guard put his thumb and forefinger to his eyes and applied some pressure, "I don't think I'll be able to concentrate real well with those noises that boy is making."

"Sounds like our prince is having a fun time, even though he is a man."



Somewhere in the middle of their rough and robust bout of lovemaking; Duo ended up on his hands and knees, with his ass raised high in the air. Heero was pounding him, holding onto his thigh with one hand and had the braid wrapped around his other. He had done everything that the boy asked of him: spanking, nibbling, hair yanking, tongue sparring, biting, sucking, licking, erection jerking, and nail raking. And the boy was still going at it! Heero knew that any time soon, he would find release with himself. But he had a feeling that the impish boy was far from done. And that is what had been forcing him to hold back for so long; otherwise, he would have come long time ago.

It was some kind of competition, Heero mused. The boy must be testing his will, to see how long he'd last. He wasn't about to stop until Duo came first, which didn't seem for a long time yet. This wasn't good, because his hips were getting very sore.

Duo must have sensed this somehow, cause he began to slow down. The little urchin turned his head and looked back at the prince. He was covered in sweat, Duo noticed. He gave Heero a toothy grin, asking, "Are you having fun back there?"

"Hn." Was all Heero was allowing himself to vocalize.

"I hope so, cause I'm not satisfied yet."

Heero growled, no longer caring if he lost at the stamina battle they had going, "You are a demon!"

Duo chuckled, "Oh, you have no idea, Hee-bunny."

Heero was about to disapprove in Duo's choice of nickname for him, but then Duo suddenly moved back up onto his hands, and then with a quick motion, he pushed himself up onto his knees. They were now both on their knees, bodies pressed tightly together, and Heero's cock was now gripped in a different position. The temperamental prince groaned, crying out from the pleasure, and then succumbed to it at last. He thrust on as he filled the beautiful little sprite with his essence.

Heero pulled his limp member out quickly and rose out of bed. He started to put his robe on slowly, his mind traveling at high speed.

"Is that it? You're done already?"

"What do you mean, already??" Heero snarled, "I have never gone on that long before!"

"Oh…" then something seemed to have hit Duo, "Oh! I see. I'm sorry if I have insulted you in any way. Please forgive me, my liege." Then he bowed low, still on the bed.

"Hn. I think you're possessed."

Duo couldn't contain himself and laughed loudly. "You're funny! I like that!"

"Quit playing games with me and tell me who or what you are."

"Hmm…" Duo pretended to think, "Nope, sorry. Not the right time yet."

"What do you mean by that, demon?" Heero snarled, stalking over to the bed again. This time he was determined to either get answers, or get some shuteye.

"Well, I'm not gonna tell you anything if you keep calling me a demon. Cause that is one thing I am not!"

"Whatever, just tell me! Give me answers now or you're getting chained up!"

"Sticks and stones, Hee-bunny. But you will learn eventually. Now isn't the time."

"When?" Heero grounded through his teeth, deciding to ignore that pet name that Duo had adapted to call him.

"When I'm good and ready. But for now…" Duo looked down at his red and angry erection, "I need some release. Care to give it to me?"

Heero glared at the longhaired boy a moment and then proceeded to give him the release he asked for. To Heero's surprise, he tasted pretty good.


Heero awoke to the sounds of shouting from outside his tent. In his half-awake stage, he didn't know right away that the sound was his name being called for.

When he finally began to wake up more, he first noticed that he had a warm body pressed up against his own. Heero looked down at the sleeping being, still wondering exactly what this boy really was. He had a feeling that he wasn't pure human, or even remotely that. But whatever he was, he was definitely beautiful. Even more so in the light of day.

The shouts became clearer as a guard approached his tent's entryway. "Your highness? Are you awake?"

Heero grumbled, "I am now! Why do you disturb my most peaceful slumber? Do you have a death wish?"

The guard on the other side of the tent flap stuttered, "N-No, of course not, your highness! I just thought that maybe you wanted to know that our scout has returned, but he is badly wounded!"

"Well, fix him up then! I didn't train a bunch of idiots, did I?"

"Well no… but he's pretty bad. He might not make it. I thought maybe you'd like to say your goodbyes to him…"

"I'll be right there." Heero said, cutting him off. This was something he didn't want to hear, but he knew it had to be done.

Duo chose that moment to open his eyes. He stirred at Heero's side when the prince let go of him. He blinked softly at Heero, and then smiled, "Morning Heero. What's all the hubbub?"

"My best scout is badly injured and I must see to him." Heero informed him as he got out of bed and started to get dressed.

"That's bad. Scouts are good people."

"Hn." Heero didn't even want to ask at that moment. His mind was too full of other things. Once he finished dressing, he turned back around and saw that the boy was watching him. He was still naked under those blankets, which were sliding off of his slim hips. It looked as if the longhaired one was sporting yet another erection. He blinked lazily at Heero as he stared. He brought a hand up and rubbed it across his own well-formed chest, and then he winked.

Heero just raised an eyebrow at him, wondering why he was so ready to go again after all that sex they just had last night. It looked as if he was trying to tempt him again, but the longhaired one should have known better. He had more important matters at hand. What was really freaking Heero out was that he didn't even seem to care about his injured scout. Heero scoffed at that, and then left his tent.


Inside the medical tent, Heero knelt down beside his fallen scout. The man was only a few years older than he, but he was the best scout and hunter he'd ever known. If he didn't make it, he would miss him terribly.

The scout was in awful shape. It looked as if something out of the ordinary did this to him. He was bandaged everywhere, and from what he was told; he had many broken bones. It looked as if he had run off of a cliff or something. He was a real mess.

"My liege…" the scout tried to say.

"Don't speak, my friend. Just rest. I wish you well soon."

"It looks as if… that won't happen… my liege…" the scout went into coughing fits.

"I pray you do make it. You're a good scout and friend."

The wounded man fell back into his bunk and stared up at the ceiling. He suddenly started to look around like he couldn't find where anyone was. He began to freak out.

"No! My eyes! I cannot see! Please dear god, no!"

The prince grabbed onto his hand, "I will not leave your side. Do not fear."

Just as everyone was about to give up, someone brushed by the soldiers and made his way to the injured man. Heero turned around as he felt the other's presents, and was shocked to discover that it was Duo. All he had on was his pants.

"I didn't tell you to come here, slave!" Heero growled, very annoyed that he was being disobeyed in front of his own people. But Duo didn't reply, he just walked over to the other side of the scout's bed, and knelt down. He placed his hands over the injured man's body and closed his eyes in concentration.

A slight glow emitted from Duo, and Heero could almost feel the vibration coming from those hands. Heero desperately wanted to say something, but he felt that if he did he might break whatever spell he was casting on his dying friend.

The first thing to pop into the prince's mind was that Duo was helping his friend get better, but another thought that tugged at his mind was that he shouldn't trust this strange one. He had a feeling that he was different, but how different was another question. Heero didn't understand why he didn't just simply try to put an end to Duo's disobedience now while he still had his dignity. He soon figured out why he decided to make no such move, as he saw with his own two eyes that the scout of his party was suddenly healing up.

Once Duo was finally finished, he collapsed onto the ground, lying perfectly still. Heero moved to Duo's still form, disregarding the fact that the scout was now completely healed and was now sitting up with a giant grin on his face. Heero checked him and found that he was still alive, which made him happy for some reason.

"He's a sorcerer!" screamed one of his men suddenly. "An evil warlock of some kind!"

"He's a demon!" the other shouted.

"He'll bring us all bad luck! We'll surely go to Hell!" another man, whom Heero recognized as the straightest out of all his people, said with horror.

Heero stood, ready to behead anyone who dare say another bad thing about Duo, "He isn't evil!" Heero shouted. Everyone fell into silence, not sure what to say to the young, hotheaded prince.

"My liege… be reasonable…" one of the men started to say.

"Are you questioning me?" Heero glared dangerously at the man, and then looked around the entire room. They all began to shake their heads. "This boy had saved Hentor's life!" he said, pointing a finger at the scout. "How can you say he's evil when he's done good?"

"He uses magic, my liege!" the straightest man spoke up.

"Not all magic is evil." Heero pointed out. "I will talk to him alone once he wakes up. No one is to disturb me unless it's an emergency. Is that understood?"

All bow and say, "yes, your majesty."

"Good." Heero said. He looked back at Duo's still form and gasped. The longhaired boy, who now looked so very weak and feeble unlike a few minutes ago, now owned a pair of large pointed ears.