Contents: AU, Shonen ai, future lemon, PWP, some sap, future cross- dressing
Pairings: 1x2, (future-6x2, 1x2x6)
Notes: I had planned that this part was gonna have lemon in it but it didn't work out that way. There will be lemon in the next chapters. I guarentee!
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Part 1

All around Perfect Student, Heero Yuy, sat at his laptop that the school had given him, finishing a two-week book report. The private school had been exceptionally good to him, and the teachers seem to admire his determination. The straight-A student had only a couple bullies in his life and they learned the hard way not to mess with him. Not only is he very intelligent, but also he acquired himself a black belt at age 12.

Many have also told him that he is stunning and had very gorgeous dark blue eyes that seem to be of Asian descendant, but he ignores such flattery because he knew that that wasn't needed to get good grades. And in all of his life, he had never gotten a "B". His lowest grade he's ever received was an A- and even that hurt his status.

Heero was just about finished with his report when there came a knock on the door. He turned and glared at the door, hoping that the person at the other side would go away. To Heero's displeasure, they knocked again and called out his name. Heero sighed in annoyance and got up to answer the door.

"Sorry to disturb you, Heero." The principle, Mrs. Une stated, "But you have a roommate now."

"What?" Heero's teeth clenched. He specifically told her before hand that he doesn't wish to share a room with anyone this semester.

"I know, and I'm sorry, but there's no other place to put him. You're just gonna have to bear with it." She opened the door wider so that the new student could move past her, with suitcase in tow. "This is Duo Maxwell and I've heard some good things about him from his last school. He just moved here and he's new to the whole private school thing, so cut him some slack ok?"

The new student, Duo, coyly lifted his head up from staring at the floor and locked eyes with the super student. Heero was taken aback for a moment. He's never seen eyes like those that the new pupil possessed. The big, round violet-blue eyes were almost hypnotizing, and what amazed him more is when the new boy would turn his head to speak to the principle and he could see from behind that he was sporting a very long braid of honey-brown hair. Heero tried his best to look normal as he stared at the smiling student.

"You mean I have to stay here with this humdrum guy?" Duo's voice boomed with some disgust, but then his eyes moved back over to gaze at Heero once more. Those eyes almost seem to sparkle with some kind of mischief, and that is something that Heero wasn't into. "I might die of sheer boredom."

The principle sighed, "Well, like it or not, you two are sharing this dorm. Your bed is over there on the other side of the room," Mrs. Une pointed, "And you have your own closet space. Just remember to give each other respect when you're in here together. I don't want to have to set down some rules for you two." She placed her hand on the door's knob, "if you have any more questions, Duo, go ahead and ask Heero. I'm sure he can tell you anything you want to know. He's our best student." With that, the principle shut the door quietly.

Duo turned toward his new roommate and grinned, "Best student, ne? So you're a goody-goody?"

Heero turned around in a huff, wishing to get back to his book report.

"Don't tell me that you've never went to any kind of school dance or party? I can tell just by looking at you that you're gonna be no fun talking to."

Heero turned back around before sitting down on his chair, "Then don't talk."

"Oi!" Duo started. He stomped over and set his suitcase down on his bed, "I don't think you could get me to stop talking if you even wished for it. I hate silence for very long."

Sitting down, Heero replied, "Then I guess I'll have to get myself some earplugs."

"That was below the belt, Heero!" Duo sighed in defeat, knowing that this type of person isn't someone who's gonna be easy to break. But secretly, Duo had been eyeing this handsome student, taking a gander at his slender frame but yet wide shoulders, and his perfectly sculpted ass. Duo licked his lips as his eyes continued to roam all over the other teenager.

Well, Duo thought, if Heero won't talk to him, then he'll have to talk to Heero. Even though he knew for a fact that he wasn't gonna get much out of the quiet student. Duo wandered over to the other side of Heero, and he gazed longingly into those deep blue eyes that just seemed to scream at him.

Heero could feel the other student's ogling and it was becoming very distracting. He looked up into those mischievous eyes and furrowed his brow. His glare doesn't seem to be working very good, cause those eyes are still staring right back.

"What do you want?" Heero demanded, letting out an annoyed sigh.

"I want to talk and get to know you better."

"I don't feel like talking." Heero growled, "I'm trying to finish my report."

"Eh?" Duo looked over at the computer screen, "You mean you've been working on that project that isn't due for two weeks?"

"I'm almost done, so go unpack or something. I'm busy."

"You are no fun! It's no wonder the girls aren't flocking to your door!" Duo heard Heero snort at that comment, "I would have thought with your looks you'd be getting stalked twenty-four seven!"

"Excuse me?" Heero's head shot up, his glare was clearly deadly.

"Well, haven't you ever had a date? A lady to spend some time with?"

Heero continued to glare at the menacing pupil. Despite the boy's annoyance, Heero thought that this new student was very attractive. he didn't care one way or the other whether he found out what his preferrance was. It's not as if he'd care. He's told a few people at this school so they'd leave him alone, but they were people who knew how strong Heero was. He didn't wish to tell him, but for some reason he blurted out,

"I'm not into girls." And he continued with his typing.

"Nani??" Duo blinked. He could not believe his luck today! When he changed schools, he was doing it because someone found out that he was more into guys than girls. If he had stayed, then he would have most of the student body breathing down his neck, and that is the kind of pressure he didn't need. Duo is so close to graduating early and he wasn't about to let something like that ruin his life.

"You heard me." Heero snapped, "And I don't care what you think of me now. All I want to do is finish this last year of school and go on with my life away from all the close minded bakas."

Duo was almost to the point of being speechless, but he couldn't help keep an excitement such as this tight lipped forever.

"You're gay too???" Duo howled. "That is so awesome!"

Heero stopped dead in his tracks. He did NOT hear that right. He must have fallen asleep at the keyboard and is having a real funky wet dream.

Duo leaned over so that he was inches from Heero's face. There was that mischievous gleam in his eyes again and a huge grin stretched from ear to ear. Heero shook out himself out of shock and blinked a few times into those deep violets.

"Well?" Duo smirked, "Don't you think it's cool? Two guys who have been trying their damnest to keep themselves stuffed in the closet finally find one another and easily open up! And the best part about this is that you're a real handsome devil! Did you know that?"

Heero almost snarled, "So I've been told."

"Well?? What do you think of me? Do you like me?"

"Duo…you're jumping the gun here. I barely know you."

"And I barely know you. Tit for tat." Duo grinned. "But that doesn't mean that we can't get to know one another while we're dating! Come on, man. It'll be cool! And because I wish to keep a very low profile about my sexuality, you have no worries about if anyone found out. I promise I'll do my best to keep us a secret. I'm so fucking close to graduating and I don't plan on screwing that up!"

"You?" Heero blinked, being somewhat amazed.

"Yes me! Why, don't I strike you as the kind of guy that would finish school? I'm not, am I?"

"So how many more credits do you have left?" Heero found himself asking.

"Uh… let me think…" Duo tapped a finger on his chin, "about 10 I think. Or maybe it was 8. Well, either way I'm almost there."

Heero found himself nodding, feeling good for the other boy. "I'm happy for you."

"You are?" Duo gasped in astonishment.

"Hai." Heero lowered his eyes, feeling his cheeks slightly tint.

To Heero's surprise, Duo wrapped his arms around his shoulders. He squeezed him tightly, pressing his face into Heero's warm cheeks, "You're so sweet, Heero! Thank you!"

"Hn." Heero found himself hugging the new boy back, "Ok, ok… can I finish my report now?"

Duo sighed, "I suppose. Can we go out?"

"Duo…we just met…"

"Oh, fine. Be a spoilsport. But I figured that we could help one another with our homework and I wouldn't have to worry about if I have bagged you or not. I could just focus on my studies."

Heero stared at Duo for a while, taking into consideration of what he said. It is true that even he might start daydreaming about the other boy and wonder if they'll ever be together instead of doing his homework. So maybe Duo had a point and that he should say yes. But if they did that, then they'd be spending time together and gazing at one another instead of working. Either way, Heero mused, he wasn't gonna win.

But the fact that they just barely knew each other did help some in his stalling. He DOES find Duo attractive, he DOES wish to be in the boy's arms, and he DOES yearn to get his first kiss from Duo…

"Can we talk about this after I finish my report?" Heero almost pleaded.

Duo felt himself caving in from just the mere look in Heero's eyes. But he wasn't about to lose, not after he's come so close to bagging himself his first boyfriend. Even though this boyfriend will be a bit hard to get along with, he figured that they'd learn to appreciate one another's routine. Duo didn't care, as long as he can get himself laid before the year is over…as long as he can be in love before his life starts to crumble…as long as he gets to kiss those sweet looking lips…

Heero's eyes widened tremendously as he felt the other boy's mouth come into contact with his. The kiss started out clumsily, but then it got more reassuring and wanting. Duo pat himself on the back as he felt Heero open his lips more, allowing him to taste him more fully. Duo moaned his appreciation and brought a hand around behind Heero's head to run his fingers through the short ends of his dark brown hair.

As the kiss became more devouring, tongues shyly touched one another until the feel of wet muscle on wet muscle was no longer alien. Duo almost swallowed Heero whole, taking his tongue and sucking on it for what it's worth. Heero was just finally starting to get used to it when Duo broke it off gently.

Panting slowly, they both gazed at each other for a while, as if they were debating on what to do.

Duo finally broke the odd silence by putting his forehead against Heero's. With half lidded eyes, he gave Heero a smug look and said, "That was a fantastic first kiss! Are you sure you've never done this before?"

"Yeah, I'm sure." Heero breathed. "NOW can I finish my book report?"

"I suppose. Would you like to go out on a date with me secretly tonight? I know this really nice café a couple blocks from here."

Heero sighed, knowing full well he's fighting a useless battle.

"Ok, I'll go out with you…"

Duo jumped up and down for joy and then squeezed Heero's shoulders tightly.

"…Crazy baka."


Part 2

School pride isn't something that Heero Yuy had ever shown. Even in Junior High he's been very non-spirited, especially during pep rallies. Although he likes his school, he's never had a reason to boast about it.

The colors of their private school uniform are gray, black and white; something that he doesn't mind. At least it's better than plain old blue and white like other schools have. Heero had noticed that the tie on Duo's uniform always seems to be loose and the first two buttons were always undone. "Where did that thought come from?" Heero berated with himself.

The door opened quickly and then slammed shut, making Heero jump from his chair.

"You will never guess what happened!" Duo panted, strands of hair were beginning to come out of his braid.

"You dropped the soap in the Gym shower today?" Heero asked, making his new boyfriend glare.

"No! Not yet anyway." Duo waggled his eyebrows. Heero groaned.

"Well then what happened?"

"Mr. Yamoto quit and we're getting a new teacher!"

"So you finally drove him away." Heero sighed.

Duo looked brash, "I've done no such thing! The poor guy just can't take a joke."

"Take or survive?" Heero snickered.

"Oi!" Duo slumped. They've only been together for a week and Heero had already learned how to outwit his longhaired koibito. Duo was a big flirt, but he let Heero know that he was his. Although Heero had often wondered what it would be like to watch his boyfriend getting done by someone else, he tried to keep his thoughts away from that dangerous area. Part of him wanted to possess this beautiful boy, and the other part was trying to make him more of a hentai.

"You're too easy, Du-chan." Heero sighed, but then jumped as he felt a couple of warm arms wrapping themselves around his shoulders.

"I'm easy? Just what kind of guy do you think I am, Heeee-ro?" Duo purred.

"I think…" Heero swallowed a lump in his throat, "I think you're a sweet guy who is gonna finally stop being a tease and share the same bed as me."

"Oh?" Duo nuzzled his face against Heero's, "Is that what you think? I thought that you wanted to get to know each other better before we did anything rash?"

"I didn't say we'd have sex, I said that we'd just share a bed."

"You're into cuddling?" Duo blinked.

"I don't know what I'm into, Duo. You're my first remember?"

"Oh yeah." Duo grinned, and then he leaned in to swipe his tongue across an ear. Heero shivered. "Like that, stud?"

"Duo…" Heero snarled.

His braided boyfriend ignored his warning and started to kiss down his neck. His growls and low tones always got his blood boiling, and maybe this time he would do something about that.

"There's nothing wrong with making out, is there? Huh, koi?"

Heero leaned back and began to enjoy the feel of Duo's tongue and lips all over his skin. He didn't wish to answer for he was in heaven and didn't want Duo to stop. Duo's hands began to roam all over Heero's chest, feeling those flat plains and rippling muscles for the first time. As he was unbuttoning Heero's shirt, he was making a trail from the bottom of his neck all the way up to his lips.

Heero happily opened his mouth for his koi and their tongues wrestled for a while before Duo let him take control and pulled him down onto his lap. Heero let go of the sloppy kiss so he could attack that tempting throat. Duo purred and tilted his head up more to let his boyfriend have more room to nibble and taste. Heero's hands never faltered as they rubbed up and down Duo's back, feeling it through the thin material.

Duo's fingers fumbled with the buttons on the front of his own shirt, yanking the tie out of the way. Heero decided to help him, and as he did this, he attacked Duo's lips once more.

"Let's take this to the bed." Heero panted, ripping Duo's shirt off of him.

"Sounds like a plan." Duo sighed blissfully, getting Heero's shirt down his shoulders.

Ignoring his shirt being half way off, Heero grabbed a hold of Duo's lower back and hoisted him up off of his lap. Heero easily carried him over to his bed and dropped him, bringing himself with him in the process. Duo assumed his position and allowed Heero to take over, shivering as he felt a hot mouth cover one of his hard nubs. Duo let out a small hiss and ran his fingers through his dark, unruly hair.

"Just making out, ne?" Heero chuckled against his skin.

"Well don't stop now, please." Duo groaned.

Heero obliged, attacking Duo's neglected nipple on the other side and sucked gingerly. This produced a lot of low moans and growls from Duo's throat. Heero let one hand slide down the other side of his chest, brushing it gingerly against the other hard pebble with his palm. Duo hissed, wrapping his legs around Heero's waist to pull him down closer. Heero groaned and rubbed himself on the inside of his koibito's thighs.

Duo smiled up at his beloved, and then reached up to wrap his arms around Heero's neck. Heero gave Duo a small smile before attacking his lips once more. Duo tried to feel that hardness against him better by pushing himself back. Heero released Duo's lips and dived down into the crook of that tempting neck. He attacked it with lips and tongue, showing no mercy, and growling possessively against his skin. Duo's breath started to come out in ragged gasps, his hands were busying themselves in Heero's soft hair, and his mind was trying to concentrate on the feeling that his boyfriend was giving him between his legs.

"Let me know if I'm doing anything wrong." Heero murmured on the side of Duo's neck. He worked his mouth up to an earlobe and began to tease it.

"You're doing fine…no, good… no…" Duo panted, trying to think of the word to use. "You're doing great…just perfect. Yeah, that's it! You're perfect!"

"Mmm…" Heero purred his approval. He continued to nibble on his neck. Duo brought his hand down lower to touch that hard, strong back, and then down lower to the hem of his school uniform. First Duo slipped his hands over the top, caressing the feel of that fine material hugging Heero's firm buttocks. Then he hooked a couple fingers into the almost impossibly tight pants, trying his best to wiggle a hand into them. Heero chuckled, "What are you trying to do?"

"What does it look like, babe?" Duo grinned.

"Well if you wanted them off all you had to do was ask."

Duo's eyes bulged. Heero smiled as he undid the buttons at the front of his pants with one hand while the other was stroking the front of Duo's chest. His lips were still softly working over one collarbone. Duo threw his head back and gasped.

"A man of many talents, I see."

"Not really. I'm just playing by ear."

"Well, don't use that…I need something else…" Duo winked.

"Maybe I'm not ready to give you that just yet." Heero teased.

"Hee-chan!" Duo whined. Heero smiled against that heaving chest. He was finding out that he enjoyed teasing his koibito. He trailed his mouth all the way down just below Duo's bellybutton. He would lick and nibble right there and then quickly swipe his tongue up across Duo's little well. Heero heard him gasp softly as he worked his tongue around it, and then very slowly he made his way back down to tease that soft spot right above the pelvic bone.

Not wanting to endure the torture any longer, Duo clumsily moved up onto his elbows to make eye contact with his merciless lover. His eyes narrowed as they continued to stare, Heero's lips were still gingerly kissing his skin. Heero wanted to smirk, but that would have broken this electric energy that was sparkling between them. Right away, he could tell just by the look in his sweetheart's eyes what it is that he is wishing for. But before he could say anything, Duo made a rash decision. This decision, he knew, would drive Heero absolutely crazy!

With a flick of his head, Duo brought his braid up in front of him from behind. He kept his head cocked to the right, peering under his lashes at his boyfriend, and then he moved over onto his right elbow so he could use his left hand. He took his hand and moved it down to the end of his plait, slowly undoing it.

Heero's eyes widened slightly, mainly from anticipation. He could hardly believe that Duo would stoop this low just to get his way! But Heero had been dreaming of the moment that he'd get to see his love with his hair out of its confinements. This thought sparked something new inside of him and he felt himself harden to the extreme. This trigger made Heero realize that he hasn't taken his pants all the way off yet.

Undoing the zipper on his school uniform, Heero felt himself lose the chafing and to get more comfortable he repositioned himself upward. Of course touching himself made it worse as he witnessed that braid unraveling itself. Duo tossed his head back and forth like a wild stallion and his hair was finally cascading all around his shoulders and down his chest.

Heero froze, unable to respond. His mouth started to move slightly as if trying to form words, and Duo knew for a fact that he had the upper hand this time. Just to make things worse, Duo ran his fingers through a strip of his flowing hair that was in front of him. He looked at his boyfriend with yearning eyes, slightly fluttering his lashes and smiling inanely. As Heero slowly got himself out of his daze, he crawled up Duo's body with a fire burning inside of him. He craved those lips right now, and he craved skin against skin from this alluring creature.

Smiling inwardly, Duo brought an arm around Heero's neck and gently lay back down, taking Heero with him. He knew for a fact that he had won. Heero was now too enchanted to stop, and he'll soon be his lover- panting from the aftermath.

Heero couldn't quench his thirst or put out the fire with just Duo's lips. He needed more than this, and he knew exactly what it was. Knowing Duo, he had a feeling that the little imp planned this. But right now, he didn't care. All he could think about was relieving his desire by burying himself deeply into his koibito.

Heero fumbled around with the front of Duo's pants, and then almost yanked them clean off. Duo helped Heero get the rest of his pants off and soon they were both in the buff and flushed. With half lidded eyes, Duo studied Heero's body intensely, and he licked his lips. Heero groaned at the look that Duo was giving him and he attacked his neck once more, this time with more force, and he sunk his teeth in a bit harder than last time. Duo moaned in both ecstasy and pain, arching himself off of the bed, pressing his chest into Heero's. Heero released his mouth and marveled at the purple and red bruise that he left. Wishing it to be bigger, he attacked that area once more.

"You're such an animal!" Duo cried, clawing his nails across Heero's muscular back. Heero gasped as he felt his skin getting torn by those naughty claws. He let go of Duo's neck to chuckle.

"Remind me to de-claw you, you bad kitty."

"Me-wow!" Duo exclaimed.

Heero moved upward more, finally making contact with the other boy's arousal. They both gasped, feeling one another's warmth being pressed into each other. In a lust filled daze, Heero lowered his head and brought his lips down to a perked nub. He played around with the nipple while he slowly moved the lower half of his body against the boy beneath him. Duo tried to get him closer to his body by wrapping his legs and arms around Heero's torso and pulling. Heero finally gave in and put most of his weight on top of his koi's. Duo lost it and started to thrust himself upward against that hard and warm body.

"Are you trying to tell me something?" Heero breathed in Duo's ear. The longhaired student nodded mindlessly. "Well, I suppose I have teased you enough…even though I could do this for hours." Duo groaned at this and then kissed him all over his face and neck. Heero almost laughed out loud at this, but instead he took mercy and brought Duo's legs up and they wrapped instantly around Heero's ribs.

He moved the moist tip of his penis around the waiting entrance, feeling that the hole was open from both the position and the sweat. Heero moved his hand up and down Duo's chest, relishing in the feel of it as it rise and fell almost raggedly, and the thumping of his heartbeat. He brought his hands down to grip that small waist and held on tightly.

"Brace yourself." Was all the warning he gave his koi before he began to push gently. Once Heero slipped the head of his cock inside, he instantly felt Duo's muscles clench all around him. Heero held his breath as he felt that incredible tightness enveloping around his sensitive crown. He heard and saw Duo gasp very audibly, eyes widening. Heero leaned in and pressed his lips to Duo's as he started to push himself further inside. Duo tried his best not to bite down on Heero's lower lip as he felt himself getting penetrated more. He forced himself to relax, knowing that it would be easier on Heero if he did.

Heero felt Duo loosen his muscles and he couldn't wait much longer. He slid himself all the way in with one stroke, wishing for the pain to go away. But Duo wasn't in that much pain as he felt the stretching. This position was perfect for him, and even more so because he felt something inside of him jerk. The feeling was incredible, and he urged Heero onward by rolling his hips around. Heero groaned producing Duo to swoon over the sexy sound and arching himself almost all the way off of the bed.

The Perfect Student pulled himself out little by little, being careful not to rip anything. But as he slid out more and more, he felt Duo's body loosen up as it helped him get pushed out. With only the head inside now, Heero halted and waited for Duo's ok to continue. Duo's pleading violet eyes were his only answer and he started to thrust his manhood back in. It was so tight that Heero let out a small moan; unable to bear the pressure, he started to go in harder.

"Yes…" Duo hissed through his teeth. "That's it, Heero…like that…god yes."

"Duo…" Heero wanted to warn him, but he couldn't form the words. He latched his mouth back onto Duo's neck, trying not to cry out as he began to move in and out of his body easier. Duo, however, didn't care about being quiet and he moaned huskily in Heero's ear. He urged him to go faster by moving his hips to help him. The rhythm was clumsy at first, but then they were catching onto it, and soon they were pushing and pulling more rapidly than before.

Duo arched his body up to get more friction against that hard stomach. His moans were growing; his cries were getting higher and more frequent. He tossed his head back and forth; making his long locks thrash about over his face. Heero felt as if he was about to explode, so he slowed down to almost a crawl as he continued to kiss all around Duo's chest and neck. His koibito tried his damnest to get him to move frequently again, but Heero held himself at bay, keeping them at an even pace.

"Heero!" Duo protested in agony, "Not fair! Don't slow down now!"

"Sorry, lover, but I want this to last. I want our first time to be an unforgettable one."

"It will be…" Duo gasped, "no matter what…it will always be an unforgettable time for me. Now will you please move??"

"No." Heero smirked, slowing down even more. Duo's eyes rolled into the back of his head and he groaned in both pleasure and frustration.

"Damn it, Yuy!"

Heero snickered. Bringing a hand between them, Heero made Duo think that he was about to grab his neglected shaft, but the hand continued down to the underside of one thigh. He trailed the hand up until it rested in the crook of Duo's kneecap and he lifted the leg over to the other side of Duo's body. Heero moved Duo a bit more so now he was lying on his side with his one leg raised slightly. Heero pushed downward and then changed direction of his thrust just a bit. Duo cried out, trying to claw at one of Heero's arms.

Again Heero had his boyfriend at his mercy by taking it easy and riding him for all its worth. But he was torturing himself as well by going slow, so he made Duo turn his body again so that he was on his stomach. He brought his hands down around his thighs and lifted his lower half up slightly on his knees. As Duo continued to cry out, he clawed at the bed sheets, practically ripping them off. Heero lowered his body, putting some weight on Duo, lowering his head down to Duo's ear, and then he began to thrust himself in a bit faster than before, yet still keeping a steady pace.

Heero tucked himself into that jerking body as tight as he could and he allowed his animal instincts to kick in. The feel of Duo's hair on his chest and stomach were doing him in as well, and he started to thrust as hard as he could into his groaning lover. Duo's sounds were driving him insane, and he found himself moaning as well. He was getting closer and closer with each thrust, and he could tell that his vocalizing was affecting Duo just like his moans were affecting him.

He brought his hand between the bed and his groaning lover to catch that hardness. He started to stroke but it didn't take much and he found his hand full of Duo's seed. Duo cried out Heero's name and practically emptied himself. Heero knew he could go on for a few more minutes, but didn't want to press on, knowing full well that the result would make Duo harden again. So, he went all out, pounding his lover frantically and then finally finding his own release, shooting it deep inside Duo's tight body.

Heero slumped over, resting his head against his koibito's strong shoulder and panting. Duo was just as equally tired, if not more, and he laid his head down onto the slightly damp bed sheets. Some of his strands were sticking to his forehead, his cheeks were flushed, and his eyes were droopy and glossy. Heero leaned in and kissed Duo's moist cheek and jawbone, getting Duo's attention.

"Koi?" Heero panted.

"Yes love?" Duo whispered.

"You ok?" Heero nuzzled himself against his neck.

"Yeah," Duo said after a few breaths, "I'm fine. Just a bit sleepy."

"Me too." Heero peered over at the clock and then nodded. "Maybe we should sleep now. We have a big day tomorrow, and who knows what is in store for us with that new teacher."

"You're right, Hee-chan." Duo smiled. "Let's sleep."

As Heero moved to his side, Duo followed suit, bringing them into a spooning position. Still buried inside of Duo, Heero curled up against his lover's back as they fell fast asleep.


Part 3

Duo rushed to his last class with anger inside of him. One of his peers had to go and start making fun of him, resulting in him shouting a bad word out loud in his Gym class and getting him into trouble. Not only that but during his first couple classes he had been caught falling asleep. And his Health teacher, Mr. G, seemed to have been ogling him since this semester started, which was giving Duo the willies.

"Why can't all teachers be good looking?" Duo sighed.

Mr. J was just as bad, and he had him as a science teacher with Heero. It seemed as if all the older teachers were perverts. One of the girls from his last class were saying that her teacher, Mr. Dermail, was equally as bad and had been charged with student rape before. Duo hoped that he would never have him as a teacher for anything.

Finally getting to his last class, he leaned up against the doorframe to catch his breath. It was such injustice that he had to have Gym right before this class! He was already pooped from doing all those exercises. Not that he's complaining…he liked to exercise. It was just that he wished that his last class, English, wasn't so far away from the Gym.

Duo was exceptionally good in English. Many students (this is a Japanese school, by the way) come to him for help with conjunctions and how to build a good sentence. By the end of last year, he became known as the Japanese American man.

He is originally from America, born in LA on the streets. But one day he found himself living with a Japanese family and they taught him how to speak it. In return, Duo taught them how to speak proper English. He and Heero would often speak to one another in English, cause Heero said to him: "It helps me to learn."

Duo straightened himself out, feeling pretty smug. This was his straight-A class, and he was pictured as The American Hero. Duo snickered, recalling that one day that he called his boyfriend The Japanese Heero once. Heero just cocked an eyebrow and gave him a funny look. Duo grinned back.

From his desk, Heero watched as Duo tried to regain his composure while he walked into class. Duo waved and greeted his classmates.

"Hello!" He exclaimed in his native tongue.

"Ohayo!" a group of girls smiled.

"Evening Ladies!" Duo said in English. The girls all swooned.

"Ohayo." One of Duo's friends nodded.

"Konnichiwa." Duo smiled. He took his seat next to Heero's.

The new teacher cleared his throat and got the class's attention.


This was his first day of teaching, and he was as nervous as a… well, something that got nervous a lot. He's so nervous he can't even think of a simile, and he's an English teacher! The 23 year old tried all his calming methods that his friend, Trieze, had taught him. He started to do his rhythmic breathing and he counted to ten.

And then… HE walked in.

Leaning up against the doorframe, catching his breath, was the most gorgeous being that Zechs had ever seen. Long golden-brown hair done in a braid, and the most captivating eyes he'd ever seen. Almost instantly, the teen recomposed himself, and then began to strut unknowingly into class. Zechs looked up at the clock; he had just made it without being tardy by two seconds. The longhaired student smiled at the class full of his friends and he waved. Suddenly, shocking Zechs, the boy said his greetings to everyone in English! He was beginning to like this student more and more.

Unable to resist the urge to go with the flow, Zechs stood and said his greeting in English, hoping that his students would understand.

"Welcome, Students. I'm Your New Teacher For The Rest Of The Year." Zechs looked over and noticed the longhaired teen smiling, and he knew he understood. Those that were a bit rusty raised their hands and asked to translate. He watched that student again, and saw him shaking his head in dismay. This boy must be very popular in this class.

Ever polite, Zechs repeated what he said, but in Japanese. This produced nods and "Oh yeah, that's what I thought you said." Coming out of some student's mouths. Out of the corner of his eye, he saw the popular teen chuckle to himself. Zechs sighed, deciding on sticking with Japanese for the rest of the day.

"My name is Mr. Merquise, and I hope that we'll be able to get along just fine. I see that many of you already know a good portion of English," he looked over at Duo, "Especially this lucky guy who just made it to class. I'm glad that I didn't have to fill out a tardy slip for you." the teacher smiled sweetly.

Duo shied away, flushing all the while. Out of the corner of his eye, he saw Heero staring intensely at Mr. Merquise. Duo smiled to himself about it; it seemed as if his boyfriend was a bit jealous. Well, he could see why. Mr. Merquise was a very attractive teacher. And just a few minutes ago, he had been berating that there were no attractive senseis in this school.

Zechs found himself wondering about this teen, and decided quickly that he should have the class introduce themselves just like he had so he could try remembering names. That's what he told everyone, but he was really just curious to what that longhaired student's name was. Of course, he could just look at the student's attendance log, but he was feeling too lazy to look his name up.

Not only were the students supposed to say their names, but also he wanted to know what their favorite thing was. He smiled at his own genius. This was one way to find out about the enchanting student.

Right down the row, each student introduced themselves and what their favorite thing was. Some of the kids in the class found this rather odd, but they didn't care cause all it did was stall work. The only one that didn't seem to care much for it was Heero. When it was his turn, he stood up like everyone else did, and introduced himself.

"Heero Yuy. I like computers." It was the only thing he could think of at the moment to say without sounding too stupid. He would have said that he liked Duo, but he didn't say it for both of their sakes.

After Heero finished, a student behind him stood up almost immediately.

"I'm Anna Suki!" she grinned, "And I like boys!" All the guys in the class either chuckled or cheer for that.

The student behind her got up after she was finished, "I'm Lisa Maxfield. And I like art!"

It went on down the line until it came back up to the front, and it was Duo's turn to introduce himself. The English teacher smiled as he watched Duo gracefully get out of his chair. He stood proud, with his hands on his hips and his head held high. He smiled widely, making the blonde haired teacher weak in the knees.

"Duo Maxwell! And I really love to be loved!"

Zechs blinked rapidly, not sure what to think except for the dirty thoughts that ran through his mind. But as Duo sat back down, Zechs noticed something on the boy for the first time. He had been ogling the boy's best features so much that he wasn't paying attention to anything else. Now that he let his eyes roam even more over Duo, he noticed a purplish mark on his neck.

Before the next person could stand and say what their favorite thing was, Zechs spoke up.

"Maxwell, I hope you don't mind me asking, but did you hurt yourself in Gym class today?"

"N-nani?" Duo blinked. "No, why do you ask?"

"Cause there's a bruise on your neck, just above your shoulder."

Duo blushed furiously as some of the classmates giggled and laughed at that. Duo was secretly upset at this new teacher. What gave him the right to blurt something like that out? It was none of his business! Zechs noticed how unnerved Duo seemed and started to apologize.

"I'm sorry, Duo. I didn't mean to make you uncomfortable. It's just that…it's a rather big bruise, and I thought maybe you got injured. Would you like to go to the nurse and get it treated?"

"No!" Duo gasped, then he corrected his tone of voice back to normal, "No, I'm fine, really."

"Ok. I've also noticed that you are very fluent in English. I thought that I'd like to tell you that I'm very impressed."

Duo blushed again.

"Could you say something in English for the whole class? I wanna know just how good you are." Zechs wondered if he'd gone too far. But after the boy finally finished being red, he stood up proudly again, thinking of what he wanted to say. He cleared his throat and began…

"No Matter Where You Go, Or What You Do, I'll Always Be There For You. For Better, Or For Worse, I'll Love You…Always." He had no idea where that one came from. Duo shrugged, thinking that he must have been reading too much poetry.

The class sighed in awe. The teacher even looked astonished.

Once the class was done with the introductions, Mr. Merquise began their lessons. Duo seemed to have a hard time paying attention to what the teacher was showing the class. This was all old stuff to him, and he was getting bored very easily. Not only that, but he was still a bit sleepy from not getting enough sleep last night. His eyes instantly roamed over to his boyfriend, mentally blaming him for his tired state. But he also knew that it was his own fault. He shifted in his chair, punctuating the thought.

Without thinking, his head hit the desk with a thunk and he was out like a light.


"Duo! Wake up!" Zechs shook him. Duo started, his head snapped up with wide eyes. Once he became aware of his surroundings, he looked up apologetically to the teacher.

"Oh, I'm sorry sensei." Duo gulped nervously. The teacher's ice blue eyes were piercing him with something that didn't look much like anger.

"Class is over. I hope that you know enough English to help you through your homework."

Duo smiled, trying not to show him that he felt very stupid for falling asleep. "I'm really, terribly sorry about this, Mr. Merquise. It's just that I didn't get enough sleep last night, and today has been a big day!" He looked to his left and saw that Heero had been hovering over him as well, and he didn't look very happy.

"I'm sorry about that Duo, but I'll have to ask you to stay after."

"Aw, man! Can't you just give me a warning or something? I didn't mean to fall asleep! Honest!"

Mr. Merquise sighed, "Nope. Sorry Duo. Rules are rules."

Duo got up and walked over to his boyfriend. He tried his best to look pitiful so Heero wouldn't be mad at him. He smiled uneasily, scratching the back of his head.

"Sorry, Heero. But could you do me a favor?" Duo looked over quickly to notice that the teacher was at his desk, grading papers.

"What?" Heero growled under his breath.

Duo whispered, "Could you wait for me outside the door? I know I might be asking much, but I have a bad feeling about this whole set up." Duo leaned in even closer to whisper in Heero's ear, "I think that our new teacher has a crush on me."

Heero looked at Duo like he just said that he wasn't gay anymore.

"You're being ridiculous." Heero mumbled back. "He's just in awe with your abilities."

"That's what it looks like to you, Heero. But I know a crush when I see one…well…with you it was different cause; you're not very expressive. But Mr. Merquise is just dripping with lust. I can tell."

"Well," Heero's voice cracked, a quick vision of the teacher bending Duo over a desk and giving it to him flashed in his mind and then out again. "I suppose I'll wait by the door, but if he does something you don't like, then just shout and I'll come to your rescue."

Duo felt himself tingle at that, "Thanks Heero!" he placed a hand on his koibito's shoulder. This was all the emotion he willed himself to show. They had to keep their relationship a secret, even though it was killing Duo that he couldn't hold hands in the hallway with him. But he knew the consequences, so he just settled with a soft touch, and the look in Heero's eyes.

"Don't fall asleep again." Heero couldn't help rub in, and he walked out the classroom door.

Duo turned around to face the teacher, and he was about to ask what his punishment was when the blonde man stood from his chair and he seemed to strut as he walked toward him. Involuntarily, Duo felt himself harden at the sight of the handsome teacher.

"I thought he'd never leave." Zechs smiled.


Part 4

Duo turned around to face the teacher, and he was about to ask what his punishment was when the blonde man stood from his chair and he seemed to strut as he walked toward him. Involuntarily, Duo felt himself harden at the sight of the handsome teacher.

"I thought he'd never leave." Zechs smiled.

Duo swallowed hard. He felt like bolting for the door or screaming for Heero, but he couldn't do either of these things. Mr. Merquise is just too incredible, and his body was betraying him. `I'm not supposed to have feelings for this teacher! I'm in love with Heero!'

Too busy arguing with himself, he failed to notice that the young teacher had wandered over to the door and locked it. Duo finally decided, with much aggravation, to play dumb for a while. Besides, if he did anything that he didn't like, he could shout for his boyfriend.

"So, uh…what am I supposed to do? Do you need me to clean erasers or the blackboard or something? Hell, I could clean the whole classroom if you want me to!" He smiled nervously at his sensei, which had come closer to him.

Zechs reached out to the gorgeous students face with a shaky hand. Duo jumped once that big hand's fingertips brushed lightly against his flushed cheek. Zechs caressed that heart shaped face and then began to run his fingers through the loose strands of golden locks.

"You're just too beautiful, Duo. Has anyone ever told you that?"

"Yeah," Duo bowed his head, eyes falling upon the tent in Mr. Merquise's slacks. "Many times."

Zechs continued to play with the chestnut strands, "You believe them?"

Duo nodded.

Zechs brushed his hand along Duo's purplish mark, "Looks like someone likes to play rough with the merchandise. Do you have a girlfriend, Duo?"

Duo shook his head. He tried to make his feet move, but they were failing him. He was about to shout something, when the teacher knelt down onto his knees, making his mind whirl.

"That's good." Zechs slowly began to rub his hands up the back of Duo's legs, and then they stopped at the bottom of his backside. Zechs squeezed the small part of his ass, making Duo yipe in surprise.

"Mr. Merquise?" Duo shuttered.

Zechs brought his face up closer to the slight bulge in the young man's pants. Duo heard him inhale sharply and then sigh.

"You smell wonderful." Zechs slowly moved his hands up higher, stroking his round cheeks before getting to the lower part of his back. He pulled him closer, "I love the scent between a younger man's legs. It makes me go crazy."

"Look, uh…Mr. Merquise…"

"Please, call me Zechs. We're not in class."

"Um…Zechs, sir? Don't you think you'd get into trouble doing this?"

"As long as you don't care," Zechs brought a hand over to the front and lightly touched the growing bulge, "And it seems to me that you don't, do you?"

"Z-Zechs…you're a very attractive guy but…I really don't think…"

"Then don't." Zechs moved up to undo the button of Duo's pants. He lowered the zipper deliberately slow, making his forearm brush against Duo's member. "Ever had someone older, Duo?"

Duo moved back to support himself against the desk, trying to control his breathing. He was debating with himself as to why he was letting Mr. Merquise get so far. Duo looked over at the door. His boyfriend was right behind that, and if he heard anything suspicious, he might try barreling through to get to him.

No one is supposed to know about him and Heero…he isn't even sure if he should let this teacher know. He wanted to tell Zechs that he had someone already, but that might destroy his chances for graduating. He was stuck with what to do. Part of him wanted to have this handsome blonde's hands all over him, touching him, and stroking him…

The other part of him was telling him to scream for Heero to come save him. Heero was his one and only love, his true love, and his lover. But if his teacher found out that he was dating him, who knows what might happen. It might result in him having to change schools again, which he didn't want to do. That would mean leaving Heero behind. He'd never want to do that in a million years. But he didn't want to cheat on Heero either. Well, unless Heero wanted to join in…

Duo decided to banish that thought for now. He knew just how possessive Heero had gotten of him. There is no way that Heero would do something as kinky as a threesome.

"No, Zechs," Duo panted, finally remembering to answer him, "I haven't had anyone older. They've all either been my age, or a year younger."

Zechs smiled, "Good." He slipped his hand in and removed Duo's hardness from its confinements, "I love the fact that I'm your first suitor to be older than you."

Duo dug his fingers into the wood of the desk as Zechs lightly stroked him, making him harder. Zechs looked up and saw the boy struggling with himself, cheeks flushed, and mouth partially open. He smiled up at him, and then very tentatively, he brought his lips to his moist head.

Zechs licked the under side of his crown with a flattened tongue. Duo gasped a sharp intake of breath and grit his teeth. His knees felt as if they were about to give out, so he tried to keep his balance more by sitting partially on the desk. Duo was about to say something when he suddenly felt warmth envelope his arousal. On instinct, he jerked back, making his butt slide over the desk more, knocking papers onto the floor.

The older man released Duo's member and gave him a raised eyebrow, "A bit jumpy, are we?"

"Uh, look, Zechs…I think that my roommate is worried about me by now, and maybe I should go and see if…"

"No!" Zechs trailed his tongue from the base of Duo's cock to the tip, making him shiver. "No one is to know about this." He brought his attention back to sucking, and he rolled his tongue around in the process.

Panting in uneven breaths, Duo mindlessly spread his legs further to give the blonde teacher more room. Zechs happily obliged the invitation and began to swallow. Duo did his best to stay upright, his legs where shaking, and his knuckles were turning white. `All I have to do is shout,' Duo was thinking over and over, but his mouth refused to listen. So instead of screaming out, Duo decided to do an even smarter thing.

"Mr. Merquise, is it alright if you could just hold on for a minute? I promise I'll be back." And to show that he meant it, he started to run his fingers through the man's platinum bangs.

Zechs stood up, but he still had a hand wrapped around the boy's manhood, "What are you going to do?" He squeezed the length, hoping to increase whatever lust was controlling the beautiful student.

Duo waved a hand, "Don't worry about it, I'll be right back." With that he carefully took himself out of Zechs' hand to zip himself up, and he walked over to the door.

"You better keep your promise."

Duo let out a sigh and unlocked the door. He peeked his head outside and saw that his boyfriend did wait by the door for him. He slipped out without a sound and made his way over. Heero looked relieved to see him and he uncrossed his arms to hold them out, knowing that Duo would rush into them. He did, but then he began to shutter quietly.

"Please forgive me, Heero…" Duo choked, "Mr. Merquise touched me, but I didn't scream for you…"

"What?" Duo didn't know if Heero sounded pissed or shocked.

"He was too good, and I couldn't stop…I'm sorry…he's-he's waiting for me to go back in, and I promised him I'd be back…please don't hate me! Please don't break up with me! I love you so much!" Duo buried himself harder into his lover's chest.

"What did he do?" Heero asked, not sounding too upset.

"He…he's been going down on me."

"Did he kiss you?"

"Huh? Er…no, he didn't. Why?"

"Did he try to fuck you?"

"Uh, no…he only did what I told you." Duo looked up to gaze into his koibito's drop dead sexy eyes. To Duo's surprise, he didn't seem angry.

"Duo…I've been thinking…"

Just then, before Heero could continue, the door to the classroom opened, and Mr. Merquise stepped out. Duo turned his head at the sound of the teacher's voice.

"Ah, so you two are together." He crossed his arms, "It seems that you're not gonna keep your promise after all."

"No, I was gonna come back! Honest! I just wanted to talk to Heero about, um… about…"

"You told on me, didn't you?" Zechs looked angry, but the boys weren't sure just how angry.

Duo wrapped his arms around Heero more tightly. He was so confused about what to do. Should he keep his promise to Mr. Merquise and go back into the room with him, or should he say forget it and stay there in the hallway with his one and only? He looked up at his koi, and noticed that he was staring intensely at Zechs. That look either meant that he was gonna strangle the piss out of the young teacher or he was gonna jump his bones. Duo sort of hoped for the latter, but he also hoped that Heero was a strong possessor.

Heero's mind whirled as he took in this situation. His dearest boyfriend was getting head from this very handsome young teacher. Heero had admitted to himself that he had felt some sort of attraction towards the tall blonde man. His grip on his koibito tightened as he decided what to do, and he moved in closer to Zechs.

Teacher and student stared at each other, eyes fixed in a challenge, and Duo was stuck in between as he held onto his boyfriend. Duo looked back and forth between the two, waiting to move out of the way if they started to lunge for one another.

Duo saw Heero open his mouth, and he ducked his head to be prepared for some kind of shouting.

"May I join in?"

Duo looked up in shock, mouth gapped as he saw the slight smug look on his sweetheart's face.


Part 5

In all of his teaching years, Zechs never thought something as wonderful as this would ever happen to him. He stood in the doorway of the empty classroom, coolly eyeing the boyfriend of the student that he's been wooing. The student, one of the aces in the class, was a beautiful one just like his other half. His dark blue eyes were slightly slanted, his dark brown hair perfectly framed his face, his body was slender, but he looked incredibly strong.

He couldn't believe his luck. This other student was just as stunning as Duo, yet he seemed more intimidating. His eyes are what caught most of his interest as they stared at one another. When this handsome young man asked to join, Zechs thought his heart would stop.

"Join?" Zechs found himself repeating, as if he were in a dreamlike state. "Yes, of course you can." The blonde teacher moved away from the door, holding it open for the both of them. The two lovers entered almost cautiously, still having a hold on one another. `They're so cute.' Zechs couldn't help think.

Shutting the door behind him, and locking it, Zechs watched the two lean up against one of the desks and start kissing. He was too enthralled at the sight to even make a move toward them. He continued to watch as Heero lifted his beautiful boyfriend up and had him sit on top of the desk, never breaking their heated kiss. Zechs' eyes became fixated on that lip lock, watching them exchange spit and entangle tongues. Their movements were wanton and their lips seemed to almost glide over one another's, slick with saliva.

Heero grabbed a hold of Duo's bottom lip with his mouth and tugged playfully as he gazed lovingly, and half lidded, into his koi's mirrored eyes. Duo moaned softly, enjoying the sight before him and the taste of his sweetheart on his tongue. Heero let go of the bottom lip, slightly pulling on it one more time before devouring those wet, full lips again. They didn't seem to notice the teacher's intense stare as they continued to ravish each other with touches and kisses.

Zechs finally found the feeling back into his legs and started to move closer to them. Just examining them fondle and smooch was giving him an aching hard on. They were just so perfect together, so beautifully cadenced together…it was almost making him ashamed to join in their fun, but then he thought, what would be better?

Heero noticed the longhaired blonde man inching toward them, and he noticed the erection that strained his pants. Heero smiled to himself, he had a feeling that watching them would have this effect on the young teacher. He felt in a teasing mood, so Heero slipped his hand up the front of Duo's school uniform and began to rub his chest. He moved tentatively to brush a couple fingertips over a rigid nipple, making his koibito jump a bit and gasp.

"You're such a naughty boy." Duo whispered, but not soft enough that Zechs couldn't hear him. Zechs groaned quietly; the boy's low and lustful voice was even more of a turn on. He was slowly wishing that Duo would say those kind of words to him, with just as much passion in them.

"Your favorite kind." Heero whispered back huskily. He bent his head down to taste Duo's rich skin. Duo tilted his head back to one side, moaning most audibly, and his eyes ascended to meet with clear blue ones. Heero nibbled a bit on that neck for a while as he started to undo the buttons on the front of his shirt.

Zechs decided to take action and stepped up behind Heero, placing his hands on his shoulders. He slowly started to knead them, producing some kind of purring noise to come out of the shorthaired boy's mouth. Heero leaned back against those talented hands and he somehow managed to get Duo's shirt all the way off of him. Duo could see Mr. Merquise's eyes light up as he took in his bare chest and flat stomach. Needing to see the same thing on the other boy, Zechs brought his hands down from Heero's shoulders to his collar, undoing his tie.

Duo helped the blonde man remove Heero's shirt, and instantly attacked that bare skin. Zechs started to join in, and he brought his lips down to a naked shoulder. He kissed and licked all around, bringing himself down, careening his neck lower to get to one of the muscular pecs. He was surprised to discover how shapely Heero's body was, and he maneuvered a hand around to feel those tight and rippling stomach muscles.

Heero's koi latched himself onto a nipple and lightly began to suck. Zechs turned his head closer to the inside of Heero's neck to kiss. Duo slowly let go of Heero's hardened nub and then moved his lips all over Heero's chest, bringing himself down lower to the destination that he's been wanting for quite some time.

Unzipping his lover's restraining pants, Duo carefully brought out Heero's erection with shaky hands. Doing something with a man for the first time was one thing, but doing something with someone else watching was another. He was nervous, but he was hard as a rock as well.

Heero Yuy- Straight A student, and the strongest in the whole town- was reduced to a puddle of goo as he saw the head of his arousal slowly get swallowed by his longhaired lover. He leaned backwards into Zechs, hoping that he'd help him stand upright. Zechs was getting harder at the sight of the luscious student taking his boyfriend. He began to kiss and fondle Heero more, making Heero groan in reply and Duo's eyes trailed up, looking back and forth from his sweetheart to the sexy teacher.

Duo eased the rest of Heero's cock into his throat, gulping all the while, and not stopping until his lips were almost to the base. Heero threw his head back, hitting Mr. Merquise's chest, his mouth gapped and his eyes were rolling into the back of his head.

To both of their surprise, Zechs halted this sensuous act. He placed a firm hand on Duo's head, stopping him from bobbing up and down, and told him, "I don't want him spent just yet, dearest Duo. I want to watch your boyfriend here giving it to you, and I want that wonderful mouth of yours sucking me dry. How's about it?"

Duo looked up at his lover, waiting to see what his reply was. Not surprising, Heero agreed on it. Duo just knew that Heero wouldn't let Zechs take him. He was Heero's and Heero's alone to fuck. The longhaired student loved it when Heero got domineering. And to show him that he wanted it that way, Duo gave his koibito a sexy smile and wiggled his eyebrows. He gave one last lick to Heero's head before he stood up and sauntered over to the teacher's desk.

Zechs saw the primal look in Heero's eyes as he followed his beloved. This whole scenario was getting so intense, that Zechs felt himself harden even more. He wanted to just sit back and enjoy the show that the two beautiful boys were about to conduct.

Duo beckoned his lover with a finger; once Heero was close enough, Duo wrapped an arm around Heero's neck and pulled him in for another lust filled kiss. Heero brought a hand down, caressing and squeezing Duo through his cotton pants. He pressed his still bare and stiff manhood up against Duo's taut stomach. The longhaired boy could feel Heero's passion leaking onto his skin as he brought his body closer. For a while, they just stood there, partially against the desk, making out and stroking each other. This was too much for Zechs to handle and he found himself undoing his own trousers so he could touch himself.

Duo couldn't take anymore, and he clumsily moved a hand back to clear off part of Zechs' desk. He gave Mr. Merquise an apologetic look, but Zechs just shrugged and then nodded his head, giving him the go-ahead. Duo smiled, and then he leaned backwards onto the desk, spreading his legs as wide as he could. Heero moved forward, and quickly removed the rest of Duo's clothing. Duo's hardness almost stood straight up, waiting for his lover to engulf him, but Heero had another idea.

Strong hands were set firmly onto Duo's knees and he lifted them up, "Hold them there." Heero commanded. Duo obeyed instantly, grabbing onto his knees and held his position as best he could. With Duo's entrance now in better view, Heero got down on his knees and brought his head forward.

At first, Zechs thought that Heero was going right to the fucking, but once he went down on his knees in front of Duo's exposing hole, he finally understood just what Heero had in mind. He stroked himself faster at the sight of all of this, waiting for the shorthaired student to begin his torture.

A pink, wet tongue peeked out from Heero's lips and he touched it, ever so slightly, to the top rim of that puckered entrance. Duo's muscles jerked from the light touched, sending tingles through his spine. Once those muscles loosened up again, Heero brought more of his tongue in and he started to slowly explore this uncharted area.

Zechs forced himself to halt in his ministrations and walk over behind his desk. He found himself running his fingers through the violet-eyed boy's bangs as he surveyed the look on his face. He was in a type of relaxed bliss and he sighed in satisfaction as if he were getting a wonderful massage. Zechs couldn't get enough of touching Duo's silky brown hair. He wished for to see it out of its plait, but he couldn't get his mouth to work. The blonde became more mesmerized by the sight of Heero licking the longhaired boy like he was the oasis in a desert.

Heero slowly started to move up more, running his tongue over the sac, and then up the entire length of Duo's cock. He continued to lick the underside of that sensitive head, watching his koi's reactions the whole time. He just finally realized that Zechs was there above them, eyeing the entire show. Heero grabbed a hold of Duo's legs and made him turn around so his butt was up in the air, facing him. Duo blinked in astonishment as he began to realize that he was now face to face with the blonde teacher's raging hard on.

Zechs saw Heero take off his pants to free his own erection, and then he stood behind his lover. Cobalt and crystal blues met across the length of Duo's body, which was the only thing separating them. Not taking his eyes off of the teacher, Heero ran a single hand over the top of Duo's backside and then his back, proclaiming, "Mine."

Zechs slowly nodded his head, understanding. There was no way that he could get them to split so he could have Duo all to himself. Heero was very set in keeping this longhaired beauty as his. Zechs felt a slight pang of jealousy towards him, and even more so when he heard Duo answer, "Yes, Heero…I'm all yours. You're my one true love."

Heero moved a finger over the wet entrance and asked him, "Are you ready for me? Or do you wish for more preparation?"

"No, I'm ready my dearest beloved. Please, take me."

Zechs moaned at the sound and Heero growled possessively as he forced Duo to open even more with his thumbs. He leaned over slightly, and then glided his erection into his lover's tight channel. Once he was half way in, he noticed that their handsome teacher needed some attention. He bent lower, pushing himself in farther, and whispered into Duo's ear.

Heero stayed pressed against his lover's back as he continued to thrust deeper into him. He placed his hands around Duo's hips to help drive himself inside. Duo nodded his head at what Heero said to him, and very gingerly, he moved a hand forward and caught Zechs. He pulled the older man closer to him by his manhood, producing a groan from his lips. Duo, then, proceeded to pleasure Mr. Merquise, taking his engorged head into his waiting mouth.

Zechs almost came right then, if he didn't close his eyes and force himself to hold back. Duo could feel the twitching in his hand so he backed off. Their teacher was dangerously on edge. He would have had a mouth full of semen already if Zechs didn't will it back. Duo held it carefully, looking up and waiting for Zechs to calm himself. All this while, Heero had stopped as well, letting Duo adjust to the feeling of their joining. But Duo had adjusting a while ago and he was now waiting for Heero to continue. Realizing there was no movement, Duo worked his hips back, and then gasped softly at the feel of Heero's arousal pushing hard against his prostate.

Heero moaned none too quietly, and he finally started to move himself in and out shallowly. Duo also began to groan and then he moved his hand slightly over Zechs' hardness. Zechs brought his hands down and cupped the sides of Duo's face, lightly stroking.

"Go ahead, pretty one…suck me, I'm ready."

Duo nodded then preceded to do as asked, taking Zechs deeply into his throat in one swift motion. Zechs gasped very audibly as he continued to run his hands all over that heart-shaped face, and even wrapping a strand of hair around one finger as well. Heero was also enchanted by his lover's hair and he grabbed the end of the braid to pull on it tautly. He used the end of the long plait to lightly brush across the top of Duo's ass and then he moved it back more to tease himself, running the loose hairs across the exposed part of his cock as he still kept his even thrusting.

The longhaired boy felt the hands on him, petting and playing with his hair, and it drove him to go faster, both on Zechs and bucking his hips. Heero complied with going faster, leaving the end of Duo's braid to rest over the top of his thrusting cock. That soft hair was just too much teasing and he felt himself getting closer to completion than he thought. He grasped onto Duo's hips harder to push himself more into that tightness, pounding into that sweet spot over and over.

But although Heero had great stamina and he felt himself approaching completion, Zechs was the first to burst, unable to hold himself back any longer. He held onto the back of Duo's head and tilted it up. Duo groaned from the forcefulness, letting Zechs pull his head back. He let his mouth hang open like a baby bird waiting for a worm, and Zechs came in powerful spurts. He missed a few times, come dripping all over the sides of his mouth and chin, and even some splattered across the bridge of his nose and down one cheek. Duo lapped at what he could catch, looking much like some dog in heat.

The sight was really getting to Heero, making him pound into his beautiful boyfriend rougher and faster. Duo held onto the edge of the desk in a death grip; snapping his head back, screaming. Heero made him lower his top half and heaved his ass up more. Duo screamed out, feeling Heero move quicker than he's ever felt. Heero almost lifted himself off of the desk as he came deeply into his koibito, grunting Duo's name all the while.

After Heero finally spent himself, he almost fell off of the desk. He held himself awkwardly over his koi, trying to catch his breath. Zechs' voice brought him back to reality.

"What about Duo? We have to finish him off."

Heero nodded tiredly, and then slipped himself out of Duo. "What do you suggest, Mr. Merquise?"

Zechs had that look that he had when he first saw Duo, "I say we both suck him off."

Duo's eyes shifted back and forth at his seducers. He grinned evilly at them both as he leapt off of the desk and proceeded to play hard to get. His naked little butt wiggling as he trotted over to the back of the classroom. Heero and Zechs exchanged glances, trying to figure out what Duo was up to. Duo turned around, placed his hands on his hips and grinned inanely.

"What's the matter? Am I too quick for you?" He tossed his head over to the right, producing the messy braid to move to his front.

Heero gave his boyfriend a predatory gaze and he began to stalk him. Zechs caught on quickly, moving around to the front of the desk to stand next to Heero. They both advanced toward the elusive prey, cornering him easily. Duo thought he moved out of the way in time, using an old basketball maneuver, but the Perfect Student halted him with one arm. Catching his lover in an unyielding hold, Heero pushed him down, sweeping his feet out from under him.

"You can't get away that easily, koi." Heero smirked. Duo grinned up at them both. He placed his hands up above his head and tilted his chin up.

"Caught me fair and square, I surrender!"

"That's more like it." Heero growled, lowering himself down to Duo's still hard cock. Zechs' smile was the only agreement and he lowered himself as well.

Duo spread his legs for them both, and they both could smell the strong scent of sex coming from his body. This made things worse for Zechs and he fondled Duo a bit rough while Heero stuck the head of Duo's cock into his mouth. Zechs brought his hand down more, caressing Duo's sac for a while, and then he found his still opened entrance and pushed a finger inside. Duo bucked his hips off of the floor, making his erection sink itself deeper into Heero's mouth. As Zechs continued to finger the longhaired boy, he lowered his head down to share that straining cock. He licked up and down his length while Heero bobbed his head.

He let go of the shaft long enough for Zechs to taste. They took turns sucking Duo off until Heero brought his hand down and stuck a finger into the boy's hole as well. Both Heero and Zechs were now fingering and licking Duo, and Duo could take no more. He came over them both, and himself, in long streams. He shouted Heero's name as he pulsed on and on all over them.

Zechs and Heero both fought over who would get the most, but in the end it didn't matter. All three were totally spent and sticky. Heero leaned down to capture his sweetheart's lips, mingling the tastes without a care. Zechs moved in on the action as well, and all three males exchanged light and sweet kisses.

Once cleaned up and dressed again, Heero and Duo begun to walk out of the classroom, hand and hand, but Zechs halted them with a word. They turned back around to see what the teacher wanted.

"Perhaps we can do this again sometime?" Zechs asked with hope.

The two boys looked at each other, and then over at the teacher.

"Perhaps." Heero intoned. And then he slipped an arm around Duo's waist as they walked out the door.


Part 6


Heero almost fell out of his chair from the scream coming out of his koibito. He looked up at his computer screen and saw that what he was typing (an essay) now had a long line of L's going across it. He sighed, hitting the backspace key.

"What's wrong, Duo?" Heero called out. He could just see Duo's body half way into his closet. He was wearing nothing but boxers.

"I don't have any more clean uniforms!" Duo wailed. "Now what am I going to do?"

"Whose fault is that?" Heero suppressed a chuckle. "You were supposed to wash clothes yesterday, you know."

"But, Heero! I had basketball practice! Why couldn't you?"

"Cause it's not MY responsibility. Besides, if you asked me I would have done it for you."

"But I forgot!" The B honor roll student peeked his head out from the closet, his eyes were wide and his lips were pouty. "Can I borrow one of yours?"

"My uniforms won't fit you, I'm too long in the arms and too wide in the shoulders. Also," Heero turned around back to his laptop, "you have a bigger neck then I do, and my uniforms will choke you."

"What am I going to do??" Duo whined, plopping himself onto the bed that they decided to share. He propped himself up onto his hands and swayed his feet back and forth in the air. "Do…do you think we could ask one of our neighbors?"

"I doubt it, Duo. Although…" Heero stopped and looked over at his koi.

"Although?" Duo looked back at his boyfriend, eyes wide with hope.

"I think I recall someone leaving an extra uniform in here. When I first moved into this dorm, they seemed to be in a hurry to leave and they forgot one of them. I'm not sure if it'll fit you or not…"

"Where??" Duo sat up quickly, "Where is it?"

Heero sighed, "Are you sure?"

"Yes! I need something to wear!" Duo flailed his arms around furiously.

"Ok." Heero smiled slightly.

Mr. Merquise was about to hand out the first quiz of the semester when he noticed that Duo wasn't there yet.

He looked over at Heero, who didn't seem to look very worried. `Must be running late.' Zechs thought. He stood up, about to pass the test papers out when he heard a slight shuffling of feet and a soft click of the door shut. Zechs thought he was about to have a heart attack right there in front of the whole class!

Standing in the doorway, looking very upset, stood a flush Duo Maxwell in a girl's school uniform. The gray skirt was just above his thighs, the front tie was a bit crooked, and there was a small imprint of a heart at the collar of the uniform right below his collarbones.

That wasn't the worst of it. He also had his hair down, and it looked as if he had no choice but to wear a pair of girl's dress socks that had a small heart on each side. Many students seemed to be awed at the sight and didn't seem to realize that it was Duo and not a new student.

"Hey baby!" one of the guys catcalled, unknowing that it was their cool friend Maxwell-kun.

"Oh momma, gimme some of that!" another one crowed.

Duo stormed over and stopped at the front of Heero's desk, looking down at him with fire in his eyes. Heero peered up, trying his best not to smile stupidly at his cross-dressed lover.

"You," Duo began, "Are in SO much shit, Yuy!"

The class all sweat-dropped, finally realizing who it was, "DUO??"

Duo gave them all the evil eye, "I had NO choice, so SHUT UP!"

Zechs finally found his voice and got the students to settle down, "Please, take your seat, Duo. We have to start the quiz."

Duo took his seat, trying to keep the skirt from flying up, "Yes, of course. Sorry sensei." He gazed over back to Heero and tried to glare at him. This was all Heero's fault and he was going to have his revenge! As Zechs handed him his paper, he could feel his eyes burning with an insatiable lust. He could feel some of the classmate's eyes ogling him as well.

The quiz went on in silence. Duo was more nervous about how some of the students are eyeing him than the test. What was worse is that he wasn't even sure if he will be looked at the same again, being known as the only boy in the school who wore a girl's uniform. He did, however, feel somewhat flattered when some of the boys were whistling and catcalling. He was so embarrassed that he forgot to check and see what Heero's reaction to all of this was. Maybe the Perfect Student was getting a big kick out of this. If so, he was going to enjoy torturing his lover with some real physical payback.

Being one of the first students to finish the test, Duo flipped his paper over, and began to doodle all over the back. One little drawing that he was particularly having fun sketching was a large heart with the bold words `H+D 4-Ever' in the middle. Suddenly someone nudged his elbow in attempt to screw him up, making his pencil almost slice through the paper. He looked over to give that person a nasty glare but then halted as he noticed that it was Heero. Duo blinked, curious to what he wanted. Heero narrowed his eyes at him, indicating that he didn't like the idea that he was writing that so openly. Duo gave him an innocent grin and mouthed, `they don't know who H and D are.'

Time went by quickly and soon all the students were finished with their tests. Everyone handed their papers to the front so Mr. Merquise could take them. Duo left his little drawing on the back, even though Heero didn't like the idea. When the teacher got over to Duo's row, he eyed the design on Duo's paper intensely and then looked down at the culprit. Duo gave Zechs a big toothy grin.

Five minutes before the bell rang for school to be out, Zechs said, "Duo, see me after class," and then he pointed at the paper. Duo frowned, knowing just what the teacher meant. He looked over at Heero for help, but Heero didn't seem to care. Mr. Merquise must have noticed, cause then he stated, "Heero, you too." Heero didn't seem too surprised, however. Duo shook his head and sighed; this was going to be a long day.


Duo crossed his legs and then smoothed out the edges of his skirt. He uncrossed and then crossed his legs again, over and over. Heero grabbed onto a leg just before he could finish crossing it once more.

"Quit being so nervous, Duo."

Duo shifted his ass under Mr. Merquise's desk while Heero continued to hold onto one of his legs.

"I can't help it. I feel so dirty wearing this and the thought is making my dick hard."

Heero looked down at that, getting a nice view of Duo's panties, and saw that Duo didn't lie. He looked back up into Duo's face and gave him a smirk.

"I'm hard just looking at you like this."

"So we're even," Duo grinned, "Wanna start without him? We could give him a real good show when he arrives."

"Good idea. I can't wait any longer." Heero ran his hand under Duo's thigh.

"Take me." Duo smiled. Heero happily obliged by lifted his one leg up higher and then grabbing the other leg with his other hand. Duo held himself steady on the desk with his hands behind him. Duo's legs were now up in a V shape. Heero pushed him back more, making Duo lose his balance and falling back onto the desk. The skirt was no longer covering the longhaired boy, and his white panties clearly showed that they were getting too small for him.

Heero pushed his straining erection against Duo's ass and he leaned down to capture those tempting lips. Right away, their mouths opened and their tongues began to have a battle. It was all open-mouthed and sloppy, and both boys didn't care that they were drooling all over themselves. They kept their mouths open and stuck out their tongues, licking at each other wildly. Heero won the battles of the tongues and started to lick all over Duo's mouth and chin and the sides of his lip.

Duo was about to take off his uniform's shirt, but Heero halted him. He grabbed onto his wrists tightly and lifted them up over his head. Duo squirmed slightly, but then Heero took off his tie and wrapped it around Duo's wrists.

"Oh no you don't, love. You're keeping your uniform on and your hands off of me…for now."

Duo made a whining noise, but then found that this slight bondage was getting him even harder. He moved his hips back and forth against Heero, trying to get him to do something other than driving him crazy with light touches. Heero slipped a hand over one leg, stopping it at the edge of that white undergarment and hooked a finger into it. He was about to slip that obscuring thing off, when Mr. Merquise walked in.

"Wait, Heero." Zechs' voice growled lustfully.

Heero turned his head to stare at the teacher, wondering what was on his mind. Zechs winked and said, "Leave them on. We'll still be able to get at him... don't worry about that. I want him to keep that uniform on."

The Japanese boy understood entirely. Duo was just too damn sexy in that girl's school uniform that he felt like fucking him until dawn. Zechs must feel the same way, cause his pants were already undone and his zipper was down. The two boys together like that was like a wet dream come true. He could already clearly see the passion that welled up inside of the longhaired boy; then again, he seemed wanton ever since they started class. Zechs knew just by watching him just how much Duo wanted Heero. And Heero seemed very attracted as well, his eyes wandering all over his lover's body and his hair and eyes…

Zechs was very jealous.

Duo's mouth fell open, his eyes squeezed shut, and his chest heaved as Heero continued to torture his bounded lover with his hands. He brought a hand down to one of Duo's round cheeks and pinched it, making Duo yip and his eyes flew open. With the other hand, Heero reached into the white blouse to brush it against a perked nub.

"God, Heero…please stop teasing me…please…"

Heero reached down, grabbed tightly onto that butt cheek, and fondled it roughly. Duo's head tossed back and forth, groaning in frustration. Zechs couldn't take much more torture himself and went over to the two students.

"Heero." Mr. Merquise got his attention, "Get Duo down on his knees and make him suck you off. Oh, and keep his hands tied." Heero agreed with the idea, and yanked Duo off of the desk. He made Duo sink down to his knees and then proceeded with unzipping his own pants. Duo waited tolerantly and was rewarded with the sight of his boyfriend's hard cock. Duo scooted forward more on his knees and couldn't wait to taste the sweet nectar of his lover.

The American opened his mouth and waited for Heero to put it in, but his beloved didn't move from his position. Instead, with his arousal still in the palm of his hand, standing straight up, Heero slowly began to stroke it in front of his longhaired boyfriend. Duo watched and waited, but Heero continued to just tease him. He threw his head back and groaned, stroking himself even faster.

Duo's eyes widened and his mouth slowly began to close, "Uhh…"

"Oh, this feels so wonderful, you know that Duo?" Heero smiled down at the irate boy.

"Heero…" Duo warned. His eyes went back to watching his koibito's hand move up and down; he licked his lips, "If you don't give me some of that…"

Heero smirked, "What will you do, sweet cheeks?"

Duo growled, about to say something back, but Zechs moved over to the back of him, grabbed the back of his head, and pushed his face closer to the action that Heero was doing to himself. Heero glared at the teacher, but Zechs just grinned, and then he looked down to watch as the head of Heero's cock started to disappear in Duo's mouth.

Sucking and humming, Duo took Heero in more. And the more Duo swallowed, the more Heero's hand retreated from around the shaft. Heero made an appreciating noise in his throat as Duo began to take in all of Heero's hardness, inch by inch. Soon Duo had all of Heero in his mouth, and made gulping motions in his throat.

Zechs moved his face down, lifted up Duo's skirt, moved the panties aside, and began to prod the boy with his tongue. Once he made contact, Duo lifted his ass up more to give Mr. Merquise better access. As the blond haired man was thrusting his tongue, he caressed the auburn haired teen's ass.

Duo took Heero out of his mouth with an audible pop and looked up to make sure that Heero was watching as he slowly started to tease it. With his hair falling all over his shoulders, it was easy to grab some of it with his bound hands, and with the knowledge of how much Heero loved his hair, he proceeded to wrap it around his hard manhood.

Heero groaned and clutched the desk behind him, feeling his knees getting weaker by the minute. His longhaired lover knew just how much he loved his hair, and feeling it engulfing his cock was just too much. He thought that he felt the best thing in his life until Duo started to move his hair up and down his sensitive organ.

The silky, soft hair moved slowly, teasingly up and down Heero's thick shaft. Duo grinned at his handy work, watching his lover try bucking his hips to make him move faster. Duo began to groan along with Heero as he felt the teacher enter two fingers into him. Zechs stretched the longhaired student as best he could, wanting nothing but pleasure for this beautiful boy. Heero noticed the ministrations that Mr. Merquise was giving Duo and growled possessively. Even though they agreed to have this threesome, Heero wanted to be the one conducting everything. He didn't want Zechs touching his boyfriend that way, so he leaned over Duo to stop Zechs from going any further.

"What's wrong, Heero?" Zechs asked, eyes widened in question.

"We do this my way," Heero intoned, "Don't touch Duo like that yet." He empathized by running his own hand over his boyfriend's opening. Duo definitely felt ready, which is the way Heero wanted it. "His ass belongs to me."

Duo groaned at the possessive way Heero sounded, and with his hair still wrapped around the middle of his manhood, Duo plunged the head into his mouth. He stroked it with his hair, his hand, and his mouth, driving Heero even crazier.

"I don't want to just stand back and watch." Zechs said, enticed by the way Duo was sucking Heero off, "I need to touch you two…anything." He pleaded.

Heero smirked, "Anything?" Zechs nodded, "Ok. Get behind the desk." Mr. Merquise agreed, and then walked over behind his desk. Heero laid himself down on it and looked up, getting an eyeful of the blond man's genitalia. Then Heero spread his legs and let his lover continue to suck him. Zechs got the idea and got up onto the desk, his knees on either side of Heero's head, and he lowered himself down.

Heero instantly took the teacher's cock into his mouth, trying to swallow as much as possible. Zechs groaned at both the sensation that the straight A student was giving to him and at the ministrations that the bound student was giving to Heero. Duo was still using his hair to stroke him, and he looked fascinated by the show in front of him as well.

Zechs wanted to touch the longhaired student before him. He ached to do anything with him, but he knew that Heero would probably get angry and never let him join in their fun anymore if he did. Instead, Zechs settled on just a light touch of foreheads against one another, locking lustful eyes. Mr. Merquise almost came right there in Heero's mouth, but the Japanese boy paused as if he knew that Zechs was close.

As Heero stopped, he looked down the length of his own body and noticed that his longhaired lover was trying to undo the tie that was around his wrists. Heero `ahemed', getting Duo to stop and he gave him the `what did I do?' look.

"Looks like someone needs to be punished." Heero smiled evilly.

Duo shook his head, but Zechs agreed with him. "I think you're right, Heero. No one told him that he was allowed to untie his hands yet." Duo leapt backwards, understanding what Heero had in mind for him. Both Heero and Zechs could clearly see the front of Duo's skirt bulging. Before Duo could try undoing the tie around his wrists, Heero was up off of the desk already and had nimbly snatched the naughty boy.

"You wouldn't…" Duo whimpered.

There was an evil gleam in the shorthaired boy's eye, "Watch me."

Heero pulled the resisting boy over to the teacher's chair and sat himself down. With all of his might, he dragged his longhaired lover over his knees and held him there with an elbow in the middle of his back. Duo kicked his legs back and forth in protest while producing small whining noises in his throat. Mr. Merquise watched with a lusty gaze as Heero lifted the back of Duo's skirt away, revealing his white pantied ass.

"Heero, you wouldn't! Not in front of Mr. Merquise!"

The Perfect Student caressed Duo's ass wantonly, "Why not?" He pinched his cheek.

"Yeow! Meanine." Duo whined.

"You wanna see mean?" Heero patted his butt mischievously.

"Ok, I take that back…Ahh!" Heero slapped him on the ass sharply, "Wait, Heero…now, I had no say…AAAAHHH!" Heero whapped him again. Duo shifted himself in Heero's lap, trying to break free, but it made it worse as his erection rubbed harshly against one of his thighs. "Ok, I'll be good!"

Heero was listening with half an ear, and he moved the panties more out of his way, bearing Duo's ass to both him and the teacher. He began to spank him more, making Duo flush real hard. He was starting to like it, but he didn't wish to admit it. The last slap was the hardest, making Duo scream.

"You think that his ass could take anymore?" Zechs teased, wiggling his eyebrows.

"Probably," Heero smirked as he stuck a couple fingers into Duo's hole. Habitually, the longhaired boy raised his ass higher from the touch. He clutched onto one of Heero's knees, pushing himself back hungrily against those probing digits. Heero took the hint and thrust his fingers faster. Duo cried out.

"I'd say he's ready for a good fucking, don't you?" Zechs smirked.

"Oh yes," Heero smiled back, then he looked down at his quivering boyfriend, "He's ready."


Part 7

Duo whimpered, knowing that he was in for a long ride. He was almost glad that he decided to wear the girl's school uniform, now his boyfriend will be more animalistic toward him, as well as the teacher. This weird threesome had been different and most entertaining. Even though Duo thought that the spanking was a bit much, he still couldn't wait to feel Heero's hands all over him.

Heero rubbed a said hand over the red spot on Duo's left cheek, caressing it softly, getting a few moans from his longhaired koi. He felt the hardness poking him in the thigh, and he knew that his ministrations were doing what they were supposed to. He had the urge to smack that firm butt again, but decided on a teasing pat instead. Duo turned his head abruptly, giving his Japanese boyfriend a half joking glare.

Pulling him up onto his feet, Heero moved up off of the chair with him and made him march over to the front of a desk. Not surprisingly, it was Heero's desk. He undid the tie that bonded Duo's wrists together, making Duo think that Heero was being nice for once and letting him be free to touch and fondle. Heero had other ideas though. As Duo started to wring his wrists, happy to be free of the restrictions, Heero took hold of the crooked tie that was in front of Duo's uniform and proceeded to take it off.

Duo looked down, very confused by his boyfriend's actions, "H-Heero?"

He slipped the long tie off of Duo, and then forced him to lean down over his desk, prone, and brought an arm to each side of it. Then, with both ties in hand, Heero began to bind each wrist to a leg of the desk. Duo was groaning in protest, not liking his koibito's idea anymore. The poor boy still had his skirt up, white undies showing; both of his cheeks were bright red, and so was his ass.

When Zechs saw Heero taking off Duo's tie, he thought that maybe he was going to undress him already. He was about to protest until he saw what Heero was doing to him. Duo was now bent over Heero's desk, arms tied to each leg, skirt lifted up, cute ass raised up in the air…it was beginning to be too much for the blond. Then Heero did something that made his erection ache even worse… he slowly slipped those white panties down just below Duo's ass, not even on his thighs yet. Zechs gulped down a large lump in his throat. The room was getting rather warm.

"Nice…" Heero whispered. He brought his fingers up to his own lips, coating them with as much saliva as he could, which wasn't really that hard to do since he was practically drooling already.

Zechs stood still, watching the two beautiful boys before him. Heero slipped those wet fingers into Duo's still open entrance, moving them gingerly at first. He maneuvered them inside of Duo, searching until he found what he had been looking for. The longhaired student gasped, his whole body began to shake and shudder at the feeling. It seemed that every time they would make love it would get better and better, especially the way Heero touched him. It was driving him insane, and he began to thrust back into those fingers, shaking the whole desk as he did this.

With one hand busily pleasuring his lover, Heero used the other hand to touch those golden-brown locks that flowed around his back and shoulders. It was so long that it hung over the desk, half way to the floor. Heero couldn't get enough of his boyfriend's hair. It seemed to be some kind of fetish, but he couldn't help himself. Heero loved long hair and it fired his passion whenever he felt it on him. It's no wonder he liked their new teacher. Mr. Merquise's long blonde hair was a real turn on to him. He secretly wondered what it would feel like to have that light hued hair all over his body, brushing it along his naked skin. Heero made himself harder just thinking about it.

That straying hand made its way into Duo's shirt, rubbing his tense back, feeling how sweaty it's gotten. Duo hung his head over the desk, panting wantonly, spreading his legs further. He wished that Heero would just give it to him instead of torturing him so.

Heero moved that hand down from Duo's back and found the inside of his legs. He gently brushed his fingertips along his thighs, almost as carefully as his other fingers were doing to the inside of him. Duo couldn't stand much torture, and he began to cry out his frustrations.

"Heero! If you don't fuck me now then I'll cut my hair!" Duo growled.

"Hey!" Heero huffed, "There's no need for threats. I was just waiting for you to beg, that's all."

"Well, you succeeded! I'm begging you! Please do me, now!"

Heero slipped his fingers out of his lover so he could undo his own pants. He lowered the waistband of his jeans just a little, freeing himself of constriction. He sighed in relief, and then fixed himself so that his erection was pointing up and his balls were sitting over the top of his zipper.

Zechs started stripping immediately after witnessing Heero loosening his blue jeans. The blonde teacher couldn't help admiring the brown haired boy's rear in those pants, although he knew that he'd look better with them off. It made him powerfully aware that he had a straining arousal as well and he removed his own slacks. He moved almost silently behind the shorthaired student and watched as he began to move on his boyfriend again.

Heero gently caressed Duo's sack through the white panties, loving how soft both the silk and the burden felt under his fingertips. He moved those fingers up to the bare opening and slipped them inside again, producing a jerking motion from his longhaired lover and a small moan. Heero could easily find the soft prostate within him, and he stroked it gently with the tips of his two fingers. Heero finally moved more forward, grabbing his own erection out of his pants, and slowly started to stroke himself to get wetter.

He leaned over the shaking body and brought his lips down to Duo's ear. Heero whispered, "Are you ready for me?" and then he licked an earlobe.

"Yes!" Duo hissed, trying to get more friction against the desk with his entrapped hard-on.

"Ok, my pet… here I come." Heero smirked at his own innuendo as he slowly began to enter Duo's tight channel.

Duo's mouth flew open; eyes wide, as he felt how hard his boyfriend had gotten from all of this foreplay. He knew, though, that part of the reason was because he was wearing a girl's uniform. His cheeks flushed harder and his body shook more, making the desk underneath them shake. Heero impaled him slowly, wanting both to make it last and not to hurt. Heero grabbed onto each one of Duo's cheeks and spread them further, widening his path.

Zechs couldn't help himself as he moaned, rubbing his own erection at the sight that those two were making. This was so much better than a porno, he mused. He knew that he was going to be nut mash before this night was over, and he was looking forward to it. His moaning wasn't ignored, and Heero turned his head around and saw what the tall blonde was doing to himself. That's when his imagination began to go wilder; wanting to know what is would feel like being surrounded by both chestnut and platinum hair.

Just the thought of it made Heero forget about going slow, and he thrust himself all the way into Duo.

"Oi, Heero!" Duo gasped. "Careful with that thing, huh?"

Heero growled almost animal-like as he pistoned his hips, trying to get a rhythm down. He grabbed onto Duo's hair that was at the base of his skull, and pulled it slightly, getting another moan and gasp out of him. He pushed and pulled harder, enjoying the feel of the warm velvety enclosure around his pulsing member. Heero watched in lusty fascination as he disappeared inside of Duo's body, the way Duo's muscles expanded from the width of his cock, and the way it became easier and easier to slid himself in and out. Both of their bodies created it's own lubrication; perhaps too much as it would trickle down their thighs.

Heero slipped his pants off, wanting more room to move and thrust. And each time he drove into his lover, he would hit that soft spot, making his tone higher and higher. Heero moved his hand from Duo's hair and gingerly started to touch the bare skin, never getting enough.

The Perfect Student got startled at a sudden touch from behind him. Just like he was, their sensei was now bucked naked, and his erection was pressed firmly into his lower back.

Mr. Merquise leaned closer to Heero's ear from behind, breathing heavily. "May I have the honors?" he asked sweetly, thrusting his hips against Heero's backside.

In any other situation, Heero would have said no. But given the fact that he was incredibly horny, and that he would love to have his hair fantasy come true, he gave in to the blond haired man by nodding only once. Zechs grinned as he began to prepare his new lover. Heero had never been taken, he knew, he would be his first. So, he slowly inched a finger inside, stretching him slowly and delicately. Knowing it would be easier for the other man, Heero spread his legs wider. He continued to pump into his longhaired lover, but he went slower this time, wanting nothing more than to come when everyone else was ready.

The position was becoming more of a nuisance now, and Heero untied Duo's wrists from the desk. Partially relieved by this, Duo let out a sigh. He secretly enjoyed the succumbing, but he was happy to be up more, and away from the sweat soaked desk. Duo moved up onto his elbows for leverage and he pushed back to give Heero the go ahead. Heero held him fast, though, not wanting much more friction. What Zechs was doing to him was making him too sensitive, and he didn't wish to come just yet.

Even though Heero was going to be sandwiched, he was the one in charge. So, he got both men to move back and onto the carpeted floor. Zechs knelt onto his knees, sitting more on the heels of his feet, and let Heero straddle him backwards. Heero made his lover turn around on his lap, still buried deep within, so he was facing him. Their eyes met, and for the first time today, they locked onto one another. The electric spark between them could almost be seen through the thick haze of the sex that was wafting in the air.

Duo moved a hand down between Heero and Mr. Merquise, wanting to help the blond teacher prepare his beautiful Asian lover. He whispered in Heero's ear, asking if he really wanted to do this. Duo wanted to be the one to puncture him, and he was feeling a bit jealous about the whole situation. Heero nodded and whispered something back into his koibito's ear.

Heero lowered himself down to one of Duo's perked nipples that had escaped confinement, latching down and sucking feverishly. He needed some distraction as Zechs began to stretch him with the head of his massive cock. Duo moved his fingers out of the way, but then moved them over to massage Heero's soft sack. The pressure on his erect nipple grew, as Heero sucked harder from the pleasure that Zechs was giving him. He groaned into Duo's chest as he felt the big, hard length pierce him fully. This was indeed different, and in a kinky sort of way, it was satisfying. Heero gasped suddenly, feeling both the long, satiny chestnut locks laying over his chest, stomach, and hips, and the long silky blond hair pouring over his shoulders, back, and brushing against his backside. It was too much and he almost came right then.

Soon, all caring and gracefulness flew out the window as the three naked withering bodies began to move. Their heated dance quickened intensely as flesh on flesh, and in flesh, rubbed harder and faster. Zechs jerked his hips upward into Heero's tightness, causing him to thrust himself harder into Duo's hot channel. He could feel the silk panties brush against his aching length, and he could feel the skirt that Duo was wearing fly up and down, the edge brushing his naked legs once in a while. Zechs' hand enclosed itself around Duo's arousal, trying to pump in time with the thrusting. Heero had a firm grip on Duo's thighs, making him pound down on him faster and deeper.

Duo couldn't stand anymore, wrapping his arms around Heero's neck, and he began to sob lightly, crying out more and more, gasping in higher pitch. This was sending both men into frantics. Zechs had never heard Duo moan like this before, and just watching this young student in his ecstasy was all it took for him. Duo's cheeks were tinted, long hair flowing, and wearing the school girl's outfit completed the whole attire. He was purely sensuous.

"Oh god… Heero! Oh yes! Oh yes! Fuck me! Give it to me! Harder! Deeper! Faster!!"

Heero groaned, not in complete control of himself much longer, and he spilled his seed into his lover's tight body. The older man heard this, was watching Duo wither, and couldn't take much more. He gripped Heero's waist and started to thrust upward into him harder, driving all he had, and then in a flash, he surrendered to the passion and came pulse after pulse inside the Asian student. Duo finally let out his own cry, louder than any of them, and released himself onto Heero's washboard stomach.

All three men were panting, very sated and too exhausted to move now. Finally, Duo stirred and he brought his face up to Heero's to taste his lips. This was something they knew that they'd never forget, but it was also something they knew they would never really miss. They just loved each other too much to ever share like this again, and hopefully Mr. Merquise would understand. This whole routine had given them even more proof that they are more in love than lust, and that satisfied them more than words could describe.

"Ready to go relax back at the dorm now?" Heero asked, chest still slightly heaving.

Duo nodded, "yeah, I am. Boy am I ever ready!"

Very carefully, Zechs slid out of Heero, who gave him an unreadable look. He had a feeling, though, that it wasn't good whatever it was. But he was finally satisfied with the fact that they allowed him to join, even though he only lusted after their bodies.

"See you boys tomorrow?" Zechs had to ask them.

Heero gave him a slow and tired nod, "Yeah." And then he carried his koibito out the classroom door.


Clad in only his pajama bottoms, Duo laid prone on his bed, legs bent at the knees and feet kicking in the air. In front of him was his homework for science class, and it was almost finished. He was feeling kind of lazy today and only braided his hair half way after his shower.

Heero was at his computer, finishing up one assignment and starting a new one. They were so close to graduating they could smell and taste it. In three to four days tops they should be on their way to freedom. They already decided to stay together and move into an apartment suite together. And in time, they will get married.

Duo stretched, finishing up on his paper with a big smile on his face. "Yatta!" he closed his science book and moved into a sitting position, crossing his legs Indian style.

"Finished already?" Heero looked over his shoulder at his beloved.

"Yuppers! Aren't you done yet?"

"One more thing to do and I will be." Heero went back to typing.

"Aw, bummer. I was hurrying to get done at the same time as you would, too." Duo sighed.

"Better look over your answers then, you might have some wrong."

"Ok, ok… by then you better be finished!" Duo gave him a mock glare. Heero just chuckled silently.

"Are you in a hurry to do something?" Heero turned back around to face him. Duo's eyes were looking straight back at him, smiling.

"Do you have to ask, Heero?" the longhaired boy cooed.

Heero shook his head, "I understand completely. I want nothing more either. But I have to get done with this first before we can do whatever we want."

Duo sighed, "I know, Heero." Heero turned back around to do his work, and Duo suddenly grinned, getting a naughty idea in his head. He curled himself up into a ball, pretending to knead at the covers under him, and his eyes slanted halfway closed. He began to roll his tongue, trying to do his best impression of a cat purring.

Heero's head snapped up at the sudden sound. He peered over his shoulder and saw the sight before him. Duo was doing his best cat impersonation, and he was doing a damn good job of it too. He was not being fair, but Heero could understand his boyfriend's feelings. He felt the same way.


"Yessh?" Duo said, rolling his tongue.

"Can't you wait until I'm finished with my last assignment?'

"I'm waiting."

"You're being a brat, that's what you're doing!"

"Oh? How so?" Duo asked innocently.

"Duo…" Heero warned.

"You mean `Du-kitty'."

Heero narrowed his eyes.

"What?" Duo blinked his owlishly.

Heero sighed in defeat and turned off his monitor. He wandered over to the bed; sat down next to the boy he loved, and began to stroke the loose strands of chestnut hair. Duo tried to roll his tongue harder and he grinned kitty-like at him.

"Are you a good kitty?" Heero asked, trying to sound ingenuous. This made Duo wish he could purr for real. He put his hands up to his face like paws and stuck out his tongue.


"No, you're a bad kitty, aren't you?"


"Distracting me from my work."

Duo tried to give him a sweet, childlike grin. He moved over onto his lap and started to nuzzle at his stomach. He laid his head down and looked up into his beloved's eyes, lazily blinking them. He gave Heero a soft mewl before kneading his fingers into his koibito's taut stomach like claws, making his stomach tighten more.

"You are a bad and spoiled rotten kitty, and you don't deserve any treats." Heero was trying to sound threatening, but it didn't come out that way. Duo just bumped his head into his lover affectionately. Heero caved in and brought Duo up closer to him. He wrapped his arms around his torso in a crushing hug and pressed his lips to his gently. Duo ravished him back, kissing more and more feverishly. Heero broke the kiss, and then brought a hand down to the edge of his pajama bottoms. When he touched his bottom, Duo instantly arched it up into the touch just like a cat.

"You know, Duo, I would probably be almost done with my work by now if you hadn't distracted me." he leaned in and kissed the side of his mouth. Duo kissed him back with a smile.

"You need the break, love." Duo told him, snaking his hands all around Heero's strong shoulders and nibbling at his lips once more.

"Always looking after my well-being, aren't you?" Heero kissed his chin, making a path down his lover's neck. Duo purred and snuggled closer.

"I want my big, strong lover and I want him now."

"Will you allow me to finish my work first?" Heero pleaded.

Duo pretended to think, "Well… I suppose so. But I'll be so lonely…" he pretended to sniffle back a tear.

Heero almost laughed, "How about we cuddle on my chair while I work then?"

"All right!" Heero picked him up and moved them over to his computer. Duo instantly settled down on his lap and got himself comfortable. Heero turned his monitor on and began to do his homework.

"One more item out of the way, and we'll be free, my love."

"Free forever." Duo sighed happily.

End (?)