Contents: shonen ai/YAOI, sap, some fluff, lime, slight Relena bashing
Pairings: 1+2/2x1, 3+4
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Heero couldn't take anymore of Duo's teasing this morning. He had him pinned down roughly on the bed and was nipping and tasting Duo's exposed flesh on his neck. Duo moaned and withered in agony, then wrapped his legs around Heero's waist to get him even closer. Duo couldn't believe that Heero had finally gotten the point that he's been trying to make to him this whole week and was now ravishing him with kisses and light touches.

Duo couldn't stand much more. He wanted Heero so badly that he was biting his lower lip hard and wasn't even acknowledging it. When the two of them woke up this morning, and had showered, Duo finally taken the chance of going even further with his usual flirting. He made sure that he still had his hair down, his dress shirt for school unbuttoned, and a dab of that musk that he knew made Heero go crazy.

Finally getting Heero to get up on his knees, Duo knelt down and unzipped his tight blue jeans. And after immense teasing with his tongue, he began to swallow him whole, and hummed, making it vibrate inside of his throat. Heero was unable to hold back for very long, gasping and grabbing onto the back of Duo's head; running his fingers through his still unbound hair. He was so close, he could feel every muscle in his lower abdomen tense up. He was about to explode.

Then the door creaked open. Large green eyes took in the scene…then finally left after Duo's name spilled from Heero's lips as he spilled into Duo's waiting mouth.


Trowa was red as a beet when he walked into the kitchen. He sat down and grabbed the morning's paper, trying to look inconspicuous. Quatre had just finished setting up the table and placed a frying pan on the stove. The Arabian pilot blinked a few times and then finally managed to ask,

"What's wrong, Trowa? Isn't Heero coming down to make breakfast like he said he would?"

Trowa was silent for a while, and then finally peeped, "I accidentally walked in on them when they were…doing something."

"Ne, Trowa?" Quatre blinked repeatedly, again.

"They were doing something…personal." The green-eyed pilot lowered his head, "I should have knocked."

"Oh, don't worry so much about it. I'm sure they'll forgive you." it took a whole…oh, minute and a half before the entire statement of Trowa's hit. "DOING SOMETHING??" His eyes stretched so far that his lashes were no longer visible.

Before Quatre could comment or ask any more questions, Heero arrived on the scene, and stood in the middle of the kitchen stove and the table. His eyes slowly drift over to Quatre who still looked like a deer caught in bright headlights. There was a small bit of silence for a few seconds.

"Am I making breakfast or not?"

"Oh! Yes, of course!" Quatre beams, and then he saunters over to the table and hands Heero the apron, "the kitchen's all yours."

"Hn." Heero nods, and then flashily dons the apron on faster than any normal chef would. Duo finally arrives, like a small hurricane, and takes a seat next to Trowa at the table. He licks his lips at the thought of Heero's cooking. Unbelievably, Duo considered Heero a way better cook than Quatre.

"Panny-cakes! Panny-cakes! Panny-cakes!" Duo grinned.

"Settle down, Duo. You're shaking the whole table." Trowa snaps his newspaper back into shape before turning the page.

"Sorry, Tro-man. By the way, where's Mr. Sunshine this morning?"

"You mean, Wu Fei, right?" Quatre asks, trying not to giggle at Duo's new nickname for the Chinese pilot. It seems that ever since they all moved in together, everyone began to notice each other's little quirks. And Wu Fei's biggest one, it seemed, was that he was NOT a morning person. And if you ever disturbed him in any way at all, you'd better have a helmet ready.

"He went for a walk when he woke up." Trowa recalls.

"When was this?" Duo asks.

"It was while you…" Trowa clears his throat, "while you and Heero were…occupying yourselves." Trowa's face turned a pinkish hue once more.

"Ah!" Duo laughs. "I see. Don't worry about that whole mess, Tro-man. We know it was an accident. Just forget it."

Before any more questions could be asked, all eyes turned as they witnessed Heero beating the pancake batter like it was trying to fight back. Then just as quickly, he pours some of the beaten batter onto the already hot frying pan to make three separate ones. Minutes later, they were turning a nice golden brown on the edges, so Heero flipped them over so they'll cook on the opposite side.

"Hee~ro," Duo bats his eyelashes and places his chin on his entwined fingers, "could you make me some eggs to go with my pancakes?"

"Aa." Heero moved over to the refrigerator and took out the carton of eggs. He cracked four of them into another pan.

"Sugoi! You're the best, Heero! And maybe some hash browns too?"


Just then, Wu Fei walks into the house. It was apparent to them all that he went jogging or was brisk walking by the gleam of sweat on his forehead. He turned his water bottle upside down and guzzled the last bit of refreshing liquid into his mouth. He smiled,

"You will not believe who I just ran…excuse me, jogged into this morning."

All were quiet. The mere look of a happy Wu was something they all haven't expected.

"Who?" Duo finally broke the chain of silence.

"Miss Relena! She says she will be popping by to say hello. She didn't say how long though." Wu Fei takes the towel off from around his neck and dabs his face dry. "I'm hitting the shower. I'll be out to eat when I'm done." He quickly canters, almost skipping merrily, to the bathroom.

Duo shutters, "A happy, and sappy Wu is scary. I don't know if I'll ever get used to it."

"So then, Heero." Trowa clears his throat, "Are you two…you know…a couple?"

"A couple of what?" Wu Fei asks, jokingly. He was fishing out some towels from the linen closet.

"Ha-ha, very funny, Wu-man!" Duo snorts.

"We're not together…officially." Heero states. Quatre notes the sad look in Duo's eyes when he said that.


About ten minutes later, after Wu Fei has gotten out of the shower (they all could have sworn they heard singing in the direction of the bathroom minutes ago), and was getting ready to sit down to eat; there was a knock on the door. All activities were halted, either by shock or dread. Quatre finally got up to answer the door. Not cause he wanted to, but because it was out of manners. But when he opened the door, he felt like forgetting about manners for the day.

"Good morning!" Relena smiles, "May I come in?"

"Sure." Quatre states, out of habit only, mind you. His head was screaming something else. "We were just about to have breakfast."

"It's alright. I won't be long." She meanders over to the stove, her eyes widen in shock. "Wow! I didn't know you could cook, Heero! Are you making those for everyone?"

"The pancakes, yes. The eggs and hash browns are for Duo." He removes the three finished flapjacks onto a plate. Then he places two cooked eggs and some hash browns next to the steaming cakes. He brings the plate over to Duo, who still seemed saddened by what Heero had said. As he slowly brings the plate down in front of him, Heero bends down and grabs Duo's face and makes him look up into his eyes. "Duo…will you go out with me?"

Everyone gasps.

"Yes! I will, Heero! Absolutely!"

Heero lowers himself down more and softly sweeps his lips over his new boyfriend's.

Wu Fei catches a fainting Relena just moments before she meets the floor.