Title: Office Rumors
Author: Lunadeath Lunadeath02@aol.com
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Rating: NC-17
Pairings: 1x2x1, ALL The Gals In The Office Building+2&1, D+?, 6+2&1

Warnings: slight cursing, LEMON-lishous-ness, and sap!

Status: I am trying for only 7 or 8 parts (With a possible epilogue). Let's see how close I get to my estimate!

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Notes: I'm going to try to make Relena nice in this, AND this time Hilde is getting bastardized. Well, ok, she's *slightly* bastardized. And yes, Duo acts differently to different people. I do, I'm sure we all do. ^_^
In here I made Relena and Millardo not related. That doesn't mean they're together. >_<


Monday had come and snuck up on the employees once more. As busy as an office can get, the cubicals were filled with ringing phones and keyboard typing, and some even had talking and paper shuffling. One cubical in particular was usually the center of attention, and not because the worker was good at what he did, but because of WHO the worker was.

"Hilde, come on! You're the one that wanted to see him!" Relena Dorlin pulled her best friend along by the arm. She was the resident gossip hound, always sticking her nose into other peoples business. This particular person was always interesting to watch though.

"I'm coming! I was just checking my makeup!"

"You look fine. Now, shh! We're at his station…"

They both peered silently around the corner and saw the man of their dreams. He was at his desk, typing on his laptop for a while before he stopped to push up on the rim of his oval glasses, and then resumed typing. His button-up shirt was white, his tie was loose, and his black slacks left nothing to imagination. His shoulders were brood, his face was heart shaped, and he was a bit on the short side. But those weren't his best features.

The man had round, violet-blue eyes, almost cobalt, and they usually seem to sparkle a bit of mischief. He didn't seem to believe in barbers, cause he had a long rope of chestnut hair that snaked down the side of his chair. If he stood up, it would just barely hang below the man's ass. No one was really sure how he got out of the `short hair' policy, but they all guessed that it was because of his credentials and boisterous attitude.

Hilde sighed.

"Dreamy, isn't he?" Relena whispered. "He's been working here for only five months and he's already improved the company by 55%."

"Wow…" the other woman smiled, not sure if she was being impressed by what her friend said or by the way the man's body looked in a suit.

"Now aren't you glad that I got you this job?" Relena smiled.

"Very. What's his name again?"

"Duo Maxwell. But we all call him Mr. Maxwell, or Sir!" she giggled.

"I would call him anything…" Duo's phone stopped her short, but the sound of his voice made her gasp softly.

"This is Duo. Oh, hi honey! Yes, I'm working hard, how about you? Oh? Is that so? Well then I'll just have to go grocery shopping, won't I?"

"Honey?" both girls gasped. Relena had no idea that Mr. Maxwell had someone already! This put a damper on things. Both of them looked at each other and frowned.

"Oh it's no problem," Duo's voice continued. He almost sounded like he was purring, "We DO need some more whipped cream and cherries, if you get my drift. Yes, I'll get some other things too, I didn't forget. My shift is almost over so I'll see you when I get home. Yup, love you too. Bye." He hung up.

Hilde and Relena slide to the floor onto their butts.

"Oh poo!" Relena sighed, "He's taken. That bites."

"Well…" Hilde had a look of something in her eye, "There's nothing wrong with a little flirting, is there?"

Relena looked over at her friend in disbelief, "Hilde, you're not…"

Hilde smiled, "Why not? I'm not dead, am I?"

"But he's got someone…"

Hilde shrugged, "So? It's harmless. It's not as if he's married or anything."

"What are you two doing down there?"

Relena and Hilde both jump up from the floor and look meekly at who had caught them in the act.

"M-Mr. Maxwell… we were just… um…"

Duo sighed, shaking his head, "You girls are strange." He blinked a few times, realizing that the girl with Relena was someone new, "Oh, I guess I haven't seen you around before."

Hilde blushed.

"This is my friend Hilde Schbeiker. She just started working today."

Duo pushed his glasses back on his nose and then took her hand, "A pleasure to meet you, Miss Schbeiker."

"Just… just call me Hilde…" she looked down at the carpet.

"Alright. Hilde it is." He kissed her hand. Hilde felt her knees giving out.

"You going somewhere, Mr. Maxwell?" Relena asked.

"Yeah, my shift is almost over with so I'm going to turn in my work to the boss now. I'll be seeing you two tomorrow?" he smiled.

"Y-Yes." Hilde squeaked.

"Mr. Maxwell… is that a ring on your finger?" Relena gasped.

Duo blushed slightly, "Um… why yes it is." He held out his left hand for them to see. The girls had frowns on their faces again.

"You mean someone got lucky?" she winked.

Duo shrugged, "I'm the lucky one, actually. Ah, I have to go. You girls behave yourselves!"

They watched him leave, ogling both the swaying of his braid and the material clinging to his backside.

"Well, that answers your question."

"I don't care."

"What?" Relena's eyes bugged out. She never figured her best friend to be this way.

"What's wrong with a little on the side romance? Like I said, I'm not dead."

"But he's married!"

"Makes it more the fun." Hilde winked.

Relena rolled her eyes, giving up.


Duo finally made it to the boss's office. He was about to knock on the door when it opened by itself and out stepped one of the head secretaries. Her eyes were still trained on the other person in the office, her hand on the doorknob.

"I will, thank you, Mr. Khushrenada."

"You're welcome, Miss Catalonia." Came the reply. Duo stood there, watching as the longhaired blond smiled, turning to close the door. As she did, she noticed Duo there and her eyes lit up. "Oh, Mr. Maxwell, you here to see Mr. Khushrenada?"

"Yes. My shift is about over and I'd like to go over some things with him before I leave." He hoisted his suitcase up in his arms more. That gesture alone made Duo look even cuter, and remarkably younger.

"I'm sure that whatever you've done will help out our company even more. You're a natural at this." She winked. Duo blushed, shuffling his feet nervously on the carpet.

"I don't think I'm that good. Our competitors are still ahead of us."

"But still," Miss Catalonia had to point out, "you help us all out immensely and you've only been here a short while. I'm as impressed as Mr. Khushrenada is."

"Thanks, Miss Catalonia."

"And if I haven't told you before, I've told you a thousand times, just call me Dorothy. You are more worthy of a title, wouldn't you agree, Mr. Maxwell?" she flipped a hand to move some of her hair behind her.

Duo looked down shyly, "I suppose."

"Good." She smiled. `He's so modest it's cute.' "Oh, and I've heard through the grapevine that you gotten married."

"Well, actually I'm engaged. I won't be tying the knot until this summer."

"Oh. Well, whoever it was that caught your eye is pretty damn lucky."

Duo sighed, he wished that people would quit saying that, "Nah, I'm the lucky one, really! But I must see our boss so I can get home in time to make supper."

Dorothy moved out of his way, "But of course. You have a good evening, Mr. Maxwell."

"Thanks." He smiled, closing the office door behind him.


Finally getting finished with his meeting with Treize Khushrenada, the head of the company, he made his way to the elevator. Duo was relieved that his boss had liked his presentation and it made him feel even more confident. He pushed the button to go down, and when the lift finally opened its doors, one of his employees was standing in there already.

Duo smiled as he walked into the elevator.

"Good evening, Maxwell." The other man bowed.

"Evening, WuFei."

"First floor?"

"Yes please."

WuFei pushed the button and the lift began to descend quietly to the destination.

"So you're finished with work?" WuFei asked. He wasn't working on the same floor as Duo, but they saw each other often enough to become friends and even go to lunch together on occasion. Duo enjoyed talking to the half Chinese, half American man. He was good at both English and Chinese because his mother was from China and his father came from New York.

Duo adjusted his glasses, "Yes. And Mr. Khushrenada liked my presentation."

"That's great. You've been really outdoing yourself since you've been here."

"Well, from what I've heard you haven't been doing so bad yourself."

WuFei shrugged, "So-so. Not like you. And I have heard rumors that you're married… among other things."

"Well, I'm not married yet, I will be. What other things are people saying?"

WuFei chuckled, "Many things. Let's see… you're cheating on your wife, you have multi-girlfriends and a few fiancées, you have a harem, and the craziest rumor of them all is… that you're married to another man!" WuFei started to laugh.

But Duo wasn't laughing. He was blushing bright red.

"Don't you think that's funny?"

"Why would I have a harem?" Duo asked, hoping to change the subject.

"I don't know. All the onnas in the building have taken a shine to you. You are a very handsome man you know. I'm not saying I'm gay, I'm just saying that I can see why all the onnas like you." He gave him a crooked smile.

"Oh. That's ok, Wu." He felt his face getting hot. He wasn't sure if he should say anything to his friend. He might get treated differently if word got out about him. He sighed heavily.

"Are you ok, Maxwell? You don't look so good."

"I'll be fine. I'm just worried about my reputation." It wasn't a lie.

The elevator doors opened and they both stepped out, "Why should you worry? They love you here."

Duo followed his friend to the front doors, "I know they do. It's just… things could change, things could happen… I don't want to lose my job because of rumors or because one of them could be true…"

WuFei stopped, looking at his friend with wonder, "Which one is true?"

"Never mind. I need to get to the store before they close." Duo ran out to catch a cab. He looked back behind him, waving, "See you tomorrow!"

WuFei waved back, "Bye."

As Duo quickly got into one of the yellow taxis, WuFei ran the conversation through his mind.

"Which rumor?" He whispered.


"Isn't he a dream?" Hilde sighed.

"Yes, very!" Dorothy agreed.

"I wonder who he's here to see? I haven't seen him around before, have you?"

A man about 5'7", lean, with dark brown hair and deep blue eyes walked over to the office in which Treize Khushrenada conducted. He had a suitcase in one hand and a laptop in the other.

"No, but he's sure handsome! Almost more so than Mr. Maxwell!"

"Speaking of which!" Hilde sighed.

Duo Maxwell just came out of his cubical to get some more coffee. He stopped abruptly upon seeing the other handsome man in a dark blue suit walking toward him. His smile grew wider.

"Heero!" he lifted an arm and waved.

Heero smiled back politely and then opened Treize's office door.

"He knows him?" Hilde gasped. "This is odd."

Duo saw the way Heero acted in a business-like manner and shrugged it off, "If he's here on business, then I won't bother him." he made his way to the break room. "And now for some java."

"Mr. Maxwell." Hilde rounded the corner, "Do you know him?"

Duo chuckled, "Do I know him? Of course I do!"

"Who is he?"

Duo didn't respond, he just kept pouring more coffee into his mug.

"Mr. Maxwell? Did you hear me?"

"I heard you."

"Well? Who is he?"

"Someone I know. No big deal." He placed the coffee container back into its slot. "Ah, I must go back to my station. Catch ya later, Hilde!" He snatched a candy bar from the snack tray and walked out.

"But, Mr. Maxwell!" she went chasing after him.

Relena grabbed her by the elbow and pulled her into her cubical.

"What are you doing?" She said in a harsh whisper.

"I want to find out why Duo knows that man. He called him hero, or something like that."

"Mr. Maxwell is a friendly person. He might have just met the guy on the street or on his way to work. You really shouldn't be sticking your nose in it."

Hilde snickered, noticing the small peephole Relena had that looked right into Duo's workstation. "Oh? And like you haven't been snooping…"

Relena quickly moved to cover the hole with her body, "Oh that! It was an accident! I was just trying to get a picture hung up here and I accidentally made a hole in the wall." She laughed nervously, "It's not what you think, really!"

"You're such a terrible liar, did you know that?"

"Fine." Relena tossed her head, and stuck her nose in the air mockingly, "Don't believe me then. Some best friend you are!"

While she was talking, Hilde had snuck around her and peeked her eye through the peephole. "Oh yeah, baby… lick that finger…"

"What??" Relena turned and shoved Hilde out of the way.

"Hey!" She tried to shove back.

"Get your own peephole!" Relena growled. She looked through the little hole with one eye and noticed that her friend was right. Duo had a chocolate bar and he was licking the melted chocolate from his thumb and forefinger. She felt her own knees melting at the sight, "Oh baby is right! Hubba, hubba!"

Duo turned his head and looked straight at where Relena was peeking as if he heard her, and smiled. Relena gulped and moved away quickly.

"What happened?" Hilde demanded.

Relena was flushed with embarrassment, "I think he heard me."

"Well, you DO have a big mouth."

Before Relena could retaliate, a husky voice interrupted her.

"Is there something I can do for you ladies?" Duo propped his chin over the top of the cubical wall.

Both Hilde and Relena went bright red as they shook their heads.

"No? Are you sure? I thought I heard you two talking about… babies?"

Hilde shook her head furiously, "No, no… it's nothing, really! Just… woman talk."

Duo raised an eyebrow, "Uh huh, whatever. If there's anything you wanna ask me then now is the time…"

"Did you know that man that just entered Mr. Treize's office?" Relena blurted.

"Yes. His name is Heero. Why do you ask?"

"How do you know him? Are you two friends?" Hilde asked.

Duo chuckled, "Something like that."

"Best friends?"

Duo smiled, "Close enough."

"Oh come on, Mr. Maxwell! You can tell us!"

Duo waved a hand to silence her, "Sorry, it's personal."

"Awww…" Hilde and Relena both said.

"I have to get back to work." Duo pushed his glasses back on his nose, "Sorry Ladies." He disappeared back behind the wall.

Relena flicked the side of her friend's head.

"Hey! What was THAT for?"

"Because you were acting too nosey, that's why. And because I felt like it."

Hilde folded her arms, "Not funny."


Duo sighed heavily as he typed on his laptop. He wished that he wasn't so popular with the girls at work, cause they tend to get too much into his personal life. It was like he was a famous person or something. And to top it all off, Heero had to come here! He knew that he had a meeting with someone important today, but he didn't know that it was with HIS boss!


The braided man's fingers halted as he recognized the sound of the voice. He turned around slowly in his chair and gave the other man a big smile.

"Heero. What brings you to my work place, ne?"

The other man blew upward to move a piece of hair from his eyes, "I told you this morning that I had an important meeting."

Duo nodded, "Yeah, but you said nothing about it being with MY boss. What were you talking to him about anyways?"

"You know that our companies have been at war with each other, to put it mildly." Duo snorted at that. "So, I decided to make a proposal with Mr. Khushrenada and get our companies to work together instead."

Duo smiled, "Did it work?"

"Yes. He loved my idea and decided that since our companies are so much alike that it would work out wonderfully. His words."

"Of course. I don't think you'd ever use the word `wonderful' if your life depended on it."

From the opposite side of Duo's left wall, two ears were plastered against it.

"So how are YOU holding up?" Heero walked into his cubical more, eyes set on the longhaired man.

"I'm doing well. Mr. Khushrenada loved my presentation and I'm getting a promotion next week."

"That's good." Heero smiled, half way.

Duo beamed, happy that he received even a bit of a smile from him.

"How are you holding up, mentally?"

Duo sighed, "Not too bad. The office is full of nosey people though."

"I noticed that when I first walked into the building. I also noticed how the girls look at you."

Duo shrugged, "I'm used to it. I noticed that the girls liked looking at you too." He couldn't help point out.

Heero nodded, "Tit for tat."

Duo almost made a nasty remark, but he held his tongue. "Word's already out around here that I'm engaged, or married."

"Figures." Heero snorted.

"Do you think anyone will think of me differently if they knew the whole truth?"

"Why should you care what they think? You're a great worker, you're never late, and you've improved the company by more than 50%, or so you've told me."

Duo slumped his shoulders, "You're right, I shouldn't be too worried about what others think of me. As long as I give it my all, then I should be fine."

Heero moved closer to the other man, placing his own laptop on an empty guest chair. "You're more than fine, you know that?"

Two ears perked up, and not waiting to guess what was happening anymore, the two heads that owned those ears lifted up and two sets of eyes peeked over the top of the cubical wall.

Duo blushed slightly at the words that were coming out of Heero's mouth, "More?"

"Yes." Heero moved even closer, and then he touched his lips very gently across Duo's cheek, "You're my fiancée."

The two heads suddenly disappeared from the top of the wall, and a loud THUNK was distinctively heard.

Heero turned his head at the sound, "What was that?"

Duo chuckled, kissing Heero on the corner of his lips, "Eavesdroppers."


"Oh MY Dear Lord, are you serious??" Sylvia Noventa shrieked.

"Yes! That's exactly what we heard AND saw!" Hilde explained.

"No way!" Sylvia shook her golden blonde head, "Mr. Maxwell, gay? That's just too far-fetched! I mean… I've seen how he looks at women! I've seen how he flirted with that one chick… what was her name?"

"Sally." Hilde sighed. "But I think that Sally has someone already."

Sylvia groaned, "No, I refuse to believe that my sweet Duo is gay! I even kissed him on the cheek once and he blushed!"

"It could have been from embarrassment."

"Hmm… maybe he's bi." Sylvia hoped.

The two girls were conversing in Sylvia's little office in the corner, which was clear across the room from Duo's workstation. Relena and Hilde had already been clucking and grieving over the little display of affection that the two men had displayed. Relena was now in the break room making the coffee even stronger, because she had a feeling that they would need it tonight.

"Duo Maxwell, bisexual? It's a possibility. I mean, he kissed my hand!" Hilde swooned, caressing her right hand against her cheek. "And he doesn't talk in that lisp that so many of those other homosexuals do that I've known."

"Yeah, that would explain it. But what about that other guy? He doesn't talk in a lisp either. What was his name again?"

"Heero Yuy. And from what I've heard, he's the one getting his last name changed when they wed."

Sylvia groaned, "Not fair! He's so handsome too and he's taken!"

"And gay."

"Or Bisexual."

Both girls sighed heavily.

"Here's your coffee, ladies." Relena entered the little cubical balancing three cups of coffee on a tray.

"Thanks Relena." Sylvia said.

"You wanted sugar?"

"Yes please."

"And you wanted flavored creamer and sugar, Hilde?"

"Mmhmm." She nodded. "Thank you."

Just as Relena sat down with her cup of creamed coffee, Dorothy poked her head around the corner.

"There you two are! Mr. Maxwell had been wondering what happened to you."

"Is his… fiance with him?" Hilde asked.

Dorothy shook her head, "No. I'm not sure where he is. I think he's at his own work. Why?"

Hilde set her cup down, "I'll be right back." She zoomed out of the office in a blink of an eye.

"What's she up to?" Sylvia asked. Both Relena and Dorothy shrugged.


Duo was at his desk with a bunch of papers in front of him. He was almost finished with the last sentence for his report, thinking, and balancing a pencil between his top lip and his nose when Hilde walked in.

She rapped her knuckles on the wall beside the entrance, getting his attention. Duo lost his balance on the pencil and it clattered in front of him.


"May I come in, Mr. Maxwell?"

"Of course." Duo leaned back, steepling his hands on his lap. "What can I do for you?"

Hilde sauntered in, trying to put more of a wiggle in her step. "Me and the girls were talking and wondering something. I was hoping that you could clear things up for me." She moved over to the end of his desk.

"What exactly would that be?" Duo cocked an eyebrow at how she started to move a hip across his desk.

"You know that me and Relena saw you kissing that other man… and he called you his fiancée, right?" she pouted.

"Yes. That's correct." Duo smiled.

Hilde slid her left thigh onto the edge of Duo's desk, "Us girls would like to know if you're gay, or bisexual."

The question didn't seem to faze the longhaired worker as he stared into her inquisitive face. After staring into her eyes for a while, his gaze lowered to where she was trying to seat herself.

"I really don't see why that should matter to you, Hilde." He took his glasses off by the ends and began to dust them off, "I'm already taken. But to better explain myself, I'll have you know that to me it doesn't matter what or who the person is on the outside, it's what's on the inside that really counts." Duo held up his eyewear to the light to inspect it. "Skin color, race, height, gender… doesn't matter to me. As long as the person has a good heart."

Hilde felt somewhat better from Duo's answer, but she still didn't like the situation. She scooted herself more onto Duo's desk, slightly moving the papers and folders to the other side of the desk. She bent over and started to bat her lashes at him.

"Yeah, but… why him? Why do you wanna be with another man?"

Duo smiled, shrugging one shoulder, "Because I love him." he double-checked his specs before slipping them around his face again. "What did you want me to say?"

"Oh, I don't know." She huffed.

"You want me to say that I prefer his genitalia over yours, or something?"

Hilde gasped, "No! That's not it at all!"

"Then what are you getting at?" Duo sighed, resting his head on an arm, "I need to finish this paper before I leave, you know."

"I just don't understand I guess." Hilde moved off of his desk and walked over to the exit, biting her lip, "I just wanted to know why you chose someone of the same sex, that's all."

Duo smiled, "He grew on me. It's all the little things that he does, and sometimes the big things. He lets me know everyday that he loves me with all of his heart." He played with the ring on his finger, "And I love him with all of mine."

Hilde turned her head away, "I see." There was an uncomfortable silence, and then she said, "Do you know that you may have just broken every woman's heart in this building?"

Duo sighed, shaking his head, "Can't be helped. I'm just so happy to be with Heero. I wouldn't change being in love with him for nothing."

Relena appeared, peeking over the side of the wall, "Are you done bugging Mr. Maxwell now, Hilde?"

Hilde sighed heavily, "I am now." She stepped out and toward her own workstation, not even looking back.

Relena gave Duo a crooked but reassuring smile, "Did she give you a hard time?"

Duo waved a hand, "Nothing I couldn't handle."

"I'm sorry. I think she had been after you since she first saw you. To tell the truth, I was kind of hoping to be the one too. But I'm sure almost every girl here had the same thoughts."

"I feel bad for you all, I really do. I just can't help the way I feel."

Just then, the phone rang. Duo picked it up quickly.

"Hello, this is Duo speaking. Oh, Heero! How're you doing? Ah, I see… well, I'm almost done too. Would you like to stop somewhere and eat? Or would you rather cook at home? Oh, ok. Well, it's really up to you. Yeah, I had a pretty good day. No one had been treating me bad so far. Oh, so are you coming over? Cool! Maybe the gals here would get more used to seeing us together then. Ok, see you when you get here. Love ya. Bye-bye." He hung up.

When he looked back up, Relena was gone.


"Hilde?" Relena leaned up against the cubical wall of Hilde's office. "What are you doing?"

"I'm cleaning my desk out."

"But why?"

"Because…" she sniffled, "I don't think I'd be able to stand seeing my dream guy holding and kissing another man. Besides, I wouldn't be able to get any work done with the knowledge that Duo would rather spend the rest of his life with… with…" she stopped, looking up into her friends' face for reassurance or understanding.

"You know that quitting isn't the answer. Hilde, there's no telling WHEN you'd be able to get another job, and you need the money badly!"

"I know. But at the rate things are going… I might get fired."

"You won't get fired, you're a good worker." Relena crossed the office to her friends' side. She could tell that Hilde was on the verge of tears and she knew that her friend needed a shoulder to cry on.

Hilde took the invitation and put her head on Relena's shoulder, sobbing softly.

Relena patted the side of her head gently, "I know, it'll be all right. You're too strong to let a guy do this to you."

"You're right." Hilde sniffed. "Men aren't worth it."

"See, now that's my best friend!"

Hilde hiccupped, "Thank you."


Heero walked into Duo's little cubical holding a brown paper bag.

"Whatcha' got there, good-looking?"

"Something for you, even-better-looking."

Duo snorted, taking the bag from Heero's hands. "Will I like it, or will I end up throwing it at you?"

Heero chuckled, "Just open it."

Duo pulled out a velvet-covered box.


"Yes love?"

"I have one already!"

"Will you just open it?" Heero growled playfully.

Duo did and gasped softly, "Oh god… Heero!" he pulled it free from the back and lifted it up by the golden chain. "It's beautiful!"

"You really like it? It's not too girlly, is it?"

"No! I like it!" Duo placed the penguin-shaped bauble on the palm of his hand. The little golden penguin had a small emerald for a belly. "How did you remember my birth-stone?"

"You're birthday is in May, isn't it?"

"Heero…" Duo sighed. He finally found the feeling in his legs and leapt up into Heero's arms. "I love you!"

Heero squeezed him back, "Love you too."

At the entrance of Duo's office, four girls blinked astonishingly.


"You're birthday is in May, isn't it?"

"Heero…" Duo sighed. He finally found the feeling in his legs and leapt up into Heero's arms. "I love you!"

Heero squeezed him back, "Love you too."

At the entrance of Duo's office, four girls blinked astonishingly.

"Don't you remember what day it is?" Heero asked in his love's ear.

Duo pulled back just enough so that he could look into his future-husband's eyes. "It's Friday, isn't it?"

Heero chuckled, "The date I mean."

"A-April 12th…" Duo gasped, "The day we first met!"

"Two years ago." Heero smiled.

"And here I thought you were giving me an early birthday gift." Duo chuckled.

"That IS your early birthday gift."

"Ok, you lost me, Heero."

"I will explain." He kissed Duo's forehead. "You see, I wanted to get you something for our anniversary, but I wasn't sure what was appropriate. When I saw that necklace, I knew I had to get it for you. But seeing that it has your birthstone in it, and it IS almost your birthday, I decided to get this for an early birthday gift and give you something else for our anniversary."

"You got me two gifts??" Duo gasped.

"Well, not exactly. I was hoping," Heero said in a soft tone, "that we could consummate our love tonight."

Duo slapped him on the arm, but not hard, "I thought we agreed to wait until the honeymoon?"

"We did. But I just can't stop thinking about you and what I'd love to do to you. See, I figured it like this: since I will be changing my last name AND wearing the wedding dress," he glared lightly, "It will be ME that will get skewered on the honeymoon."

Duo smiled, nodding his head quickly, "You got that right, sweet stuff!"

"Well, we CAN do it both ways you know…" Heero winked.

Duo gapped wide, "You… you want ME to be bottom tonight??"

The girls were still standing there, blinking in astonishment.

"I was hoping that it was ok with you. We did agree to have everything 50/50, didn't we?"

Duo sighed, "You're right. It wouldn't be fair if I made you be bottom all the time. But I…"

Heero cut him off with a soft kiss, "It'll be ok. I promise I'll be slow and gentle, just like you promised you do for me on our honeymoon." Heero carefully took Duo's glasses off of him and planted a little kiss on the bridge of his nose.

"Oh… ok. I guess it's only fair. But I want to go my own pace."

"That's fine with me." Heero leaned over and whispered in his ear, "I'll meet you here in the office after work. And I will take you in your own chair."

Duo shivered.

"What are they whispering about?" Sylvia asked, whispering.

"Do you think they know we're here?" Hilde asked.

When they turned to look back at the two men, they all jumped slightly at the sight. Heero had his arms wrapped tightly around Duo's body in an almost crushing embrace, and behind Duo's back, in his hand, he held Duo's glasses. Their lips were pressed into each other so hard that it looked like they were about to swallow each other. Their mouths were open wide and their heads were frantically moving back and forth as they kissed wildly.

"I think we should leave them be." Dorothy said quietly.

"Yes, I think we should." Relena agreed, following Miss Catalonia down the hallway.

Sylvia grabbed onto Hilde's arms to pull her away, "Come on, Hilde. Let the two love birds be."

Hilde sighed, finally realizing that she really had no chance at getting anything from Mr. Maxwell, and followed Sylvia out.

When the two finally parted lips, Duo gave his fiance a big smirk, "They're gone."

"Finally. How do you put up with them all day?"

"It's not easy. They're all nice and everything, they just like knowing what's going on, that's all."

"That Relena girl seems nice." Heero said, handing Duo back his glasses.

"Yeah, her and Dorothy are less `annoying' than Hilde or Sylvia. Well, actually Sylvia's not that bad. I guess you could say that Dorothy is the nicest one out of them all. Then Relena, then Sylvia, and then Hilde. The other girls like to gossip, but for some reason they don't hang around my office as much as those four. I like the attention, but not to the point where I have to hide myself from everyone."

Heero nodded, "I know what you mean, love. My boss was like that toward me until she discovered that I prefer the company of men."

"What was her name again? Une?"

"Miss Une, yeah. I think her first name is Middie."

"Cute name." Duo smiled, "So your boss hit on you? How come you never told me this?"

"Didn't think it mattered. And it's something that I don't like to talk about."

"Oh. Sorry. That's ok though, at least you told her so she would stop pursuing you." Duo put his arms around Heero's neck.

"When do you wanna go have lunch?"

"Whenever you want."

"Ok, let's go have it now. I'm starving."

Duo laughed as Heero grabbed him by the hand and led them out of the office. He was so glad that he decided to wait another hour for lunch, now he was getting to have it with the one he loved.

As they left, a tall man with long blond hair and sky blue eyes watched them go. He smiled as he gazed at the backside of one of the men.

"Nice… very nice." He sighed, "You're definitely as beautiful as they said."


"Can you believe it? And right in his office!" Sylvia scoffed.

"I suppose Mr. Maxwell doesn't care about what anyone thinks now." Relena said.

"Did you see how sweet Heero was to him?" Hilde sighed, "Even when he took his glasses off of his face… I was wishing that it was ME doing that! Why do all the good ones have to be either taken or gay?"

"Well, it looks like this one is both." Dorothy laughed. "Come on, ladies, we shouldn't let this bother us! Think about it… if, say, Relena here managed to start going out with Mr. Maxwell, how do you think we'd all feel? We would be terribly jealous or envious. I say that cause I would be envious toward her, but I know some of us would be really jealous." She looked over at Hilde.

Hilde smirked, "Yeah, that's true. We would probably be at each other's throats too. So what do you suggest, Dorothy?"

The blond woman snickered, tossing some of her hair out behind her, "I am suggesting to just giving them our support. I think that it's better to see Mr. Maxwell with a man than with another woman! I'm rather fond of seeing two incredibly handsome men together like that myself. When I saw them kissing I almost ran back to my cubical for my camera!"

Relena and Sylvia chuckled.

"You're sick!" Hilde scoffed, making a face.

The other three girls gasped.

"What did you say?" Dorothy said, her right eye twitching.

"I said you're sick! Why would you want to have a picture of two guys kissing?" Hilde made another face.

Relena flicked her on the side of her head, "Knock it off, Hilde! I think Dorothy is right! Seeing those two very handsome men holding each other and kissing is a real turn on!"

"Just like how straight men like seeing two women together! It is perfectly normal you know." Dorothy gave Hilde a glare.

"Well, I don't care for it." Hilde pouted, crossing her arms. She couldn't believe that her friends were like this!

"That's too bad then." Dorothy huffed, "I guess you won't be a part of my plan then."

"What plan?"

"Why, the plan to watch them in action! I heard what Heero whispered to Mr. Maxwell."

"Why didn't you tell us that in the first place?" Sylvia groaned.

"What did Heero whisper?" Relena asked, all curious.

"They will be in Mr. Maxwell's office… getting it on!" she whooped. "I will be waiting for you ladies at the security room's door. Remember, my cousin is the boss here, and he gave me a key that goes to all the offices. It's supposed to be for emergencies." She winked.

"Cool!" Sylvia cheered. Relena was smiling from ear to ear.

Dorothy looked over at Hilde, "Well? Are you gonna join us and watch? It'll be quite entertaining, I assure you."

"I don't know." Hilde sighed. She wanted to be with her friends, they've done almost everything together, she just wasn't sure about it this time. She never really thought about two men being erotic before. Her friends sure were interested about that though. She had to admit, she was a bit curious. But she was worried that she might not really like it and might gross herself out. And then they would laugh at her and call her names.

"Time's wasting." Dorothy said, "You better make up your mind before we have to go back to work."

"I… I don't know. I'm curious but… what if I don't wanna watch anymore?"

"Then don't." Relena shrugged.

"You won't make fun of me?"

The other girls shook their heads.

"Nope. We'd understand. We just won't be talking about the whole boy love thing with you, just amongst ourselves." Dorothy nodded at the other two girls.

Hilde bit her lip and then finally stated, "Ok. I'll be there."


Heero and Duo had the most relaxing and enjoyable lunch together. They haven't had time to themselves for a long time. Although they had to be careful with what they did in the public place, it was still fun. It was especially fun to Duo when he had slipped off his boot and started to play with Heero's feet and legs with his socky foot. Heero had then grinned and took off one of his shoes and they both started to foot wrestle under the table unnoticed.

Heero paid for the check, and then grabbed both of their coats on the way out. Once they were outside the café, Heero placed his love's jacket over his shoulders. Duo blushed slightly at the sweet gesture, and then they walked back together to where Duo worked.

When Mr. Maxwell hopped out of the elevator, he saw WuFei headed toward him. He smiled and waved at the Chinese man, and WuFei waved back.

"Have a good lunch break?"

"Very." Duo sighed happily.

"I saw you leaving with Yuy. So is what Miss Catalonia said to me true?"

"What did she say?" Duo asked when he stopped a few feet in front of him.

"She said that you're engaged to that man."

Duo noticed that he didn't look too startled by what he heard. Maybe he was jumping to conclusions when he thought that no one would talk to him again.

"You mean Heero, right?" WuFei nodded, "Well… I guess I shouldn't keep it a secret from you any longer, but yes, it's true. I've just been so worried that you or anyone wouldn't want to speak to me anymore."

"So you're gay." WuFei shifted his shoulders a bit. Duo wasn't sure if he was being nervous about the subject or around him.

"Yes I am. And I'm happily engaged to the sweetest man in the world. Are you gonna stomp on my happy parade?"

WuFei shook his head, "No, I won't. It's just such a surprise because of the way I see you with the girls and all."

"Actually I'm bi, but I suppose I'm considered gay since I'll be married to a man." Duo shrugged, "It really shouldn't be anyone else's business but mine. Everyone should be happy for me, cause I'm happy! See?" Duo grinned to indicate what he said.

"Yes, I see that you're very happy." He gave Duo a half smile. "And I won't stop talking to you because of your preference."

"Thanks Wu." Duo clapped him on the shoulder.

"Because I know you won't be hitting on me anyways." WuFei teased.

Duo narrowed his eyes in a mocking gesture, "I wouldn't hit on you if you were the last male on Earth. I'd probably snatch a woman instead."

"That IS reassuring."

They laughed.


When Duo walked into his office cubical, he was very surprised to see the Vice President there, sitting in his chair.

"Welcome back, Mr. Maxwell."

Duo gulped, "Am I in trouble?"


"So I'm not?" Duo sighed in relief.

"No, you're in no trouble." Mr. Peacecraft stood up and sauntered over toward his worker.

"Good. So what brings you here?" Duo asked, trying to walk around the tall blond… the tall and attractive blond, Duo mused. But the other man moved into his path.

"I wanted to see you."


"And tell you what a fine job you're doing for our company."

"Thank you, Mr. Peacecraft."

"Please, call me Millardo." He took Duo's hand and brought it up to his mouth and kissed it. "You are so beautiful."

Duo noticed that Millardo wasn't even paying attention to the ring on his finger. He blinked rapidly as he watched, unsure if he should be flattered or if he should slap the Vice President for touching him in that manner. "Th-thanks. Um… I didn't know that… um… that you're gay, Mr. Peace- uh, I mean, Millardo."

"We've hardly had any time to talk since you started working here," he rubbed his thumb over the top of Duo's hand. "And I'm bisexual. You know who Miss Noin is, don't you?"

"Um… that name doesn't ring a bell."

"She works over at the building that Mr. Yuy works in. She's his supervisor."

"Oh, her! I know who she is. I've only been to his workplace once."

"Yes, her. I used to date her. But she broke everything off with me when she found out that I had a thing for your boss here."

"Mr. Khushrenada? So my boss is gay?" Duo couldn't believe all this information. Was it true, or was Mr. Peacecraft just feeding him lines?

"Your boss used to be married to Miss Une, but one day she found him drunk and in bed with another man."

"Oh." Duo looked down at the carpeted floor, wondering if he should tell his boss that Mr. Peacecraft was flirting with him. He had a feeling that the other man that Une had caught Treize with was the one standing before him. He looked back up and saw that Millardo was inches away from his face.

Millardo was about to lean over and nudge the side of his face against Duo's, and whisper things in his ear when Duo moved his head back up. Their mouths were now inches apart. Duo flustered a bit before stepping back from the Vice President.

"I have work to do." Duo tried to say as calmly as he could. He stepped around the tall man and sat down into his chair. Instantly he woke his laptop up from sleep mode and started to go through his files.

Mr. Peacecraft walked over and stood behind Duo's chair. He leaned forward and put his arms around Duo's shoulders. "I know that you're shy, but I want to be frank with you."

Duo looked over his shoulder at the blond and couldn't resist saying, "Can I still be Duo?"

Millardo laughed, "Of course. I won't want it any other way." He slipped his hand over Duo's chest.

Duo moved faster than Millardo ever seen him do, and he stood up and turned around to face him, "Mr. Peacecraft, I suggest you stop before I file sexual harassment charges on you." he narrowed his eyes, "I'm taken and engaged to be wed this summer, if you didn't already know! So if you're smart and wanna keep your job, I suggest you never touch me again. Do I make myself clear?"

Millardo crossed his arms in a huff, almost like a six year old, "Fine. If that's the way you feel." He walked toward the opening of Duo's cubical, but then turned back around, "You'll regret brushing me off."

"You do anything to ruin my reputation, or spread any rumors, or anything bad at all, and I'm telling Mr. Khushrenada about you flirting with me behind his back." He's not too bright, Duo mused.

"Whatever… slut." Mr. Peacecraft grumbled as he left.

"Huh??" Before he could retaliate, Millardo was gone. "Now that's sexual harassment too." Duo sighed heavily, deciding not put up with it anymore, "Looks like I'm filing that report to Trieze."


"No way! Mr. Peacecraft??" Relena's eyes bugged out.

"Yup. That's what I heard from my big cousin." Dorothy said, puffing on her cigarette. They were in the building's smoking area and Relena opted to join her for a chat. Relena had begged her friend to try quitting, but her long-eyebrowed friend had insisted that she was trying to, and it hadn't been easy.

"But he's so sweet and stuff. Why would HE sexually harass someone?"

"Hard to believe, but it's true." She inhaled sharply, holding in the smoke for a while before exhaling slowly.

"Who did he harass?"

"From what I've heard it was Mr. Maxwell."

Relena shook her head, "Poor dear. Does his fiance know?"

"Probably not. I'm sure he'll tell him."

"I hope so." Relena looked a bit red in the face, "I want to give Mr. Peacecraft a piece of my mind!"

"Don't risk it." Dorothy warned her.

"Will he get fired?"

"I think Mr. Khushrenada is giving him a warning first, then after that, if he does it again, he's gone."

"Why a warning? Why doesn't he just fire him?"

"That I don't know. I've heard that he and Mr. Peacecraft are real close, if you get my drift." She crossed her fingers together.

"Oh my god… is the office filled with homosexuals?"

Dorothy shrugged, sucking in another drag from her Virginia Slim, "I wouldn't be surprised."


Relena looked over at Hilde and Sylvia, putting a finger to her lips gently and let out a small `shh' noise as they tiptoed into the dark security room. Behind the three girls, Dorothy sighed in irritation and flipped on the light in the room. The other girls gasped and looked back behind them at the longhaired girl.

"Why are you guys acting like double O agents?" she smirked, "No one is here!"

"Sorry." Sylvia giggled.

"But it WAS kind of fun," Relena snickered. She bounced over to the switchboard and looked around for a button that turned on the security camera in their office.

"Allow me." Dorothy grinned, waltzing over to a bunch of switches and buttons on the far right. She held up a finger, winking at Relena, and then brought the digit down and flipped a switch. One of the TV screens flickered on, and it was aimed directly into Duo Maxwell's cubical. The other three girls clapped.

"Amazing! You found the exact camera that had the perfect angle! How do you do it, Madam Dorothy?"

Dorothy smiled and bowed slightly, "It was nothing!" she swept her hand over the long switchboard, "My big cousin taught me how to run this thing in case of an emergency."

"Remind us to send him a Thank You card!" Relena beamed. Sylvia snickered at that.

"He might wonder why and ask questions though, but no matter," Dorothy pulled a seat out and sat down, "His birthday is coming up and I think he just may be getting something that is a bit more special." She winked.

The other girls took a seat and prepared themselves for the show. Hilde was very nervous and she wrung her hands in her lap anxiously. She wanted to say something, or just bolt right out of the room, but she didn't want to look like a coward. Being branded as a coward at work was something she was sure wouldn't be a very good thing. Besides, if she didn't like what she was watching, she could always close her eyes. She noticed that the other three girls were watching the screen with a large amount of interest. She swallowed hard, preparing herself for what was about to come.


Duo felt nervous. He never thought that Heero would be the type to want to possess his body like he had said. He was kind of hoping that he was going to be on the top through the whole relationship, but his sweetheart was right. They were doing things 50/50 and this should be one of them.

Duo checked his top desk drawer and made sure that he had enough lube and everything else in there that Heero might want to use. He went through it again, making sure that he didn't forget anything.

Strawberry flavored lube: check. Handcuffs: check. Silky handkerchiefs: check. A large ostrich feather: check. Handheld mirror: check. Was that all they needed? Duo hoped so. And if they didn't end up using everything tonight, they could always save it until the honeymoon. THAT made Duo smile widely. He had been hoping to use the feather and handcuffs on Heero.

The thought of man had finally walked into Duo's cubical, smiling. Duo returned that smile and leaned back in his chair.

"What took you so long, baby?" Duo slid a hand down his side, slowly snaking it down to the rim of his black slacks.

Heero moaned quietly as he watched his fiancée touch himself in front of him, "I stopped at the store to buy a few things."

"Oh? What might that be? I left a message on your cell phone to let you know that I already have the lube. What did you get?"

Heero set the small package down and took out a little green basket filled with large ripe strawberries. Duo's eyes widened, and then widened even more when he saw Heero take out a bottle of chocolate syrup.

"I know that you love strawberries, so I decided to get you some." He walked over to the man he loved and set the stuff down in front of him.

Duo jumped up and gave Heero a tight hug, "Thank you, Heero!"

Heero kissed his love on the forehead, "You're welcome, hon."


"Awww… he brought him strawberries! Isn't that sweet?" Relena sniffled.

"Ooo… are they gonna use them for something?" Sylvia smiled, eyes glued on the two guys hugging.

"I sure hope so!" Dorothy declared, puffing on her cigarette.

Hilde stayed silent, and nervous.


Heero moved over to the chair and sat down. He put his arms up and behind his head, resting it on them, and then put his feet up onto Duo's desk.

"I want you to strip for me, Duo. Can you do that?"

The longhaired man looked back at him with a sultry statement, and then moved his hands up to the collar of his shirt, "Like this?" he began to undo his tie and then unbutton his shirt.

"Yes, just like that." Heero groaned, feeling his pants getting tighter just watching him.

Duo slowly undid the buttons on his white shirt, moving his hips slightly to a beat in his head. He pulled his tie off and twirled it a bit before throwing it at his partner. Heero caught it with a smirk, keeping his eyes locked onto the perfect form of his fiancée. Duo danced slowly over toward Heero, removing his shirt gingerly off of one shoulder and then the next, letting it fall to the floor. He began to rub his own chest and stomach, still keeping his gaze with Heero's.

Duo brought his hands up to the back of his head and grabbed onto the base of his braid. He swung it around to his front, and then brought his hands down behind him, twisting around so that his backside was facing Heero. He looked back behind his shoulder as he slowly started to undo his belt.

Heero was smiling, watching his beloved do a strip show for him. He eyed the bulging muscles of Duo's back as his love struggled with taking his belt off. Heero continued to stare at the muscular back rippling and moving before lowering his eyesight further to that round and firm ass he possessed. He was very thankful that they both went to the gym every other Saturday.

Duo whipped his belt off and tossed it onto the floor. He kept his gaze steady with Heero's as he very slowly unfastened his slacks. When he finally got the zipper down, he hooked his thumbs in the inside of his pants, and then slowly slipped them down around his hips. He bent over as he did this, showing his dark blue boxers a little at a time.

"Next time," Heero smiled, "Wear a thong."

"I plan on it… as long as you wear lingerie under your wedding dress."

Heero turned a unique shade of pink.

Duo smirked at him, waiting for his eyes to rise back up to look at him. Heero did, eyeing the back of his beloved, and watched as Duo continued to slowly torture him. When he finally let his pants fall down around his ankles, he stretched his arms up above his head to let Heero ogle him a while more. When Duo was finally finished with teasing him, he slowly moved back around and danced gingerly across the carpet over to where his soon-to-be husband was sitting.

Duo put his hands secretly to the end of his plait and started to untie the binder at the end. Heero just caught the movement and watched as his love unraveled that long braid, letting his hair flow all around his bare shoulders and stomach.

Heero couldn't stand the teasing much more, and he pulled Duo into his lap. Duo shook a taunting finger at him, smirking. Heero caught that finger with his mouth and started to suck on it softly. Duo closed his eyes and let out a small moan, shifting slightly in Heero's lap.

"Is my finger tasty?"

Heero let go of Duo's finger with a small pop, "Yeah, but I think I know something that will be even tastier." He licked his lips.

"Hon…" Duo swallowed, seeing the look in his partner's eyes.

Heero grabbed the sides of Duo's glasses gently lifted them off of his face, "Don't want these to get broke." He grinned, placing the oval glasses off to the side of them. Then he took a hold of Duo's hips and lifted him easily onto the desk. Luckily for Duo, he had cleaned the top of it, stuffing his papers and things into the bottom drawer. He put his hands behind his head to use as a pillow and so his head wouldn't be dangling off the side of his desk. He let his hair fall loosely over the side, however, and it just barely brushed the floor.

Heero spread his sweetie's knees, revealing the not so small lump stretching the fabric of his boxers. He gave one more lusty look to his longhaired fiancée before sliding off the last remaining bit of clothing. Heero smacked his lips as he saw the way Duo's erection quivered with excitement, the tip wet with pre-cum.

Duo felt his knees and other parts of him tremble as Heero bent down to taste him. He lifted a hand up to his mouth and started to bite down gently on a couple fingers, feeling Heero's tongue glide up and down his entire length. He felt Heero grip his thighs hard as he kissed and cuddled with his arousal. Heero finally began to swallow the head of his cock, sucking lightly.


"What are you girls doing?"

Relena, Dorothy, Sylvia and Hilde nearly jumped out of their skin when the door flew open and Millardo spoke.

Relena moved to block the screen that was on, "N-Nothing, Mr. Peacecraft. We were just… um…"

"Checking the security cameras for… over time." Dorothy smiled.

Millardo didn't believe a word.

"Really? Well then, how come only one screen is on?"

"We were checking them one at a time." Sylvia said, thinking that what she said was rather brilliant.

Millardo snickered, "Yeah right. Now move aside." He pushed Relena out of the way and looked at the screen.

"Shit…" Hilde grumbled, wishing she never came with after all.

"Hmm…" Millardo looked at the scene before him for a while before turning his accusing eyes at the girls. "How did you girls know that they were gonna be doing this?"

"I… over heard them talking." Dorothy said bravely.

"Well… they aren't supposed to be doing that here in the office, but…" Mr. Peacecraft leaned forward and watched avidly as Heero was taking Duo slowly into his mouth. "This does allow me to watch without their knowledge."

The girls were looking at each other with bated breath.

"Does this mean that you won't report us?"

Millardo smiled, "As long as you girls don't report me for this either. I already have a sexual harassment suit hanging over me." he sighed.

"Then, it's ok? Just this once? I think this is the only time they'll be doing this."

Millardo nodded, "Ok, just this once. Next time I catch you gals doing this again, I'm going to have to turn you all in. But for now…" he smiled as he watched Duo squirm underneath Heero's ministrations, "Let's watch the show."

The girls smiled.

Unknowing to the two homosexuals, Millardo, Relena, Dorothy, Sylvia and Hilde were watching them from the security room. Mr. Peacecraft wiped his sweaty brow for the fifth time as he enjoyed watching Mr. Yuy take Mr. Maxwell into his mouth and down his throat. They couldn't hear what was going on, but they could tell that Duo was gasping and groaning from what Heero was doing to him. Millardo could read lips just a little, but it wasn't too hard to figure out what Duo was groaning:


"Heero! Heero! Oh god, Heero!" Duo panted, running his fingers through his lover's soft brown locks. "You're such an animal!" Heero swallowed his lover one last time before he slipped Duo's arousal out of his mouth.

"You know, most men are animals. Some make better pets." Heero moved his mouth up from between Duo's legs and planted soft butterfly kisses up his stomach. Duo shivered, clasping his legs around Heero's upper body.

"Are you suggesting we get kinky?" Duo half laughed, half groan.

"Perhaps. Do you have anything in mind?" Heero found an erect nipple and started to lick it.

Duo gasped, "Yes! Y-Yes I do…" he corrected, blushing.

"What's on your hentai mind, lover?"

Duo moved his foot up and nimbly pulled open the top drawer. Heero moved his head to look behind him and saw that Duo had just opened his drawer with his foot.

"The lube's in there, and so are handcuffs, a handkerchief, a mirror, and a feather…" Duo pointed with his big toe.

"A mirror?"

Duo blushed a bit, shifting himself nervously underneath Heero's warm body, "Um… in case we, uh, wanna be real kinky and watch ourselves…"

"I see." Heero leaned down and met Duo's trembling lips with his. They kissed a while more before Heero pulled him and Duo off of the desk and onto the chair. Duo was now sitting on Heero's lap, straddling him. Heero moved his hand up and down the other man's back, getting him to shiver. "Mind if I have some fun then?"

Duo shook his head and smiled. Heero reached over Duo's shoulder and retrieved the first thing that his hand found in the open drawer- the handcuffs. He brought them over and eyed them thoughtfully. Duo blinked, secretly wishing that Heero hadn't grabbed those. He wanted to use them on Heero during their honeymoon!

"Heero?" Duo shifted anxiously on Heero's still clothed lap as he gazed at the handcuffs swinging on Heero's finger.


"Do you really want to use them now? Why don't you just take me?" he grinned.

"I thought you wanted to be kinky."

"Umm… yeah, but… I wanted to save them for later and…" Heero cut him off with a kiss, hoping to distract him. It was working wonderfully, and Heero had covertly moved his braided honey's hands around to his back, and then encircled the cold handcuffs around his wrists. When the cuffs made a small clicking noise, Duo's eyes widened with horror at what just happened. "Hey!"

"I know that you wanted to go your own pace tonight, and I will let you, but I want to have my way with you also. Is that ok? You're not mad, are you?"

Duo couldn't say no to those beautiful Asian eyes, "No, I'm not mad." he looked down, "But you're overdressed."

Heero smirked, running his hands down over Duo's bare bottom, "I only need my pants undone…"

"And your shirt off." Duo glared teasingly.

Heero chuckled, "Oh yeah, my shirt…" he slipped the tie off quickly, and then proceeded to unbuttoning his shirt.

Duo watched as inch after inch of Heero's bronze skin became exposed. When there was enough peeking out, Duo bent his head down and started to lick and taste the salty skin. Heero grabbed onto the back of Duo's head to move him up for another sweet kiss, "Eager little thing, aren't you?" he chortled. Duo smiled wickedly as he ducked his head back down and begun to suck on Heero's neck. Duo's Japanese lover groaned, fumbling with the buttons on his shirt as he tried to get the constricting clothing out of the way. When he finally got all the buttons undone, Heero pushed his shirt off swiftly and let it lay behind him on the chair.

Duo continued to attack his fiancé's chest as Heero unfastened his pants with shaky hands. Duo brought his mouth down lower and found a hard nub. He sucked and nibbled on the protuberance for a while, making Heero arch his body up for more contact. Heero finally remembered that he had his hands free and brought one down to snatch Duo's hard sex. Duo gasped as his lover slowly moved his fist up and down his strained erection. As he jerked his body forward, Duo felt the cold steel of the handcuffs brush against his back. He hissed softly at the feel of the binding steel touching his hot skin.

"What's wrong, hon?" Heero asked as he continued to pump his hand up and down Duo's length.

Duo ground his teeth together and narrowed his gaze at his lover, "Those damn handcuffs are freakin' cold!"

"Oh really?" Heero grinned. He unzipped the rest of his pants, letting his erection spring free. Then he reached over and grabbed the lubricant from the open drawer. "You say you don't like it?"

Duo was wondering why his fiance was suddenly acting like this, "Um… yeah, that's what I'm saying. What's on your mind, love?"

Heero secretly popped the top off of the tube, "Oh… I think you know what's on my mind…" he squeezed a bit onto his finger, and then quickly brought it down to Duo's puckered opening. Duo nearly jumped out of Heero's lap from the coldness of the cream on his anus.

"Heero!" he squirmed a bit, trying to move his hands, forgetting that they were cuffed. When he quickly remembered that he was bound, he lowered his head to rest on Heero's shoulder and started to softly kiss the hollow of his neck. "Heero…"

"Hmm?" Heero slowly massaged the outer rim of Duo's tight muscles, getting his love to relax against him. He slowly began to push one finger into the semi-snug entrance.

Duo panted as he felt his love quickly find the erotic zone in his body, "You… you just gonna use the handcuffs then?"

"Maybe…" Heero smirked, and then carefully added a second finger into Duo's hole. "Is that all you wanna do?"

"Um… whatever you want, I guess." It really didn't matter to Duo.

Heero chuckled softly before leaning down to capture a pebbled nipple. Duo jerked from all three sensations: Heero's mouth on his chest, Heero's fingers in his body, and his other hand slowly pumping his erection. The triple pleasure seemed almost too much and it put him on edge. "God, Heero… please, just fuck me…"

"Are you sure you want that now?" Heero teased, gnawing gently on the hard little flesh.

"Yes!" Duo cried. He tried to quicken the pace of Heero's probing digits as he bounced himself up and down.

Heero removed his fingers and his hand from Duo's erection to steady any more movements from his lover, "Hold on there, babe. Don't cum yet."

Duo was straining against the handcuffs, "God, Heero, if you don't start giving me… AAAHHH!" Duo's sentence was interrupted by Heero's warm mouth over the head of his penis. "Heero! Ohh, son of a bitch! Goddamn…"

Heero let go of Duo's throbbing member, "And you kiss your mother with that mouth?"

"Why not?" Duo snickered, "I kiss you with it."

Heero snorted and proceeded to lift Duo's body up so that he was poised over his erection. To emphasis what he meant, Duo moved forward to capture Heero's mouth in his. They kissed passionately while Heero steadied his cock up and brushed it across Duo's eager opening.

Duo couldn't wait much longer and he lowered himself slowly onto Heero's shaft. His tight ring of muscle greedily swallowed the head of Heero's cock. It fit snuggly around the neck, and in the sudden sensation, Duo flexed it and squeezed Heero's cock.

"Shit!" Heero gasped, and the feeling was very mutual to his longhaired lover.

"You also kiss your mother with that mouth?" Duo mocked.

"Yeah, and I kiss my father and your mother with this mouth too."

Duo laughed out loud. "You're so naughty. It's no wonder why I love you."

Heero smirked and gave no warning as he moved his hips up just a tad. Duo gasped softly, trying to hold himself up with his knees on either side of Heero. Duo leaned his forehead onto Heero's shoulder as he slowly started to adjust to the new feelings coursing through him. He noticed that Heero was still letting him take it at his own pace and that made him smile. He took a deep breath and began to impale himself more on Heero's erection.

Heero groaned at the feel of his arousal slipping slowly and carefully into Duo's warm body. He looked up with squinting eyes at his lover, watching Duo's face scrunch up from the sensation. He could feel Duo's opening become more and more wet as he entered him further and further. When his cock could no longer move up anymore, he wiggled his hips a bit, pushing himself up against Duo's prostate.

Duo cried out, squeezing his eyes shut, and clamped his muscles around Heero's engorged erection. When he finally became more relaxed, he gingerly started to move himself up, sliding Heero's cock out of him half way, and then sitting himself back down on it.

After a few slow and gentle thrusts, Heero dipped Duo down so that his head was resting on the desk, his body was stretched out as if he were laying on something, and his legs were wrapped around Heero's torso. The new position made Duo almost scream as he arched his body up. When he did, it made his arousal point straight up and it rubbed across Heero's belly. Heero bent down far enough so that he could kiss and lick the head of Duo's cock, savoring what he found there. He continued to jerk his hips up and down, thrusting into his longhaired fiancée as best he could. While he was pumping and licking, he reached over Duo's body with one hand and began to brush across a hard nub.

That sent Duo into sensation overload, and he came violently on Heero's face and in Heero's open mouth. Heero stopped thrusting and lifted his lover back up onto his lap, cock still hard and buried within him.

"Are you ok?"

"Yeah, I'm great." Duo grinned. "But why'd you stop?"

"Because I want to do more with you." Heero reached forward and took the basket of strawberries. "Care for some dessert?"

Duo smiled, "Don't mind if I do."


Hilde was fidgeting in her seat, badly. She could hardly believe that she couldn't take her eyes away from the screen if she tried. Just watching Heero sucking off Mr. Maxwell was enough to make her have to change her panties. The whole thing was so incredibly erotic that she forgot about the two being `men' and it being `wrong' to her.

"Why'd they stop?" Relena said, sounding slightly out of breath.

"Well," Millardo gasped, also a bit out of breath. His pants were feeling mighty tight, "For one, Duo had already came. I have no idea if Heero did or not because he's inside Duo's ass."

They all watched as Heero grabbed the strawberries off of the desk and said something to Duo that made the other man smile.

"Round two, or hasn't round one finished yet?"

"Who knows? Let's just watch." Dorothy smiled, wondering if there would be a way for her to `relieve' some of her `tension'.


"Are you ok?"

"Yeah, I'm great." Duo grinned. "But why'd you stop?"

"Because I want to do more with you." Heero reached forward and took the basket of strawberries. "Care for some dessert?"

Duo smiled, "Don't mind if I do."

Heero removed the plastic from around the basket and the fruit. He brought one of the big ripe strawberries to his nose and sniffed carefully. Deciding it was safe enough, and Lord knows how many times he'd eaten store bought strawberries without washing them first, he took a small bite. He ripped the green top off and then put it between his teeth to feed to Duo.

Duo smiled lovingly as he accepted the red berry from his sweetheart. He bit into it; carefully chewed the part he bit off, and then dove forward to latch his teeth back around the berry. They both started to chew at each side of the strawberry until their lips finally met. They shared the last bit of strawberry, and a tender kiss, before Heero picked Duo up and laid him over the top of his desk once more. Heero spread his lover's legs wide, his butt barely on the edge, and then held onto the top part of his thighs. Heero positioned himself more snuggly between Duo's legs, still deep inside his body, and started to piston in and out of him with quick and steady thrusts.

Duo moaned louder and louder with each pounding thrust, holding onto the edge of his desk so he wouldn't slide off and land on his head. Heero brought one of Duo's legs up over his shoulder, still holding onto them tightly, and then resumed his even and hard pumping.

A couple minutes later, Heero slowed down just enough to take the bottle of syrup, uncap it, and squirt a line of the cold chocolate from his pelvis all the way up to his chest. He almost stopped it there, but then resumed, dripping more chocolate on Duo's chest. He continued upward, getting some on Duo's neck and then up to that open and groaning mouth. Heero was finally satisfied and put the syrup away. He bent down and shared a chocolaty kiss with his lover before licking his way down Duo's chin and then his neck.



"Huh?" She been caught sneaking away, one hand on the doorknob.

"Where are you going? I thought you were enjoying this." Relena fluttered her lashes.

"I… um… well, it's getting a little TOO hot for me and… I need to go and um… you know." She blushed.

Millardo was fanning himself, "I am a bit over the edge myself. This is getting really intense."

"Don't tell me you're abandoning us too!" Sylvia gasped.

"Er… me? No, of course not! Wouldn't dream of it!" he looked back toward the screen.

Dorothy leered at Hilde, who was still holding onto the doorknob, "Well? Are you gonna stay and watch the rest or what?"

Hilde gulped, remembering that she didn't want to make herself look like a chicken. She knew that if things were too much, her friends would understand, because that's what they told her. But she still didn't wish to be known as the one that `couldn't handle the heat'.

Hilde sighed, turning back around, and then shut the door.

"I'll stay."


Heero had finally licked all of the chocolate syrup that was on his lover's body. He was still slowly thrusting his hips back and forth, producing all kinds of moans and grunts from his longhaired fiance. Heero decided that his lover had enough torture, and he took the handcuffs off of him. Almost instantly, Duo brought his arms up to wrap around Heero's neck. Heero bent down so that he could reach him, and then their lips met. He slowed his hips down a bit, and before Duo could protest, he slid his erection out.


Before his cute little businessman could say more, Heero flipped him over so that he was draped over his own desk. Heero grabbed onto Duo's legs and lifted them up to wrap them around his waist. Duo was now stretched out straight, clutching the front of his desk, hair falling all around him, and newly erect cock pressed into the smooth surface.

Heero slipped his arousal back deeply into his lover's body and began to pound into him mercilessly. Duo shook his head back and forth, screaming and moaning so loud that the walls around his office started to tremble; the desk was rocking ferociously with each thrust.

"Oh god, oh god, oh god, oh god…"

Heero brought his hand underneath Duo's body to wrap his fingers around the head of Duo's cock. He squeezed as they continued to grind, causing Duo to jerk his lower half up more. Heero leaned over more to take Duo's ear gently with his teeth and nibbled on it a bit. It all proved to be too much for Duo, and he came hard, again, all over Heero's fist and the desk. Heero moved his teeth to Duo's neck and bit down as he came into his beloved.

"Oh god, Heero…" Duo panted, trying to move his body so he could hold the man he loved.

Heero gently slid out of Duo's body to let his love move. Duo sat himself on the edge of the desk very carefully, spreading his legs just enough so that Heero could fit his body in, and then he wrapped his arms and legs around Heero's torso.

They shared a soft and slow kiss for a while. No words wanted to be exchanged right now. They just wanted to bask in each other's arms and show how much they really loved one another. Heero tightened his grip on Duo when his longhaired minx slipped his tongue into his mouth.


"Isn't that sweet?" Relena sighed, wiping a little tear from her eye.

"Yeah, lovely." Hilde walked out the door.

"Is she `still' hung up on him?" Sylvia frowned.

"Well, who isn't?" Millardo smiled.


"Just remember, girls, this is a once in a life time thing. No more of this, and I will talk to Heero and Duo and inform them that they are to not have sex in the office anymore. I have to do my job, but I don't want to see a great worker such as Mr. Maxwell get fired."

"You're too kind, Mr. Peacecraft." Relena smiled.

"Sometimes I wonder." He sighed.


The next few weeks weren't as bad as Duo had thought. No one treated him any different, and that pleased Duo to no end. If anything, he had been treated even better since that night him and Heero had consummated their love. Even Mr. Peacecraft had apologized for his behavior, realizing what he did was a mistake, and he begged Duo, that first week, not to tell his fiancee. Duo smiled and said, "Too late for that. I already told him."

"When?" Millardo asked, feeling a bit warm under the collar.

"After the night me and him made love."

"Oh. Is he… you know?"

"Upset? Yes. He's coming over to deal with it now."

"What?" Mr. Peacecraft looked like he was about to get run over by a train. It might as well have been. He got tapped on the shoulder from behind. Millardo looked behind him slowly, "Yes?" he asked in a shaky voice.

"Are you Millardo Peacecraft?" Heero asked.

Millardo gulped, "Um…"

"Yeah, that's him, love." Duo said with a small smirk.

"I…" Millardo was about to say something, but Heero didn't give him a chance, grabbing onto the front of his shirt and lifting him up about an inch off of the floor.

Mr. Peacecraft was a good six foot, four inches, but Heero, who was about 5'6" ½- 5'7", was able to lift him easily. Millardo was trying to get words out, but he was too stunned to get anything out.

"I suggest you leave my fiancé alone from now on. You understand me?"

Millardo nodded, "I have… I have already apologized…"

"Oh?" Heero turned his head to look at his lover, "Is that true, Duo?"

Duo smiled, "Yeah, it's true. We made a pact, actually. We don't make love in the office anymore, and he doesn't flirt around with me. I think it's a reasonable agreement."

Heero slowly put Millardo back onto his feet, "All right then."

Mr. Peacecraft straightened out his collar and tie, "Thank you, Mr. Yuy, for not rearranging my face."

"Yeah, thanks for keeping your hands off of my fiancé."

"Hey, what's going on?" Relena popped her head in.

"Nothing you need to be concern of." Millardo said, calmly walking out.

Relena looked over at the two men, "What happened?"

"Don't worry, Miss Dorlin." Duo smiled, "Him and Heero were just having a talk. You know, settling issues and such."

"Oh good. Everything's fine then?"

Heero nodded, "Better than ever." He wrapped an arm around Duo's waist.

Duo smiled, blushing slightly as Heero kissed him on the cheek.


Duo Maxwell had been given a promotion for his excellent work. He became the supervisor. He and Heero had thrown themselves a personal celebration that night, including more chocolate and a blindfold. It was almost as good as the first time.

Duo was happy to find out that Millardo and Mr. Khushrenada had became devoted to one another, and this made Duo smile. He was glad that Mr. Peacecraft had found someone to be with. He knew that Millardo still had a bit of a crush on him, course he knew that a lot of people in the building still did, but that didn't bother him. He liked feeling admired.

And today, May 26th, was a wonderful day to be admired.

"Happy Birthday!!"

Duo blushed, "Thanks guys." His office was covered with streamers, balloons, and a few big shiny banners that say `Happy Birthday' and `Happy 23rd!' Relena, Hilde, Dorothy, Sylvia, Millardo, and Trieze were all there. Including his beloved fiance Heero. He was standing in front of his desk when he entered, but then he moved to show Duo what he was hiding behind him. It was a chocolate cake with candles on them forming the number 23.

"You are ever so welcome, Duo." Mr. Khushrenada said. He was holding Mr. Peacecraft's hand. When they had their talk about sexually harassing Duo, Millardo had told Treize that he called Duo a slut merely out of pent up frustration. He did take it back, telling Duo that he knew that there was no way he was anything close to being a slut, but he was a very attractive man and Heero deserved him. That brought a shy smile to Duo's face.

Relena stepped up and handed Duo a wrapped box, "Here's a gift to you from all of us girls."

"Aw, thanks." Duo took the present from her. "I don't know what to say."

"Just open it." Sylvia said.

When he did, he got the surprise of his life. It was a brand new suit with the word `Supervisor' embedded neatly above the breast pocket.

Duo shook his head, eyes misting over, "You girls…"

"Does that mean you like it?" Relena smiled.

"Yes! Thank you!" he walked around hugging them all one at a time. He got to Hilde last, and when he hugged her, she turned an interesting shade of red. She quickly enjoyed the closeness and the scent of the one man that made her heart flutter.

"We have gotten you something as well." Trieze said. He set something down in the front of Duo's desk. Duo walked over and saw that it was a name plaque with his name done in gold, and in the corner it said `Supervisor'.

"Thanks Mr. Khushrenada."

Millardo cleared his throat.

"Oh yeah, thank you too, Mr. Peacecraft."

"So, you want to blow out your candles?" Dorothy asked, holding up her Zippo. It had a black rose design on the front, which was done rather well, Duo noted.

"Sure." He walked around to the other side of the desk. Dorothy carefully lit each candle and then stepped back. Millardo walked over to the side of the room to turn the lights off. When he flicked the switch, the tiny flames from the candles lit Duo's face up magnificently. Again, everyone was at awe, as Mr. Maxwell's appearance seemed to glow. Heero leaned over the chair that Duo was sitting in and wrapped his arms around Duo's shoulders.

"Blow them out, love."

"I was just making a wish." Duo said, looking up at everyone.

"Don't tell us what it is, or else it won't come true." Relena told him.

"Oh poo. I wanted to know what it was." Hilde frowned.

Duo sighed heavily, closing his eyes, wishing, and then when he opened them, he inhaled and blew at the candles quickly. They all went out in that one breath. Everyone clapped.

"Nice one, Mr. Maxwell!" Dorothy cheered. Duo blushed.

"Hey, now that he's the supervisor, he really does deserve that title!" Sylvia smiled.

"You're right!" Dorothy grinned, "Mr. Maxwell can't argue with me about that now!"

Duo sighed, "Yeah, yeah, whatever Miss Catalonia."

"Mr. Maxwell, just call me Dorothy, please. I have no right to be given a title."

Duo smirked. "Fine." He looked around at them all and then looked down at the cake, "So, can I eat it now?"

Everyone chuckled.

"Yes you can, love." Heero said. Duo turned his head and they shared a soft kiss.

Trieze was going to protest, but decided that since it was his birthday he was allowed this one time. So instead, Mr. Khushrenada smiled.


Summer had rolled around quicker than anticipated, along with the day of Duo Maxwell and Heero Yuy's wedding. Everyone from work and the relatives that didn't mind the two being together came to witness the blissful event. Heero wore the wedding dress, just as promised. Also, from the night that they first consummated their love, Heero hadn't cut his hair, so it was a few inches below his ears and a bit styled. He wore a little makeup, clip on earrings, and lingerie underneath the dress as promised.

The vows were exchanged, the veil lifted, and Duo kissed his `embarrassed' bride. Heero had ensured them all that he was not, nor ever, a "blushing" bride. Everyone gave them a standing ovation at the end. Duo grabbed onto Heero's hand and they ran out the front doors of the church. Lots of people started to throw rice at them. So, Heero turned around and tossed his bouquet into the crowd. Hilde, Relena, Dorothy, and Sylvia all dived over the mob to catch it. The bouquet twirled madly in the air toward them, a bit too fast, and it smacked Hilde upside the noodle.

The other girls looked down at the unconscious Hilde and started to laugh. Dorothy went to pick it up, but someone else had their fingers wrapped around the end.

"Finders keepers." Millardo smirked.

"Hey! It was never aimed at you!"

"Nor at you guys! You all had to rush the crowd to even get close to it. And from what I see, it looks like Hilde would have caught it if it wasn't thrown so hard. Therefore, I believe a man deserves to have it since you ladies don't know how to handle catching something thrown at such velocity!"

"Oh, you are so full of it, Mr. Peacecraft!" Relena scoffed, and then leaped at him to try and pull the bouquet out of his hands. "It's mine by right! I'll be the next blushing bride!"

"No, I believe that would be me!" Millardo sneered, holding onto the flowers tightly. They had a fierce game of tug-of-war with the bouquet before it ripped, sending petals and leaves all over the place.

"You idiot!" Relena growled, "That was MY bouquet!"

"Wanna bet?" Millardo dared.

Heero and Duo left on their Harley Davidson, unknown to the scuffle that had broken out behind them on the stairs of the church.


The newlyweds entered the motel room. Duo was carrying his lovely bride into the door. He shut it as quietly as he could with his foot.

"You can put me down now." Heero said.

"Why? I can carry you to the bed."

"Fine. I just want to get out of this dress."

Duo chuckled, "But honey…"

Heero huffed, "Don't you `honey' me! Now put me down."

"Do I get to peek under the dress?" Duo waggled his eyebrows.

"Of course you do. I didn't wear this lingerie for no reason!"

Duo lifted the hem of Heero's dress and then noticed something, "Hey, Heero. We forgot about your garter belt here." He twanged it with two fingers.

"Oh well. Tell them that we were in too much of a hurry and couldn't wait to screw each other's brains out."

Duo smirked, "I can take it off now."

"Go ahead." Heero lifted his leg up. Duo smiled at his new husband as he lowered his head down to take the garter belt in his teeth. He moved it up Heero's shaved and pantyhosed leg. When he got at the end of Heero's leg, he took the pumps off of Heero's foot. Garter belt still in his teeth, Duo slipped it up and over Heero's foot, nudging at Heero's toes with his nose as he did it. He looked over at his husband with a smile, garter hanging loosely between his lips. Heero had to smile at the sight.

Duo finally took the garter belt out of his mouth and then flung it toward the far wall, not caring where it ended up. Then he slid between Heero's legs while he still had his dress up, and brought his hands to the back of the dress. He helped Heero out of it carefully, and then feasted his eyes on the way Heero looked in the black and white lingerie. He had the traditional looking three-piece lingerie, complete with a size A-cup bra that just fit his pecs.

"You're beautiful, you know that?" Duo rubbed a hand up and down Heero's smooth thigh.

Heero tried not to blush, "Thanks."

Duo got up on his knees so that he could slip the top part of his tuxedo off. Successfully becoming shirtless, Duo leaned down to kiss his bride. Heero wrapped his arms around his husband's neck as Duo brought his arms around the back of Heero's head. Duo started to play around with Heero's strands of hairs on the back as they slowed their kiss down. Heero was playing with Duo's braid at the same time.

"Hair fetish?" Duo asked between kissing.

"I could ask… the same thing… about you." Heero said, in between each kiss.

"You could grow it longer, couldn't you?" Duo pouted, lips inches away from his sweethearts'.

"Maybe." Heero smirked. "If I'm allowed to."

"I hope so. I'll see if Mr. Khushrenada can talk to your boss and allow you to. I'd love to see you with longer hair, if only for a little while."

"If you want to. Now can we get down to business, or do I have to take control again?"

"Whatever you say… dear."




For those 2x1 fans, I apologize muchly, but I do believe that one good lemon was enough for this story. And to make it up to you all, I have two new lemon ideas, maybe a PWP, thought up already. One will include a 2x1 I believe. I'm not sure what the other one will include. One is a birthday present for my friend Brandis, aka Verdandi. Hope you enjoyed this!