Title: MINE!
Author: Lunadeath (Lunadeath02@aol.com)
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Category: lemon, bondage, slight angst, Shonenai, slight sap, PWP
Rating: NC-17
Pairings: 1x2x1
Warnings: A whole lot of naughty stuff going on, cursing, and a demonic Heero. ^_^
Spoilers: none
Notes: Thanks go to Brandy (Verdandi) for helping me dream up this part. This is the sequel to Laptop Love. Hope that you're not mad at Hee-bunny.
(Another short note: They are 18 here!)

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Quatre did not like the look on his friend's face when he went out the front door. Not only did he have that pissed-off-at-the-world look, but he also had large tears streaming down reddened cheeks. Any normal person would be wise enough not to go after him and ask him what was wrong, but Quatre knew that he could get Duo to talk no matter what it was. This was his best friend.

With a long sigh, Quatre closed the book he had been reading, set it on the coffee table, and then slipped his coat on. He scribbled a little note on the dining room table for Trowa, and then went out the door.

He saw Duo's form just enter the park. He seemed to be walking at quite a fast pace. Quatre had to walk a bit faster than normal, realizing that Duo had a bigger stride than he did. He watched as the braided pilot sat down hard on a bench and lay his head back with his eyes shut. The frown was still firmly in place as was the long flow of tears.

"May I sit down?" he asked as gently as he could, hoping not to startle the other teen.

Duo's head snapped up at the sound of the other's voice. He was too exhausted to even argue so he nodded his head once. Quatre gasped slightly when he saw the look in the longhaired teen's eyes. It was quite a shock to see him so open in public that he thought he had the wrong person; that this was someone else. Upon closer inspection, he realized that it really was Duo. Quatre sat down slowly as if he would scare off a wild animal, and then he carefully placed a hand on Duo's leg. "You can tell me what's wrong, I promise I won't make fun of you or tell anybody."

"I know you wouldn't." Duo said softly, his voice cracking slightly.

"I know that it's a private and painful subject, considering that you're crying and not caring, but I must pry… I am your friend you know, and friends help each other."

Duo nodded, "It's… it's nothing you can help me with," he said hoarsely, "It's my own stupid fault."

"What did you do?"

"I…" Duo gulped. "I tried getting Heero's attention, and… I made an ass of myself. I LET him make an ass out of me! I had a feeling that he wouldn't move, even if I did…" he blushed.

"Even if you did what?" Quatre asked softly.

"That… that isn't important. But I… I think I screwed up our friendship. He probably thinks that I'm a freak now."

"Duo… I can't understand what you're talking about if you don't tell me what happened. I told you that I promise not to make fun of you and I promised not to tell anyone. I promise not to hate you too, if that's what you're afraid of."

"Quatre, I just…" he gazed into his friend's light green eyes. He knew that no matter what he said to him, he would understand, but… "It's embarrassing…" he said finally.

"Please tell me." the blond placed his other hand on his chest, looking at his longhaired comrade with sincerity. He really didn't want to breech in his friend's privacy like this, but he knew that whenever something was wrong with himself, Duo always pestered him to talk. Now it was his turn to get his best friend to speak.

Duo sighed, "Ok. I will start from the beginning."


Duo slumped back into the room that he and Heero shared. He felt a bit better after telling Quatre everything, and his blond friend tried to give him some good advice. Duo heard him say that he shouldn't give up so soon, and that he should give Heero some time. Not only that, but Quatre pointed out that he had challenged Heero to something, and when Heero sets a goal, he would be determined to reach that goal no matter what the consequences were. So, Duo decided to take Quatre's advice and wait to see what Heero would do. "Give him some time and he'll come around." He told Duo. The longhaired man almost shook his head at that thought, but decided to go with it. When had Quatre ever steered him wrong? He slumped into the bedroom.

The damn bastard was still at his computer, typing… again! The bastard!

Duo groaned softly, trying to keep his eyes dry, and plopped himself into his bed. He was too exhausted mentally to even think up any kind of colorful monologue to call Heero. Like a motherfucking, testicle sucking, two faced, horned fornicating bastard! He was sure that sleep would be the best thing right now. Sleep and dreams… wonderful, happy dreams that would cause him to have a stiff one.

Duo sighed, turning onto his side so that he wasn't facing the still back of his partner. Duo scowled to himself, realizing that Heero looked cleaner and more prim than when he left. Before he shut his eyes, he wondered how Heero could just sit there after what they just went through and not say a thing. The bastard didn't even look at him. Not once did the left toe-sucking ass wipe bat an eyelash!

"Bastard…" Duo mumbled under a yawn, "Stupid… prick… stupid…"

He fell asleep.


Lying peacefully on his back, Duo groaned and stretched his legs, listening happily as they popped. He arched his upper torso, getting his back to crack, and then he went to move his arms…

He couldn't move them! It wasn't as if they were tied very tightly. He could probably release himself any time he wished. But when he opened his eyes just a crack, something, or rather someone, was looming over him. This immediately stopped the pulling on the soft cloths that bound him to the headboard of his bed.

Dark sapphires framed in unkempt and bouncy brown bangs. Only mere inches away from Duo's face was the one of his darkest, deepest desires… the one that wouldn't react when he gave up his virginity to… Heero Yuy was straddling his immobile body, on all fours. Duo was suddenly panic-struck! Was Heero going to abuse him after what he did? His eyes widened automatically in fear of what Heero was about to be bestowed upon his self. His mind whirled, `If he laid one hand on me, I'm breaking free!'

"It's ok, Duo…" Heero's gentle and reassuring voice reassured him, "I won't harm you. I wrapped your wrists in the softest material that I could find."

"Y-you're not mad?" Duo's voice cracked.

"No. If anything, I'm mad at myself for making you cry."


"Gomen nasai, Duo." Heero bent down and lightly bumped his nose against Duo's. He angled his face so that he could easily close the gap between them if he wanted. "It looks like I won the bet though, ne? What should my prize be?"

Duo gulped, feeling himself harden at Heero's last words. The way he looked, the heady smell, and the softness of his skin began to drive Duo crazy. He hated what the bastard did to him, or rather didn't do, but he felt his heart melting for the Perfect Soldier.

"What should it be, Duo?"

"Anou… M-Me?"

"Sounds fair. But how about this… you gave me your virginity, so now I can give you mine."

Duo's eyes widened even more, "Hee-Heero??"

"Does that sound good?"

"Demo… Hee-chan…"

Heero had his lips so close to Duo's that Duo could just barely feel the softness of them, "Answer me, Duo-chan…"

"Hai. It sounds good…" Duo whispered.

"Good. But this time…" Heero moved his hands up and grasped Duo's tied wrists, "I do all the work."

"Ano… demo…" before Duo could say anything more; Heero had closed the small gap between them. The pressure of the kiss was just as soft and gentle as the one that Duo gave Heero when he was sitting at his computer. But the only difference was that this one lasted much longer, and the slow sweeps of their lips were more passion filled.

Heero released Duo's now ruby lips and made a beeline straight down to kiss his chin. He nipped it gently before he moved down to his throat, leaving wet marks and kisses along the way. Just that act was getting Duo so hard that it ached. When Heero reached the middle of his lover's chest, Duo was arching his back- almost straining it. Duo couldn't hold in the low moans coming out of his mouth just as he couldn't help gripping the bed sheets when he balled his fists. And when Heero's lips and teeth found an erect nipple, and made love to is for a while, it sent an erotic shiver down his spine, making his toes curl.

"Heero… oh god, Heero… Heero…" Duo couldn't help panting over and over.

"Want me to do the same thing to your cock?" Heero muffled around the dusty pink nub.

"Oh yeah… please, Heero…" Duo grumbled.

"I can't hear you…" he continued to nurse on the sensitive flesh.

"Yes! Please!"

Heero chuckled wickedly, gliding a hand down his partner's sides. Duo jerked when Heero's hands found a ticklish spot, but his hands continued to move lower. They stopped right at the crease that divided Duo's hip and thighs, and then brought his hands around underneath to cup Duo's round and firm cheeks. Heero trailed more kisses down Duo's flat torso. He gave Duo's bellybutton a quick kiss along the way, and then stopped at his pelvis. He gnawed on the slightly loose flesh there for a while, making Duo jump, and then he finally lowered his face further.

As he listened to Duo's quickening pants, Heero slipped his thumbs around the elastic band of Duo's short, gray boxers. When he first tried to slide them down, they got hooked on Duo's fully erect cock. He pulled them up slightly to let the head of it poke out. Before he took them down the rest of the way, Heero gave the tip a long lick. He slowly wrapped his lips around it as he pulled Duo's boxers down around his knees.

Duo let out a loud groan as Heero slowly took his arousal into his mouth, and at the same time, he ran his hands all over the skin of Duo's thighs and the side of his body. Duo couldn't lie still if he tried. He didn't know how Heero could do it last time, but Duo didn't want to stay quiet. He had no idea how Heero was doing what he was doing, but it felt really good.

Duo almost forgot that he was tied to the bed and he went to move an arm but it got tugged back. He wanted to run his fingers through those unruly locks badly. He used a finger to feel around the knot that was done around his wrist and realized that it was a very simple knot, one that he could easily get out of. But the whole deal of him being tied up by such soft cloth, by Heero, made this more fun. He could get out of these but he chose not to. It felt even better when he decided to stay put and not get free. He would surrender to Heero willingly.

In his clouded state, Duo failed to realize that Heero was gone for a mere second and back again, with something in his hand. He recognized it right away when he felt something cool touch his aching arousal. It must have been his own lube, because he immediately knew that scent anywhere. Not only that, but he was sure that Heero didn't own any tube of lube.

The feel of Heero's hand clenched tightly around his erection, pumping slowly with even strokes, was driving him slowly insane. He wanted to touch Heero so badly that he started to strain a bit against the bindings. Heero noticed this almost immediately, so he laced his fingers in Duo's.

"It's ok… don't struggle. Everything will be fine."

"I wanna touch you, Heero… please let me." he gasped.

"No… I'm gonna do all the work, just like I promised. Just relax and enjoy what I'm giving you."

"I could easily break free, you know. But I decided not to." Duo couldn't help telling him.

"Oh? I'm glad that you're going along with this then." Heero lowered himself down to take Duo's lips again. They were so soft and warm; Heero couldn't imagine why he didn't notice that when Duo first kissed him. When he released Duo's mouth he said, "You taste so sweet… for the God of Death. I guess I've always loved to play with death, ne? If I could, I'd savor every inch of you…"


"Why what?" Heero kissed him again.

"Why are you being so nice and… and… so passionate?"

"I've always wanted to be this way with you. I had to summon all of my will power to win that bet with you. I was totally breathless when you left."

Duo's eyes grew, "Bastard! You were feeling something the whole time and you… you… YOU BASTARD!"

Heero moved quickly and sucked lovingly on Duo's neck. The longhaired pilot gasped, throwing his head back as Heero's sunk his teeth into his tender flesh.

"Do you know how much that turns me on?" Heero whispered in his ear. "When you were on my lap calling me all those names, I nearly grabbed you and threw you on the bed. You're so attractive when you're angry and vulgar." He kissed his way down Duo's body again, "Go ahead… tell me what trash I am again, call me a bastard… thrash under me…"

"Heero… you're such a hentai."

"You can do better than that." Heero smirked; "Say all those names again… the ones you used when you got pissed…" he bit down on his nipple.

Duo hissed, "Asshole! Stop it and sit on my dick already!"

Heero grinned, "Say it again…" he nipped his stomach.

"You're gonna leave welts, you bastard!" Duo actually was getting mad, but he was emphasizing it just for him.

Heero growled savagely as he took Duo's mouth with his own. He tried to stick his tongue down Duo's throat while he positioned himself over Duo's lubed erection. Heero desperately wanted to stick his own cock into Duo's warm body, but he already promised Duo that he would give his virginity to him. He still had his hands tightly in Duo's as he began to ease himself down onto that waiting cock. While he was busy kissing and teasing before, Heero had secretly already lubed himself as well as he could. He didn't want to prepare himself too much; he wanted Duo's cock to be the one to open him and stretch his insides, no matter how much it would hurt.

Heero grit his teeth in pain. He deserved this, he knew, he deserved all kinds of torture and pain for hurting the only one he ever felt close to. The only one that got his heart beating fast with just a simple shake of his head or a wink of an eye. He watched as Duo's eyes screwed shut, mouth hanging open, chest heaving all at once from the feeling that he was giving him. Heero wanted to give him all the pleasure he could, even if it would hurt him. So, he let gravity take over, and he pierced himself heavily and quickly the rest of the way. Heero cried out the same time that Duo groaned.

That tight feeling around his cock was too much, making Duo whimper. He understood what Heero was going through, so he waited until Heero was ready. He wanted to jerk his hips upward into that warm body that was squeezing him, but he decided to keep still. He watched Heero's chest heave uneasily, he watched as a sheen of sweat began to develop on his skin and a bead trickle down the side of his face. He was trying his best to make it up to him, and this made Duo smile.

"You feel like Heaven." Duo gasped.

"Then welcome home, Duo, my love."

"Heero…" he panted, the corner of his mouth turning up.

"Yes, Duo-chan?" Heero smirked back.

"You're still a bastard."


"And I'm gonna make you wish you lost that bet." Duo brought his knees up, shifting his ass underneath Heero.

"D-Duo?" Heero blinked. Before he could say anything else, he felt his body being thrown forward as Duo instantly snapped his hips up. Heero brought his hands forward to catch the headboard. He gripped the edge of it as Duo continued to move his lower half up and down in an even pace. It wasn't too slow, and it wasn't very fast… but it was enough to make Heero groan out loud, as he felt the mixture of pain and pleasure. He looked down and saw that Duo had gripped the bounds, using them as leverage.

Duo thrust himself up as hard as he could, relishing in the feel of that tight heat squeezing his cock. He couldn't help himself as he continued to lunge harder and harder. But before he could pick up the pace, Heero halted him as best he could with his weight.


"You're not supposed to be doing any work." He glared.

"Gomen." Duo flushed, "But I couldn't help it… I guess I don't have as much will power as you do."

"More than you think." Heero caressed the side of his lover's face, "You didn't break your binds."

Duo sighed, "Yeah. I keep losing." He looked away.

Heero leaned down, entwining his fingers in Duo's once more, and then lightly pressed his lips in the middle of his cheek. Duo looked over at him without moving his head, eyes widening.

"I love you, Duo. And you know what else?"

"What's that?"

"You're mine."

Duo smirked, "Possessive bastard."

"And you love it." Heero started to move, slowly riding Duo's cock.

"Faster…" Duo smiled, "Heero, my bastard… give me more… tilt your body back, arc it… yeah, like that… bounce harder…" Duo was gripping his bounds so tightly that his knuckles were turning white. "Touch yourself, Heero… show it off proudly… your cock is so big…" Duo shut his eyes, resisting the urge to thrust his hips upward.

"Oh gods, Duo…" Heero did all what Duo told him to do, and more. He could feel Duo's body shivering and shaking a bit. Then he felt it… something warm filling him inside. Then he knew that Duo came. He stroked himself harder when he noticed that Duo was watching him. "Did you just come?" Heero asked.

"Hai." Duo smirked.

Heero let himself go, coming so hard that he thought that he would blackout. He felt his cheeks flush from giving Duo a show like that. He looked down and saw that Duo was grinning malevolently up at him.

"Nani, Duo?"

"Taste your own semen."

Heero's gasped, "D-Duo??"

"Do it." He licked his lips.

Heero couldn't resist the longhaired siren and he swiped a finger across Duo's abdomen, dragging it through a load of his own essence. He slowly brought the white covered finger up to his lips, opening his mouth a tad to bring out the tip of his tongue, and tasted himself.

"Do you like it?"

Heero smirked, "Aa. Would you like some?"

"No thanks…" but Heero already had trailed his finger through the liquidy semen and pressed it over Duo's lips. He had no choice but to taste it.

"You like?" Heero smirked.

Duo smacked his lips, "Salty."

Heero moved down to cuddle up against his lover, "Ai shiteru, Duo. Zutto."

Duo chuckled, "Same here, Heero. Zutto."


"So how'd it go? Everything work out fine?" Quatre asked. He was just finishing up on his book.

"Everything went well. Better than that even." Duo smiled. He sat down on the couch next to his blond friend.

"Good." Quatre sighed, "So I suppose this means that I'll be hearing you two almost every night from now on."

"Maybe. We aren't too sure about how serious we should be right now."

"You love him don't you?"

"Of course. We told each other that, but… we need to be careful."

"Well, good luck to you two. I hope that it develops into something more."

"Me too. To be honest, Heero sometimes scares me." he stood up and walked toward the kitchen.

"What are your plans tonight then?" Quatre asked before his friend could disappear around the corner.

Duo turned back around, "Not sure. But as far as I know, there will be whipped cream, a blind fold, a whip, a cock ring, and an eight ounce tube of lube involved."

Quatre blinked at the retreating form of Duo, and then smiled.




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