Title: Male Dominance
Author: Lunadeath (Lunadeath02@aol.com)
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Category: lemon, slight angst, Shonenai, slight sap, PWP, slight fluff (?)
Rating: NC-17
Pairings: 1x2x1
Warnings: A whole lot of naughty stuff going on, cursing
Spoilers: none
Disclaimers: I do NOT own the GW characters here, but I do own Duo Maxwell In A Can! I think. ^__^
Notes: Um… Um… Um…

Quick description: Heero and Duo wrestle for dominance. Only one wins… or will he?

Duo walked around the little apartment, which he shared with Heero, with a medium-sized spray can in his hand. He looked around the place that he had been calling home for the past few months, noticing how Heero liked leaving little reminders around to show that HE ruled the roost. Well, not for long! Duo may have a bit more stuff then Heero, but at least he had the decency to have it packed away in his closet and under his bed. The pictures on the walls were Heero's, the books packed neatly in the bookcase were Heero's, the couch was Heero's, the TV was Heero's, and the stereo... ok that was his.

The table and chairs were Heero's, most of the kitchen utensils and appliances were Heero's, except for the toaster oven and wine rack. The recliner was Heero's, most of the towels were Heero's, and the plants that were potted or hung here and there were Heero's. Well, Duo was ready to show him that he wasn't about to put up with all of this for long! Duo was getting sick of being the `second-rate' male around there. And there were times when Heero even went as far as treating him like he was a woman! Duo didn't even want to go there, yet.

So with spray can in hand, he walked around the living room and dining room areas, spritzing things with it. The liquid remarkably smelt just like Duo. He spent weeks slaving and working hard in Dr. G's lab to come up with the invention: Duo Maxwell In A Can! He remembered how cats liked to mark their territory with their scent, and he pretty much couldn't go around peeing on everything! So, that was how he came up with the whole idea.

"This is mine… this is now mine… this is mine… and this is mine…" Duo smiled wickedly as he strutted around, continuing to douse things left and right.

He had finally finished with marking things in the unoccupied areas, and he had only one place left. The bedroom.

Duo opened the door a bit, peeking one dark violet eye through the crack. His partner was sitting next to the computer, looking like he was waiting for something to finish printing. Just as quietly as he could, Duo snuck into the room, still armed with the spray can.

He tiptoed over to Heero's side of the room, eyeing the neatness of it all before he started to spray a mist gently over the bed.

"What, in the name of all that's incredibly holy, ARE you doing?"

Duo turned sharply at the tone of his comrade's voice and gave him a toothy grin before plopping himself onto Heero's bed. He held the spray can up and started to squirt out more of his essence.

"Why, Heero, I'm just doing what any normal male would do in this situation."

Heero lifted an eyebrow, "In what situation?"

"Why, living with another male, silly!" Duo smiled.

Heero turned a bit in his chair so that he could face Duo better, "Are you supposed to be doing that?"

"Um… well, not all men do it like this, but they should."

Heero's nose wrinkled, "What ARE you spraying anyways?"


"Excuse me?"

"I'm spraying my scent! Cool huh?"

"Explain." Heero folded his arms over his chest. He was beginning to get a little lost with what his roommate was doing.

Duo sighed, "Ok. It's simple, really. I have grown tired of you always being the more dominate around here, so I used my old instructor's lab to create a substance that smells like me. This stuff," he held up the can and shook it slightly, "Is made directly from my own DNA and body oils. Pretty ingenious, ain't I?"

"So you're going around dousing MY stuff with YOUR odor?"

"Yes!" Duo huffed. "Now he gets it!" He squirted a bit over Heero's nightstand that had his lamp and alarm clock sitting on it.

"Duo, stop! Isn't there any other way you can do this without putting your scent all over my stuff? Like taking some of your things from the closet and hanging them or setting them up?"

Duo shook his head, "Most of what I have stored, you have out in the living room and the other rooms already. I just can't stand being the subordinate male anymore! I will not allow you to be the head of the roost any longer! From now on, I shall be the cock of the walk!"

Heero smirked, "Oh? But aren't males supposed to fight for dominancy?"

"I…" Duo's eyes widened, "Uh, not to sound like a chicken or anything, but I know that you'd win, hands down. In a fight anyways. Um…" Duo smiled, the gears in his head were in motion and an idea hit him like a mad truck. "There are… other ways that one can show dominancy, but… that is something I know that you'd never do. Which is a shame because I know that I'd win, if we did."

"If we did what?" Heero turned his chair so that his whole body was facing the braided one.

"You know how some male animals show their dominance by… humping?" Duo gave his friend a cheeky grin.

"Humping??" Heero blinked wide-eyed.

"Or maybe just some fun wrestling." Duo tried to cover up so he didn't get punched in the face. Instead of Heero's fist heading toward his nose, Heero gave him a smirk.

"And you think you'd win?"

Duo smiled, trying to cover up the nervousness he felt, "Yup! I'd have no problems there!"

Heero stood up, "You think so?"

Duo `eeped' a bit, the Duo-In-A-Can slipped from his fingers and landed on the carpet. He nodded his head slowly, all the time trying to keep his eyes locked on the other teen's. He could clearly tell by the taut posture of Heero's body that he was getting ready to pounce on him. He moved more on the bed, on his knees, getting ready for Heero to strike. The other ex-pilot looked as if he was real sure of himself, but Duo had a plan that would make Heero's backfire on him.

When Heero did move, it wasn't a major `pounce' as Duo feared, but the grip on his shoulders were harsh, and the jerking motions he did to make Duo topple over were strong. Before Duo knew it, he was on his back, pinned down with Heero's firm hold. He tried to bring his feet under him in a sturdy stance and lift his body up, but Heero proved to be the more powerful one.

"So," Heero smiled, almost too smugly, "You think you're the more dominate one now?"

Duo glared, "I have yet begun to fight!"

"So you DO wanna fight?"

"Wrestle! Wrestle!" Duo tried to correct.

"Hn. Go ahead and try. It won't take too long anyways."

"Damn you!" Duo struggled under Heero's firm grip and tried to use all the street smarts that he had. He'd wrestled guys twice his size before, and they were stronger than him too, so this shouldn't be any different. It shouldn't be, but Duo knew that this was Heero, and Heero was way stronger than the average human being. He refused to be subordinate to anyone! Most of his life he had been the head-male, and even when he was with Solo he didn't feel so second-rate. They were more like equals when Solo was still alive. But since his friends' death, Duo had always been the dominate one in any situation and in any group. Well, that was, until now… until after the wars.

"Give up yet?" Heero snickered, obviously enjoying the way Duo was trying his hardest but wasn't succeeding.

"Never! I WILL win, damn it all! I will!!"

Heero seemed too cocky to the longhaired man and he wanted to do something to take him by surprise so that he had time to turn the tables on him. The gears in his head started to spin again, and remembering mentioning `humping' to Heero gave him an idea. It wasn't necessarily a `good' idea, but it was one nonetheless. He had to try!

Duo turned his head to one side, his cheek brushing slightly against one of Heero's knuckles, and pressed his lips lightly to a finger. The action did what Duo was hoping: it shocked the hell out of his roommate. But the shock was transformed into an instant glare, locking eyes with the other male like they were two alley cats about to get into a brawl. Duo felt as if his hackles were up, and if his braid were a tail, it would be standing up on end and frizzed. He heard Heero growl.

Before Duo could say anything, or even react, Heero had lifted him up and plastered his back and backside to the wall that the bed was up against. The sudden blow knocked some of the wind out of Duo and Heero's claws were scratching down his chest and abdomen. Duo hissed, about to throw a punch when Heero's lips latched onto the side of his neck. He felt his knees giving way under the soft bed sheets, his hands clamming up and clenching Heero's upper arms tensely, and his heart jumped up into his throat.

Heero was desperately trying his hardest to show Duo that he was the dominate one of this living situation. If this was what Duo wanted him to do to prove his superiority, then that was what he'd do! He moved a hand up to grasp the back of the braided one's neck, feeling the little hairs on the back of it standing up. He must have been irking the other man by doing this, but Duo was the one that started it, and he was about to show him what a mistake it was. Heero was determined to finish what the baka started!

"Heero…" Duo grounded out, "You're not being fair…"

Heero suppressed a chuckle, "Yes I am. This is your game, isn't it?" He bit down on a tender spot, making Duo arc into the warmth of the body in front of him.

Duo turned his head to the opposite direction of Heero's, shutting his eyes, trying to defy the other male. Those warm and calloused hands roamed lower, feeling every inch of his skin, getting his muscles to tense at the slightest squeeze. Duo panted, almost harshly, feeling himself about ready to surrender his all to the other man, wanting to hear Heero's breath get rougher as he panted in his ear. Although his body was ready to let Heero take control, he wasn't about to. He had a plan.

"Ohh, Heero… god, that feels good." Heero's ministrations got harsher, just as Duo planned. Heero gripped his ass with both hands, bringing his body up closer to Heero's. Their bulges nudged one another's, making Duo gasp from the slight friction. "Mmm…" Duo shifted his hips, and then wrapped his arms around Heero's neck. Their glittering and lust-filled eyes bore into each other's for a split second before their open mouths clashed together. Tongues dueled in the wet battlefield while their hands continued to touch and grope one another. Heero's hand found the edge of Duo's shirt, pulling it out of Duo's pants, and then began to unbutton them. Duo let Heero slide his shirt over his shoulders, baring his creamy skin for his lips to attack. Duo let out another hiss and pawed at Heero's strong back, descending further and further until he found his tight ass.

"Oh, you're such an animal…" Duo groaned. He wanted to let Heero figure that he was winning, was having the upper hand in the situation. He WAS having fun, no doubts there, and it was feeling mighty good. He mentally told himself to enjoy it while he could, because part B of his plan was about to commence.

Heero stripped the other man of his pants and then wasting no time, he slipped Duo's boxers off. Duo gasped, sounding somewhat surprised at his actions, but then began to moan again as he moved his hand down that flat chest of his, brushing slightly against an erect nipple as he made his way down his body. Duo raised himself up more onto Heero's lap, lifting his knees as if he were indicating that Heero had won, and that he gave up.

"You surrendering?" Heero said gruffly.

"Yes, oh my god, yes… take me, please…" Duo shivered.

Heero was smirking. It was a triumphant and smug smirk, but he was not at all surprised that Duo had given up to him. He WAS the more dominate male, after all. And he knew that Duo was no dummy, and that Duo knew he didn't stand a chance with him.

"It will be my pleasure. I will take you… hard and relentless."

Duo squirmed on Heero's lap, getting his attention southward. Duo's erection was so hard that he thought about actually giving up, but he couldn't. His ego wouldn't permit him to, as much as he'd like to. He opened his eyes to meet Heero's, smiling at him as cute as he could, batting his lashes.

Heero smiled back slightly, bringing his hand down to catch Duo's hardened sex. He stroked the crown of Duo's cock slowly, watching as Duo's head snapped back, hitting the wall behind him, gurgling out a moan. Duo would soon learn that he was `top cat', and the dominate dispute would be over. He watched for a few more minutes, finally realizing just how beautiful Duo actually was as he withered on his lap. It was all because of him.

Duo grinned, deciding to put the next part of his plan into play. He looked back into Heero's eyes as sultry as he could. He raised an arm and pointed toward the dresser that he and Heero shared.

"Lube… bottom drawer… under my comic stash. Please hurry."

Heero nodded, "Mission accepted."

Heero moved away from Duo's trembling form to lean over the bed and open the dresser drawer. Duo took that opportunity to slowly move away from the wall, waiting for him to get the lube out. When Heero finally got a hold of the tube and started to turn back to his partner, he suddenly felt Duo grab onto his wrist and twist it in a way that actually shocked the hell out of him. Duo moved quickly, making Heero lose his balance on his knees, and soon he was face down on his pillow.

Duo held onto Heero's wrist, twisting it behind his back when he fell, and snatched the lube out of his hand. Heero was now kneeling, face down, and slinging a bunch of insults in different types of languages at him.

"Thanks for getting the lube, Hee-chan!" Duo said gleefully, "I think that you'll be needing it."

"Bakayaro!" Heero cursed. "You tricked me!"

"Duh!" Duo snickered. "You really think I would give up `that' easily? You don't know me that well, do you Heero?"

"Baka! Temee! Onore!"

"Sweet talk will get you no where." Duo flipped open the cap with his thumb, and then quickly applied the slick substance onto his arousal. Still with his one hand holding Heero's wrist back, he tried to apply a reasonable amount onto Heero's puckered entrance with the other. "Now stay still and relax, I'm gonna try and prepare you…"

"I know what you're doing, baka!" Heero growled. "And I'm not gonna let you!" He squirmed, trying to get himself up with his other hand. He gasped when he felt a finger enter his body and begin searching around inside. Heero froze when the finger found what it was looking for, brushing lightly against it.

"I told you to hold still. Don't you listen?" Duo pushed his finger in and out slowly, "Now just lay there and take it like a man."

"I don't have to take shit from you!" Heero snarled, moving a leg to hook around Duo's waist and push him far enough away so that he could turn around and seize his partner's shoulders.

Duo was taken back, not fully believing that Heero actually did that, for only a while until he felt himself literally getting picked up and then dropped onto the bed. Heero grabbed onto his wrists and pinned them above his head with one hand, and then grabbed Duo's shaft with his other.

"NO! You can't do that!"

"I can and I did… baka." Heero grinned devilishly.

"Heero!!" Duo growled, desperately thrashing underneath him. "I won! I was preparing you and everything!"

"That doesn't mean that you won." Heero said, gathering up some of the lube from Duo's erection. He began to quickly smear it around Duo's cherry opening. Duo tried to keep his legs, or rather his butt cheeks, closed tight, but Heero kept his thighs spread apart with his own. "The winner is declared when he penetrates the other. You were close, Maxwell, but not close enough. I win."

"No!" Duo shut his eyes tightly, gritting his teeth.

Heero took some of the lube off of himself and coated his own erection as best and fast as he could, "Yes. Surrender your all to me, Duo. I am the dominate one." Slowly, Heero began to insert the head of his cock inside of Duo's body.

"N-Never… I have always been the dominate male… I always am, always will be… I am…"

"About to surrender for the first time… to me." The head of Heero's penis slid into Duo's warm body. Duo tried to struggle free, but Heero was way too strong. The cock continued to push in further, opening him wide, stretching him. Duo was getting frustrated with the turn of events and he looked up and glared at the other male.

"You haven't won yet, Heero." He panted.

"I think I have. I'm dominating you, aren't I?"


"So are you." Heero smirked.

Duo gave him a half smile, "Oh, shut up and come here." He puckered his lips. Heero easily gave in and leaned down to claim that mouth again. The heated kiss ensued while Heero finally seated himself all the way inside of Duo's body.

Duo flexed his inner muscles, squeezing Heero's length. Heero gasped, letting go of Duo's lips, and he looked down to stare accusingly at his sex partner. Duo grinned, loving the way Heero was looking at him. He still had an idea that would get him to succeed, even though he had Heero's hardness deep inside of him.

"New rule," Duo smiled, "The one that cums inside the subordinate wins." With that, he slipped around Heero's side, pulling himself free from the other man, and wrapped his arms completely around Heero's upper body- pinning his arms to his sides.

"Duo no baka! You're not supposed to make up new rules in the middle of everything!" Heero looked back, sneering.

"Tisk, tisk, Hee-chan."

"I… I penetrated you…"

"Are you pouting?"

Heero gasped softly, biting his lower lip, "I… No… I thought once I had you… I thought…"

"Never underestimate Shinigami. Especially a horny Shinigami!" Duo grinned wickedly as he pushed the still startled Heero back down onto the bed, and since they were both still lubed up, he pushed his arousal into Heero's tight heat.

"Ah… Ugh… You're not… gonna win… I will never, ever… surrender…"

Duo thrust his hips forward, "Sorry, Hee-chan, but it looks like you are." He began to fuck him gently, making sure that he was hitting Heero's prostate with every hit.

Heero was red from anger and his erotic state. He couldn't believe how fast Duo could move, and he was underneath him at the time… inside of him too! Heero had a feeling that Duo was able to do that because he let his guard down, and he let it down because he thought that the wrestling was over, that he had won and Duo was surrendering. He gripped the sheets below him, almost ripping them as Duo started to pick up the pace. He knew that if he didn't do something real soon, Duo would find his release and be claimed the victor.

Just as Duo was about to spray his essence into Heero's shaking body, Heero pulled away. Duo gasped, finding himself unable to stop coming as he coated the outside rim of Heero's sticky entrance. When his intense orgasm subsided, he smacked Heero hard on the butt.

"Why the hell did you do that??"

"You said that when one cums into the other, he wins. Well, you didn't come `inside' of me; you came `on' me. So you didn't win."

"You fucking prick! No fair using MY rules against me!"

Heero turned around sharply, grabbing onto Duo's knees and flipping him onto his back. They wrestled for a bit, flailing their arms and hands together, kicking around the bed sheets, making some of them fall to the floor. They smacked one another, flipped one another around repeatedly, bit each other in certain areas, and kicked at one another until Heero had Duo backed up into a corner. Heero lifted his legs up, almost squishing him into the corner, and moved between them. With nowhere to move or slip away, Heero was able to anchor him there, and push his raging cock into that tight heat once more.

"You put up a good fight, Duo. I'm surprised that you lasted this long against me. It's too bad that all that struggling was for nothing."

"It wasn't for nothing, damn it! I won and you just can't admit it!"

"You're a sore loser." Heero pushed deeper into Duo.

"Well so are you!" Duo grunted as Heero sped up his thrusting.

Heero was so close, he could feel it. His muscles tightened and his whole lower body went into convulsions as he was about to release his seed deep into his lover's body.

Duo smiled, understanding what Heero was about to do, so he took a hold of Heero's penis right when it was pulled out slightly, and he pushed on it so that it came all the way out. During the frantic thrusting, Heero had no time to try sticking it in again, as the head of his cock moved upward over Duo's balls when he came. Heero's semen came pouring out and all over Duo's private area and pubic hairs.

"SHIT!" Heero shouted. He was seeing red now, and it wasn't pretty.

Duo held his hands up, preparing for a blow that was sure to happen, "Ok, calm down, Heero… I just couldn't resist. Also, I didn't want you to win, just like you didn't want me to. So, could we just call it a draw for now? We can try again later, ne?"

Heero panted, trying to stay calm, "I guess…"

Duo brought his hands back down, sighing in relief. The moment his guard was down, Heero smacked him across the face.

"Hey! Bastard!" Duo went to through a punch, but Heero caught his fist. Heero twirled him so that his arms were wrapped tightly around himself. Heero pulled Duo's body taut against his and met those glaring violet-blue orbs. He moved forward and kissed the end of Duo's nose.

"I haven't had that much fun in a long time. Thank you, Duo."

Duo blinked owlishly, "Nani?"

"We'll try your dominance thing again, but for now, you're just gonna have to keep competing."

"You sound so happy about that." Duo raised an eyebrow.

"I never thought that being with another man was gonna be like this. I'm really enjoying it."

Duo's eyes softened, "Heero… are you… falling in love with me?"

Heero shrugged, "Maybe. Time will tell."

"So it's a tie." Duo sighed.

"I guess so."

They stared at one another until they both started to laugh.

"I was a jerk, I'm sorry Heero."

"It's ok. I was being one too."

"You know… we could become equal. I've done that before."


"Yeah. I do you and you do me. What do ya say? Cause it looked as though that's how it went when we were fighting for dominance."

"Yes, it looked like it."

Duo held Heero closer, "I'm willing to try if you are."

Heero smiled, "Sounds fair to me. Just… get rid of that You In a Can."

Duo chuckled.




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