Like a ship out of water

Contents: Shonen ai, fluff
Author: Luna
Pairings: 1+2
Archived: http://www.heavenlycreature.net , I love bishonen, and the DHML
Disclaimer: I don't own GW or its characters. ><

"Yes, Heero? Did you want me?" Duo wandered into the dimly lit room that they shared.

"Yes I do." Heero finally replied, still typing away on his keyboard.

"Well?" Duo asked when he didn't get much more of an answer.

"I said yes, Duo. I want you."


"And what?"

"Wasn't there anything else?"


Duo harrumphed and then walked out.

An hour later, Heero called for Duo again. Duo came in, half expecting for Heero to have finally made up his mind.

"What is it, Heero?"

"I want you." Heero exclaimed.

"Ok…for what?"

"I just told you."

"Told me what?"

"What I want."


"I said I want you."

"I give up!" Duo stomped out.

Heero smirked slightly.

Another hour later, Duo came storming into the room again.

"This better be good! What is it??"

"I didn't give you permission to leave last time."

"You never told me what you wanted."

"Yes I did, Duo! I said I want you!"

"That doesn't tell me much."

Heero sighed, grabbed a piece of paper and promptly began to write something down on it. "Let me spell it out to you then…in English so you can understand!" Heero heard Duo huff at that response. He acted as if he couldn't understand what he was saying in Japanese. "HERE!" Heero handed the piece of paper to him. In big black letters was spelt out, in English:


"Ok Heero. I really don't know what kind of game you're playing so you better have a very good explanation for this."

"You really don't get it, do you?" Heero sighed. He brought up something on the computer screen to show him. It was a picture of a ship and next to the ship was a body of water. "Ok, here's a better explanation." He pointed at the first picture with a pencil. "You know what this is right?"

"That's a ship, duh." Duo leered.

"That's me. Pretend I'm the ship."

"You're really losing it, Heero."

"Humor me."

"Aa. Sure." Duo chuckled slightly.

"The ship is like me. It's strong, sturdy, hard to damage, and expressionless. Does it say anything?"

Duo snickered, "Well, it toots."

"Duo…I know what's running through your mind, so knock it off. But yes, it makes a sound once in a while. Just to let others know that it's there." He points to the other picture, "Let's say that this body of water is you."

Duo laughed out loud, "Sure, Heero! Whatever!"

"Water is lively, unpredictable, talkative…"

"Wait, wait…how is water talkative?"

"Ever heard of a babbling brook?"

"Very funny, Heero."

"Seriously though, the oceans and lakes are noisy. You hear the waves crashing and the sounds of the water flowing back and forth."

"Ok, so I'm the water. What's all this gotta do with everything?"

Heero pointed to the ship again, "What does the ship need to work properly?"

Duo sighed, "A good engineer."

"No, Duo. It needs water." He points to the body of water, "This body of water is you, Duo. Therefore…" Heero paused in hopes that Duo would catch on. When Duo didn't say anything, Heero finished for him anyways, "Therefore, Duo…The ship, which is me, cannot work well without the ocean, which is you. Do you understand now?"

"I think so…"

Heero almost smiled, glad that Duo finally got the hint. "Good. So what do you want to do tonight?"

"As the body of water…I'd like to go run downstream for a while."

Heero raised an eyebrow at his remark, and then watched as Duo skipped out of the room,

"Don't ice up on me, Duo. Water will always return to the source. No matter how long it takes."