Title: Laptop love
Author: Lunadeath (Lunadeath02@aol.com)
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Category: lemon, slight angst, Shonenai, slight sap, PWP (?)
Rating: NC-17
Pairings: 1x2
Warnings: slightly bastardized Heero, Bad language (when isn't there cursing?), slightly weepy Duo (they're tears of frustration, ok? -_-)
Spoilers: none
Notes: Thanks go to Brandy (Verdandi) for helping me with some of this. All of the naughty stuff was from my demented head, however. Also, note that Heero really isn't as much the bastard as one thinks. Enjoy! ^_^

Extra notes: Btw- a part of this story (the kiss) goes with a certain picture from a dj. The picture can be found at Moments of Rapture (http://zerotwofan.com/rapture/). It is on the third page, it's called Want to love, cannot love. Art is by Finder-W.

Special thanks goes to my new beta reader! Thank you fallen angel!


"I said NO."

"Oh come on! You can stand to be without your laptop for awhile, can't you?"

"I'm busy right now, Duo. So go away!"

"Hmph… you mean there's no way I'll move you?"

"No. No matter WHAT you do, I will not move from this spot!"

Duo's eyes lit up, "Nothing? I can do anything to you and you won't move?"

"Hai. So don't even try. It's futile."

Duo snickered. Oh my god, he was making it easy for me! I can't believe this! "I can do anything I want, ne? Ok… you got yourself a deal." He rubbed his hands together evilly. Duo had been dying to touch the perfect soldier ever since he first seen him lying on the hospital bed during the war. Whether it was lust or love that was egging him on now, he wasn't sure. All he knew was that the star of his dreams was now allowing him to do whatever he wanted!

Heero did not miss that look in his partner's eyes, `Kami-sama… what did I just get myself into?' He groaned to himself.

Duo moved so that his face was right in front of Heero's. But the stoic teen was still typing. This surprised the braided one and he looked back to see that Heero's fingers were still going.

"Oi, Heero… you're still typing?? Even when I'm in the way?"


Duo turned back to stare into those adorable blue eyes, "Ne, Hee-ro… we'll see who wins." With that, he moved his hand across Heero's face and started to play with his ear. In his eyes, Duo could tell that he was a bit shocked, but he didn't budge. Duo moved closer to his face, so close that he smelled Heero's own breath. It was kind of tangy and sweet at the same time. Duo grinned, not able to hold himself back any longer, and he tilted Heero's head a bit, pressing his lips firmly, but not roughly, over Heero's. It was just as Duo had guessed, perhaps better. Heero wasn't responding, but he wasn't resisting either. Heero's lips were parted just enough so that Duo could taste the warmth within. He darted his tongue a bit around the corners of Heero's lips, but he still didn't respond.

Duo couldn't hear the typing of keys for a moment, but when he was finished, Heero started up again. Duo placed his hands on his hips, growling under his breath. He just couldn't believe that Heero brushed him off like that! That was Heero's first kiss, and he didn't even seem to care!

"I won't give up, Heero." Duo said, almost deadly. He moved to Heero's face again, and started to plant little kisses all around his cheek and jaw. He went lower to his neck, and started to suck gently. He still got no reaction. "Ok you bastard, time to pull all the stops!" He went down on his knees and then crawled underneath Heero's desk.

Heero didn't seem to care what Duo was doing. He secretly hoped that Duo wasn't going to unplug his laptop. If he did, he would definitely kill him. Suddenly he felt hands on his knees. Heero looked down to see the grinning baka looking up at him, head resting between his thighs.

Duo slowly brought his face up to the zipper on Heero's jeans, and then he opened his mouth slowly. Heero moved his eyes back to his computer screen. He didn't wish to see what Duo was about to do. He wanted to win this silly contest of his, if it was the last thing he did!

Duo pulled back the jeans' crease, found the zipper with his teeth, and then pulled it down. He used his thumbs to move the fabric away, and then used his mouth again to pull down the front of Heero's briefs. The cooler air hit the warm flesh, making Heero shiver slightly. He shifted a bit on his chair, forcing his eyes to stay fixed on his laptop's screen. He was NOT going to let Duo win this. He refused!

Heero had to swallow a hiss as Duo gently wrapped his lips around the head of his penis. `Shit! First that amazing kiss, and now this! K'so!'

Duo noticed that Heero wasn't moving a muscle, but he could see in his eyes that he was struggling a bit. He snickered softly, determined to make Heero crack, and then, very carefully, he began to take him in his mouth. He gulped, slipping that rock hard arousal further into his throat. He would win, he just had to!

But Heero didn't budge. He continued to type on his laptop as if nothing was going on. He wanted to jerk his hips up into that warm mouth so badly. But he wanted to show Duo that he meant what he said, and so he stayed seated like before, typing away on the keyboard.

Duo felt Heero's cock enlarge to the max, but Heero was still not moving. This was frustrating as all get out! He decided, as he swallowed his pride (and some of Heero's pre-cum), that he would take drastic measures and go all the way! Even if it'll cost him some aches and pains! He crawled out from under the desk and quickly went to his dresser drawer.

He took out a tube that he'd been saving for an emergency and then jogged back over to Heero. He stripped himself of all of his clothing, as slowly as possible next to Heero, trying to see if that'll do anything. When the strip tease failed, he bent over, with his hands on the desk, and proceeded to lube himself up.

Hoping to catch Heero's eye, the longhaired pilot slipped two fingers inside his own entrance. He grimaced a bit from the feeling of opening himself, but then the two digits started to slide more easily back and forth. The tip of his middle finger just barely touched his prostate, making his eyes fly open as he let out a small gasp. He turned his head to see if Heero was paying attention or not. For a second it looked as if Heero had just looked away from him. Resolving to finally having his way with the Wing pilot, he slipped around Heero's front and straddled him.

Duo's naked body encountered Heero's, his own cock was against Heero's shirt, and then he squeezed some lubrication onto his fingers. He quickly put some of the slippery substance on Heero's erection. He stroked him slowly, trying to get some kind of reaction. He thought he saw something, but he wasn't sure. He brought his lips over to Heero's ear again and softly began to lick and nibble.

"Heero… my buddy pal… how can you just sit here when I'm doing this to you? Don't you want to wrap your arms around me? Don't you want to push me onto the bed and fuck me through the mattress? Wouldn't you love to make me scream my lungs out with your teasing thrusts and sweet mouth? You do want me, don't you?"

Duo got no reply.

"I'm gonna sit myself onto your big cock, Heero…" Duo purred into his ear. He still got no reply. Not even a grunt. "Ok, here I go, Hee-stud!" Duo braced himself up by putting his hands onto Heero's shoulders. He aimed his well-lubed entrance over the tip of Heero's arousal and carefully began to impale himself on it.

Duo grit his teeth, feeling the width of Heero's cock slowly splitting him open. He threw his head back, gasping and groaning none too quietly. He wanted to let Heero know just how this was affecting him. It hurt more than he thought, but he knew that the pain would soon be over with. `This should produce some kind of reaction!' He was very determined to win, but then again, he never said what the winner would get. From what it seemed like, he was going to have a sore ass, whether he won or lost.

The longhaired teen finally seated himself all the way on Heero's erection. He shifted a bit, gradually getting himself used to the feel of being impaled. The head of Heero's cock brushed up against the sensitive nub inside of his body. All feelings of pain had been masked with that one incredible sensation. "Aren't you enjoying this, Heero? Doesn't this feel good?" Duo whispered, and then kissed right below his ear. He finally started to move, lifting himself up, Heero's cock slowly sliding out of him. Then he pushed his body back down, penetrating himself again. He let out a loud gasp as he got filled once more, and then he carefully continued the up and down motion on Heero's lap.

Duo smiled at Heero's unfazed statement, "Ain't I a better LAPtop? Surely your laptop can't do THIS!" he punctuated with quicker thrusts. Heero knitted his brows together. He was still staring straight ahead and his fingers were still typing. "Heero…" he decided on another approach to get a reaction, "I love you… zutto, Hee-chan…" Duo got no answer. He decided that maybe if he could get Heero to come, he just might win.

Wrapping his arms around Heero's neck, Duo bounced faster, trying to get him to succumb to the wonderful feeling. He brought his hand down to stroke himself in time with his pistoning body. He was one big sweaty mess- his bangs were sticking to his forehead, and strands of hair were coming out of his braid. Duo could feel the end of his long plait slapping his own backside as he rode faster and faster. He wasn't sure how long he'd been riding Heero's cock, but then out of the corner of his eye he saw Heero's face twitch just a bit, something pulsed inside, and then Duo felt something warm entering him. His eyes flew open in shock.

"Did… did you just come?" Duo gasped.


Duo sniffled a bit, stroking himself with a steadfast pace and forced himself to come early, all over his own stomach. Small tears of frustration slowly slid down his flushed cheeks. He was glaring at Heero, but the other pilot had his eyes closed, and he was still typing.

"Damn you, Heero! Didn't you like that at all?"

"Aa. Arigato."

Duo blinked, completely stunned. He felt his heart being torn in two by a small tug-of-war with the veins.

"Damn it…" his eyes squinted, round shimmering tears glittered at the corners, "You son of a bitch! You fucking prick!!" Duo head-butted Heero's chest hard, but he was feeling the sleepy effects of sex. He pounded his fists on Heero's shoulders as hard as he could, but not once did Heero flinch. "You're nothing but a goddamn fucking bastard!! Didn't it mean anything to you?? I just gave you my virginity, goddamn it! How could you just sit there? You… you fucker!!"

Duo pushed himself up and off of Heero's lap angrily. He slipped on his boxers and carried the rest of his clothes in his arms. "You can put yourself back into your pants, you heartless, uncaring… motherfucking bastard!!" He walked out, slamming the door.

Once the noisy stomps of Duo's feet were gone, Heero's shoulders slouched, and he began to pant slightly.

"Those moves should be outlawed. People could die of a heart attack from that!" Heero grumbled. But he was proud of himself that he didn't move, just like he said he wouldn't, and he won. But at what price? He slowly lifted his eyes up to his computer screen, and then gasped loudly.

Across the screen, over and over again were the words:

God you're sexy Duo, kiss me again, I love you Duo I love you Duo I love you Duo I love you Duo faster Duo faster more, more, shake that ass, harder, I love you…

Heero quickly highlighted it all and hit delete.





Or is it? ^_^