Jungle love part 31
Author: Lunadeath

Category: AU, some sap, angst, yaoi
Pairings: 1xOC, 1x2 overall, 3x4, 2+4 (slightly)
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Spoilers: None!
Warnings: bad grammar spoken, swearing, violence, and maybe slight Geographic error (Tigers don't belong in Africa?)
Rated: NC-17
Date: 6-18-02
Notes: Do NOT let the HET scare you away! It's very minor!
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(Deleted the word meanings cause… it's getting too long. But if I have a new word to decipher, then I'll put it up. Or whatever words are in the chapter will be put up here.)
Sop- means what?
Ninga- means idiot
Wowee- means baby girl, or little girl
Tiwina- concubine
Wowee dai- my little girl
Sai na tiwi- I love you


Other notes: I needed that break, really. I really needed to get myself back into writing this, and it seems to me that I have done the right thing in waiting to get that urge back other then forcing myself. I'm proud of what I wrote now. ^_^


Duo stepped into the power ring, preparing himself for the first fight he'd had since High School. He stretched his arms up over his head and then crouched down to stretch out his legs. He looked just like he was preparing himself to run a long distance race.

The man he was facing was about his height but he looked chunkier. The man started to take off his dangling jewelry and loose clothing, preparing himself to fight. He seemed so confident and cocky when he took his stance and stared at the longhaired foreigner. He smiled and then gave Duo an arrogant wink.

Duo grinned and then gave him the finger, knowing that the native wouldn't understand it's meaning, but still, might figure it out later. He might be heavier, Duo thought, and maybe a bit stronger, but he was agile and quick with his moves. He would show this behemoth just who was the real man there. Duo may be small, but he most definitely packed quiet a punch. That, he was certain, his cousin could vouch him for. Quatre had seen him in fights with those bigger than him, and the blond had seen, up close, what Duo could do if you got him pissed.

The last thought Duo had before the big man charged toward him was, 'why had Quatre agreed to fight me then, if he knew how well I could fight?'

Duo dodged the hefty fist swiftly.

'Maybe,' Duo thought as he positioned himself in his stance, 'maybe Quatre was still knowledgeable in shadow boxing and he'd use those moves on me.'

The big man came at the undersized Duo, and got the shock of his life when Duo dodged yet again, but this time he twirled his leg behind the man and it caught him square in the head. The big guy faltered a bit before toppling over. Loud cheers and groans could be heard instantly as the result of Duo managing to bring the big guy down.

'No,' Duo huffed, 'even though Quatre still recalls all those boxing moves, he wouldn't be in shape well enough to be able to keep up with me. He will end up…'

The big man got back up to his feet, turned, eyes glazed over with anger. He fumbled into a stance that could only be identical to a football stance, and charged him with brute force. Just moments before the man was able to grab onto him, Duo ducked down, holding his leg out as he did. The big man's large feet found Duo's outstretched leg and tripped clumsily onto his face.

'…falling.' Duo smiled as he finished his thought. He couldn't ask for a better demonstration for himself. The crowd around them gasped.

Duo had no intention to really harm his cousin. He loved Quatre, equal yet not equal to what he felt for Heero. It was the same strength, but not the same flame. Although at one time his curiosity became too great that he had to test his newly discovered feelings out on his little blond cousin, he felt no real romantic thump of his heart. There was no sweet music, no flowers blooming, no wine corks popping, no bells ringing, nothing that would insinuate what he had felt for his cousin. Oh, Quatre was very cute, he would give him that much, but he was still his cousin after all. Nope, it was Heero who had made him feel queasy in the knees, and dry at the mouth.

It wasn't quite love and first sight, but more of 'hey there, cute little brown-skinned stud, you wanna do me?' But after that was over with, and the cute little brown-skinned stud had shown a lot of interest in him, Duo's heart began to whisper certain things to him. When the day came for them to become 'married' so to speak, Duo's heart did all kinds of flip-flops and fluttering. Love had wormed its way deep inside of him.

As Duo continued to stare down at his fallen rival, many had clapped for him, showing awe or congratulations the best they could. He had a feeling that many of them were hoping for the big man to win over the pale-skinned foreigner, rooting for their guy, but they were happy for him nonetheless. Duo had really proven himself to these people. Well, nothing less from a concubine of Heero's, right?

He triumphantly walked over to where Heero was standing, giving his lover a smug look. Heero smiled back, happy for his concubine to have won, and more importantly, hadn't got himself hurt.

"You are happy." Heero said, peering from underneath his bangs.

Duo looked over at his lover and tried to hide the smug grin and give Heero a more endearing smile, "I am. It's been a while since I've felt the rush of adrenaline."

"Ah." Heero said, trying to remember what that last word meant.

Duo seemed to have sensed his confusion and smiled softly, "Adrenaline is, um… like self-made energy. Something to do with the pumping of your heart and stuff. It's a natural enhancer."

"I think I understand." Heero turned his attention back to the ring and watched as the two new fighters took their stance. "Like when I am tired from a hunt, but when I come into hut and see you naked on my skin, spread out like a sacrifice, I suddenly have more energy?"

Heero's words went straight to Duo's groin. He bit his lower lip. "Y-Yeah, it's like that, sort of." Duo fidgeted in place, moving his hands to the front of his skimpy loincloth, which was feeling more invisible.

"I didn't have any kind of adren-adren-rine rush when I fought. My heart was beating normal. There was no excite-citemen."

"Excitement." Duo corrected gently.

Heero nodded, "Excite-ment."

Duo chuckled. He turned his attention to the fight, watching it with little awe as the bigger, stronger man overpowered the littler one. That one obviously didn't have any kind of agility to save him. He felt sorry for the poor guy.

He looked back over at his husband and nudged at his hand with his to get his attention. When Heero looked over at him, he waggled his eyebrows and smiled a bit. "You get your excitement with me, don't you?"

He watched as Heero's cheeks turned slightly crimson. "Yes." His hand was only inches apart from Duo's. He brought his fingers around, curling them around Duo's. He felt Duo's hand instantly clamp itself shut around his hand, rubbing the back of it softly. They watched the match again; watched as the bigger man won over the smaller one, and then there were cheers. Heero felt Duo squeeze his hand gently.

"We're gonna end up fighting, aren't we?" Duo said suddenly and very quietly.

Heero sucked in his breath and then let it out in a long sigh. "Probably." He said, heavily accented. It would have been cute if it didn't have so much sorrow in it.

"I don't want to."

"Me either." Heero sniffed, and then wiped at his nose.

"Yeah." Duo sighed, closing his eyes, not wanting to watch the next fight. "Me either." ~**~

The last of the fights were quicker than the first few, and in no time, it was the second round. A lot of them had been disqualified from the first round. There had been some sore losers, but some were indifferent with their loss. Many knew that if they had progressed any further, they would have gone up against the tougher opponents and gotten the crap kicked out of them. Or worse- had to go up against Heero, the strongest and best hunter they've known.

A few fights in the beginning of the second round were intense to watch. Heero was even impressed by one fighter who seemed to be rather promising. He wondered if he was actually close to Heero in strength, and then immediately he became worried for his lover. He knew that Duo would have to go up against this guy some time soon, unless he had to go up against Quatre. And speaking of which…

Heero looked over and saw that Duo was giving his cousin a steady gaze. He wasn't sure if the look he was giving his cousin was a bad one or not. He hoped though, that if they did end up fighting, hopefully they would still be close to one another when the fight was done. It hurt him to see his concubine in any kind of pain, mental or physical. If they depart because of this, Heero would truly feel awful about it.

He was so deep in his thoughts that he almost missed seeing Duo's cousin walk into the power circle. His light hair really did make him stand out among the rest of them. It was like some natural beacon, and Heero could have sworn that it was. If Quatre ever walked in the dimly lit jungle, they might be able to spot his bright yellow hair through the foliage. He decided to focus on this fight, since it was his lover's cousin being involved. He silently hoped that the blond man didn't get hurt too badly.

As it turned out, the man that Quatre had to fight was none other than that big guy that they saw during the first match when Duo had held his hand. It was the bigger man that won over the smaller one whom had no chance. He hoped that Quatre didn't end up the way the other small man ended up.

Duo kept his eyes on his cousin; worry clearly written on the longhaired man's face. He was angry with Quatre, yes, but he didn't wish to see anyone else harm him. He also wished for his cousin's well being.

Quatre took his fighting stance once more, bringing his fists up in front of his face. He was trying his best to remember all of the moves he had learned from his boxing class. He had tried his hand at kickboxing as well, but haven't gotten as far as he hoped in it. Shadow boxing was one thing that he enjoyed doing, and he would find himself in the gym beating up on a big red punching bag for more than exercise. He thought back to what had made him angry in the past and used it to fuel his fire in him.

The big man may be a lot stronger than Quatre, but he had no idea what he was up against. He came at Quatre in a blind rage, growling and snarling as he did, arms up in the air and hands formed like he had claws.

Quatre was bouncing on the ball of his feet, preparing for the attack. When the big guy was within range, he moved swiftly on his toes and then thrust his fist upward and gave the man a fierce uppercut. The big native was stunned only for a second, as was everyone watching, but he lunged forward to grab the little blond. Quatre didn't have the room to move away when the big man's arms came around from both sides. He found himself in a big bear hug, face to face with his enemy. Quatre grimaced as he smelt the big man's breath, gagging slightly. To save himself from getting the air squeezed out of him, he kicked his legs violently, finding the other man's legs.

Duo held his breath as he watched his little cousin getting crushed in those big arms and against the man's hard chest. He wanted to jump in so badly and save his dearest cousin, but he knew that if he interfered, he could get eliminated from the contest. No question. When he saw Quatre begin to fight back, kicking his legs wildly, he felt hope swell inside of him.

One of Quatre's feet smacked into a knee, finally fazing the big guy. He let up his grip on the blond as he doubled over slightly in pain, eyes screwed shut. Quatre took that chance to free himself from the big man's embrace, sliding out, and then punched him straight in his gut. The big man knelt down farther, groaning out loud, holding his stomach. The crowd had gasped at the sight. Duo looked more relieved than anything.

Quatre decided to finish it off while he had the chance. He brought his fist back and far as he could, and with all of the strength he could muster, he smacked the big man square in the nose, causing blood to splatter on his knuckles and the man's face. A look of horror crossed the man's features before he toppled backward and landed with a huge thud onto the ground.

Duo let out a harsh breath and smiled. "That's my cousin!"


There were more fights after Quatre's win, and they were getting more and more exciting each time.

Finally, it was Heero's turn to fight again. There were many cheers as he entered the ring. The one that Heero was up against looked way skinner than him, and he was shaking like a leaf in a storm. The man tried to look tough, painting his body and face with war paint and sticking a ring at the end of his nose like a bull. Both of his ears were pierced twice and his nipples were pierced with downy feathers on the hoops. He had other bracelets on his arms and legs as well. He looked rather silly.

Heero tapped his foot impatiently, arms folded across his chest as he glared at the shaking man in a dare.

The man took a step forward slowly, and then lifted his fists up to cover his face. Heero sighed heavily and advanced on him with normal speed. As Heero got within inches from the man's blocked face, he screamed in terror and backed off just enough so that Heero's fist just barely missed. To Heero's surprise, the guy crotched into a ball on the ground and started to shake.

Heero grunted in aggravation at the sight before him. He yelled at the guy, giving him the third degree. He shouted things in his language to him, calling him a coward and a wuss, telling him that he brought shame to his village and people by acting so cowardly. He threw his arms up in disgust, saying that he was very surprised that he had made it to the second round.

The man tried to say something, but Heero kept cutting him off with more abusing words. When the guy finally was able to speak, he told Heero that he was scared simply because he was fighting HIM, Heero, the captain of the guards. Heero huffed at this, telling the guy that the reason that he, the scared guy, signed up was to try proving his strength, courage, and wit against any opponent. And because of his cowardice, Heero said, he had failed already. Heero told him that he could have tried anyways, and tried his best bravery against him, even if he did lose. The man was still a bit confused, but begged Heero not to hurt him. Heero, then, picked him up from the ground, twirled him in the air (the man was screaming like a baby), and then tossed him rather far.

Heero was, of course, announced the winner.

"Yikes," Duo said, figuring out some of the words Heero had said to the other fighter, "You were pretty rough on him."

"He is a coward." Heero stated gruffly.

"I saw that, but still…"

"He was very pitiful." Heero turned and glared only a bit so he could get his point across. "Even my concubine has more courage than him. And even Cat does. I find that dis-dis…"


Heero shook his head, "Discus… discuss?"


Heero nodded, "Yes. Dis-GUST-ing."

"Hm." Duo bit his lower lip, nodding. "I see."

The next match was over before they knew it, and it was already Duo's turn again to fight.

"Wish me luck." Duo winked, sauntering out to the middle of the ring.

"G'luck." Heero stammered.

Duo stood in the middle of the power ring with his hands on his hips and a big wicked smile on his face. The guy that stepped up to fight was someone that Duo recognized from a fight from the first round. Everyone could hardly believe that the man won because of his small size.

Duo chuckled as he watched the man walk into the ring looking rather smug, like he was invincible. The man won his last fight in a fluke so he was feeling very cocky. Duo smirked; tossing his braid back behind him with a sharp flick of his head, and then gave the guy a 'come hither' look.

The man was close to Duo's height, but a lot skinner, and very dark skinned. When he saw the pale skinned one giving him that look, he felt his ears turn pink. The pale one was very striking to him, and he had always envied his captain strongly. He was enticed, but he was scared too. Not of Duo, but what Heero would do to him if he harmed the captain's adorable concubine too badly. He looked over quickly and saw that Heero was indeed watching their match closely. He gulped down a lump in his throat nervously.

Duo sighed, crossing his arms, and looked rather annoyed. This guy was taking forever! "Come on already!" he huffed, scrunching up his nose. He knew that the native didn't understand him, but he gave him a look that showed the other man just what he was bellowing about. The native smirked, thinking that Duo's impatience would be his downfall. Finally, the man leapt forward to make the first strike, but Duo just managed to move before he could lay a finger on him.

Duo laughed mockingly, or so that was how it looked to the native, making him even more furious. How dare this outsider make him look like a fool! He lunged at Duo again, determined to get a hold on the longhaired one this time.

Unfortunately for him, Duo dodged. And then, before the native could turn himself around, Duo grabbed onto one of his flailing arms and tossed him onto the ground. Duo smiled maliciously as he snatched the other man's ankles, while he was still lying on his stomach, and proceeded to do an old wrestling move on the poor guy. It was named the Boston Crab. Duo did the submissive hold perfectly, and the guy was crying for mercy. Duo was announced the winner.

Duo finally let the poor weeping guy out of the hold and stood in the middle of the ring with his hands on his hips and a giant smuggish grin on his face. He looked over at Heero and winked. Heero winked back. There was a lot of cheering and Duo looked around and noticed that they all looked at him in admiration. Duo could have sworn that it was just another notch up the belt of respect from these people.

But one person wasn't cheering, or smiling, or even clapping out of respect. Duo leered over at his tow-headed cousin and gave him that same grin, but even more haughty. His eyes sparkled challengingly.

Quatre glared back, with as much challenge in his eyes.

Third round was about to begin.


Oh, my, god… *falls over*