Jungle love part 29
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Warnings: bad grammar spoken, swearing, cousin adoration, slight violence, and maybe slight Geographic error (Tigers don't belong in Africa?)

Rated: NC-17

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(Deleted the word meanings cause… it's getting too long. But if I have a new word to decipher, then I'll put it up. Or whatever words are in the chapter will be put up here.)
Sop- means what?
Ninga- means idiot
Wowee- means baby girl, or little girl
Tiwina- concubine
Ponaas- is father
Dinaas- is mother
Wowee dai- my little girl
Sai na tiwi- I love you



"We're almost there." Quatre's voice announced, shaking Duo out of his half-asleep daze.

Duo smiled to himself, "Good."

"Duo? Could you come up to the cockpit please?"

The longhaired man sighed, reluctantly getting up from his comfortable spot and wobbled his way to the head of the plane.

"What do you want?" Duo asked none too nicely as he entered the cockpit. Quatre looked over his shoulder and gave his cousin a weak-like smile. This was the first time he had ever seen his cousin at the controls of a plane, or any kind of aircraft before, and it made him chuckle at the sight. Quatre looked too cute with that headset on.

"I want to talk, what else?"

Duo sat down in the co-pilot's chair. "About what?" He blinked, and then he suddenly realized something, "Good, no co-pilot."

"You said you only wanted me with, right? So what's the matter?"

"Nothing. I just… have a lot of my mind and… I just didn't want anyone else to be here just in case I…" Duo paused. He turned his head to look out the window next to him.

Quatre gripped the controls, having an idea what his cousin was going on about, "Duo… it wasn't your fault."

"I know, but… I should have, I could have done something different… if I was just a bit faster…"

"Please don't beat yourself up over it, Duo. There was nothing you could do. Besides, WuFei died doing what he loved…"

Duo waved a hand absently, "Ok, ok… enough of that. We both know that I'm totally responsible for what happened."

"But… It was all an accident! When are you gonna get it through your thick skull?"

Duo stood back up and made his way to his seat, "Just let me know when we've reached Africa… tell me when to jump."

"You've got your parachute with you, don't you?"

Duo gave his cousin an uneasy smile. Making up his mind, he walked over to Quatre, placed a small kiss onto his forehead, and then ran out of the cockpit before Quatre could say anything.

`What's that lout up to?' Quatre bereted with himself. As he continued to fly the plane, his mind began to wander on the turn of events. He also wondered why Duo suddenly gave him that kiss. The blond pilot widened his eyes in horror.

"Shit. Duo's gonna try killing himself!"

Quatre circled the plane around the Gulf of Guinea, trying to make up his mind if he should find a place to land, or try talking Duo out of jumping. Since he knew that Duo was smart enough to know if they were about to land or not, and would probably jump then, Quatre decided that talking to his cousin was the best thing. He took the microphone off of the hook with a shaky hand, pushing the button a few times before he could actually speak.


He knew that he couldn't hear Duo from there, but he had to make sure that he had the other man's attention. He had a feeling that Duo was off in his own little world.

"Duo, we have reached Africa, but I want you to know that now is not the time to be thinking of suicide. You have loved ones, family that cares about you, and want to see you grow stronger by the day…"

The blond could have sworn he heard the door to the plane open, so he made a hasty remark.

"Please don't do it, Duo. Please, whatever it is that you're planning, don't do it now!" Quatre paused, wondering if he should stick the plane on autopilot. "Duo? Did you hear me?"

Heart racing, he stuck the autopilot on and ran to the back of the plane.

It was just as he feared.

Duo had jumped.


"Little bastard!" Duo leapt up from where he was sitting. The kids that were snuggled up around him gasped as the longhaired foreigner jumped for Quatre's throat. "I told you not to say anything, didn't I? Why are you doing this to me??"

Trowa grabbed Duo's wrists and forced them open, "Duo! Stop it!" he moved so that he was between the two cousins, "What's gotten into you??"

Duo was glaring daggers at his blond cousin, "Rat. Little, stinking, no good rat! I should have known you'd still tell!" He pounded his fists into his own thighs, "Why??"

Quatre was rubbing the sore spot around his neck; small tears were in his eyes. "I don't want to lie! And I can't just make things up because then others would get suspicious… it would all seem too choppy…" he turned his head away, biting his lip so he didn't start bursting into tears.

"Oh yeah, that's a good excuse!" Duo yelled from around Trowa's shielding body. He was shaking, so badly that he thought he was going to have a heart attack. "You should have left WuFei out of this! Now what is Heero gonna think?"

Trowa turned his head and looked at his native friend, wondering the same thing. Heero didn't look upset by the turn of events. He looked more puzzled than anything.

"Well, at least you're alive!" Quatre sniffed, wiping his face with his sleeve.

"Let's all calm down now." Trowa said, placing a hand on his friend's shoulder. He looked over to see if Heero had anything to say. The dark skinned native still looked confused as he watched the strange turn of events.

Elders had come to collect the children, not wanting them to get in the middle of whatever was going on. This was the first time that story-telling time had ever been interrupted. The chief had walked up to Trowa and told him that they need to go straight to the strength competition before anything else bad happens. This was a bad omen, the chief said.

Heero looked away, not saying a word as he prepared himself for the last festival event. Duo was too upset to say anything to anyone, so he walked off toward the river. Quatre had his sight still set on Trowa, hoping that the taller man had some kind of idea to help with all that had happened.

"Will you be ok?" Trowa asked, placing an arm around his boyfriend.

"I think so. I hope so…"

"In time you should be."

Quatre placed his head onto Trowa's shoulder and softly started to weep. "Will… will Duo forgive me?"

"How should I know? He's your cousin. Don't you know him better?"

Quatre nodded, "Y-yeah… but I've never seen him so mad at me like this before. We've had fights, but nothing this bad."

"You two should be able to get through this."

"Yeah but… Duo had never hurt me like that before." Quatre looked up into Trowa's eyes, frantically wiping at his. "You think he hates me now?"

"No. No, of course not. I'm sure he still loves you."

Quatre buried his face into the crook of Trowa's neck and tried his best to calm himself, "I hope you're right." This was more of a shock to the blond man. Duo had never done anything like this before, and it got his mind wandering. Would Duo ever snap like that again and do more harm to his self? He had to think of something to make sure that his longhaired cousin would never think of doing anything harmful to him again.

"Quatre? Just who is WuFei?" Trowa asked, getting Quatre's mind back to the present.

"I think maybe I'll let Duo say… I don't want him madder at me."

Trowa sighed, rubbing Quatre's back soothingly. He looked up and saw that Heero started to follow the longhaired man. Trowa silently hoped that Heero would be able to help Duo. He always felt like a brother to him.


Duo sighed for the fifth time and tossed a small stone at the river. It skipped four times before it plunged underneath it's depths. He was so distracted by his own thoughts that he didn't hear Heero walk up to him. When the brown skinned native placed a hand on Duo's shoulder, it made the longhaired man jump.

"Oh! It's just you, Heero."

"Yes. Who did you think it was?"

Duo gave his husband a half-cocked smile, "My cousin." He turned back around to stare out at the water.

Heero sat down in the pressed weeds by Duo's feet. They stayed like that for a while before Heero spoke.

"Why did you attack your cousin?" Heero asked.

Duo sighed, and without looking at Heero, he said, "I just… I don't know. I lost my temper. It was pretty stupid, wasn't it?"

"Yes. I agree with you there. You shouldn't have tried to choke him."

"Well, what should I have done?" Duo looked down and glared, "Should I have started to bawl like a little girl? Maybe start calling him a liar like a little kid?" he shook his head.

"No. But you did it in front of the children, and that wasn't good. You could have acted more rational."

"Um… excuse me, but I think being angry at the fact that he just told everyone something that I didn't want anyone to know is a good reason to be mad."

"I didn't say you didn't have to be mad."

Duo looked off into the distance, "I was going through some tough times then. No one will understand no matter how many times I try to explain it."

"Who is WuFei?"

Duo frowned a bit, and then smiled, "An old and dear friend." he looked back at his native husband and tried his best to keep his smile, "Me and him had done some rather odd and dangerous stunts together. We were the best two-some in the business." Duo looked away again, closing his eyes, "But then one day…"

Heero didn't press. He just got up and walked behind him, wrapping his arms around Duo's waist and hugged him tightly.

"Sorry, Duo."

"Don't worry. It wasn't your fault."

"It wasn't yours either." Heero stated, trying to reassure him.

Duo squeezed his eyes shut, "It's so hard to believe that."

Heero rubbed his concubine's shoulders, "What happened?"

"It was… I guess they say it was an accident, but… I know that it was my fault. I shouldn't have gotten him upset."

Heero didn't say anything as Duo paused. He just leaned his head down onto Duo's back.

"It was stupid," Duo continued, without being prompted, "We were challenging each other. I dared him to do certain things, and he dared me. I just happen to have picked something that ended up kill…" Duo gulped, "…killing… him…"


They stayed like that for a while more, but then Heero moved.

"We must go back. We have the strength contest to do."

Duo nodded.


When the strength competition did begin, many people had signed up. Many of the younger men wanted to prove their worth, and some believed that they might just end up beating the seven-time champion, Heero. Trowa was looking at the long list of names that had been scribbled on the wooden slate, and he shook his head. He had no clue as to why these guys even try. He knew that Heero would clean their clocks easily.

Suddenly, someone slipped by him and started to inscribe his name on the wood.

"Duo? What are you doing?"

"Entering, what else?" he smiled.

"But, Duo…" he shook his head, "Even if you do end up beating everyone else, you'll have to face Heero in the end."

Duo grinned, "Ahh, Heero wouldn't hurt me. I have a feeling that I'll win by default."

Trowa sighed, shaking his head, "Duo… just because you're his concubine doesn't mean that he won't go easy on you. You're still a man, after all, and you're expected to fight if you write your name down."

Duo's eyes widened, realizing what he had just done. "Oh crap."

"Oh crap is right. And not only are you going to get yourself beaten, but Heero will be feeling bad about it for a long time. Guilt is probably gonna be the worse thing to ever happen to him." Trowa's eyes widen as he noticed Duo trying to chip his name out of the wood. "Duo, stop! It's too late!" he grabbed his wrist, "If you do that, then everyone will wonder who had chickened out! And they will figure out who it was, eventually."

Duo sighed, hanging his head in defeat. "Isn't there a loop hole, or something? Like, I don't have to fight since I'm his concubine."

"Hm… I don't know about that. I think you're stuck. I'm sorry, Duo."

"I'm sorry too."

Both brown-heads turn to see a serious looking blond.

"Quatre?" Trowa's gaze lowered and noticed an awl in his hand, "No, Quatre… you can't…"

"And why not?" Quatre sneered, then looked over and gave his cousin a meaningful glare. "I am a male, ain't I? I have the privilege to prove myself, don't I?"

Duo raised an eyebrow, "Wait, cuz, you don't know what you're getting into…"

"Either did you." the blond snapped back, "I'm not interested in doing this to win the strength contest. I already know that I don't stand a chance against some of these men here. Especially Heero." He walked between the two stunned guys, "I'm doing this…" he inscribed his name, "… because Duo signed up."

"What??" Duo shouted.

Quatre finished scribbling his name in and then turned to face his surprised cousin. He reached up and pinched his cheek rather hard. "Think of this as a little revenge for trying to choke me." He let go, "I'm sorry that I'm unable to lie, cousin. See you in the middle of the power ring." He walked off.

Duo stood there staring at the back of Quatre, mouth hanging open. When he finally got out of the shock, he hung his head and sighed deeply.

"This is getting worse and worse."

Trowa was shocked as well. Not only for the fact that Quatre had signed up, but because he knew what the name of the ring for the strength competition was.