Jungle love part 28
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Warnings: bad grammar spoken, swearing, cross-dressing, cousin adoration, and maybe slight Geographic error (Tigers don't belong in Africa?)

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(Deleted the word meanings cause… it's getting too long. But if I have a new word to decipher, then I'll put it up. Or whatever words are in the chapter will be put up here.)
Sop- means what?
Ninga- means idiot
Wowee- means baby girl, or little girl
Tiwina- concubine
Ponaas- is father
Dinaas- is mother
Wowee dai- my little girl
Sai na tiwi- I love you


The full moon rose high into the sky, and the people of the little African village got ready for the most loved festival. The chief had announced that the first thing on the agenda was lighting the sacred bonfire, and then came the dancers, followed by the feast, story time, and then lastly the strength competition.

"The strength competition is Heero's favorite." Trowa exclaimed to Quatre.

"Oh really? Why's that?"

Trowa smirked, "Cause he has yet to lose."

Speaking of the native, Heero was lounging in the middle of the warriors' ring, waiting patiently for the start of the festival. His eyes slowly moved across the crowd, searching for the one who was supposed to light the sacred fire this time. He couldn't wait until the dancers started.

Trowa handed his lover a long unlit torch that had a flammable end to it, "Here. You're the one that had been chosen by the chief to light the sacred bonfire."

Quatre's eyes widened in disbelief, "Me??"

Trowa nodded, "Yes. You are the last person to arrive here, this is your first festival with us, and you will be the one to be telling the story at story time. So you get to light it."

Quatre took the unlit torch from Trowa, "I'm honored."

Trowa took out a book of matches, struck it against the length of the torch, and then lit the top part. When Chief Alem gave the signal, Quatre walked carefully over to the middle of the burning pit, and then dipped the torch down to start the blaze.

The chief smiled, and then announced that the festival will now begin. Most of the warriors were now sitting at attention as they waited for the dancers to come out of their "dressing room". Quatre had stepped back and stood next to Trowa, waiting anxiously for the dancers as well, curious about how well Duo will do. The curtain to the hut moved back finally, and the first dancer stepped out with slow and sensuous movements.

Dance music began right away when the first dancer, Adila, came out. She wiggled her hips and side stepped around before making her way toward the circle of warriors and hunters. The beat was slow and low as dancers started to come out of the hut one by one. So far, they were just girls. Dark skinned, pretty girls, though, and most of the warriors loved every move they were doing.

Anana finally stepped out, jiggling her hips and raising her hands up with ease. All the other dancers stopped and turned to make a small circle around Anana as she continued to move, twirling around in the circle, and then one of the girls left and broke the circle, letting Anana dance right through the opening. She danced her way toward the group of men, slowly making her way to Heero.

When she finished dancing around her husband, she stopped in front of him, wiggling just a bit more, and then stepped off to the side to let Heero see. When Anana moved out of his line of sight, there in the doorway of the hut, stood his concubine.

He was dressed up about the same as the girls, except for a few minor details. For one, his dress was longer, cut up both sides to bare his thighs, and it dragged behind him when he walked. His top half was cut higher than the girls' tops, and it hung with crystals instead of golden tassels. The short sleeves of the top had a few crystals on the hem as well, and at the waist of the dress were small gold tassels with a little diamond on each one. But the most defined difference that Duo had that the others didn't, was a veil.

The color was also different from the girls. Their dresses were pinkish red with tints of yellow. Duo's dress was indigo, blue, and white. His veil matched his eyes. Which at the time were closed. Duo raised his hands up and the music changed. Heero stood up from where he sat, and fixed his gaze at the gorgeous sight before him.

When Duo opened his eyes, the music tore into a more sultry and sexy beat. Duo then moved, swinging his hips, stepping lightly so he didn't trip over the train. All of the other dancers moved out of the way, allowing the stage to be Duo's. The more and more Duo danced, the more he got used to it. He didn't care that some of the men were ignoring him, or that he had a few of them staring in awe, he was doing this for Heero, and for Heero alone.

Duo moved his hands back behind his head, and pulled up on something. Soon the lone male dancer was surrounded by long flowing brown hair. It flowed down past the man's ass, just barely touching the backs of his knees. Heero stood there, transfixed on his sexy lover, watching as Duo started to dance faster as the beat got quicker. Both his long dress and hair twirled around him, every step that he took made Heero's heart beat faster. Duo's movements were like an even flowing stream, or a gust of wind taking a pile of leaves… clouds gracing the blue sky with rolling shifts.

Duo grinned, loving the way that he was capturing his lover with his dance moves. The brought his hands up again and started to move them back and forth slowly, getting his hips into the action as well. He got closer to Heero, swinging his left hip out, and then his right, giving his muscles a good work out.

Heero had been watching those muscles move, that belly bunch up and wiggle, those shoulders and arms waving, and those strong legs leading the entire sexy body closer to him. Heero gulped as he realized that he was now staring into his lover's deep violet eyes. That was when he finally noticed that Duo had charcoal rimmed around his eyelids, and his lashes were somehow more full. The dark color enticed his eyes even more, and Heero felt himself tilt forward to that enticing face.

Duo chuckled and moved back before Heero could make lip contact. He saw the scowling look on his lover's face when he did, and he snickered at him, grinning like a maniac the whole while. He knew that Heero didn't like that bit of teasing, but he did, and he moved his hands down to the hem of his dress to show him just how much it affected him. He pulled the dress tight and turned a little, quickly showing Heero the bulge that was forming.

Heero saw this almost immediately and inhaled sharply, holding it in. When Duo turned around and swung his hair in the process, Heero finally let his breath out. He continued to stare at the back of his concubine as he danced away to join the other dancers.

The group of dancers finished up their dance, and went to sit on the opposite side of the fire pit. Silence rang out for a bit before the warriors and everyone else started to clap and whistle their appreciation for what the dancers did. Heero finally sat back down, eyes still glued on his attractive mate, which sat in the middle of the dancer circle; Anana sitting next to him.

The chief stood up from his place on the platform and brought his hands up to get silence. Everyone stopped cheering quickly, allowing their leader to speak. He told all that the feast will start after all had given their thanks for a bountiful month. All that belonged to the village had their heads bowed, some you could tell were whispering, but some were doing their prayers in their heads. Duo smiled, closing his eyes and bowing his head, thanking whoever was listening for Heero and letting his daughter get a chance to live. He also gave thanks for having his cousin there with him, and for him having found someone special.

Once the silent praying was over, the chief announce that now they were all allowed to eat. Cooks, many of them girls, came out of the cooking hovel carrying large plates and bowls filled with all types of meats, cheeses, fruit, and bread. Duo licked his lips, feeling his stomach growl at just the sight of all the food. To his dismay, the food was being brought over to the warriors and hunters first. Duo groaned, looking around, and wondering why there was no food coming to him and the rest of the dancers.

Trowa saw the distressed look in his friend's eyes and decided to walk over and explain. When the green-eyed man got there and looked straight at Duo, Duo sighed and gave Trowa a pitiful look.

"Let me guess… we're not allowed to eat yet."

Trowa gave his longhaired friend a reassuring smile, "Something like that. Sorry about that Duo. I thought you remembered from the last festival…"

"But… I was allowed to eat with Heero… I mean, I was sitting in front of him…"

Trowa shrugged, "Don't worry, you'll get your turn…"

Just then, someone whistled sharply. Duo and Trowa turned to see who did it.

It was Heero. And he was beckoning them with a finger. Duo stood, wondering if it was meant for him or for Trowa. Heero pointed at Duo and then made a `come here' movement with his finger.

"I think he wants you to join him." Trowa said.

"Are you gonna join too?" Duo had to ask. He gingerly made his way out of the dancer circle, trying not to trip.

"I guess so. I think that the men have the right to eat first. I'm sure that it's ok if you go eat with Heero, since you ARE male."

"Oh good." Duo sighed, carefully making his way over to the warrior's circle. When he got close to them all, a lot of the guys stopped eating and eyed the beautifully done up concubine. Some smiled and winked, others just went back to eating with an indifferent shrug. Duo smiled shyly as he tried to maneuver through the ring of men.

Heero stood up immediately and walked over to where Duo was standing, trying to stay on his feet. "Untinot toki!" Heero growled. The men that were in the way moved and let Heero through. The native easily picked Duo up and carried him over to where he was sitting at.

Duo gasped softly as he got lifted into Heero's arms. He held onto his native husband lovingly as he got carted toward the middle of the warrior's circle. When Heero sat, he put Duo down in the middle of his legs. Heero reached over and took a bowl of fruit, and then handed it to Duo.

"You will eat with me as long as you feed me."

"But… last time I didn't have to…"

"This festival is different… more strict."

"Why?" Duo blinked.

"Many things happen." Heero explained, "Many new things, must be attended to with the highest honor there is. You lucky you're able to eat with me and the others. Usually the dancers cannot."

"That's because I'm male, right?"

Heero shrugged, "Maybe. Maybe it is because you my concubine. I have higher rights than the other men here."

"That's cool!" Duo took a piece of fruit and brought it up to Heero's lips, "So I'm the special dancer here?"

Heero took the offered fruit with his lips, sucking on Duo's fingers for a while before releasing them, "Yes. And you are special concubine."

Duo smiled, "Good. Hey, you're getting used to the big words now."

"Some big words. I am used to saying `concubine' cause I use it a lot."

"Smart ass."

"You're not allowed to swear at me during festival." Heero warned.

"It was in English. No one will know."

Heero narrowed his eyes, "But I know."

"Ok, fine. I'm sorry."

Duo picked up a fruit slice and popped into his own mouth. He heard some of the men in the circle gasp. Duo looked at them all innocently, and then grinned as he took a piece of cheese and fed it to Heero.

"I will NOT get used to this."

Heero smirked.


Everyone had finally finished eating, and next to the fire, the children had gathered around the story-telling rock where the person telling the story sat. Quatre marched over to the spot with a smile, happy to have a chance to impress the little natives.

Duo walked by, stripping his top off so that he was cooler, and then stopped next to his cousin to murmur, "Remember… don't tell anyone the truth…"

As Duo walked over to sit down with the kids, Quatre gave him an annoyed glare. He wasn't about to let Duo tell him what he can and cannot do or say. He will be telling the story the way it should be told, no matter how his cousin felt. What was the deal anyways? Duo was here among the living, and happily with Heero. So, what was the big deal?

Trowa wandered over and stood next to the blond, preparing himself to translate every word that his lover would say.

"Hello all, I'm Quatre." The blond foreigner said swiftly. Trowa quickly translated with ease. Quatre heard a lot of children saying `fooba' to him. Quatre recalled that they were saying their hellos to him. He beamed, "I will be telling my story, on how it all began, and how Duo irresponsibly jumped from the plane that I was piloting."

Trowa had to stop the blond to tell the kids what exactly a plane, or airplane, was. The kids soon understood, remembering that some of the adults had gone to the cities before and had rode in things called trucks.

Quatre cleared his throat, preparing himself to begin his tale. And Duo wasn't about to stop him.

Duo glared, knowing that his cousin wasn't gonna do as he wished.


~ "All aboard for Nigeria!" ~ the voice said over the intercom. Duo was rushing like a madman through the security check, making sure that he had brought little to none for items. He knew exactly what plane he had to get on, and who was gonna be piloting it.

It wasn't the usual passenger airplane.

Duo almost ran over a few people on his way to his personal gate - Gate 13.

The pilot was waving his hands frantically, getting the longhaired man to hurry even further.

"Come on, Duo! I have to take off soon!"

"I'm coming, Quat! Keep your pants on!"

Quatre sighed, stepping back into the plane. Duo huffed, making his way up the staircase.

He barely had enough time to sit himself down, when his cousin's voice came over the intercom.

"Buckle up, we're taking off."

Duo mockingly gave the intercom speaker a thumbs up and strapped himself in. He finally started to relax even more in his seat, finally able to think without any interruptions.

Today was the day - the day that Duo Maxwell will be no more.